An appeal to the medical profession, on the utility of the improved patent syringe, with directions for its several uses, Volume 8

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Page 376 - New Edition, edited by GILBERT BURNETT, FLS, Professor of Botany in King's College. In three handsome royal 8vo. volumes, illustrated by Two Hundred Engravings, beautifully drawn and coloured...
Page 329 - ' OF THE PRINCIPAL DISEASES OF THE OVARIA: their Symptoms and Treatment; to -which are prefixed Observations on the Structure and Functions of those parts in the Human Being and in Animals.
Page 342 - ELEMENTS OF PHYSICS, OR NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, GENERAL AND MEDICAL, explained independently of TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS, and containing New Disquisitions and Practical Suggestions.
Page 475 - For many fortunate discoveries in medicine, and for the detection of numerous errors, the world is indebted to the rapid circulation of Monthly Journals ; and there never existed any work to which the Faculty in EUROPE and AMEKICA were under deeper obligations than to the Medical and Physical Journal of London, now forming a long, but an invaluable, series."— RUSH.
Page 408 - Vigorous exercise, and a free exposure to the air, are by far the most efficient remedies in pulmonary consumption. It is not, however, that kind of exercise usually prescribed for invalids — an occasional walk or ride in pleasant weather, with strict confinement in the intervals — from which much good is to be expected.
Page 169 - The beating of the temples is at length accompanied by a throbbing pain of the head, and the energies and sensibilities of the brain are morbidly augmented ; sometimes there is intolerance of light, but still more frequently intolerance of noise, and of disturbance of any kind, requiring stillness to be strictly enjoined, the knockers to be tied, and straw to be strewed along the pavement; the sleep is agitated and disturbed by fearful dreams, and the patient is liable to awake, or...
Page 30 - An ass being tied and thrown, the superior maxillary branch of the fifth nerve was exposed. Touching this nerve gave acute pain. It was divided : but no change took place in the motion of the nostril ; the cartilages continued to expand regularly in time with the other parts which combine in the act of respiration ; but the side of the lip was observed to hang low, and it was dragged to the other side.
Page 169 - This state of excessive reaction is formed gradually, and consists, at first, in forcible beating of the pulse, of the carotids, and of the heart, accompanied by a sense of throbbing in the head, of palpitation of the heart, and eventually perhaps of beating or throbbing in the scrobiculus cordis, and in the course of the aorta. This state of reaction is augmented occasionally by a turbulent dream, mental agitation, or bodily exertion. At other times it is modified by a temporary faintness or syncope....
Page 57 - ... the above means, there can be little objection to a cautious and prudent trial of this remedy. Generally speaking, the strychnia is likely to prove more serviceable in paraplegia, unconnected with spinal disease, than in hemiplegia; though I feel confident, that it will not unfrequently be found an important remedial agent even in hemiplegic paralysis.
Page 227 - ... scale would be divided from the next by the condition of the system in health. Below this would be arranged fever, the effects of intestinal irritation, some cases of delirium, reaction from loss of blood, and disorders of the same class with hysteria, dyspepsia, chlorosis, and cholera morbus.

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