Poisons, Their Effects and Detection: A Manual for the Use of Analytical Chemists and Experts, Volume 2

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W.W. Wood, 1885 - 668 pages


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Page 333 - Poisons: their Effects and Detection. A Manual for the use of Analytical Chemists and Experts, with an Introductory Essay on the growth of Modern Toxicology.
Page 461 - a person immediately after swallowing a solution of crystalline salt, which tasted purely and strongly acid, is attacked with burning in the throat, then with burning in the stomach, vomiting, particularly of bloody matter, imperceptible pulse, and excessive languor, and dies in half an hour, or still more, in twenty, fifteen, or ten minutes, I do not know any fallacy which can interfere with the conclusion that oxalic acid was the cause of death. No parallel disease begins so abruptly, and terminates...
Page 375 - It is therefore not uncommon for confirmed drunkards to preserve their urine as a precious liquor against a scarcity of the Fungus.
Page 506 - Manure," by J. Adams. parchment. The neck of the bottle carries a cork, which is pierced by (1.) a platinum wire, which is attached to a platinum electrode ; (2.) a short tube, bent at right angles, and connected by piping with a longer tube which has also a rectangular bend, and dips into a solution of silver nitrate ; (3.) an ordinary funnel-tube, reaching nearly to the bottom. The bottle is placed in a beaker of such a size as to leave a small interval between the two, and the whole apparatus...
Page 375 - If a person under its influence wishes to step over a straw or small stick, he takes a stride or a jump sufficient to clear the trunk of a tree ; a talkative person cannot keep silence or secrets ; and one fond of music is perpetually singing. The most singular effect of the Amanita is the influence it possesses over the urine. It is said that, from time immemorial, the inhabitants have known that the Fungus imparts an intoxicating quality to that secretion, which continues for a considerable time...

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