Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Volume 1

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Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society., 1884
Vol. 7-10, 12-21 contain section: "Bibliography of Lancashire and Cheshire antiquities" (v. 12-21 include also bibliography).

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Page 28 - The medal, faithful to its charge of fame, Through climes and ages bears each form and name : In one short view, subjected to our eye, Gods, emperors, heroes, sages, beauties, lie.
Page 7 - Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Society shall be held in the fall of the year at such time and place as may be designated by the Executive Committee.
Page 35 - A human skull which, time out of mind, hath had a superstitious veneration paid to it by [the occupiers of the Hall ] not permitting it to be removed from its situation, which is on the topmost step of a staircase. There is a tradition that, if removed or ill-used, some uncommon noise and disturbance always follows, to the terror of the whole house; yet I cannot persuade myself this is always the case. But, some years ago, I and three of my acquaintances went to view this surprising piece of household...
Page 34 - Born with a legal claim to honour and to affluence, he was in two months illegitimated by the parliament, and disowned by his mother, doomed to poverty and obscurity, and launched upon the ocean of life, only that he might be swallowed by its quicksands, or dashed upon its rocks.
Page 6 - Society, and to maintain order. His decision in all questions of precedence among speakers, and on all disputes which may arise during the meeting, to be absolute.
Page 36 - ... out-housing. We hearing of this, my father went over in a few days after to see his mother, who lived near the Hall, and was witness to the wreck the storm had made. Yet all this might have happened had the skull never been removed; but, withal, it keeps alive the credibility of its believers. " What I can learn of the above affair from old people in the neighbourhood is, that a young man of the Downes family, being in London, one night in his frolics vowed to his companions that he would kill...
Page 63 - COLONNA MISSAL". ABOUT 1517 ..... 56 *t* This manuscript was executed for Cardinal Pompeo Colonna, who was elected a member of the Sacred College in AD 1517, and died in AD 1532. The tradition handed down by the family was that the large full-page illuminations were executed by Raphael about 1517 on the elevation of the owner to the cardinalate ; but recent investigations have shown that there is a close similarity in style to that of the
Page 5 - If the same be unpaid one month after his election, his name may be struck off the list of members, unless he can justify the delay to the satisfaction of the Council. No new member (other than honorary) shall participate in any of the advantages of the Club until he has paid his entrance fee and subscription. 2. SUBSCRIPTIONS. The subscription for ordinary members shall be one guinea, and for corresponding members half a guinea per annum, payable in advance on the...
Page 6 - President, two or more Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary, and not more than twenty-one elected Members of the Society.
Page 69 - CD surveyor of the highways, for the parish of in the said county,"] doth present, that from the time whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary, (/") there was and yet is...

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