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Deetings of the Society.

A Special Meeting of the Society shall be held at least one week before the Annual Meeting, to nominate a Board of Officers for the ensuing year.

The Annual Meeting of the Society, for the Election of Officers and the transaction of business, shall be held on the First Tuesday in December, at such time and place as the Board of Officers may direct.

The Annual Festival of the Society shall be held on the 22d of December in each year, unless that day be Sunday, in which case it shall be held on the 23d of December.

The Board of Officers meet on the third Wednesday of each month, except June, July, August and September.

Form of a Bequest.

1 Give and Bequeath to the "New England Society in the City of New York," incorporated by the Legislature of New York in the year 1833, the sum of $

to be applied to the uses and purposes of the said Society.

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