Archaeologia Cambrensis

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W. Pickering, 1912

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Page 378 - I have a kindness for my Lord Portland, which he has deserved of me by long and faithful services ; but I should not have given him these lands if I had imagined the House of Commons could have been concerned. I will therefore recall the grant, and find some other way of showing my favour to him.
Page 17 - ... Charters of Burghs and illustrative Extracts from contemporary local Records will be given, as far as may be considered desirable. The Extracts from the Records of each Burgh will, as far as the Committee consider expedient, be issued separately, and without adhering to any prescribed order.
Page 239 - TEEMING, BITTER PANGS, AND HARD TRAVAILE, that she hath undergone in bringing forth her first-borne. (Being a Precious Babe of Grace.) With the cruelty of Mistris London, her Midwife; and great Affection of Mrs. Synod, her Nurse, Mrs. Schisme, Mrs. Priviledge, Mrs. Ordinance, Mrs. Universall Toleration, and Mrs. Leveller, her Gossips.
Page 15 - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Worcester The Hon.
Page 66 - But, as his plans were not matured, he had no fleet. The skill and resolution of the general accomplished the passage. With some picked men of the auxiliaries, disencumbered of all baggage, who knew the shallows and had that national experience in swimming which enables the Britons to take care not only of themselves but of their arms and horses, he delivered so unexpected an attack that the astonished enemy who were looking for a fleet, a naval armament, and an assault by sea, thought that to such...
Page 362 - ... as follows : — To the memory of Charles Heath Bookseller and Historian Antiquarian Author of a History of Monmouth and other Descriptive Works by which were first brought into the notice of tourists the antiquities scenery and numerous objects of attraction in the neighbourhood of Monmouth this memorial was erected by his grateful and admiring fellow townsmen and neighbours He died January 7th AD 1831 aged 70 He died leaving issue two daughters only, Margaret and Elizabeth, neither of whom...
Page 378 - Such was the great character of Robert Price, that he was made a Welsh judge by the very sovereign whose favourite plans he had so patriotically thwarted. Another marked event in the life of this English patriot was...
Page 321 - ... Corbulo, and aspired to equal the glory of the recovery of Armenia by the subjugation of Rome's enemies. He therefore prepared to attack the island of Mona* which had a powerful population and was a refuge for fugitives. He built flat-bottomed vessels to cope with the shallows, and uncertain depths of the sea. Thus the infantry crossed, while the cavalry followed by fording, or, where the water was deep, swam by the side of their horses.
Page 357 - The Excursion down the Wye," edition of 1799, where ho says : — " I printed in the year 1795 an account of some of the writers on the river Wye, which I intended prefacing with notices of The Man of Ross.
Page 214 - a broad flake, the end of which has been chipped to a semi-circular bevelled edge round the margin of the inner face, similar in character to that of a round-nosed turning-chisel.

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