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Irving's Columbus.

Heber's Travels in India.
Irving's Companions of Columbus. Nicholson's Operative Mechanic.
American Annual Register, 5 vols. A Year in Spain.
British Poets, 50 vols.

Hume, Smollett, and Bissett’s England The Bravo.

Baker's Livy, 6 vols, 8vo. Pitkins's U. States.

Murphy's Tacitus, 6 vols, 8vo. Buonaparte's Ornithology, 3 vols, splen- Ramsay's Universal History, 12 Fols, did plates.

8vo. Lavoisne's Atlas, folio, 3d edition. Josephus. American Atlas, folio, new edition. Edgeworth's Works, 13 vols, 8vo. Webster's Dictionary.

Goldsmith's Animated Nature, 5 vols, Barton's Flora of North America, 3 8vo. vols, coloured plates.

Prideaux's Connexions. Barton's Medical Botany, 2 vols, co- Paley's Works. loured plates.

Scott's Prosc Works, 6 vols. Hallam’s Constitutional History.

Cooper's Novels, complete. Memoirs of Arthur Lee, by Richard Waverley Novels, complete. Henry Lee.

Irving's Works, complete. Encyclopedia Americana. Eight vol- Pelham Novels, 6 vols. umes are already published; the future Bigelow's Technology. volumes will appear at intervals of three Bakewell's Geology. months, and be supplied at $2 50 per vol. Collingwood's Life and Correspond.

American State Papers, 12 vols.
Burke's Works, new edition.

Franklin's Second Expedition.
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion. Clapperton's Second Expedition.

Robertson's Works, complete in 3 vols, Saxe Weimar's Travels. 8vo.

Darby's United States. Gillie's Greece, in 1 vol. 8vo.

Bibles, Testaments, Prayer Books, Dugald Stewart's Works, complete in 7 and Psalms and Hymns, in great varieties vols, 8vo.

of bindings. Arnott's Elements of Physics.




SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED FOR THE FOLLOWING PERIODICALS, Any of which will be forwarded immediately on Receipt of one

year's Subscription. American Medical Journal, $5 per an- Journal of the Franklin Institute. num.

Brewster's Edinburgh Journal of SciAmerican Quarterly Review, $5 per an

Mechanic's Magazine. Price Looper North American Review, $5 per annum. annum. Southern Review, $5 per annum. Philosophical Magazine and Annals of Silliman's Journal, $6 per annum. Philosophy. Edinburgh Review, $5

per annum.

London Literary Gazette. Quarterly Review, $5 per annum. Library of Useful Knowledge.

Museum of Foreign Literature and Sci- Library of Entertaining Knowledge. ence, $6 per annum.

Loudon's Gardener's Magazine. New England Magazine.

Loudon's Magazine of Natural History. Athenæum.

Classical Journal. Lady's Book.

Lady's Monthly Muscum. Westminster Review, $6 per annum. Missionary Register. Foreign Quarterly Review, $8 per an- Imperial Magazine.

Home Missionary Magazine. Blackwood's Magazine.

British Critic. Campbell's New Monthly Magazine. Christian Review.

Brande's Journal of the Royal Institu- Christian Remembrancer. tion.

Christian Observer. Jameson's Edinburgh New Philosophi- Christian Examiner. cal Journal.

Wesleyan Methodist Magazine.


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