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Neptunian Hypothesis (see Quaxamarca (see Caxamar- Sesac (see Shishac)........ 507


505 Setines (see Albens)......: New Guernsey (see Egmont Quinsy Berries (see Currants) “ Sewall (Stephen). Island)

Seybert (doctor Adam).... New Sarum (see Salisbury)


508 Newt (see Lizard)....

Sheldrakes (see Duck)..... Nieper (see Dnieper).....: " Radius Vector (see Vector) 505 Sheribon (see Cheribon)... Night-Jar (see Goal-Sucker) Ramadan (see Ramazan).. Shippen (William). Nonius (see Vernier).. Raskolnicians (see Roskol- Shuben Acadie (see AcaNotæ Tironianæ (see Abbrc- nicians)

dia) viations)

“Rebate (see Discount)..... “ Side-Saddle Flower (see Nushirwan (see Persia). “ Reform, Parliamentary (see Sarracenia).. Nutcracker (see Nuthatch). Parliamentary Reform, in Sieyes

this Appendix)..;

Siglæ (see Abbreviations).
Reichstadt (duke of)

Singapura (see Sincapore)..
Reims (see Rheims)

Skypetars (see Albania).... Obstetrics (see Midwifery).. 488 Rejoinder (see Issue): Ogden (Matthias). Remora (see Echeneis).. Sloe (see Plum).

510 oi Plant (see Sesamum Ori- Rémusat

Smalley (John) entale).

“ Rent (see Political Economy) Smallwood (William).. Onager (see Ballistæ):. “Resins (see Vegetable Chem- Smeaton (John).... Orchard Bird (see Oriole).. istry)

Smew (see Merganser)..... 511 Orlando (see Roland).. “ Resuscitation (see Drowning) Solway Moss.............. Ornithorynchus (see Platy- Rhomb Spar (see Dolomite) Sorbeito (see Sherbet).. 512 pus).

Ricci (see Rizzio)....... Spanish Black (see Oak)... Ort (Hugh);

" Right Side, and Left Side Spasm Osborn (John).

(see Coté Droit, and Coté

Spasmodic Cholera (see Owler (see Alder). 489 Gauche)

*Cholera, in this Appendix)" Ritual (see Liturgy)

Spectres (see Visions).

Roasting Jack (see Jack).. “ Sphene (see Titanium).....

Roving Cotton (see Cotton Spinning Frame (see Cotton Pacos (see Llama)........ 489 Manufacture)

Manufacture) Palmistry (see Chiromancy) Ruota Romana (see Rota). Spirits (see Visions)... Pampelmoes (see Shaddock) « Rustschuk (see Ruscsuck).. Spirits, Familiar (see Famil. Pantograph (see Silhouette) Ryder, Dudley (see Harrow- iar Spirits)....... Parliamentary Reform..... by)

Spurzheim (Gaspard). Patterson (William).

Siars, Fixed (see Fixed Pavois (see Shield).... 497


513 Pearl Spar (see Dolomite).

Steenwyck (see Stenwyck)" Penco (see Conception, La) “ Sabrina (see Severn)...... 505 Stirrup... Penitentiary System of Saccholactic Acid (see Mu- Stone (John Hoskins).. 514 Pennsylvania

cic Acid). .

Strength of Materials Périer (Casimir).......... 503 Sachtleeven (see Zaftleeven)“

Feats of....... 517 Pets (see Funfkirchen).... “ Saint Clair, Strait of (see De- Striped Snake (see Serpent) 520 Phanariots (see Fanariots).. troit River).

Sycamore (see Plane-Tree)" Phansygurs, or Thugs . “ Saint Lucia Bark (see CaribPhigalian Marbles....... bee Bark)

T. Phrygian Cap (see Mitre).. « Saint Ubes (see Setuval)... Pie (see Magpie)...... “ Salop (see Starch). : “ Tacamahac (see Poplar)... 520 Pine-Snake (see Serpent).. “ Samscrit (see Sanscrit). “ Tallevas (see Shield)... Pithecus (see Ape)........

« Sanction (see Assent)...... Tarabosan (see Trebisond). Pithyusæ (see Baleares).... « Sardine (see Sprat)....... Tautog, (see Black-Fish)... Plea, Pleadings (see Issue). “ Sardoin (see Sard)

« Tenterden (lord) Plinlimmon (see Snowdon). “ Sardonic Laugh

Tergouw (see Gouda) Pluviometer (see Rain.

Sati (see Suttee).

“ Tessel (see Texel); Gauge)

Testimony (see Evidence).. Polecai (see Skunk)....... Say (Jean Baptiste). 507 Thorax (see Chest). Poliziano (see Politianus).. “Scarlet Snake (see Serpent) “ Thorn, Egyptian (see AcaPont du Gard (see Gard). “ Schinderhannes (see Back- cia) Prairie Dog (see Marmot).. ler, John)

Thug (see Phansygurs, in Presumptive Heirs (see Ap- Schuyler (Peter)

this Appendix)...... parent)

“ 'Sciatica (see Rheumatism). “ Tierra del Fuego (see Terra Primer Seisin (see Tenures) “ Scolping, or Sculping (see del Fuego). Ptarmigan (see Grouse).... Lasher)

“ Tin Glass (see Bismuth).. Puisan (see Tisan).. “ Scott (sir Walter). Tofana (see Aqua Tofana). Pycnite (see Topaz)...... "Scourging (see Flagellation) Tombac (see Copper)...... Pyreneite (see Garnet)..... “ Screech Owl (see Owl).... “ Topaz (see Quartz). Pyrope (see Gamel).. " Screven (James)..

“ Torino (see Turin)........ Pyrotartaric Acid (see Tar- Sea Eggs (see Echinus). “ Trustee Process (see Attachtaric Acid)

“ Sea Kings (see Vikingr).. ment, Foreign) Python....

“ Sea Weed (see Fuci)..... “ Tumble Bug (see Beetle)...

Semsem (see Sesamum Ori- Turkey Buzzard (see BuzQ. entale)

zard) Serjeants at Law (see Bar- Turmagaunt (see TermaQuartation (see Gold). .... 505 risters, and Inns of Court) “ gauni)

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Voulgarians (see Bulgarians) 520 Wilmot, John (see Rochester,
Vulcanian Hypothesis (see Earl of)...

521 Uwans (see Ulans)........ 520 Geology) .....

« Windham (William)....

Winnebagoes (see Indians, V.



Witherite (see Barytes). Vacantivi (see Schools, vol. Wahoo (see Elm)......... 520 Witherspoon, John (see p. xii, p. 251)....

520/ Waifs (see Estrays)....... 527) Van der Does (see Dousa).. Wake (see Late Wake).... Woodbine (see Honeysuckle) Vanglo (see Sesamum Ori- Wakefield (Priscilla) “ Woodchuck (see Marmot).. entale)

" Wardship, Feudal (see Ten- Worcester... Velchi (see Acheron)


Wou-Wou (see Ape)......
Verbanus (see Lago Maggi- Warnefrid (see Paul the

Verd Antique (see Marble). “ Waterlanders (see Anabap-
Vijaya Puri (see Bija-pur).. tists).......

“ Yack (see Ox)......
Vilvao (see Bilboa)...
“ Water Snake (see Serpent)

Yellow Fever.... Vine-Fretters, or Aphides Ways (see Ship)......... “ Yorck, General (see York). 525 (see Ants)......

Weathercock (see Vane)... Viper's Grass (see Salsafy). Werst (see Measures)......

Z. Virtues, Cardinal (see Car- Wharra-Tree (see Screw. dinal Virtues). ....


" Zaara (see Sabara)....... 536 Vitalians (see Apollinarians) Whispering Galleries...... Zaragoza (see Saragossa). Vitriol (see Copperas, and Whitebacks (see Duck).... 521 Zebaoth (see Sabaism).... Copper).....

" Whitewood (see Tulip-Tree) “Zeid (see Seyd)........ Voltaic Píle (see Galvanism) “ Wild Boar (see Hog)...... “ Zetland Isles (see Shetland)

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......... 522

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In the press.

In the press.


MIrs. JAMIESON, Author of the Diary of an DICTINES. By the Author of the Spy,
Ennuyée. In 2 vols.

Pilot, Red Rover, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. bds. Nothing can be finer than the tact with which Mrs. “We cannot but remark on the versatility of Mr. Jamieson enters into the infinite varieties of feminine Cooper's genjus, which iinparts equal life to the wild character, nothing more delicate than the discrimina-Indian, the weather beaten sailor, the picturesque pirate, tion with which she marks the boundaries of feeling; the romantic and mysterious tyranny of Venice, and and there is a lofty purity, a generous warnith, which the bold feudal spirit of the middle ages. In this very pervades the whole work, and gives a singular truthlike work, Heinrich, ihe burgomaster, is a complete Flemisia life to its delineations."-Lit. Garette.

picture." - Literary Gazette. * Few books have ever come under our notice better FRANKENSTEIN; or, THE MODERN deserving the strongest recoinmendation it is in our power to bestow, than the work of Mrs. Jamieson. Her

PROMETHEUS. By Mary W. SHELLEY, talents are not only of the highest, but also of the rarest Author of the Last Man, Perkin Warbeck, order-of such order, indeed, as it is the lot of few wo.

&c. 2 vols. men to possess. Her work, taken altogether, is one of the most delightful of modern times." —N. Monthly Mag. to the last, Frankenstein is certainly one of the most

"Vigorous, terrible, and with its interest sustained LEGENDS OF THE LIBRARY AT LILIES. original works that ever proceeded from a female pen." By the Lord and Lady there. In 2 vols. THE RECTORY OF VALEHEAD.

-Literary Gazette. 12mo.


the Rev. ROBERT Wilson Evans, M. A. “ Two delightful volumes, various, graceful, with the pathos exquisitely relieved by gaiety; and the romantic

“Universally and cordially do we recommend this legend well contrasted by the lively sketch from actual delightful volume. Impressed with the genuine spirit existence."-Literary Gazelle.

of Christianity; a diary, as it were, of the feelings,

hopes, and sorrows of a family,--it comes home to all, NEW GIL BLAS, or Pedro of Penaflor. By either in sympathy or example. It is a beautiful pic.

ture of a religious household, influencing to excellence R. D. Inglis, Author of Spain in 1830, &c. all within its sphere. We believe no person could read

this work, and not be the better for its pious and touch. “The whole work is very amusing."-Lit. Gaz.

ing lessons."- Literary Gazette. - "Those who want a few hours' pleasant reading are to be not only one of the most faultless, but every way

"We fearlessly pronounce this delightful little volume not likely to meet with a book more to their taste."Atheneum.

valuable works it has ever fallen to our lot to recom.

mend to public perusal."-Stamford Herald. THE BUCCANEER. By Mrs. S. C. HALL. The Rectory of Valehead is a beautiful model of

domestic life in the Christian home of a well-regulated In 2 vols.

family, and combines literary amusement with the most "The perusal of these volumes warrants our precon: refined and intellectual improvement."-Scotsman. ceived impressions of the ample capacities of Mrs. Hall “The domestic worship, duties, comforts, joys, and to sustain the bolder flight she has undertaken."- United sorrows of a truly Christian pastor and his fluck, are Service Journal.

portrayed in so effective a manner as to raise, almost “The work now before us belongs to the historical unconsciously, an inward aspiration after similar holi. school; but it has that talent which bestows its own ness, similar blessedness, and similar consolation under attraction on whatever subject its peculiar taste may affliction. .... Be the reader who he may, he will scarcely select. We sincerely congratulate Mrs. Hall on the in. rise from the perusal of the Rectory of Valehead,' with. terest and the talent displayed in the Buccaneer."-Lit. out having his heart touched, his devotion excited, and Gazette.

his moral feeling elevated."-Christian Remembrancer.

"The Rectory of Valehead may be briefly character. SWALLOW BARN, or, A SOJOURN IN ized as a truly pious work, without the slightest taint THE OLD DOMINION. In 2 vols. 12mo. of bigotry or sectarianism: a work conceived in the

gentlest spirit of benevolence, and from which the Chris. “We cannot but predict a warm reception of this lian reader, to whatever denomination he may belong, work among all persons who have not lost their relish cannot fail to derive much advantage."- La Belle As. for nature and probability, as well as all those who can semblee. properly estimate the beauties of simplicity in thought and expression."-New York Mirror.

MISS AUSTEN. “One of the cleverest of the last publications written on this or the other side of the Atlantic.”—New York ELIZABETH BENNET; or, PRIDE AND PRECourier and Inquirer.

JUDICE. In 2 vols. 12mo. By Miss AUSTEN. * The style is admirable, and the sketches of character,

“One of the first female novelists."- Sir Walter Scoft. men, and scenery, so fresh and agreeable, that we can.

"The most correct of female writers, Miss Austen." not help feeling that they are drawn from nature."

Miss Mitford, in Our Village. IVAN VEJEEGHEN, or LIFE IN RUSSIA. “ Her fables appear to us, in their own way, nearly

faultless. * * * She conducts lier conversations with a By Thaddeus Bulgarin. 2 vols. 12mo.

regard to character hardly exceeded by Shakspeare him. "This is a genuine Russian novel, and a tale, which, self. Like him, she shows as admirable a discrimination with the interest of a fictitious story, presents many in the character of fools, as of p?ople of sense: a merit details of a state of society of which nothing can be which is far from common. *** Those who delight in learned froin books of travels. It is in every respect the study of human nature, may improve in the know. equal to Hope's Anastasjus, and well deserves to equal ledge of it, and in the profitable application of that that renowned romance in popularity; it has all the knowledge, by the perusal of such fictions as those before novelty and the ability."- Monthly Magazine.

us."--Quarterly Revier. THE ALHAMBRA; a series of Tales and PERSUASION, a Novel. By the same AuSketches of the Moors and Spaniards. By

thor. In 2 vols. the Author of the Sketch-Book, &c. 2 vols.

"It is one of the most elegant fictions of common life

we ever remember to have met with."-Quarterly Rev. 12mo.

MANSFIELD PARK. By the same Author. “Mr. Irving has fairly trusted himself to the golden * Mansfield Park contains some of Miss Austen's shares of old romance,' and yielded to all their influ. moral lessons, as well as her most humorous descripences. He has carried us into a world of marble foun. tiong."-Quarterly Rericu. lains, moonlight, arabesques, and perfumes. We do not know whether reform and retrenchment have left any By the same Authorimagination in the world, but this we know, that if NORTHANGER ABBEY, 2 vols. there be any fantasies yet slumbering deep within the

EMMA, 2 vols. souls, the tales of the Albambra must awaken them." Londen Literary Gazette.


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Muskav,) through the Southern and West- REESE, M. D. 18mo. ern parts of England, Wales, Ireland, and MILITARY MEMOIRS OF THE DUKE France. In 8vo.

OF WELLINGTON. By Capt. MOTLE " It contains the least prejudiced and most acute no. tices we have read of the habits and modes of thinking

SHERER, Author of Recollections of the of Englishmen, and ihe merits and defects of the country Peninsula. In 2 vols. 18mo. and society.”- Globe.

"The tone of feeling and reflection which perrades CONVERSATIONS WITH LORD BY- the work is in the characteristic mood of the writer. RON ON THE SUBJECT OF RELI- might be expected, are sound and independent, and bus

considerate, ardent, and chivalrous; his principles, as GION. By KENNEDY. 12mo.

language is frequently rich in those beauties which die GLEANINGS IN NATURAL HISTORY, which will not discredit its illustrious subject."- lasted

tinguish his previous writings. To us it appears a word with Local Recollections. By EDWARD Service Journal. JESSE, Esq. To which are added, Maxims AN HISTORICAL INQUIRY INTO THE and Hints for Anglers. From the second PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION London edition.

OF THE PRECIOUS METALS, fron " A work that will be fondly treasured by every true the Earliest Ages, and into the Influence at dover of nature."-New Monthly Mag. * We hazard but little in predicting that this volume

their Increase or Diminution on the Prices will be a favorite with a large class of readers. It is of Commodities. By WILLIAM JACOB, Esq. written by a true lover of nature, and one who most

F. R. S. In 8vo. pleasantly records his actual observations."-Lit. Gaz,

"Mr. Jacob's Historical Inquiry into the Production A MEMOIR OF FELIX NEFF, Pastor of and Consumption of the Precious Metals, is one of the the High Alps, and of his Labors among the most curious and important works which bas lately is

sued from the press." --Spectator. French Protestants of Dauphiné, a remnant " It was written at the suggestion of the late Mr. of the Primitive Christians of Gaul. By Huskisson, and displays the fruits of much industry and

research, guided by a sound judgment, and embodying WILLIAM STEPHEN GILLY, M. A. 18mo.

more learning than is usually bronght to bear on sta " It is a history which no Christian can read without tistical or economical subjects. We recommend the profit-it depicts scenes of discouragement and severe book to general attention."-Times, Sept. 2, 1831. irial, surmounted by an ardent devotion to the cause of religion; and presents a plain unvarnished narrative of NARRATIVE OF A VOYAGE TO THE the life of an humble but good man, whose Christian la. PACIFIC AND BEHRING'S STRAIT, bors may be safely and profitably imitated."--Ev. Post,

to co-operate with the Polar Expeditions: THE ECONOMY OF MACHINERY AND

performed in his Majesty's ship Blossom, MANUFACTURES. By CHARES BABBAGE.

under the command of Capt. F. W. Beecher, 18mo.

R. N., in the years 1835, 26, 27, 28. sro “Of the many publications which have recently issued from the press, calculated to give a popular and attractive

"The most interesting of the whole series of esped form to the results of science, we look upon this volumestions to the North Pole."-Quarterly Retiek. as by far the inost valuable. Mr. Babbage's name is

"This expedition will be for ever memorable as one Well known in connexion with the general subject of which has added immensely to our knowledge of this which he has here undertaken to treat. But it will be earth that we inhabit."- Blackwood's Mag. difficult for the reader who does not possess the volume

"Captain Beechey's work is a lasting monument of his itself, to understand the happy flyle, the judgment and own abilities, and an honor to his country."-Lit. GE. tact, by means of which the author has contrived to lend A GENERAL VIEW OF THE PROGRESS almost the charm of romance to the apparently dry and technical theme which he has chosen." -Monthly Reo. OF ETHICAL PHILOSOPHY, chiefly OUSELEY'S REMARKS ON THE STATIS- during the Seventeenth and Eighteenti


M. P. In 8vo. " The author is a man of solid sense, friendly to this

“The best offspring of the pen of an anthor wher country, and his remarks have the value and interest philosophical spirit, knowledge and reflection, richnesi of which his character and inquiries authorized the ex of moral sentiment, and elegance of style, has allogeibe pectation." ."--National Gazette.

no superior-perhaps no equal-among his contemp7aTWO YEARS AND A HALF IN THE beautiful work. We could not recomniend the whak

ries. Some time ago we made copious extracts from NAVY, or, JourNAL OF A CRUISE IN THE too earnestly."- National Gazette. MEDITERRANEAN AND LEVANT, ON BOARD HISTORY OF ENGLAND, by SIR JAMES THE U. S. FRIGATE CONSTELLATION, IN THE MACKINTOSH. Octavo edition. In the press Years 1829, 1830, and 1831. By E. C. * The first volume of this edition will contain the WINES. In 2 vols, 12mo.

same matter as the first three volumes of the lead

edition. “The author is a gentleman of classical education, a shrewd observer, a lively writer, whose natural manner A COLLECTION OF COLLOQUIAL is always agreeable; whose various matter is generally PHRASES, on every subject necessary entertaining and instructive; and whose descriptions are remarkably graphic. The greater portion of his pages

maintain Conversation, the whole so è have yielded us both profit and pleasure."-Nat. Ga:. posed as considerably to facilitate the acquiTHE NATURAL HISTORY OF SEL- sition of the Italian language. By an Italia:

BORNE. By the late Rev. Gilbert White, Gentleman. 1 vol. 18mo. A. M., Fellow of the Oriel College, with NOVELLE ITALIANE.–Stories from Itz? additions, by Sir William Jardine, Bart., ian Writers, with a literal, interlines: F. R. S. E. F. L. S. M. W. S., Author of “ 11- translation on Locke's plan of Classics lustrations of Ornithology.” 1 vol. 18mo. Instruction, illustrated with Notes Firs " White's History of Selborne, the most fascinating piece of rural writing and sound English philosophy that

American from the last London edition, with has ever issued from the press."-Atheneum.

additional translations and notes.

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THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS CHOLERA, as it recently appeared in the

OF JOANNA BAILLIE. 1 vol. 8vo. towns of Newcastle and Gateshead, inThis edition corresponds with the Library Editions of cluding cases illustrative of its Physiology Byron, Scott, Moore, &c. ** Miss Baillie's Plays on the Passions have been long

and Pathology, with a view to the establishknown as among the best in the language. No one who ment of sound principles of Practice. By reads them can entertain a doubt of the character of the T. M. GREENHOw, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, writer's affections. Such works could never have been dictated by a cold heart."-Christian Examiner.

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons "We are among the most earnest admirers of her in London, &c. &c. &c. In 1 vol. 8vo. genius, her literary attainments and skill, her diction, her success, her moral designs, and her personal worth: DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING ANATOMISome of her tragedies have deservedly passed into the CAL PREPARATIONS, formed on the slock of the principal British and American theatres. They are express developments and delineations of the

basis of Pole, Marjolin, and Breschet, and inpassions, marked by a deep insight into human nature. cluding the new method of Mr. Swan. By great dramatic power of treatment, a fertile spirit of USHER Parsons, M. D., Professor of Anato poetry, and the loftiest and purest moral sentiment."National Gazette.

my and Surgery. 1 vol. 8vo. with Plates.

" It is compiled and prepared with judgment, and is TREATISE ON CLOCK AND WATCH- the best and most economical companion the student MAKING, Theoretical and Practical. By department of his labors" -- Bost. Med. &. Surg: Jour.

can possess to aid him in the pursuit of this delightful Thomas REID, Edinburgh, Honorary Mem- ** This is unquestionably one of the most useful works ber of the Worshipful Company of Clock on the preparation of Anatomical Specimens ever pube

of every of Makers, London. Royal 8vo. Illustrated

anatomy; and as aitention now is more directed to the by numerous Plates.

formation of museums, it will be found a very valuable

book. Nothing is omitted that is important, and many GEOLOGICAL MANUAL. By H. T. De La new formulæ are introduced, derived from the author's

ВесHE. In 8vo. with numerous wood-cuts. experience, and from rare books, which he has had the

A work of first-rate inportance in the science to industry to collect."-N. Y. Med. Journal, Aug. 183]. which it relates, and which inust henceforth

take its A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO OPERATIONS place in the library of every student in Geology." ON THE TEETH. By JAMES SNELI, Dentist. Phil. Magarine. "Mr. De la Beche's Geological Manual is the first and

In 1 vol. 8vo. with Plates. best work of the kind, and he has performed his task

“Those of our readers who practise in the department with a perfect knowledge of all that has been ascer: of Surgery, on which Mr. Snell's essay treats, will find tained in Geology, and with considerable judgment and some useful instructions on the mode of extracting laste in the manner of doing it. So much geological

teeth."--Med. Gazette. science was never before compressed in so small a

" This is an excellent practical work, and will be space."-Spectator.

found generally useful."-Athenaum.

This is the best practical manual for the dentist we

have seen in the English language."--Gaz. of Hcalth. MEDICINE, &c.


ICINE, including Physiology, Pathology, MANUAL OF GENERAL, DESCRIPTIVE,

and Therapeutics, in the form of ProposiAND PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY. By

tions, and commentaries on those relating J. F. MECKEL, Professor of Anatomy at

to Pathology, by F. J. V. Broussais, &c.; Halle, &c. &c. Translated from the French,

translated by Isaac Hays, M. D. and R. E. with Notes, by A. SIDNEY DOANE, A. M.

GRIFFITH, M. D. In 8vo. M. D. 3 vols. 8vo.

"The present work will form an indispensable addi. " It is among the most classical, learned, and authori. tion to the library of every physician. It is a very im. tative treatises on Anatomy."-American Journal of portant and necessary companion to the Treatise on Med. Science.

Physiology as applied to Pathology, by the same au.

thor."-- American Journal of Med. Science. SURGICAL MEMOIRS



Professor of Surgery in the University of FRANCE. Translated from the French

Edinburgh. In 8vo. of BARON LARREY. In 8vo. with Plates.

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, illustrated by A MANUAL OF MEDICAL JURISPRU- numerous Engravings; by ROBLEY DUNGli

DENCE, compiled from the best Medical SON, M. D., Professor of Physiology, Patholand Legal Works; comprising an account ogy, &c. in the University of Virginia, Memof-I. The Ethics of the Medical Profes- ber of the American Philosophical Society, sion; II. Charters and Laws relative to the &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Faculty; and III. All Medico-legal Ques- " It is the most complete and satisfactory system of tions, with the latest Decisions: being an already high reputation of the author.” — American Jour.

Physiology in the English language. It will add to the Analysis of a course of Lectures on Foren-nal of Med. Science. sic Medicine. By MICHAEL Ryan, M. D., A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE Member of the Royal College of Physi- EYE. By WILLIAM LAWRENCE, M. D. cians in London, &c. First American edi- 1 vol. 8vo. In the press. tion, with Additions, by R. EGLESFIELD " It is almost unnecessary to say, that it contains Griffith, M. D. In 8vo.

marks of vast erudition and exact judgment, and that

experience han dictated the principles that are comprised ** There is not a fact of inportance or value connected in them, experience drawn from a hospital devnted solely with the science of which it treats, that is not to be to the treatment of diseases of the Eye.”-Billaud. found in its pages. The style is unambitious but clear and strong, and such as becomes a philosophic theme."-A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE Monthly Reriew.

HEART AND GREAT VESSELS. By "It is invaluable to medical practitioners, and may J. R. BERTIN. Edited by G. BOUILLAUD. be consulted safely by the legal profession."Weekly Dispatch.

Translated from the French. 8vo.


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