The book of the Axe

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Longman, 1854
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Page v - It is good in discourse, and speech of conversation, to vary and intermingle speech of the present occasion with arguments, tales with reasons, asking of questions with telling of opinions, and jest with earnest: for it is a dull thing to tire, and as we say now, to jade any thing too far.
Page 72 - Franchise and liberty are used as synonymous terms; and their definition is (v) a royal privilege, or branch of the king's prerogative, subsisting in the hands of a subject.
Page 81 - You might see churches rise in every village, and monasteries in the towns and cities, built after a style unknown before ; you might behold the country flourishing with renovated rites ; so that each wealthy man accounted that day lost to him, which he had neglected to signalize by some magnificent action.
Page iv - Of recreation there is none So free as fishing is alone; All other pastimes do no less Than mind and body both possess; My hand alone my work can do So I can fish and study too.
Page 477 - Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder : The young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
Page 158 - I IN these flowery meads would be : These crystal streams should solace me; To whose harmonious bubbling noise I with my angle would rejoice. Sit here, and see the turtle-dove Court his chaste mate to acts of love; Or on that bank, feel the west wind Breathe health and plenty; please my mind. To see sweet dewdrops kiss these flowers. And then...
Page 72 - ... but the same identical franchise, that has before been granted to one, cannot be bestowed on another, for that would prejudice the former grant.
Page 473 - ... an elevated ridge, more than a mile in length and rising more than forty feet, covered by a confused assemblage of broken strata and immense blocks of rock, invested with seaweed and corallines, and scattered over with shells and starfish, and other productions of the deep, forms an extended reef in front of the present range of cliffs.
Page 157 - happy as sand-boy" or " happy as king;" For the joy is more blissful that bids me declare, " I'm as happy as all the wild birds in the air." I will tell them to find me a grave when I die, Where no marble will shut out the glorious sky ; Let them give me a tomb where the daisy will bloom, Where the moon will shine down, and the...
Page 270 - ... purchased Coaxden and Lodge, two estates situated between Chard and Axminster, the former of which is still possessed by one of their descendants. Here they were seated at the time of the battle of Worcester, when the royalists being entirely defeated, Prince Charles, afterwards king Charles II., escaped in disguise, and for some weeks eluded his pursuers, until he found means to depart the country. Having gone to Lyme for that purpose, the people who were mostly disaffected to him soon got scent...

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