Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 10

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The Association, 1889
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Page 23 - Henry, by the grace of God, king of England and France, and lord of Ireland, To all to whom these present letters shall come greeting: Know ye that we...
Page 323 - I markid yn the fore Front of the first Area of the Castelle self 3. great and high Toures, of the which the Gate House was the Midle. In the secunde Area ther be a 5. or 6. Toures, and the stately Staire up to the Haul is very Magnificent, and so is the Haul it self, and al the residew of the House : in so much that I saw no House in the North so like a Princely Logginges.
Page 318 - ... of yerth. In the toune to entre by land be but 2 gates: Newburgh gate, meately good, and Aldeburgh gate, very base. The toune stondith hole on a slaty clife: and shoith very fair to the se side. Ther is but one paroche chirch in the town, of our Lady, joyning almost to the castelle: it is very faire and is...
Page 285 - England hath long been mad, and scarred herself: The brother blindly shed the brother's blood, The father rashly slaughtered his own son, The son, compelled, been butcher to the sire : All this divided York and Lancaster, Divided in their dire division.
Page 474 - ... and by this meanes, and by no covers, is the smoke of the harthe in the hawle wonder strangly convayed.
Page 313 - Castelle it self is motid aboute on 3 Partes. The 4 Parte is dry where the entre is ynto the Castelle. The Castelle is al of very fair and greate squarid Stone both withyn and withowte, whereof (as sum hold Opinion) much was brought owt of Fraunce. In the Castelle be only 5 Towers one at eche Corner almost of like Biggenes. The Gate House is the 5 having fyve Longginges yn high, 3 of the other Towers have 4 Highes in Longginges.
Page 321 - In the first court of it be a 4. toures, ol the which one is caullid Rosamunde's Toure. In the ynner court be also a 4. toures, wherof the kepe is one. The castelle waulles and the toures be meatly welle, the logginges yn the ynner court that be of timbre be in ruine, in this inner court is a chappelle and a cantuarie prest.
Page 299 - And the sound of drum and trumpet came swelling up the vale, And blazoned banners proudly flung their glories to the gale ; But not, oh ! not to battle did those banners beckon now — A baron stood beneath them, but not with helmed brow, And Yorkshire yeomen round...
Page 334 - ... sum sand, or other fine ground that is about the rokkes, cummithe doune with the continualle droping of the springes in the rokkes, and clevith on such thinges as it takith, and so clevith aboute it and givith it by continuance the shape of a stone. There was ons, as I hard say...
Page 299 - Where the rival rose of Lancaster blushed redder still to yield ; Four hundred years have o'er them shed their sunshine and their snow, But in spite of plough and harrow, every summer there they blow ; Though rudely up to root them with hand profane you toil, The faithful flowers still fondly cluster around the sacred soil ; Though tenderly transplanted to the nearest garden gay.

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