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the Choice of their Surveyours, Clarke of their Works, Bricklayers, Masons, Carpenters, and other Work-men therein concerned. As also, In respect of their Works, Materials and Rates thereof. Together with several Epistles to Eminent Persons, who may be concerned in Building. Written by Sir Balthazar Gerbier, Douvily, Knight. London, Printed by Thomas Mabb, dwelling on St. Pauls-Wharf neer the Thames, 1663. 8o.

a-c in eights: d in eights: e-f in eights g, 6 leaves: B-G in eights, G 8 with the Errata. Dedicated to the Queen Mother.

A Brief Discourse concerning the Three chief Principles of Magnificent Building. viz. Solidity, Conveniency, and Ornament. By Sr. Balthazar Gerbier, Knight. London, Printed by Tho. Mabb, for Tho. Heath. 1664. 8°, A-H in eights.

Dedicated to the King.


A Discovrsive Coniectvre vpon the Reasons that produce a desired event of the present troubles of Great Britaine, different from those of Lower Germanie. By Calybute Downing, L.L.D. Pastor of Hackney... London, Printed by Richard Hearne, and are to be sold by John Partridge. 1641. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-G 2 in fours, G 2 blank.


A Reply of Sir George Downing Knight and Baronet, Envoy Extraordinary from His Majesty of Great Britain, &c. To the Remarks of the Deputies of the EstatesGeneral, Upon His Memorial of December 20. 1664. Old Stile. London, Printed Anno Dom. 1665. 4o, A-N in fours, and the title.

A Discourse Written by Sir George Downing, The King of Great Britain's Envoy Extraordinary to the States of the United Provinces. Vindicating his Royal Master from the Insolencies of a Scandalous Libel, Printed under the Title of [An Extract out of the Register of the States General of the United Provinces, upon the Memorial of Sir George Downing, Envoy, &c.] And delivered by the Agent Dr Heyde for such, to several Publick Ministers. . . . Whereunto is added a Relation of some Former and Later Proceedings of the Hollanders: By a Meaner Hand. London, Printed for Dorman Newman . . . 1672. 12o. A, 6 leaves: B-H in twelves. The first and last two leaves are blank.

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Downing's portion is dated 1664. The meaner hand is not named


A Spanish grammer conformed to our Englishe Accydence. With a large dictionarye conteyninge Spanish, Latyn, and Englishe wordes, with a multitude of Spanishe wordes more then are conteyned in the Calapine of x: languages or Neobrecensis Dictionare. Set forth by Thomas D'Oyley Doctor in physick with the cōfirence of Natyve Spaniardes. Licensed to John Wolf, 19 Oct. 1590. DRAKE, SIR FRANCIS.

A Discours in Commendacon of the valiaunte and verteous mynded Gentleman master Francis Drake. Licensed to John Charlwood, 4 Jan. 1580-1.

This appears as if it was the book in verse by Thomas Greepe, printed by Charlwood in 1587.

The voyadge into the West Indyes made by Sir Frauncis Drake knight. Licensed to W. Ponsonby, 26 Nov. 1588. Vlisses Britanicus, or the travalours pockett booke transcribed out of the memorialls of Francis Drake knight, Licensed to Francis Coules, 26 November. 1629.


Sir William Drake His Speech in Parliament. Concerning the present Distempers, and putting the Kingdome in a state of defence. November 10, 1641. London, Printed for W. L. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves.


The Divine Dreamer: Or, A short treatise discovering the true effect and power of Dreames; Confirmed by the most learned and best approved Authors. Whereunto is annexed The Dreame of a young Gentleman, immediatly before the death of the late Earle of Strafford. Printed in the yeare 1641. 4°, A—C in fours, A 1 and Č 4 blank. B. M. DREXELIUS, H.

The School of Patience. Written in Latin by H. Drexelius. And faithfully translated into English, by R. S. Gent. London, Printed by Thomas Harper. M.DC. XL. 12°. A, 6 leaves: B-Aa 9 in twelves. With a frontispiece by W. Marshall.


The Christians Zodiake or Twelue Signes of Predestination unto Life euerlasting. Written in Latine by Ieremie Drexelius. London Printed for Samuel Broun . . .


1643. 12o, A-L_in twelves, besides the illustrations to Emblems 2, 4, 6, 8. DROLLERY.

Merry Drollery Complete, Or, A Collection.

Of Jovial Poems, Merry Songs, Witty Drolleries, Intermixed with Pleasant Catches. The First Part. Collected by W. N. C. B. R. S. J. G. Lovers of Wit. London, Printed for Simon Miller, at the Star, at the A-Z West-End of St. Pauls, 1670. 8°, 4 in eights, Part 2 commencing with a half title on sign. O.


Poems, By that most Famous Wit, William Drvmmond of Hawthornden. London, Printed by W. H. and are to be sold in the Company of Stationers, 1656. 80, A-O in eights. With a portrait by Gaywood.

With a

The History of Scotland, From the year
1423. until the year 1542. Containing
the Lives and Reigns of James the I. the
II. the III. the IV. the V. with several
Memorials of state, During the Reigns of
James VI. & Charles I. By William
Drummond of Hawthornden.
Prefatory Introduction by Mr. Hall of
Grays-Inn. London, Printed by Henry
Hills, for Rich. Tomlins and himself,
and are to be sold at their houses near
Py-Corner. MDCLV. Folio. A, 4 leaves: a,
4 leaves: b (or Bb), 3 leaves: B-Pp in
fours, Pp 4 blank, and Pp 3 occupied by
verses "To S[ir] William] A[lexander],"
&c. With portraits by Gaywood of
Drummond and of the four Kings.

This includes a reprint of the Cypress-
Grove. In some copies occurs a duplicate
leaf H 4, with a laudatory passage on


Carmen Macaroni

[blocks in formation]

Five sortes of Drunckhardes. Licensed
to Edward Allde, 30 March, 1609.
The Eighth Liberal Science: Or A new-
found-Art and Order of Drinking, With
A true Description of their School and
Library, the Degrees taken there, The
Tongues Studied there, The several Titles
proper to the Professors of that Art, both
Civil and Martial, viz.


The Universitie men.

The Inns of Court and Chancery.
The Army and Souldiery.

The Sea-men, or Seller-service-men.
Also, Penal Statutes enacted in Drinking,
Proverbs used amongst them, with divers
Stories of such whom immoderate Drink-
ing hath made ridiculous.

Printed by B. A. near the Upper Pump
in Grub-street, 1650. 8°, A-B in eights,
including a frontispiece. In prose. B. M.
of Ireland.

An epitaphe on Sir William Drury. Li-
censed to Edward White, 11 April, 1580.
[? by Thomas Churchyard.]

The Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas DRYDEN, JOHN. Written by John Dryden, Esq; Now first Collected together, and Corrected from the Originals. In Two Volumes. London, MDCCI. Folio.

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There are copies on large paper. To His Sacred Maiesty, A Panegyrick on His Coronation By John Dryden. London, Printed for Henry Herringman 1661. Folio, 4 leaves. In verse.

Annvs Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders, 1666. An Historical Poem: Containing the Progress and various Successes of our Naval War with Holland, under the Conduct of His Highness Prince Rupert, and His Grace the Duke of Albemarl. And describing the Fire of London. By John Dryden, Esq. . . . London, Printed 1667. 8°. for Henry Herringman, Autore Gulielmo Drummondo, Scoto-Britanno. Accessit Jacobi id Nominis Quinti, Regis Scotorum, Cantilena Rustica Vulgo Inscripta Christs Kirk on the Green, Recensuit, Notisque illustravit E. G. Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldoniano. Anno Dom. 1691. 4o, A-E 2 in fours.


E. G. are the initials of Edmund Gibson.

A ballad agaynst Druckers. Licensed to
W. Griffith in 1662-3.


A discription of the most vile and chiefe
capitall sinnes of Drunckenes devided into

A, 8 leaves: a, 4 leaves: B-F in eights,
F 8 blank. In 4-line stanzas.

Dedicated to the City of London, after which comes a letter to Sir Robert Howard, explanatory of the nature of the poem, and a copy of verses to the Duchess of Albemarle on the Duke's victory against the Dutch, June 3, 1665.

Of Dramatick Poesie, An Essay. By
John Dryden Esq; [Quot. from Horat.
London, Printed for
De Arte Poet.]
1668. 4, A—
Henry Herringman.
K in fours. Dedicated to Charles, Lord

This essay contains criticisms on Shakespear, Jonson, Fletcher, &c.

[blocks in formation]

Sr. Martin Mar-all, Or The Feign'd Innocence: A Comedy. As it was Acted at His Highnesse the Duke of York's Theatre. London, Printed for H. Herringman . . . 1668. 4°. Title, list of persons, and prologue, 3 leaves: B-K in fours, K 4 blank. Pp. 57–8 are in duplicate, however.

The Indian Emperour, Or, The Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, Being the Sequel of the Indian Queen. By John Dryden Esq; The Second Edition London, Printed for H. Herringman 1668. 4°. Title and leaf with prologue &c., 2 leaves: dedication, 2 leaves: BK in fours, K 4 blank.

In this edition the Defence was omitted. Secret Love; Or The Maiden Queen : As it is Acted By His Majesties Servants, at the Theatre-Royal. Written by John Dryden Esq; [Quot. from Virgil.] London, Printed for Henry Herringman . . 1668. 4°. A, 2 leaves: a, 4 leaves : B-K 2 in fours.

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The Rival Ladies. A Tragi-Comedy As it was Acted at the Theatre-Royal. Nos hæc novimus esse nihil. Written by John Driden Esquire. London, Printed for H. Herringman 1669. 4°. Title and dedication to Roger, Earl of Orrery, 4 leaves a, 2 leaves: B-K 2 in fours. The Wild Gallant: A Comedy. As it was Acted at the Theatre-Royal, By His Majesties Servants. Written by John Dryden, Esq; In the Savoy, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for H. Herringman 1669. 4o, A-K in fours.

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London Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1682. Folio, B-I in twos, a leaf of K, and the title.

The Medall. A Satyre against Sedition, By the Authour of Absalom and Achitophel. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson 1682. 4°. A, 4 leaves: a, 2 leaves : B-D 2 in fours.

Religio Laici Or A Laymans Faith. A Poem. Written by Mr. Dryden.

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The Duke of Guise. . . . To which is
Added, A Vindication of the Play. By
Mr. Dryden... London, Printed for
Jacob Tonson,
I in fours the Vindication (the edition
of 1683) A-H 2 in fours, and the title.
The Vindication: Or, The Parallel of the
French Holy-League, and the English
League and Covenant, Turn'd into a
Seditious Libell against the King and his
Royal Highness, By Thomas Hunt and
the Authors of the Reflections upon the
Pretended Parallel in the Play called The
Duke of Guise. Written by Mr. Dryden

London, Printed for Jacob Tonson MDCLXXXIII. 4o, A-H 2 in fours, and the titlepage.

The True History of the Duke of Guise. Extracted out of Thuanus, Mezeray, Mr. Aubeny's Memoirs, Published for the undeceiving such as may perhaps be imposed upon by Mr. Dryden's late Tragedy of the Duke of Guise.

Together with some Remarks upon the same. London, Printed and are to be Sold by R. Baldwin, 1683. 4o, A-E in fours, first and last leaves blank.


Some Reflections upon the Pretended Parallel in the Play called the Duke of Guise. In a Letter to a Friend. London, Printed for Francis Smith, sen. 1683. 4°, A-D in fours, first and last leaves blank.

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Threnodia Augustalis :
By John
Dvblin Reprinted by
Joseph Ray at Colledg-green, for Robert
Thornton Bookseller in Skinner row,
1685. 4o, A-C 2 in fours.

Albion and Albanius: An Opera. Perform'd at the Queens Theatre, in Dorset Garden. Written by Mr. Dryden. Discite justitiam. Virg. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1685. Folio, A-I in twos, besides (b) 2 leaves, and (c) 1 leaf. The Hind and the Panther. A Poem, In Three Parts. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1687. 40, A-T in fours, and a leaf of V, the first leaf of A with the Imprimatur.

The Address of John Dryden, Laureat to His Highness the Prince of Orange. London, Printed and are to be sold by Randal Taylor... 1689. Folio. A-B, 2 leaves each. In verse.

Don Sebastian, King of Portugal: A Tragedy Acted at the Theatre - Royal. Written by Mr. Dryden. London:

Printed for Jo. Hindmarsh . . . MDCXC. 4o, A-S in fours, S 3-4 with the Pro- |


logue and Epilogue. Dedicated to Philip, Earl of Leicester.

Amphitryon; Or, The Two Sofias. A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre Royal. [Quot. from Virgil.] Written by Mr. Dryden. To which is added, The Musick of the Songs Compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcel. London, Printed for J. Tonson . . . and M. Tonson . . . 1691. 4°. The play, A-I 2 in fours: the Songs, with a separate title, pp. 14, including title-leaf.

The Fairy-Queen: An Opera. Represented at the Queen's-Theatre By their Majesties Servants. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, . . . 1692. Where you may have compleat Sets of Mr. Dryden's Works in four Volumes; the Plays in the Order they were written. 4o. A, 3 leaves: B-H 2 in fours.

Eleonora A Panegyrical Poem: Dedicated to the Memory of the Late Countess of Abingdon. Written by Mr. Dryden. London Printed for Jacob Tonson. 1692. 4°. *, 4 leaves: A-C in fours. Dedicated by Dryden to the Earl of Abingdon.

The State of Innocence, And Fall of Man: An Opera. Written in Heroick Verse; and Dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Dutchess. By Mr. John Dryden. London, Printed for Hen. Herringman, . . . 1695. 4°. An Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell Late Servant to his Majesty, and Organist of the Chapel Royal, and of St. Peter's Westminster. The Words by Mr. Dryden, and Sett to Musick by Dr. Blow. London, Printed by J. Heptinstall, for Henry Playford, . 1696. Folio. BH, 2 leaves, a leaf of I, and the titlepage.

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Carmen Sæculare, For the Year 1700. To the King. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson. 1700. Folio. A-G, 2 leaves each, besides the half title, G with advertisements, and G 2 blank. DU BARTAS, GUILLAUME SALUSTE, SEIGNEUR.

Bartas His Diuine Weekes & Workes Translated & Dedicated to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by Iosvah Sylvester. [London, Humphrey Lownes, 1605.] 4°. Engraved title preceded by a blank, 2 leaves Corona Dedicatoria, 7 leaves: verses by Ben Jonson, &c., 2 leaves : B-XX in eights: XX*, 2 leaves: YyAaa in eights.

Some of the separate portions have title


pages with the name of the printer Humphrey Lownes and the date 1605. Bartas His Diuine Weekes & Workes.

Printed at London by Humphrey Lownes. [Col.] 1608. At London, Imprinted by Humfrey Lownes, and are to be sold at his house, on Bred-street hil, at the signe of the Starre. 4o, A-Xxx 4 in eights, last leaf with the colophon.

Du Bartas His Diuine Weekes and Workes with A Compleate Collectio of all the other most delight-full Workes Translated and written by ye famous Philomusus. Iosvah Sylvester Gent: London printed by Robert Young 1633. Folio. Portrait of Du Bartas by C. v. Dalen and engraved title in compartments by R. Elstrack, 2 leaves: A, 6 leaves: B, 8 leaves: C, 6 leaves: D-Oo in sixes, besides an extra leaf in Oo marked (oo 2): separate title to Parliament of Virtues Royal, 1 leaf: Pp-Lll 2 in sixes, besides a large folded leaf in sheet Hhh. Woodcuts.

Du Bartas His Diuine Weekes. . . . London printed by Robert Young with Additions: 1641. Folio. Engraved title and portrait, 2 leaves: A, 6 leaves: B, 8 leaves: C-3 M in sixes, besides a folded leaf in sign, 3 H.

The Triumph of Faith. The Sacrifice of Isaac. The Ship-wracke of Ionas. With a song of the victorie obtained by the French king, At Yvry. Written in French, by W. Salustius lord of Bartas, and translated by Josua Siluester, Marchant Aduenturer. Printed by Richard Yardley, and Peter Short and are to be sold at the Starre on Bredstreet hill. 1592. 4o, A-E 2 in fours: The Sacrifice of Isaac, as a head-line, with fresh signatures, A-C in fours: [a new titlepage] A Canticle of the victorie at Yvry.

At London, Printed by Richard Yardley, . . 1591. A-C 2 in fours.

Dedicated by Sylvester to his uncle, Master William Plumbe Esquire, from London, 30 May, 1592.

Babilon, A Part of the Second Weeke of Gvillavme de Salvste Seignevr Dv Bartas. With the Commentarie, and marginall Notes of S. G. S. Englished by William L'Isle. Omne tulit . . . Imprinted at London by Ed. Bollifant, for Richard Watkyns. 1596. 4°, A-I in fours, and a leaf of K. Dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham.


The Compleat Woman. Written in French by Monsieur Du-Boscq, and by him after several Editions reviewed, corrected, and

[blocks in formation]

amended: And now faithfully Translated into English, By N. N. London, Printed by Thomas Harper and Richard Hodgkinson. 1639. 4°, A-Ll in fours. DUCK, ARTHUR, LL.D.

Vita Henrici Chichele Archiepiscopi Cantvariensis Svb Regibvs Henric: v. et vi. Descripta ab Arthvro Dvck: LL.D. Oxoniæ, Excudebat Iosephus Barnesius, 1617. 4o, A-O in fours.


Dud Dudleys Metallum Martis : Or, Iron made with Pit-Coale, Sea-Coale, &c. And with the same Fuell to Melt and Fine Imperfect Mettals, and Refine Perfect Mettals. London, Printed by T. M. for the Authour. 1665. 8°, A-E 6 in eights, E 6 with the Errata. With a plate in sign. E. Dedicated to the King. B. M.

DUFFORNE, RICHARD, of Northampton, Accountant.

The Merchantes Mirror, or Directions for the perfect booking and survey of his Estate framed by way of Debitour and Creditor after the soe learned Italian manner. Licensed to N. Bourne, 21 March, 1634-5.


DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. Origines Juridiciales, Or Historical Memorials of the English Laws, Courts of Justice Also A Chronologie The Second Edition with Additions. the Savoy, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for Abel Roper, John Martin, and Henry Herringman... 1671. Folio, A-li in fours, the first leaf of A with the Imprimatur: Kk-Hhh in twos: Iii, 1 leaf with Index: Portraits of Sir Orlando Bridgman by Faithorne; Sir John Cleuch, Sir Robert Heath, Sir Randolph Crew, by Hollar, and Sir Edward Coke and the Earl of Clarendon, by Loggan: Chronica Series Cancellariorum, &c., A-Gg, 2 leaves, Gg 2 with the Errata, besides the title. With many cuts of arms and other engravings on the letterpress.


A Short View of the Late Troubles in England; Briefly setting forth, their Rise, Growth and Tragical Conclusion. also, some Parallel thereof with the Baron's-wars in the time of King Henry III. But chiefly with that in France, called the Holy League. . . To which is added A Perfect Narrative of the Treaty at Uxbridge in an. 1644. Oxford, Printed at the Theater for Moses Pitt at the Angel in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London. MDCLXXXI. Folio. A, 3 leaves:

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