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Pickering in 1568-9.


A Dyaloge betwene God and man. ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1568-9. A ballad Dialoguewise betwene William Wax Wise and Walter Wold be Wanton concerninge thabuse of the Sabothe daye. Licensed to John Hynd, 28 Feb. 1578–9. A dialogue betwene Baldwin and a Sailor. Licensed to Robert Waldegrave, 2 Nov. 1580.

A Pleasaunt Dialogue concerning Phisicke and Phisitions. Imprinted at London by Iohn Charlewood. 1580. [On A 2 occurs this second title :] A Delectable Dialogue. Wherein is contayned a Pleasaunt Disputation between two Spanish Gentlemen concerning Phisick and Phisitions, with Answere of a learned Maister giuen vpon their argument. Translated out of the Castlin tongue, By T. N[ewton?] 8°, black letter, A-É in eights.

Dedicated by T. N. "To the woorshipfull Maister Thomas Fowler Esquire." The first titlepage is mainly occupied by a large woodcut with figures of the Interlocutors. Unmentioned by Herbert.

A Dialogue Betwene Adge and youthe.
Licensed to H. Carre, 13 Jan. 1580-1.

A ballad entitled "Youth and Age," dialoguewise, is printed by Collier (Old Ballads and Songs from MSS., 1869, p. 49.)

A moste excellent newe ballad Dyaloguevyse betwenne Christe and the soul of man. Licensed to Sampson Clark, 23 March, 1587-8.

A proper newe ballade dyaloguewyse

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betwene Syncerytie and Wilfull Ignor-
ance. Licensed to Sampson Clark, 23
March, 1587–8.

A newe northerne Dialogue betwene
Willsone and the warriner, and howe
Reynold Feares gott faire Nannye to his
Love. Licensed to Thomas Nelson, 13
August, 1591.

A ballad of a Dialoge betwene a Lord
and his Lady. Licensed to Robert
Bourne, 27 August, 1591.

A dialogue betwixt a Courtier and a
Cuntry man.
Licensed to Richard Hig-
genbotham, 7 January, 1616-17.

Query, the same as Breton's Court and
Country, 1618.

A Dialogue between Tom Tell Troth and
Robin Conscience. Licensed to Thomas
Lambert, 20th Sept. 1633.

A Dialogue betweene Boot, Spurr, Pumpe,
and Slipper.
Licensed to John Okes,

22 Feb. 1638-9.

A Merry dialogue betweene Cuthbert and
Robert. Licensed to Francis Grove, 22
October, 1639.

A Dialogve Betwixt a Rattle-Head and a
Round-Head. Neutralius being Mode-
With their peace-

rator betwixt both.
able agreement, and their Conference for
maintaining their severall Opinions.
With the Argument against Bishops.
Full of mirth, and repleat with witty In-
ventions. London, Printed for T. G.
MDCXLJ. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

A Dialogue Betwixt Sir George Booth, And Sir John Presbyter, At their meeting near Chester, upon The Rendezvousing of the Army: Wherein, most of the Machinations depending upon that Affair, are discovered. William Wild, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. London, Printed for The Humours, and Conversations of the Town, Expos'd in Two Dialogues. The First, of the Men. The Second, of the Women. London, Printed for R. Bentley 1693 [1673.] 12°. A, 6 leaves: B-G in twelves.

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A Dialogue between the Pope and a
Phanatick, concerning Affairs in England.
By a Hearty Lover of his Prince and
Country. London: Printed in the Year
1680. 40, A-C 2 in fours.

A Dialogue between the Pope and the
Devil, about Owen and Baxter. London,
Printed for S. J. 1681. A folio leaf.

A Dialogue between London & Oxford.
London, Printed in the Year 1681.
folio leaf, partly in verse.


A Dialogue Betwixt Sam the Ferriman of Dochet, Will A Waterman of London, And Tom A Bargeman of Oxford. Upon the Kings Calling a Parliament to meet at Oxford. London, Printed in the Year, 1681. 40, A-D in fours.

A Dialogue between two Burgesses, about Chusing their next Members of Parliament. [Col.] London, Printed in the Year 1681. A folio leaf.

A Dialogue between the D. of C. and the
D. of P. at their meeting in Paris, with
the Ghost of Jane Shore.
Printed for J. Smith. A sheet. Ouvry
Cat., No. 35.

A Dialogue between a late Lord Major
As also the Battle
and a Recorder.
Royal between three Clergy-Men; which
had been Printed sooner had the Author
London Printed
dar'd to Publish it.
A sheet. Ouvry Cat.,
in the Year 1698.



The goddes Diana. A ballad: Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565-6.


A booke called Parinesis per Georgium
Dochant [Dichante.] Licensed to H.
Gosson, 17 May, 1634.
The Lamentable Estate.


For an account of this unfortunate man, see Scott's Heart of Mid-Lothian, Centenary ed., Notes, 553.


A Precious Treasury of Twenty Rare Secrets, Most Necessary, Pleasant, and Profitable for all sorts of People. Published by Signier Francisco Dickinson an Expert Operator, and presumed to [be] as good as any the best in Europe. London, Printed for the Author, whose skill 4o, is approved. [October 19.] 1649. 4 leaves. B. M. DICKSON, DAVID.

Trve Christian Love; To bee sung with any of the common tunes of the Psalmes. [Quotation. Edinburgh] Printed by J. W. for John Wilson, and are to be sold at his shop in Glasgow. 1634. 8°, A-B in eights, B 8 blank.


D. Laing, 1879, No. 1080. This is probably the earliest book published at Glas

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An Historical Dictionary of England and London, Wales. In Three Parts. 1692. 8o, Printed for Abel Roper A-I in sixes, A i blank and A 6 with Errata: A-M in sixes: A-D 2 in sixes. DIGBY, EVERARD.

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Theoria Analytica, Viam ad Monarchiam Scientiarum demonstrans, totius Philosophiæ & reliquarum Scientiarum, necnon primorum postremorumq; Philosophorum mysteria arcanaq; dogmata enucleans. In tres libros digesta: Autore Everardo Dygbeio Anglo, in Artibus Magistro, Socio Collegij Diui Ioannis Euangelista Cantabrigiensis. Londini, Ex officina Henrici Bynneman, 4. T, 4 1579. Calend. Septemb. leaves: ¶¶, 4 leaves: A-3 I in fours. Dedicated to Sir Christopher Hatton. DIGBY, GEORGE, Second Earl of Bristol. The Third Speech of the Lord George Digby, To the House of Commons, Concerning Bishops, and the Citie Petition, the 9th of Febr: 1640. Printed for Tho: Walkley. 1640. 4°, A-C 2 in fours, first leaf blank.

The Lord Digbies Speech in the House of Commons, To the Bill of Attainder, of the Earle of Strafford, the 21 of April, 1641. Printed in the yeare, 1641. 4o, 8 leaves, B 4 blank.

The Speeches of the Lord Digby in the High Court of Parliament, Concerning Grievances, and the Trienniall Parliament. Printed for Thomas Walkely, 1641. 4o, A-D in fours, D 4 blank.

The Lord Digbies Designe to betray Abingdon. Carryed on for divers Weekes by an Intercourse of Letters. Which are here published for the satisfaction of all men, By Serjeant Major General Brown. Together with the Cipher which the Lord Digby sent him for that purpose. London: Printed for Laurence Blaiklock, .



4o. The Lord George Digby's Cabinet And Dr. Goff's Negotiations; Together with His Majesties, the Queens, and the Lord Jermin's, and other Letters: Taken at the Battel at Sherborn in Yorkshire about the 15th of October last. Also Observations upon the said Letters. ... London:


Printed for Edward Husband,... March 26. 1646. 4°, A-I 2 in fours. DIGBY, JOHN, First Earl of Bristol. A Speech, Made by the right Honourable, Iohn Earle of Bristoll, in the high Court of Parliament, May 20, 1642. Concerning an Accommodation. London, Printed for Richard Marriot 1642. 4o, A-B in fours.


Two Treatises. In the One of which, The Natvre of Bodies; In the other, The Nature of Mans Sovle; Is looked into : In way of Discovery, of the Immortality of Reasonable Sovles. At Paris, Printed by Gilles Blaizot. M.DC.XLIIII. With Priviledge. Folio. ǎ-Ĭ in fours: ŏ, 6 leaves: ŭ, 4 leaves: A-3 N in fours, 3 N 4 blank. Dedicated to the author's son, Kenelm Digby, from Paris, the last of August, 1644.

Two Treatises:

Iohn Williams

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London, Printed for M DC XLV. 4°. A, 8 leaves B, 4 leaves: 4 leaves : leaves: A (repeated)-Ggg in eights: (Hhh)-(Lll) in fours. With a portrait.

The last leaf is occupied by the Privilege of the French King for a translation into that language in the author's favour. A Late Discourse made in a Solemne Assembly of Nobles and Learned Men at Montpellier in France, By Sr Kenelme Digby, Knight, &c. Touching the Cure of Wounds by the Powder of Sympathy; With Instructions how to make the said Powder; whereby many other Secrets of Nature are unfolded.... Rendered faithfully out of French in to English By R. White, Gent. The second Edition corrected and augmented with the addition of an Index. London, Printed by R. Lowndes . . . 1658. 12o, A-G in twelves. Dedicated by White to John Digby, Esq., at Gothurst.


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collected and experimented, by the Honourable and Learned Sir Kenelm Digby, Chancellor to the late Queen-Mother of England. Containing, Many Rare and Unheard of medicines, Published

since his Death, by George Hartman Chymist, and Steward to the aforesaid Sir Kenelm. London, Printed for Will. Cooper, . . . 1683. 8o, A—S in eights.

Dedicated to Robert, Earl of Yarmouth. Journal of a Voyage into the Mediterranean by Sir Kenelm Digby. A.D. 1628. Edited from the original MS. by John Bruce. 4°, 1868. Camden Society. DIGGES, DUDLEY.

The Vnlawfvlnesse of Subjects taking up Armes against their Soveraigne, in what case soever. Together with an Answer to all Objections scattered in their severall Bookes. And a proofe that notwithstanding such resistance as they plead for, were not damnable, yet the present Warre made upon the King is so .. Written by Dvdley Diggs, Gentleman: late Fellow of All-Soules Colledge in Oxford. Printed in the Yeare of our Lord, 1647. Since the 25. day of March. 4o, A—Y 2 in fours, besides the frontispiece, and 2 leaves of Contents.


The Unlawfulness of Subjects taking up Arms against their Soveraigne don, Printed by Thomas Mabb, for William Sheares, . 1662. 8°, A-M in eights, besides the frontispiece and 4 leaves marked *, with the printed title and Table.

The Compleat Ambassador: or Two Treaties of the Intended Marriage of Qu: Elizabeth of Glorious Memory, comprised in Letters of Negotiation of Sir Francis Walsingham, her Resident in France, together with the Answers of the Lord Burleigh, the Earl of Leicester, Sir Wherein, Thomas Smith, and others.

as in a clear mirror, may be seen the Faces of the two Courts of England & France, as they then stood, with many remarkable Passages of State, not at all mentioned in any History. Printed by Thomas Newcomb for Gabriel Collin's and Thomas Collins. 1655. Folio. With a frontispiece by W. Faithorne. Title, 1 leaf: Preface, 2 leaves: Table, 4 leaves : B-M in fours: Table of principal matters, 3 leaves.


A Prognostication euerlasting of rhygt good effecte, frutefully augmented by the author, cōteyning playne, brief, pleasant,


chose rules to judge the weather by the Sunne, Moone, Sterres, To these and other nowe at the last are adjoyned diuers general Pleasat Tables, with many cōpendious rules, easy to be had in memorie, manifolde wayes profitable to al maner men of understanding: once againe published by Leonard Digges Gentleman, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1556. The seconde Impression augmented by the author in the yeare 1556. Agayne Imprynted by Thomas Gemini. 4o, A-G in

fours and A-D 2 in fours.

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A Prognostication everlasting of right good effect, frutefully augmented by the author once againe publyshed by Leonard Digges gentleman, in the yeere of our Lord. 1564. Imprinted at London in Fletestrete by Thomas Marshe, nere to S. Dunstones Churche. 4°, black letter, A-L in fours, L 4 blank, besides title and dedication, 2 leaves. Woodcuts. A Boke Named Tectonicon. Briefely shewynge the exacte measurynge, and speady reckonynge all maner Lande, squared Tymber, Stone, Steaples, Pyllers, Globes, &c. Further, declaringe the perfecte makinge and large vse of the Carpenters Ruler, conteyninge a Quadrant Geometricall,... Published by Leonard Digges Gentleman, in the yere of our Lorde. 1556. Imprynted at London by Thomas Gemini, dwellynge within the Blacke Friers: who is there ready exactly to make all the Instrumentes apperteynynge to this Booke. Anno. 1562. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-F in fours.

A Geometrical Practice, named Pantometria, diuided into three Bookes, Longimetria, Planimetra and Stereometria, containing Rules manifolde for mensuration of all lines, Superficies and Solides : with sundry strange conclusions both by instrument and without . . . framed by Leonard Digges Gentleman,lately finished by Thomas Digges his sonne. Who hathe also thereunto adioyned a Mathematicall Treatise of Platonical bodies, . . . Imprinted at London by Henrie Bynneman. Anno. 1571. 4o, A-Hh in fours, besides title and following leaf. Dedicated to Sir Nicholas Bacon Knight, Lord Keeper. With cuts.

A Geometrical Practical Treatise named Pantometria... First published by Thomas Digges Esquire,... Lately Reviewed by the Avthor himselfe, and augmented with sundrie Additions . . . to open the passage, and prepare a way to the vnderstanding of the Treatize of

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Martiall Pyrotechnie and great Artillerie, hereafter to be published. At London Printed by Abell Jeffes. Anno. 1591. Folio, A-Cc in fours, Cc 4 with the Errata. With cuts.

An Arithmeticall Militarie Treatise, named Strathioticos: Compendiously teaching the Science of Nubers, as well in Fractions as Integers, and so much of the Rules and Equations Allgebraicall and Arte of Numbers Cossicall, as are requisite for the Profession of a Soldiour. Together with the Moderne Militare Discipline, Offices, Lawes and Dueties in euery well gouerned Campe and Armie to be obserued: Long since attēpted by Leonard Digges Gentleman, Augmented, digested, and lately finished, by Thomas Digges, his Sonne. Whereto he hath also adioyned certaine Questions of great Ordinaunce, resolued in his other Treatize of Pyrotechny, and great Artillerie, hereafter to bee published. Vivet post Funera Virtus. At London: Printed by Henrie Bynneman. Anno Domini. 1579. black letter, A-Aa in fours, besides two folded tables between X and Y and between Y and Z.


Dedicated to the Earl of Leicester, whose arms gartered are on the back of the title, by Thomas Digges.

An Arithmetical Warlike Treatise named Stratioticos. . . First published by Thomas Digges Esquire Anno salutis 1579... lately reuiewed and corrected by the author himselfe, and also augmented with sundry additions. At London Imprinted by Richard Field 1590. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-Pp in fours, besides 2 folded leaves at LL. Dedicated to the Earl of Leicester.

DIGGES, THOMAS, the Elder. Ala Sev Scale Mathematicæ, quibus visibilium remotissima coelorum Theatra consciendi, & Planetarum omnium itinera nouis & inauditis Methodis explorari: tum huius portentosi Syderis in Mundi Boreali plaga insolito fulgore coruscantis

possis. Thoma Diggesæo, Cantiēnsi, Stemmatis Generosi, Authore. Londini. Anno Domini. 1573. [Col.] Londini Apud Thomam Marsh. 4o, A-L in fours, A repeated, and L 4 having only the Digges arms.

DILLINGHAM, FRANCIS, M.A., of Christ's College, Cambridge.

A Disswasive from Poperie, containing Twelve Effectval Reasons, by which every Papist, not wilfully blinded, may be brought to the truth, and euery Protestant



confirmed in the same.

Iohn Legat, Printer to the Vniuersitie of
Printed by
Cambridge. 1599. 8°, A-L 4 in eights.
Poemata Varii Argumenti, Partim E
Georgio Herberto Latinè (utcunque) red-
dita, Partim conscripta, A Wilh. Dilling-
ham, S.T.D. Cantabrigiensi. Adscitis
etiam aliis aliorum. Londini, Typis E.
Flesher... MDCLXVIII. 8°. A, 4 leaves:
B-Q in eights, last leaf blank.

DINGLEY, ROBERT, M.A., of Magdalen
College, Oxford.

Vox Cœli; Or, Philosophical, Historical,
and Theological Observations of Thunder.
By Robert Dingley, M.A.
don, Printed by M. S. for Henry Cripps,
.. Lon-
1658. 8°, A-N in eights. Dedi-
cated to Major Samuel Bull, captain of
Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight.

A Righte noble and pleasant History of the Successors of Alexander surnamed the Great, taken out of Diodorus Siculus : and some of their liues written by the wise Plutarch. Translated out of French into Englysh, by Thomas Stocker. Imprinted at London by Henrie Bynneman,

for Humfrie Toy. Anno Domini. 1569. 4o, A-Vv 2 in fours. Dedicated to Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick. The History of Diodorus Siculus. Containing all that is most Memorable and of greatest Antiquity in the first Ages of the World Until the War of Troy. Done into English by H. C. Gent. London, Printed by John Macock, for Giles Calvert, 1653. Folio, A-Uu in fours, and the title. Dedicated by Henry Cogan, to John, Earl of Clare.


The bayting of Dyogenes. Licensed to Henry Chettle, 17 Sept. 1591. DIRECTION.

A Direction for the English Traveller By which he shall be enabled to coast about all England and Wales. And also to know how farre any Market or noteable Towne in any Shire lyeth, one from an other, and Whether the same be East West North or South from ye Shire Towne: As also the distance betweene London and any other Shire or great towne with the scituation thereof East West North or South from London. By the help also of this worke one may know in what Parish, Village or Mansion house soeuer he be in Printed and are to be Sold by Iohn Garrett, at the



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Directorium, seu Pica Sarum. [W. Caxton, circa 1480.] 4°. St. Albans Grammar School (a fragment).

[Directorium Sacerdotum, una cum Defensorio ejusdem. Item Tractatus qui dicitur Crede Mihi. Colophon:] Caxton me fieri fecit. [1487?] Folio, 160 leaves, the first blank. Br. Museum (Baynton's copy).

[Directorium Sacerdotum. Second Edition of the Second Version. Colophon:] Impressum est hoc directoriu cu defensorio eiusdem per Wilielmu Caxton apud westmonasteriu prope London/ [Circa DIRECTORY. 1489.] Folio, 194 leaves. Bodleian.

A Directory for the Publique Worship of God, throughout the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland. gether with an Ordinance of Parliament Tofor the taking away of the Book of Common-Prayer: And for establishing and observing of this present Directory throughout the kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales.... London: Printed for Evan Tyler, Alexander Fyfield, 1644. 4°. The Directory, A-M in fours: DISCOURSE. the Ordinance, 4 leaves.

[Quot. London

A Discovrse against Flatterie.
from Persius and Seneca.]
Printed by Will. Stansby for Walter
1611. 8°, A-G 5 in eights.
Dedicated to Lord Bruce, Baron of Kin-
loss. Lambeth.

A Discourse Shewing the Great Advant-
ages that New-Buildings, and the Enlarg-
ing of Towns and Cities Do bring to a

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