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them wthout givinge them any evell or vnseemely wordes or behaviour vppon paine Three shillinges

ffoure pence.

(11) Item. Noe maister or Brother shall rayse or give any greater wages to any Jorneyman above three shillinges the dozen for fall shoes, ffoure shillinges the dozen for randes, Two shillinges ffoure pence the dozen for pleane shewes, Nynepence the paire for fall heeles and rand bootes, and Eightpence the paire for pleane boottes; vppon paine ffyve shillinges. (12) Item. Noe Brother shall disclose any counsel concerninge any of the said Sciences had at their comon assemblies neyther make any brawles chidings or contencon nor raise or reporte any false slaunders or evell speeches or tale of any freemen vppon paine Three shillinges ffoure pence.

(13) Item. Every yeare when new Wardens are chosen there shalbe made by the Wardens for the yeare next before to the new wardens a trew accompte in writinge of all sumes writinges and other thinges received and pay and deliver to the new wardens what shall appeare to be due and vppon paymente the new Wardens shall enter into Bond joytly or severally wth good securities in ffortie pounds to the ould wardens or some other Brother whom the maior pte shall noiate with condicon to deliver vpp the like accompte; vppon paine Twentie pounds. (14) Item. If any dissenĉon debate or discord shall happen betweene any of the freemen the ptie grieved shall declare his griefe to the Wardens before he seekes any further remedie by law to the intente that any suche debate may be friendly ended by the Wardens; vppon paine of every one that shall offend or shall refuse to stand to the end that the Wardens


and companie or the maior pte of them shall make Three shillinges ffoure pence.

Provided that if the Wardens and Companie or the maior pte of them do not end and arbitrate the same wthin a fortnight next after any complainte made vnto them, the ptie greived shalbe at libertie to take his remidie as he shall thinke beste.

(15) Item. It is decreed that the appntices of theise Craftes and occupacons shall after the decease of theire maister be at libtie & not be constrayned to doe further service to his or theire mris or dame.

(16) Item. If it fortune any Brother or Sister to marry or to dep'te this life wthin the said Citty and Subvrbs every Brother havinge warninge by the Wardens or one of them shall goe alonge wth every suche marriage or fun'all to the Church; vppon paine sixe pence Except at their next meetinge he shoe some cause resonable wherefore he was absente to be adiudged of by the Wardens.

(17) Item. Noe Brother shall absente himself from any meetinges wthovt a just & lawfull cause be shewed and ev1y ptie absente shall send vnto the Wardens Two pence vppon paine Twelve pence. (18) Item. Noe Jorneyman Shoomaker or Currier Workinge wth any freeman shall depte frome the service of his maister to worke wth any other Brother wthovt one monethes warninge given vnto his Maister and hath his maisters lycense vnless every such Jorneyman depte ovt of the said Citty wthovt delay and continue forth of the same for one quarter of a yeare next vppon paine that every brother wch shall receive any Jorneyman shall forfeyte for every weeke that he shall sett any Journeman on worke wch shall

depte from his maister contrary to this ordinance Sixe shillings and Eight pence.

(19) Item. All such Bretheren wch shall refuse to give and pay his & their share towards the obtaininge of theise new orders shall not be suffered to make

any of theire apprentices freemen.

(20) Item.

Noe Brother able to keepe his apprentices. shall passe his tyme ov1 to any other man wthout the consente of the Wardens and the moste of the Companie vppon payne ffortie shillinges.

(21) Item. If any freeman or straunger of the said Craftes offend against any of the ordinancers he shall pay the penalties within two monethes aft requeste made by the Wardens or the Wardens may distraine vppon the goods wares and marchandizes of the offender and the same detayne seaven dayes and if the forfeyture be not paid the Wardens shall sell the same after the best rate they can and the ov plus shall restore vnto the ptie.

(22) Item. If any Warden doe in this kind for favour

neglecte to doe his office he shall forfeyt Thirteene shillinges ffoure pence.

(23) Item. The said Wardens and Companie shall for ever have a Comon Boxe wherein the severall forfeytures shalbe kept wch box shall alwayes remaine in the custody of the Wardens.

The second and third volumes of the records are the same size as the first, but have been less regularly kept, and have to be examined together. Some of the notes at the end of one of them (which was primarily an account book) relate to proceedings soon after the volume was bought. At one end of the other book were recorded the binding of apprentices from 1625 to 1797, and at the other end was

set out the form of oath taken by the freemen as well as a record of the swearing in of freemen from 1625 to 1693, followed by later admissions on stamped paper pasted in from 1693 to 1798. In the middle of this book is a full extract from the Deed of Ordinances. On the page

preceding this extract there is a memorandum dated 22nd December, 1625, that a meeting was held about a very contumacious brother, Thomas Ashmole, "keepeing his brother & not enroleing nor bynding him." On the last page but one of the book of accounts there is a note dated viijo Maij, 1626, that "Tho. Ashmole made a forfeiture against John Warde iijs. iiij d., being absent at the meeting xijd., likewise the said Thomas Ashmole did abuse the said John Warde at the hall doore in the open streete & called [him] Cobling clowne iijs. 4d." On the last page but two is a note "John Warde being not at Mr. Baylie's buriall vj d. likewise Wm. Wennesley vjd.” The regular entries begin on the third page with "Nono die Maij 1626. The names of the Companie and brethren of the Corvisers & Curriers of the Citty of Lichfeild," the list comprising twenty-seven names. On the eleventh page is the following entry: "First November 1626 Wardens Francis Cloose & John Bywater. It is agreed vpon a sumset (assumpsit) to forfeit for every hide soe bought not aquinting the wardins therwith that he the sayd Thomas Byrd the currier byeth shall forfite the hyde or the prise of the hide vnto the wardins & the Company & to pay to the vse of the company or ther common box sixpence for every hide he byeth.

"Thomas U. Byrd his marke."

The expenses of the feast on xxv Oct., 1627, included:—

Impris pd at the George for beere

Itm. pd for wine

Itm. to the Kytchen maides

xvj d.

xij d.


[blocks in formation]

xxvij s.

paid at the feast at Mr Mychall Hills "15 of Maye 1639 William Thacker & William Sneade being wardenes did disstreane of William Hassell towe yeeres of a drey hide for tow forfites made up for showinge Simon weate twise with out our consent contrary to our booke."

"1639, 19 of May Receved of Simon Weate for a forfitt made for shewinge of William Hassall without our consent iijs. iiijd.”

On 12th June six persons were fined various amounts, and it was agreed to sue two others.

After 1642, when the great Civil War began, no accounts were kept until ten years after the Restoration, namely, 25th October, 1670, when a fine of 3s. 4d. each was paid by Robert Wrightson and John Newton “for a forfeiture for uncivil wordes & fighting at the meeting." At the same time "ten shillings were paid for two escutchions, 9s. for the blacke cloath, 5s. for cullouring & dressing it and 3s. for a box to put them in with locke & key."

In October, 1672, it was agreed that the wardens were not to be caused to spend above two pence each at the meetings.

In 1676 and 1677 meetings were held on St Luke's day.

In 1676 it was thought necessary to obtain signatures of members to an agreement that they would indemnify the wardens for distraining for forfeitures.

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