Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volumes 8-10

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Page 10 - the dead which die in the Lord; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.
Page 4 - says—" Here, within memory, stood a very fair palace, a far greater house of receit, and a better seat for provision than Southwell, and had attending to it, the North soke, consisting of very many towns thereabouts; it hath a fair park belonging to It. Archbishop Sandes caused it to be demised to his son, Sir Samuel
Page 42 - the increase of wealth was enormous, its distribution was partial. During the fifteen years which preceded Waterloo, the number of the population rose from ten to thirteen millions, and this rapid increase kept down the rate of wages.
Page 6 - present them that will not conform themselves, but obstinately stand out to our Judges and Justices; whom we likewise command to put the law in due execution against them.
Page 19 - of Trinity College, Oxford, and took the degree of BA in 1629. According to Wood, " he had the character in that house of a stubborn and saucy fellow towards the seniors, and therefore his company was not at all wanting.
Page 14 - Thoth, Taute, Toute, Tot, Tut, Tad, Ted, Tet, are all derived from the same Celtic root, and are in names of places in England, indicative of some tumulus, or conical hill, dedicated to the great Celtic god, Taute, or Mercury."
Page 114 - I. — To promote, generally, the study of the History and Antiquities of the Shire.* II. — To print ancient records relative to the County, and an annual illustrated volume of Transactions, containing accounts of the Society's Meetings and Papers
Page 69 - conduct of the captain, officers, and ship's company, during the whole of the unequal contest, and is further of opinion that the Nereide was not surrendered to the enemy until she was disabled in every respect
Page 68 - and did in the most gallant manner maintain that and the one intended for Sirius until Bellone cut. All the enemy's ships being on shore, and finding Sirius could not get off, the whole of them opened their fire on Nereide, but notwithstanding this unequal contest, and being aground, she did not cease firing till
Page 2 - the eighth indiction of the pontificate of the most holy father in Christ and our Lord, the lord Pius the Second, by

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