The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

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Charles W. Vincent, James Mason
Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1844

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Page 287 - Cowper's Poems. With Life and Critical Remarks, by the Rev. THOMAS DALE : and 75 fine Engravings by J. Orrin Smith, from Drawings by J. Gilbert. Two vols. crown 8vo. 24s. cloth ; 84s. morocco. " The handsomest of the editions of Cowper."— SPECTAToR.
Page 241 - Some cause there must be, which would explain how the practice has become a necessary of life to whole nations. But it is surely still more remarkable, that the beneficial effects of both plants on the health must be ascribed to one and the same substance, the presence of which in two vegetables, belonging to different natural families, and the produce of different quarters of the globe, could hardly have presented itself to the boldest imagination.
Page 193 - ... which form the lights of the print, to a sufficient depth ; but in glyphography the depth of these parts is formed by the remaining portions of the white composition on the plate, analogous to the thickness or height of which must be the depth on the block, seeing that the latter is, in fact (to simplify the matter), a cast or reverse, of the former. But if this composition were spread on the plate as thickly as required for this purpose, it would be impossible for the artist to put either close,...

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