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Burton, citizen and mercer of London; of one closure called Collriddyng by Wodlathes; of 20s. rent from the lands of Roht. Fitzwilliam in Cusseworth fields, and of one messuage in Sandell by Doncaster.

Waddesworth, 26 Jan. 5 Edw. iv.

Seal, bird on a perch, inscribed I * vocei (?).

1572. 7 Oct.

Walden Stubbs.82

[B. 147.]

Grant by Edw. Warcoppe of Warcoppe in Westmerland, gent. in performance of an indenture between him and his wife and Geo. earl of Shrewsbury dated 5 Oct. inst., to the said earl of a fourth part of the manor of Stubbs Walden, Yorks, with 6 mesuages, 6 gardens, 100 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 300 acres of moor and 10s. rent in Stubbes Walden; tenements in Doncaster and Lytle Smeaton, Yorks. late in the tenure of Robt. Parmenter, John Waynehouse, clk. John Parkynson, Wm. Storre and Ric. Ellys; and 3s. 4d. rent in Piggeburne, Yorks. with power of attorney to Thos. Revelle and Wm. Waddye yeoman, to deliver seisin. 7 Oct. 14 Eliz. Signed:-Edwarde Warcope.

Sealed and delivered in presence of Ric. Willcocke, Jas. Rasbye, Jas. Cobram, John Parkynson of Litle Smeton, Thos. Warde of Snathe, Thos. Scole of Kirkesmeton. (These are signatures.)

Mem. of delivery of seisin 7 Oct. in presence of Roger Wentworth, gent. Thos. Warde, John Nortone, John Parkynson, Robt. Walker, Thos. Heathecote, Robt. Jackeson, Jas. Storke.

"Mem. we find no tenne shillings rent in Stubbes, allthoughe it be named in the Conveyances, and so Warcoppe before the sealinge of any writinge declared the cause whye thes wordes were putte in. More at lardge appearethe upon the backe of the indenture."

Fragment of a seal bearing a seated figure and a child. [A. 350.]


1307. Quitclaim by James son of Sir Elias de Midehope, knt. to Wm. 15 April. son of Ralf de Scheffeld, of his right in land once his father's, which he held by feoffment of the said James or by feoffment of Dyonisia mother of the said William, in Walderschelf, Wytewell, Udene, Breriker, Barneside and Wyndehillefall; and the homage and service of Elias de Bosco and his heirs and other free tenants; and all natives, &c.; and his right in the manor of Penyngsale, and in 4 solidates and 6 denariates of rent in Swyndene, as held by the Abbot and convent of Kirkestede. Witnesses :-Sir Nic. de Worteley, Sir Hugh de Eland, Sir Robt. de Waddisley, knts. Thos. de Munteney. Notingham, Saturday after SS. Tiburnius and Valerian, 35 Edw. i.

82 In Womersley parish.
83 Waldershelf is in the chapelry of

Bradfield in Hallamshire.

[A. 105.]

[blocks in formation]

Grant by Nicholas de Baloyne to Henry son of Thurbarn of a toft and croft in the town of Wales; all the land in Wales held by Thurban of the grantor; and 3 acres and rood called le Delakir, in his demesne, between Herthillesdom on the south and the way from Wales to Thorpesford on the north; for 3s. 6d. rent; with grant that if the said Henry make forfeit, he shall not be amerced more than 18d. Witnesses -Nic. de S. Paule, Nic. le Conestable, Gilbert le Sergaunt, Thos. le Kyngesman, John his brother, Ascuyl de Anestay, Jordan de Treton.

Endd: with a mem. that Gregory Sayntpaul gave the said tenement in Wales to Sir John de Horberi in exchange for a tenement and 2 oxgangs in Totwik where he dwells. [B. 34.]


Grant by Walter son of Ranulf de Magneby to Esperverius de Welles of the homage and service of Alex. de Ellerton and Emma his wife and their heirs for 2 oxgangs; of Wm. Costantin and his heirs for 2 oxgangs; of Wm. de Oterington and Cristiana his wife and their heirs for one oxgang; of Roger son of Simon and his heirs for 5 oxgangs; of Wm. son of Ranulf de Morton and his heirs for 5 oxgangs; of Alan de Lek' and his heirs for 6 oxgangs; of Matthew de Alverton and Matilda Soudan his wife and their heirs for 3 oxgangs, all in Warlauby; with the demesne lands held by Roger son of Simon, Wm. son of Ranulf de Morton, Matthew de Alverton and Matilda Soudan his wife in the tiled land called Toftis, and by the Cross at the head of the town of Warlauby, and in Setacres; with all easements, &c. and doing foreign service to the said knight's fee where seven carucates of land make one. The said Esperverius is to do the homage and service to the heirs of Ric. de Sutton which he owes to Walter for the tenements he and Beatrice his wife hold of him. Witnesses :-Sir Adam de Nairforth, bailiff of Richmond, Sir Wm. de Midelton, Adam de Magneby, Ralf de Amundevil, John de Romundeby, Thos. de Oterington, Wm. de Bretevil, Elias son of Philip de Morton, Robt. son of Hugh de Langeton, Adam de Ainderby.

Endd: Warlaughby.

White seal defaced.

[A. 68.]

Grant by Walter son of Randolf de Magneby to Espervarius de Welles, of the homages and services of Alex. de Ellerton and Emma his

84 Wales in the extensive parish of Laughton-in-le-Morthen, see Hunter's S. Yorks. i., 307. It belonged to Bradenstoke priory in Wiltshire.


8 Warlaby, in the township and parish of Ainderby Steeple near Northallerton. The family of de Magneby bore Arg. 3 bars sable, over all a maunche gules.

The heiress married Edw. de Saltmarsh. Their descendants in Lincolnshire only, so far as I have seen, quartered this coat, giving a fleur-de-lis instead of the maunch, yet the chief line was entitled to do so. Sparrowhawk is a strange name for a man, but occurs in AngloSaxon Chron. 1048.

wife for 2 oxgangs held of him in Warlouby; of Wm. Constantin for 2 oxgangs; of Wm. de Oterington and Cristiana his wife for 1 oxgang; of Roger son of Simon for 5 oxgangs; of Wm. son of Randolf de Morton for 5 oxgangs; and of Alan de Leke for 6 oxgangs, all in the same town; to hold of the heirs of Ric. de Sutton; for the service of a knight's fee where 7 ploughlands make a fee, and the service for the tenement held by him and his wife Beatrice of the said Walter. Witnesses :- Sir Adam de Nayrford, bailiff of Rychemund, Wm. de Mydelton, Magneby, Rolf, Damundevill, John de Romundby, Thos. de Otryngton, Wm. de Brettevill, Elyas f . ton, Robt. son of Hugh de Langeton, Adam de Aynderby.


[B. 35.]

Grant by John son of Ralf de Lek to Thos. de Alvertona of the rent of a pair of white gloves from Alan de Lek' his son for a plot of land, capital messuage and 6 oxgangs in the town and territory of Warlauby held by the said Alan for life; with Alan's service, and the reversion. Witnesses -Sir Arsculph de Cleseby, Sir Ric. de Romundeby, knts., Roger le Sperver, Ric. de Horneby, Hugh de Langetona, Wm. de Lasceles, Ric. de Kerby. [B. 36.]


Demise by Roger Caperner of Warlauby to John son of 7 June. Stephen Bot of Romundeby of a messuage in Warlauby, lying between the messuage of Sir Peter de la Lund on the west and the messuage of the said Roger; late belonging to Robert brother of Roger; for 10 years from Whitsuntide 1299; for one rose in rose time; with covenant for paying for improvements at the end of the term or allowing their removal. Witnesses-Sir Peter de la Lund, Sir Geoffrey de Hewik, Ric. de Kerby, Wm. de Werwelton in Warlauby, John de Latur of the same, Peter Parwink of Morton, John de Herling in the same, Hen. son of Adam de Morton.

White seal obliterated.

[A. 93.]

1331. Quitclaim by Agnes daughter of Nic. de Warlauby clerk, to 20 July. Robt. de Kyrckby of her right in lands and tenements in Warlauby which she once had. Witnesses-Sir Nic. de Hewyk, knt., John Clerwaus, Thos. de Fencotes, Wm. de Scorneton, Hen. de Kyrckby, Thos. de Neusom, Thos. de Gaytenby. Warlauby, St. Margaret's day, 5 Edw. iii. [A. 136.]


Quitclaim by John de Romondeby nephew and heir of Sir 18 Oct. Ric. de Romondeby knt. to Robt. de Kirkeby of his right in two oxgangs of land in Warlaghby. Warlaghby, Wednesday, St. Luke's day, 1340. Witnesses :-Thos. de Fencotes, Wm. de Scurueton, Thos. de Gaytenby, Hen. de Kirkeby, Nic. Parnyng of Morton. Seal, a stag, inscribed, O LAS SO WEHES. [B. 76.]


21 Nov.

Demise by Wm. de Lascelles of Warlaghby to John de Barneby of Alverton and Matilda his wife of all his lands and tenements in Warlaghby; for 20 years at 40s. in silver yearly

rent. Warlaghby, Wednesday before the feast of S. Katharine the Virgin, 1380.

Fragment of a seal bearing a W.

[A. 217.] 1397. Grant by John Kilpyne and John de Otryngton of Alverton, 3 Feb. Chaplain' to Wm. Lassels of Warlaghby of one cottage and 10 oxgangs of land in Warlaghby and 6 acres of meadow in Warlaghby meadows, viz. in Mekildaleyng, 2 acres and 1 rood and 6 Turnepytends of meadow containing 3 roods and 2 acres in divers places pertaining to 4 oxgangs of the said 10 oxgangs; 1 rood at Thretyrodes and 4 Turnepytendes containing 1 rood; half an acre of meadow in the Holme, 1 close of meadow on the south side of the garden of the capital messuage; and half an acre of land in le Chapelcroft. Also half their lordship there and of all their rents and services which they had by grant of John de Barneby in Warlaghby and half their wastes and pastures there; in fee tail with remainder to Matilda, wife of John de Barneby of Alverton in fee tail, with ultimate remainder to the right heirs of John Spervere of Warlaghby.

Witnesses :-Robt. de Suthill, Ric. de Romondby, Wm. Lassels of Soureby, Thos. Bowere of Alverton, John Wilkynson of the same. Warlaghby, 3 Feb., 21 Ric. ij.

Two seals, one a shield, arms defaced surmounted by a cross. a lion (1) passant facing to sinister, legend, S. Simonis.

The other

[A. 234.]

1419. Quitclaim by Wm. son and heir of Wm. Lassels, esq., lord of 12 July. Warlaghby to Thos. Longley, bp. of Durham, Jas. Strangways, John Mayheue, Chaplain, and John Grenefeld, of his right in all the lands in Warlaghby which his father granted to the said bishop &c. on Monday after S. Hilary, 6 Hen. v. 12 July, 7 Hen. v. Seal, a swan.


[A. 260.]

Quitclaim by Wm. Barneby, clerk, to Jas. Strangways, sen. 20 Nov. and Joan his wife of his right in their lands and tenements in

Warlaghby, Yorks.

Witnesses :-Thos. Stokdale, Ric. Weltden, John Wencelagh, Nic. Girlyngton, Robt. Danby. 20 Nov., 20 Hen. vj.

Seal bearing a shield Party per fess, the chief party per pale, the contents of the two divisions indistinct, below a roundel.

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1253. Grant by Michael Bacon' to Juliana his daughter in fee tail, 1 June. of the land and toft bought by him from Juliana daughter of Robt. son of Emma in Waht; and 1 rood bought of John Heerle in the same town; for yearly rents of 6d. to himself and 2d. to the brotherhood of St. John. Sunday after Ascension, 1253. Witnesses-Sir Hugh vicar of Waht, Wm. de Swinton, Reiner de Morhtheng, Hugh Bacon', Gilbert Don, Hen. Lot, John son of Robert de Waht, Ric. de Breretwisel, Roger son of Fromund, Wm. de Edricthorp, clerk. [A. 78.]

1364. 29 Oct.

Grant by John Broune of Wath to Robt. son of Adam Fox of Wath of a plot lately bought by the said John Broune from Robt. Gilberd at the east end of the town of Waht, between the plots of John de Melton and John Dyder; for a rent of 3d. to John de Wodhall. Witnesses :-Roger Bacon of Waht, John Vobker, Wm. de Clayton, John Brome, Robt. Kylberd. Waht, Tuesday after SS. Simon and Jude. 1364. [A. 187.]


1425. Grant by John Wyndyll of Wyntworth to Thos. Mason, 24 June. Chaplain, Robt. Wyndyll his son, Wm. Rodys and John Hochonson of all his lands etc. in the Chapelry of Wyntworth. Witnesses :-Wm. Lawson, John L.. seley, Wm. Hawshyn, John del Strete, Hen. Brodebent. Baroo by Wyntworth, the feast of St. John the Baptist. 1425.


Seal an I crowned.


[A. 271.]

Grant by Wm. de Camera and Robt, his son and heir to Roger de Berley of a plot of meadow in the west field called Westheng, by the land of the grantee, abutting on Werldishend, as far as the brook called in English Sike on one side, and Wodewelle on the other; for 1d. yearly rent; and 22s. paid beforehand. Witnesses :-Sir Robt. de Munteney, Sir Robt. de Eklissale, Knts. Robt. son of Alexander, Robt. son of Wido de Waddesleya, Adam de Briggesherd, Adam Blunde. [A. 19.]



Release by Alice de Elmeshale, widow of Hugh de Elmeshale 11 Nov. of Doncaster and John son of Anton (filium Antonis) to Wm. de Aston, of 6d. rent from 1 acres in the fields of Qwhatelay, abutting on Qwhatlay sike. Doncaster, Martinmas, 18 Ric. ii.

86 Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham. See Hunter's S. Yorks. ii.. 74. Hugh, the vicar, in 1253, is a name to add to Torre's List.

Wentworth, in the parish of Wath,

[B. 123.]

which gave name to the historic family.
See Hunter's S. Yorks. ii., 79.

Es Probably in Hallamshire.
So Wheatley, near Doncaster.

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