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housis in le Brodehing between the meadow of John de Hakinthorp and that of William de Birlayston, and abutting at one end on the meadow of John de Hakinthorp and that of Richard de Marcham and at the other end on the mill dike. Witnesses :-Hugh de Keuetona, Mathew de Actona, Hugh le Westrin, William de Birlayston of Handisworth Wodehousis, William son of Nicholas of the same. Aston, Monday after the [B. 59.]

feast of St. Dennis. 1316.

1482. Grant by John Burghe of Hansworth Wodhousse, to John 26 May. Hewett of Waleis of all his lands &c. in the town, fields and territory of Wodhousse, and in the parish of Hansworth, late belonging to Wm. Burghe his father. Witnesses :-Wm. Mariot of Wodhousse, John Markham, John Mariot, Wm. Skergyll, Thos. Allen all of the same. Hansworth Wodhousse, Whit. Sunday. 22 Edw. iv. Broken seal, a lion (?)


[A. 317.]

Confirmation by John Burghe, son and heir of Wm. Burgh late 25 Jan. of Hansworth Wodhows to John Hewitt of Walys by Aston, Yorks., of his holding in Hansworth-Wodhows held by demise

of the said John Burgh.

[B. 152.]

Hansworth Wodhows. The Conversion of St. Paul. 1 Ric. iii.
Seal, the letter I within a double triangle.

Power of attorney by George Earl of Shrewsbury to Wm. 13 Aug. Treppett and Wm. Clemmens to receive seisin from Wm. Pennell of Over Woddall in the parish of Darfelde, Yorks. yeoman, of Mylneclose, in the fields and territories of Hansworthe Wodhouse, Yorks. pursuant to a deed of the same date. 13 Aug. 23 Eliz


Signed:-G. Shrouesbury.

The seal, which is broken, has leaves of some plant adhering on both sides. [A. 355.]

1412. 24 Jan.

Woodhouse in Thurleston.93

Grant by John Cook of Carlecotes in Thurleston to Wm. del Rodes of a moiety of the lands and tenements &c. held by grant of John Smyth of Midelton and Johanne his wife, in Wodhous and Carlecotes, within the bounds of Thurleston. Witnesses:Wm. Riche of Swynden, John Hesilhed of Thurleston, Wm. Elkok of the same, John Waynewryght of Penyston, Thos. de Ranowe, jun. of the same. Wodhous in Thurleston, the eve of the Conversion of St. Paul. 1413. 1 Hen. v. [A. 256.]

1293. 6 July.

Woodhouse nr. Leeds.o1

Quitclaim by Robert son of Robert Godefray of Ledes to the prior and monks of the Holy Trinity Yorks, lord of the fee, of acre in the field of Ledes Wodhouses, held by Charter of

93 Thurlston in Penistone.

94 Of these witnesses, Wm. Pictavo of Paiton, is probably a misreading, also Veryte! Wayte.

John Godefray his brother; lying between the land of the prior and land held by Wm. Golding. Witnesses :-Sir Alex. de Ledes, Wm. Pictavo of Poiton, Roger de Northall, Wm. de Alretona, Wm. Veryte, John Chapman, Iurdan Whitheved, Gilbert Clerk. Ledes, the Octaves of SS. Peter and Paul, "Anno Domini nonagesimo tercio." Very faded.


[B. 48.]

Grant by Thos. de Acunthorp to Adam son of Ocherus of Baliol' of an oxgang of land in Wdehous late held by Adam Bonde, for 28. yearly rent, saving the foreign [service] for 1 oxgang of land whereof 15 oxgangs make the seventh part of a knight's fee. Witnesses :-The Prior of Wyrsope, Simon Folioht, Elias the Chaplain of Canunthorp, Wm. the Clerk of Tretun, Robt. de Darnale, Wm. Cat, Huttinc the boxer (Pugile). Seal in white wax, defaced. [A. 3.]


Grant by Thos. son of Leising, by request of Thos. de Langwath, and for 20s. st. paid by him to the Hospital of St. Peter's York of land in Kunigstrete near the land of Robt. Brun towards the north, in frank almoin. Witnesses-Master Ralf, rector and the brethren of the Hospital, Master Wm. de Gerundem, Peter and Lambert, Chaplains of the Hospital, Wm. de Notingham, Roger de Derbya, and Richard clerks. of the Hospital, Malger Marescaldus, Ingolfus, Richard, Walter and other servants of the Hospital, Daniel Bouer, Thomas and his other sons, Laurence Bouer, Thos. son of Sol. Ranulf de Barnebi, Hugh le Brun, Richard son of Wilard, and his son, Ric. de Crachale.

Endd.: Thom. fil. Leising, de terra in Cuningstret, ad instanciam T. de Langwat.


[A. 2.]

Quitclaim by John Pa . . . r the elder, citizen of York to 25 March. Thos. Deyvile of York, clerk, of his right in a tenement in Fisshergate in the suburb of York, in St. Helen's parish, held by the said Thos. by feoffment of the said John, and which late belonged to Thos. Verdenall, son of Robt. Verdenall, lying between the King's Street in front, and the King's dike, behind, and between the land of the Prior of Drax and the land late of Thos de Northfolk. Witnesses:John de Shirburn', then Mayor of York, John Touk and John de Coupmanthorp, then bailiffs of the city, John Haunsard, Ralf de Staynegreve, John, son of John de Warthill, Robt. de Podeseye, the elder, John de Redeley. York, Thursday, the Annunciation, 1344. 18 Edw. iii.

Fragment of a seal, in red wax, bearing a full length figure holding a staff (a king?) [A. 156.]

95 There is nothing to locate this Woodhouse with certainty.

16:38. Sale by Sir Wm. Robinson of Newby, Yorks. Knt. to Raiph Bell 22 Jan. of Thirske, Gent. of a house or roomth (sic) in the Close of the late cathedral church of St. Peter of York, abutting on the palace yard wall, the prebendal house of Stillington, and the Close of the said late cathedral church, leased by John Scott, DD. late dean of York and the Chapter to Sir Wm. Ingram, Knt. by identure dated 13 Sept. 2 Car. I. for 40 years, and sold by Ingram to Robinson by indenture dated 22 June, 19 Car. I. 22 Jan. 1649. Signed Wm. Robinson. Witnesses-Ric. Scudamor, J. Bellay, Lewis Darcy, Robt. Holborn, Raiphe York. (Signatures.)

Seal, a shield crowned.

[A. 367.]


9 Nov.



Receipt by Robt. Wyllys, prior of Brydlyngton, Yorks, from Lady Alesia Agard, principal executrix of the will of Andrew Agard, knt. deceased, by the hand of John Bransby, for £6 138. 4d., in full payment of all debts. 9 Nov. 34 Henry vi.

1412. 12 Jan.

1 Hen. v.


[B. 141.]

Grant by Adam Bemounde to Adam Myrfeld, Wm. Thornell of Fekysby and John Morlay, vicar of Hodersfeld Church, of all his goods and chattels, live and dead. Heton, 12 Jan.,

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1448. Grant by Nich. Bemont to Richard, Duke of York, John 1 [Jan]. Sayvell, knt. [Ric. Sayvell], esq., Ric. Bemont, his brother (?) Joan "sorori ejusdem Bastar . ." his two sons John, (sic) of all his goods and chattels. 1 [January ?], 24 Hen. vi.

The writing nearly obliterated.

A small fragment of a seal, with letters on it.

[A. 294.]

1456. Indenture for the settlement of variances and debates between 16 Sept. Oliver Mirfeld, Robt., Wm., John, Ric. and Laurence Bemond, Wm. Haghe, John Lokwode, Ric. Horsefall, Thos. Schagh, and other kin and friends of theirs, on one part, and Nicholas Bemond, Ric. Brook, and other kin aud friends of theirs on the other; to stand to the award of Sir John Savell, knt, John, his son, and Wm. Mirfeld. Their award is that the said Robert pays to the said Nicholas before St.

1 No pedigree of the Agards of Yorkshire, afterwards Agar, has yet been attempted, though they were the progenitors of an ennobled family in Ireland, and remained long after at Stockton,

near York.

2 See an account of the Beaumont family communicated by Mr. Tomlinson in Y. A. J., vol. viii., p. 502.

Luke's day next, 26s. 8d. for the hurt he had, and that Ric. Brook pays the same sum to Wm. Bemond for the hurt he had, and Wm. Bemond paymark to Ric. Brook for the hurt he had, and that all the parties be full friends. Dewesbury, 16 Sept., 35 Henry vi. [B. 143.]


6 May.

Bond of John Beamont, of Lasselhalle, to John Pilkyngton, knt. in £40.

To abide by the award of Sir John and Ric. Pek and John Lake in all variances between the said John, his son John, and Laura Beaumont of Oker, and John her son. 6 May, 15 Edw. iv.


[A. 311.]

Receipt by Thos. Grenehaghe, Isabella Kaye, late wife of 13 Dec. Elias Kaye and Chas. Kaye of Almontbury, from Ric. Beymont, Esqre, of five marks for St. Andrew's day, 10 Henry_vii. St. Lucy's day, 10 Henry vii. [A. 324.].


1570. 23 Nov.

Bond of Robt. Lee of Hatfelde, Yorks., to Thos. Boynton of Barmeston, Yorks. in £800, to save him harmless from a bond of £500 to Edw. Fynes, Lord Clynton and Say, High Admiral, into which Boynton entered at Lee's desire. 23 Nov., 13 Eliz. Signed, Ro. Lee.

Sealed and delivered in presence of John Whawley, Marmeduke Warwick and John Carlton.

Seal broken, R. L.

Endd: A bonde that my father stond bound of for Mr. Robert Lee.


*[A. 349.]


Receipt by Philip le Despenser, knt., of Wm. Rowdon and 5 Nov. Wm. de Rereby of 12 marks the debt of Wm. Elys, knt. Gouxhill, 5 Nov., 19 Ric. ij.

Fragment of a fine heraldic seal. The shield couché with barry of six and a canton ermine, surmounted by a helm, with a flagon for a crest, and what resembles a twisted cord from the handle, the field of the panel filled up with a rose and leaves. [A. 232.]

[graphic][merged small][merged small]


1 Feb.

Grant by

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de Everyngham, knt. lord of Laxton, to Richard de Schulton, parson of Everyngham Church, and John Rydwer, vicar of Laxton Church, of a moiety of the manor of Carlton, and Neuton, Ward, Ralf Pavely,

Schelforth with [appurtenances]in Gar.

with the services of Roger de Caldwell, John chaplain, John Fussell, Robt.

Morcott, in Laxton, Notts.

"be, dicti John Whytt," Wm.


Witnesses-Reginald de Everyngham, knt., Thos. Hercy, knt., Nic. de Everyngham, Wm. de Saundeby, Gregory de Dunb . . Saturday, the eve of the Purification, 1387.

Mutilated and the writing faded.

Seal of red wax.

crest. Legend:-.

The shield couché bearing a lion rampant, sur

mounted by a helm, nearly front-faced, with a stag or brocket's head for A. de Eu.. ingham de Laxton.*

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1476. 3 Oct.


Edward [iv] to the steward of the honour and lordship of Tykhull and the "feodor and bailly" of the liberties and franchises of the same, notifying that Wm. and John Fitz

Despenser, 2 of John de Ros. We find from this seal Sir Philip used only the arms of the Goushills-barry of six or and azure a canton ermine. He had lands in divers places in Holderness, see Poulson's H. i., 370, but at p. 308 Goxhill in Holderness is confused with the Lincolnshire one.

This deed, though referring to Shelford, Notts, is here given on account of the rare impression of the fine seal of Sir Adam de Everingham, the head of the Yorkshire baronial house. He preferred, however, to style himself of Laxton (Notts); this was done to distinguish himself from his aged cousin, Sir Adam de Everingham of Rockley. He

himself, in 1386, had been a deponent for Scrope, stating that he was 79, and had borne arms 60 years. He died 8 Feb. 1388, and his estates passed to two granddaughters, Joan, wife of Sir William Elys, knt. of the shire, and Katherine, wife of John Etton, but he had two surviving sons, Sir Reginald and George, and several daughters, one Lady Beaumont. The lion on the shield does not appear to be vair as it ought to have been, though a most curious heraldic anomaly, but the stag's neck appears to be vair in the seal. The seal of Sir Adam's father shows the lion distinctly vair, but the helm has only the fan-shaped crest then in fashion.

[B. 120.]

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