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With a good and well-preserved impression of Sir Thomas' very pretty signet, having on a mantled helm his crest, a bull's head. Legend:-Met ham."

[A. 219.]




Quitclaim by William son of Alan de Noreland to John de 16 March. Heton of 4 acres between the assarts of Wm. son of Matthew and of Folo (sic). Witnesses :-Sir Wm. de Clifton, Sir Hugh de Eland, knts., John de Crumuelbodym, Ric. of the same, John de Stansefeld.

Eland, Sunday after S. Gregory's day, 26 Edw. [i].


[A. 92.]

[1362-99.] Thos. Galaun receiver of Dunstanburgh to Robert de Morton receiver of Pountfreit, Sir John de Fenwyk constable of Dunstanburgh has a letter from the King of Castile, and Leon and duke of Lancaster to receive his fee from the receiver of Dunstanburgh or the receiver of Pounfreit. At Dunstanburgh there is no money in consequence of the expenditure on masons' and carpenters' work, &c. Desires Morton to pay Fenwyk's fee.


1366. 22 Oct.


[B. 18.]

Receipt by Robt. de Morton, receiver of John duke of Lancaster at Richmond from Wm. Yong reeve of Baynbrig of the following sums: 39 Edw. iii., 22 Oct. £20, 22 Nov. £26, 40 Edw. iii., 14 Feb. £9, 7 July £40, 10 Aug. £11, 14 Sept. £13, 22 Oct. £41.

[A. 191.]

1366. Receipt by Robert de Morton, receiver of John Duke of 15 Nov. Lancaster, from Adam de Gisburgh, bailiff of the Wapentake of Hengest, of the issues of his bailiwick; at Richmond, 14 Feb. 40 Edw. iii., £4; 21 Feb. 32s. 6d. ; 3 March, 43s. 4d.; 16 May, 50s.; 30 May, 40s.; 13 June, 40s. ; 4 July, 40s. ; 8 Aug. 40s.; 15 Nov. by Henry Wayte, £4. Total £22 5s. 10d. [B. 103.]

6 Sir Thomas de Metham of Metham in Howdenshire, who died 28 Aug. 1403. The seal of his descendant, Sir Thomas Metham, t. Hen. VII., shows


the bull's head three-quarter face, the bars still on the neck but dragon's wings added. Hare MS. 1394.


1366. Receipt by Robt. de Morton, receiver of John duke of Lan21 Nov. caster, at Richmond from Amand Routhe, bailiff of the Wapentake of Gillingest of the following sums :-40 Edw. iij., 14 Feb. 40s.; 20 Feb., 308.; 28 Feb., 20s. ; 4 April, 60s.; 16 May, 100s.; 4 July, 20s.; 18 July, 40s.; 17 Oct., £6; 21 Nov., 100s. Total, £26 10s. [A. 193.]

1366. 21 Nov.

Receipt by Robt. de Morton, receiver of John duke of Lancaster, from Richard Porter, bailiff of the fee of Gillyngwest, of the issues of his bailiwick, at Richmond, 2 March, 40 Edw. iii., 24s.; 16 May, 16s.; 13 June, 20s.; 8 Aug., 158.; 24 Oct., 60s. ; 21 Nov. 26s. Total, £9 68. [B. 104.]


1366. Receipt by Robt. Morton receiver of John Duke of Lan22 Nov. caster at Richmond from John Wod ous bailiff of the Wapentake of Gillyng West, of the following sums :Edw. iij., 21 Feb., £3; 4 April, 20s.; 30 May, 40s.; 4 July, 408.; 8 Aug., 20s.; 24 Oct., £4; 22 Nov., 20s.

1366. 22 Nov.

[A. 194.]

Receipt by Robt. de Morton receiver of John duke of Lancaster at Richmond from Ric. Milner reeve of Gyllyng of the following sums ;-39 Edw. iii., 22 Nov. £11 13s. 4d.; 40 Edw. iii., 5 Feb., 56s.; 28 Feb., 20s.; 14 June, £10 11s.; 5 July, 70s. 4d.; 22 Nov. 21s. Total, £30 11s. 8d.

Note at the foot, [Memoran ld' de xl. xjs., superius notatis.


3 November.

[A. 195.]

Receipt by Sir William de Chuselden, receiver general of John, King of Castille and Leon, duke of Lancaster, from Robert de Morton, his receiver for Yorkshire, for £200, the issues of his office.

3 Nov. 11 Ric. 2.

A very good heraldic seal, the shield bearing three estoiles within a bordure engrailed.

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Receipt by John Hypprom of Pontefract, from Nicholas Colne 1 May. the king's receiver at Pontefract of 43s., for his wages of 3d. a day from Michaelmas, 13 Hen. iv. to Monday 20 March next, 172 days.

Pontefract, 1 May, 1 Hen, v,

Seal, a dog. Legend:-Prenc su nom.

1424. 6 Nov.

[B. 128.]

Receipt by Wm. Elmesale from Ric. Popelay, the king's receiver at Pontefract of 20s. for Mich. term of a rent of 40s. granted to him by the king for life. 6 Nov. 3 Hen. vj.

Seal, a beetle (?).


[A. 269.]

1404. Grant by Robt. Scotte, son of Wm. Scotte of Heton to John 7 Oct. de Heton, lord of Heton, and Elizabeth his wife, of all the messuages, &c., held by Wm. Scot his father, by feoffment of Sir Ric. Brand and Sir John Calvyrlay, chaplains for life, with reversion to the right heirs of the said John. Witnesses :-John son of Henry, Henry Wygot, Hen. Danser, John Grenefeld, Robt. Stokkys. Hyngandheton, 7 Oct. 6 Hen. iv.

Seal, a shield divided into three compartments, containing a sword, R, and H. above the shield, a banner and a star. Endd. Carta Roberti Scot filii Willelmi Scot de Estheton. [A. 247.]

name, possibly descended from him, but in one case different arms are given, and in the other none (Harl. Soc. ii., 20, 107). 25 Hen. vi., n. 41, Prob. æt. John Chesilden, son of John, son of

Anne C. A family named Sporley, of Suffolk, bore the only coat resembling this, to be found in Papworth; it may indicate some connection.


NOTE. The Society is indebted to Mr. A. S. Ellis for making the drawings of the seals, which form a very useful feature in these papers.





THE quarrel which existed for many hundreds of years between the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, as to precedence and their relative and respective authority and positions, is a very curious, but not unique, chapter in the history of the Church. It arose through the letter written by Pope Gregory to St. Augustine, making an arrangement for the primary subjection of York to Canterbury, with subsequent precedence to the Archbishop "who was first ordained." This arrangement appears simple and natural, but it was found not to work well, for the Archbishops of Canterbury were not satisfied to take and allow precedence so arranged, but claimed not only perpetual precedence over York, but supremacy also. The following history of the quarrel I have collected from the sources indicated at the end of the article. They are most of them contemporary impress the reader with the reality of the struggle.


601. In the letter written this year by Pope Gregory to Augustine, granting him the pall, the following occurs :"We desire you also to send a bishop to the city of York, with this proviso-that, if that city, with the neighbouring territories, shall receive the word of God, he also is to ordain

In Ireland there was trouble of a similar character between the Archbishops of Armagh and Dublin. Thus:

"1349, Nov. 20. The King revokes his licence to the Archbishop of Armagh to have his cross borne before him in any part of Ireland.

"1350, Feb. 18. The King writes to Andomar, Cardinal of S. Anastasia, against the pretensions of the Archbishop of Armagh to carry the cross. Also to the Cardinal of Palestrina, the Papal ViceChancellor. The Archbishop of Armagh is ordered to repair to his See and provide for its defense.

1350, Dec. 8. The King orders the justiciary chancellor and treasurer of

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