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West; for d. rent to the lords of the fee. Witnesses :-John de
Keueton, Hugh son of William, Thos. Banting, Nic. son of William, of
the same, Wm. son of Gregory, Roger Rering, John Rering.
Two seals. 1. S. Albred. Fil. Rob. 2. S. Alicie Topping.

[B. 33.]

Grant by Aubraya daughter of Robert Auus of Tatewyke, widow, to Beatrice daughter of Gregory de Tatewyke, of one rood of arable land in the eastfield of Tatewyke between the land of Wm. son of Gilbert, and the land of Gregory father of Beatrice, abutting on the ditch of Frodscahe and the land of Robert le Coliar; for a rent of one rose at S. John Baptist's day, and a fine in money. Witnesses :-Gregory de Tatewyke, Wm. son of Robert de Kyvetona, John his brother, Robt. son of Hascul de Austan, Robt. son of Elias de Austan, Wm. son in law (genere) of Ralf de Austan, Robt. son of Reginald de Austan. Seal inscribed :-S. Aub. . . fil . . Auc.

[A. 12.]

Demise by Alice late wife of Gregory de Tothewic to the Abbot and Convent of Roche (Rupe) of 4 acres arable land in the territory of Thodewic, viz. 2 acres in the field between the grange of Roche and the town of Tothewic, between the land called Kocsot, on the west and the land held by Thorald the Cobbler (Sutor) on the east, and 2 acres between the land of Roger de Brerlai on the west, and Thorald's land on the east; in exchange for a messuage with a croft held by the Abbot and convent in Tothewic by gift of Wm. son of Gilbert and two acres in the territory of Tothewic, viz. 3 roods held by gift of Inisard de Tothewic

Cecilia his wife, acre in Kilnested between the land of Al[b]aria Rering on the west and the said Alice's land on the east, I rood held by them of Wm. son of Gilbert, in Kilnested, 1 rood in Croftstedes, between the land of Roger de Brerlai and the land of Alberia Rering, and one rood in Brerhil, between the land of Robt. Grim on the west, and the land of Wm. son of Gregory on the east. Witnesses :John de Diui. . o', Hingram de Oulekotes, Oliver de Wikerlaie, Nic. Liuet, Nic. de Lettewelle. [A. 65.]

Grant by Ralf son of Nicholas de Wortelay to Wm. son of Gregory de Tadwyck, of a toft and oxgang of land bought from Roger de Brerlay in the town and territory of Tadwyck. Witnesses :-Sir Nic. de Worteley, Sir Edm. de Wastenays, Knts. Hugh de Serlby, John Bernard de Herthill, Hugh de Kiueton, John de Kyueton, Eustace de Waliswode, Wm. Bo... de Suthanestan, Adam de Buton clerk.

Seal undecipherable.

Endd: Redd. per annum xv. d.

[A. 64.]

1305. Appointment by Ralf son of Nicholas de Wortelay of John de 14 Nov. Herdwyck his attorney to deliver seisin to Wm. son of Gregory de Tadwyck, of one toft and one oxgang in Tadwick, bought of Roger de Bierley. Le Herdwyck, Sunday after Martinmas, 33 Edw. [1]. [A. 103.]

1316. Grant by John de Kenton to Wm. son of Greg' of Tatewyk of 15 April. 2 acres in Tatewyk; an acre being in le Kilnestede by the land of Sir Edm. de Gasteneys on the west and the land of

the said William on the east, abutting on the north on the way to Roderham; 1 acre on the same tilled land, between the land of the said William on both sides, abutting on the north on the said way; acre in a similar position; acre at Spitilmanhouses between the land of the said William on both sides, abutting on the north on the king's highway; in exchange for 2 acres of arable land in the town of Walys at la Wyth Cros by the land of Alice Keller on the West and the land of Hugh son of Thomas the Reeve (prepositi) on the east, abutting, on the south on the meadow of the said William, and on the North on the way to Walys. Witnesses :-Sir Edm. de Gasteneys, Knt. Hugh de Kenton, John Brantyng of the same, Eustace de Walis Wode, Ralf Elot' of the same, Robt. son of William de Anstan, Thorald the Cobbler (Sutor) of Tatewyk. Tatewyk, Thursday in Easter Week, 9 Edw. II.

Seal bearing a lion rampant.

[A. 113.]

132. Grant by Wm. son of Gregory de Totewik to Wm. Hering' of 11 March. Tinslowe, of all his lands and tenements in Totewik' acquired by himself, excepting what was inherited from his father and Alice his mother; 5 acres in Kinington field, called le Lingmorcroft. Witnesses-Hugh de Kiueton, John Branting' of the same, Ric. Gilly of Thorp, Stephen de Eyvill, Michael Hastoylye of Anston, Ralf Ellot of Waliswd, Ric. de Waliswd, John Clerk of Roderham. Totewick. Wednesday before St. Gregory's day, 1326.

Endd. Mem. quod ista Lingmorcroft infrascriptum continet in se quinque acras terre et jacet in le Morcroft de Dinington versus Brampton, juxta furcas de Laghton.

Carta Willelmi Hering de Tyneslowe de tenementis in Totewyk.

[A. 130.]

Goods assigned to divers people by Wm. Saint Paul of Tatewyk. To Joan his daughter and Richard her son, 13s. 4d. To Magota Arkyn, 13s. 4d. To Robt. de Beighton his son, 10 mks. To the Abbot and Monastery of Roche, to pray for his soul, 100s. To John de Kyueton, if alive, 138. 4d. To the fabric of Southaustan church, 3s. 4d. To the fabric of Thorp church, 3s. 4d. To John Doyle, Chaplain, 6s. 8d. To Master Wm. de Stanelay, parson of Tatewyk Church, 20s. To Geoffrey de Aston, Chaplain, 10s. To Ric. de Treton, chaplain, to pray for his soul, 3s. 4d. To John, son of Richard de Anstan, 13s. 4d. To Wm. Donk his servant, 6s. 8d. To Nicholas his servant, 6s. 8d. To Wm. de Sayton, his servant, 3s. 4d. To Robt. Leige, his servant, 2s. beyond his salary. To Ralf his servant, 12d. beyond his salary. To John de Gaytforth, 40s. a debt. To Magota Coke of Wirsopp, 40s. a debt. To Brother Thos. de Pensax, 40s. To William son of his daughter, a piece of silver with a cover painted with his arms, and his best bed. To Sir Wm. de Melton, knt., a piece of silver with cover with the arms of England and France. To the Abbot of Roche one piece of silver with cover.

On the dorse:-The goods which the said Wm. Saint Paul had with him at Roche; 3 pieces of silver with 3 covers, 1 mazer (murrus), 6 silver spoons, a bed with curtains "et uno fey . . . . bord." Another bed with hangings, 2 chests, 2 napkins, 2 towels, 2 mustard pots (?) (sanapia)

one basin, one small brass jug, one small dish, all his "apparatus" and clothes belonging to his body cum argent' c. s."


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Modern note: "Nota quod hec voluntas facta antequam Willelmus Saint Paul Monachus factus in Abbatia de Rupe, Ebor," and other



16 Sept.

[A. 151.]

Grant by Wm. Seint Poul of Totwik to Simon de Leek, knt, Wm. de Wakebrigg, Master Wm. de Anstan, Sir John Danyel, Sir John de Wales, rectors, Ric. Gilly of Thorp, Chaplain, Geoffrey de Aston, Chaplain, John Halle, Chaplain, of a garden called Grimyerd, and an acre of land which he had by gift of Wm. de Keueton, in the town of Totwik. Witnesses :-Edm. de Worteley, Thos. Godusson, Ric. Roiland, Hen. Cartar John Taillour of Anstan. Totwik, 16 Sept. 43 Edw. iij.

Endd: Grimyerd.

Part of a handsome seal, with a shield bearing Three swords in pale.

[A. 199.]



Grant by Anna Pampelion to Joan Mille her sister, for life of a 1 May. rent of 13s. 4d. from her lands in Totiwyk' and Anstan. Witnesses :-Robt. parson of Totewyk', John Dilcok', John Hunt, John Richardson of Anstan, Ric. Spenser, Ralf de Lee, Ric. Laurans. Totewyk', 1 May, 4 Hen. v.

Seal, a crowned R.



[B. 130.]

Grant by Edm. de Perepount knt. to John Chambrelayne, 14 Sept. rector of Handesworth Church, Wm. de Wytherlay, rector of Treton Church, and Ric. de Ughtybrygg' of lands in Treton, Orgrave, and Wodehous recovered at Westm. against Sir Thos. de Furnyvall knt. Witnesses :-Nic. de Wortelay, Wm. de Melton, Thos. de Reresby, knts. Wm. de Fyncheden, Nic. Gower, Peter de Richemont, Thos. de Ingleby, Hugh de Marum, Elias de Birton. York Castle, Friday the Exaltation of the Cross. 32 Edw. iii. [B. 93.]


79 In Hallamshire, see Dr. Gatty's ed. of Hunter, p. 491.


1398. 15 April.

Lease by Sir Thos de Nevill, lord of Hallumshire to John Jepson of Catcliff, of one toft and croft abutting on the common road of Catcliff towards the east and on a headland of Wm. de Wyntworth towards the west; 5 acres of land and meadow belonging to an oxgang called Jonet oxgang; land called le Lytilcarr' in the parish of Treton; one acre called Roger Ryddyng in the said parish; for 40 years for 6s. 8d. rent. The lessee to maintain the houses at his own cost. 15 April, 21 Ric. ij.

One small seal, a beast couchant (?).

Endd. of Jonet oxgang. John Gefson holds one third and the toft, John de Deen another third at a rent of 3s. 4d. and Adam Alot the other third for a rent of 20d. and no more because the lord pardoned him the remainder because he was blind. [A. 235.]


24 Oct.

Grant by Hugh Burgh, Wm. Wenlock, Griffin de Houton and John Bokenhull, chaplain, to Roger, son of Roger Co. . . ., knt. Roger de Thrysk, John Whychcote, and John Pope, rector of the Church of Eyame, of the manors and lordships of Treton . . . . Yorkshire.

Treton, 24 Oct. 11 Henry iv.


One small seal with an ivy leaf. Broken.

[A. 253.]


Grant by Hugh son of Ric. de Waddesworthe to Wm. son of Ric. de Sakeltonestal, for a sum of money bequeathed to him, of half the land between Lyuildesich and Bethesclogh, and between Tylliclif and Feldclif, within the boundaries of Waddeswrthe on the side of the sun, with the buildings thereon; for a rent of 24d. paid at St. Oswald's day and Martinmas. Witnesses :-Sir Ric. de Thornhil, Hugh de Rastric, Adam de Waddeswrth, Adam de Migeleya, Elias de Brodebothym, Ric. Talendace, Wm. de Schelf, maker of the charter.

Endd: Carta de Waddeswrd.

[A. 25.]

1437. Grant by Edm. Mosse son and heir of Robt. Mosse of Waddes7 Nov. worth to John Waller of Waddesworth, of a messuage and lands in the town and territory of Waddesworth. Witnesses :Edm. Fitzwilliam, Robt. Rypas, Edm. Lemyng, Wm. Tomson, Thos. Parsonson, John Wadelof.

Waddesworth, Thursday before Martinmas, 16 Hen. vj.

Seal, a trefoil.

80 Near Halifax.

81 Near Tickhill. Hunter says (S. worth. Yorks., i., 249), I find William de St.

[A. 283.]


Grant by Alice daughter of Ric. de Medeburne to John Rowelandd of Waddewrth, of a butt of land, (selionem) on the north field of Wadde

Ellen speaking of his manor of Wad

wrth, between the land of Robt. de Hoton on the west, and the land of the rector of Waddewrth Church on the east, abutting on the high road to Donecastre and on le Cliffes toward the wood. Witnesses :-' -Thomas Clerk (Clerico) Robt. de Peterington, Adam son of Peter, Nic. Lemingger, Ric. Attegate (ad Portem), Hen. de Pinchewell, Ric. de Leversale, clerk.

Broken seal, legend ;-S * li * * Mede * *

1340. 27 Nov.

[A. 67.]

Grant by Wm. de S. Elena of Waddeworth to Robt. Breton of Ellesham, of a rent of 40s. from his lands in Wadde worth, Yorks. Witnesses :-John de Leuesham, Chaplain, Receiver of Tykehill Castle, John le Waleys, under constable of the Castle, Wm. de Estfeld, Elias de Waddeworth, John de Rypers, Rouland le Serjaunt, Ric. le Litster, John de Drayton, John de Waddesworth, Wm. del Wollehouse, Robt. son of Peter of the same, John de Hundon, John de Skipwithe, John de Arcubus, Robt. Crispin of Ellesham, Wm. Rate of the same, Hen. de la More, of Thorp, Walter de Kyrington.

Ellesham, Monday after St. Katharine's day, 1340.
Endd: Carta Willelim de Sancta Edela, (sic).

[B. 77.]

1374. Grant by John Ryperes of Waddeworth to Ric. de Fournays 12 Nov. and Margaret daughter of the grantor in free marriage, of a messuage in the town of Waddeworth, forty acres of land and all the rent of his free tenants in Waddeworth and Welyngley; the messuage lying between the messuage of Robt. son of Dionissa on the west and the messuage of Robt. Cartwryght, Chaplain, on the east; the 40 acres separately in the 3 fields of Waddeworth; in fee tail; at a rent of 40s. for his life. Witnesses :-Robt. Lemyng of Waddeworth, Ric. de Abyrforth, John de Chywyngton, John son of Wm., Robt. Ryperes, John Chiken all of the same place. Wadde worth, Sunday after Martinmass, 1374.

Seal with a shield bearing a bend, legend undecipherable. [A. 204.]

1415. Record of the proceedings before Ric. Norton and other 29 Sept. justices at Westm. in Michaelmas term, 3 Hen. v.

Thos. Clarell claims from Edw. Fitzwilliam a messuage, 100 acres of land and 12 acres of meadow in Wadworth by Tikhyll, which Adam de Roderham Chaplain gave to Wm. Clarell and Agnes his wife for life, with remainder to Thos. son of Wm. Clarell in fee tail, which ought to descend to the plaintiff, being son of William, son of Thomas Clarell and cousin and heir of the said Thos. son of William. Edw. Fitzwilliam having called to warranty Katharine Lewer and she William Langstaf. Clarel recovers the land claimed.

[A. 258.]

1463. Power of attorney by Katherine Fitzwilliam, widow of Edw. 26 Jan. Fitzwilliam Esqre. to Robt. Walker to receive seisin from Henry Sothill, John Sanforth Esqre., Thos. Fitzwilliam, rector of Sproteburgh Church, Wm. Cresy, of Wath, Robt. Wright, rector of Rosyngton Church and John Bosse well, of Connesburgh, of lands and tenements in Waddesworth and Wellyngly, late belonging to Wm.

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