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burning and hedging without view, as contained in a charter of lady Avice Marmion to Elias father of the said Elias, and common of pasture in Tanfeld as pertains to his tenement in Tanfeld held of the said Sir John excepting in Northscoth &c. If Elias's beasts trespass on Northschoe &c. by reason of the insufficiency of the hedge, they shall be quietly driven out, but if they break through, amends shall be made. Elias shall have pannage for his pigs only in Westwod; his tenants shall pay him for pannage and he shall pay half thereof to Sir John. Sir John, merely from courtesy, grants to Elias pasture for his plough oxen for 15 days in Nenenge after the half is carried, with his own oxen. Elias may pick nuts in Westwod. Witnesses :-Sir Robt. de Tatersale, Sir Brian son of Alan, Sir Roger de Lacels, Sir Andrew de Nevile, Sir Alan de Caberg', knts. Ric de Lyns, Wm. de Menehil, Robt. de Coynhers, Rolf de Rugemund, Nic de Mideltona, Thos de Gaitenby, Hen. de Langeton, Geoffrey de Wintringham, Robt. de Burtona.


[B. 47.]

Grant by Robt. Lademan of Old Place (de Veteri Loco) to Agnes de Paris of Tresk', of a messuage in the town of Tresk between the messuage late of Robt. son of William de Torp in the bailey, and the king's high road leading to St. Mary's Church, bought by him from Henry son of Walter the Cook (Coci) of Tresk; for one clove at Christmas to the grantor and 1lb. of cumin to the lord of the fee. Witnesses: Nic. Taluace, Wm. the Cook (Coco) Wm. de Aynderby, Robt. the Goldsmith (Aurifabro), Ric de Ballio, Alan the Smith (Fabro), Hugh de Malton, Thos. Godyer, Wm. Norman, Thos. Byndlowys clerk. Fragment of a green seal, an ear of corn? and legend * * Rob * *

[A. 66.]

1340. Grant by John de Thresk, chaplain, son of Adam le Gaunter to 1 Oct. Robt. Beer of Thresk, and Agnes his wife, of all his lands and tenements in the town and territory of Thresk held by feoffment of the said Robert; for life, for one rose at Midsummer if asked for. Witnesses-John de Kilvington, Wm. de Kilvyngton, John de Calveton, Robt. Skeyl, Robt. de Houyngham, Adam de Tanefeld, Robt. Broun. Thresk, Sunday after Michaelmas, 1340. 14 Edw. ii.

1390. 7 Dec.


[A. 150.]

Grant by Joan widow of Wm. Goodmon to John le Hunt, the elder, of all her lands and tenements in Thwonke, Yorks, held in dower, to hold for her life. Witnesses :-Robinet de Hopton, John Cay, Wm. del Wodde.

Thwonk, the eve of the Conception of the B. V. M., 14 Ric. ii.

[B. 122.]

71 Query Upper or Nether Thong near Holmfirth, formerly Thwong. See Y. A. J. viii., 492.



Power of Attorney by Alice late wife of Richard Pulayn to 26 May. Thos. de Codintone to receive the arrears of rent from Adam de Lees, Ric del Ille, Alex. son of Jordan de Lees, Geoffrey de Bosco and Robt. de Breretusil, her tenants in Thornhulle, Yorks, viz. :— 4s. 11d. for 13 Edw. [I.], 25s. 11d. for 14 Edw. [I.], 25s. 11d. for 15 Edw. [I.] and 20s. 5d. for 16 Edw. [I.] (5s. 6d. having been received that year from her Attorney Thos. de Glaston), 25s. 11d. for 17 & 18 Edw. [I.] respectively, and 19s. 11d. for 19 Edw. [I.], 6s. having been received from Thos. de Codintone; with power of distress. Puleyncston, Whitmonday, 20 Edw. [I]. [A. 84.]

1359. Quitclaim by Adam son and heir of John de Methelay of 24 April. Thornhill, to Henry son of William de Clesby of Thornhill, Chaplain, of his right in messuages, &c. late belonging to Wm. de Foxoles within the bounds of Thornhill. Thornhill, Wednesday after Easter, 1359. [B. 95.]

1431. Grant by John Baneray and Agues his wife to John Scotte of 4 Nov. lands and tenements in the town and territory of Thornyll. Witnesses-Sir Thos. Sayvell, John Sayvell, John Nettylton, John Wryght, Robt. Wyliamson. Thornyll, 4 Nov. 10 Hen. vj. Remains of two seals on one tag.

[A. 277.]


1438. Grant by John Banery and Agnes his wife to John Scotte of all 4 Nov. their lands &c. in Thornhill. Witnesses :-Thos. Sayvell, knt. John Sayvell, esq. John Nettilton, John Wright, Robt. Thornhill, 4 Nov. 10 Hen. vj.

Seal, I. crowned.

[A. 278.]

143. Quitclaim by Hen. del Grene to Hen. Wryght of his right in 1 Jan. the lands &c. held by Wryght in the town and territory of Thornhill. Witnesses-John Sayvell, Ric. Sayvell, John Hulingheg. Thornhill, 1 Jan., 10 Hen. vj.

One seal, the device defaced.

[A. 279.]



Grant by Thos. Dynyngton and Peter Wylton to Edmund, son 23 July. and heir of Robt. Waddeslay, and to Alice his wife of the whole town of Waddeslay, Yorks.; the whole town of Thorneton-in-the-Strete which he had by feoffement of the said Robt. Waddeslay; in fee tail.

72 At Thornhill, near Wakefield, the family of de Methelay had some lands. See Y. A. J. viii., 487.

73 Thornton le Street near Thirsk, so called because on the Roman Road.

Witnesses :-James Strangways, the younger, Allan Wylkynson, Wm. Barseworthe, John Knayton, Wm. Marschal, John Swaynby. Thorneton in the Strete. 23 July. 11 Henry vi. With remainder to the right heirs of Robt. Waddeslay.

Two seals. One, a shamrock-leaf. The other, the letter P. [B. 137.]


1345. Quitclaim by John son of John de Shardelowe to Henry son of 23 May. Aucher of his right in the manor of Thorp Arches, Yorks. by reason of the grant to the said John by Aucher son of Henry by fine levied in the King's Court.

Westm. Monday after Trinity Sunday 19 Edw. iij.

Fragment of a seal, with a shield which evidently bore a chevron between three cross crosslets fitchee; legend St. Johannis

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at . . . J. de iij de

termino S. Trinitatis Anno R. E. iij a conquesta xix.

protectionibus de [A. 158.]

1401. Quitclaim by John Depden, Knt. to Thos. Hulott and Wm. 7 Aug. Flaxton, chaplains, of his right in lands etc. in the manor of Thorparch, mills and the advowson of the priory of Nunnemunketon, and lands etc. in the town of Thorparch.

Witnesses-Henry Vavasour, Nicholas Midylton, Kuts. Ric. Fayrefax, Wm. Barkar of Tadcaster, Wm. Dayvyll of Bylton. Thorparch. Sunday after St. Peter ad vincula. 2 Henry iv.

Fragment of a seal inscribed S. Johannis two coats quarterly described in the note.

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and a shield bearing [A. 239.]

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8 June.


Quitclaim by Thomas de Hemesworth and John de . priest to Sir William de Elmhirst, priest, and Henry Slogh of the lands and tenements formerly of Sir William of Bolton in Thorpe Awdlyn.

Witnesses :-Robert de Ursewyk, William de Herteforth, Richard Courtenay, Nicholas Bowdale. Thorpe Audelyn, the day of St. William Archbishop, 3 Ric. ij.


[B. 112.]

Witnesses -Harsculph de Appelby, Wm. de Bretanby, Gilbert Clerk of Richmund. Apostle, 1327.

Thorpe under Stone.76


Quitclaim by Agnes late wife of Wm. de Stuthill to Sir Robt. 25 July. Hastang and Emma his wife of her right in lands held by them by gift of her husband in Thorp in Huddleswell, viz. in Bysted and Walterbusk.

1301. 14 Aug.

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1316. 4 Dec.

Thurleston." ·

Promise of John de Dalton to Ralf de la More and Margery his wife to enfeoff them of half of any lands or tenements in Thurlaston which he may happen to have on the date hereof, and which before were concealed. Thurleston, the eve of the Assumption, 1301. [A. 95.]

Cleseby, Thos. de Scotland, Wm. de
Thos. de Popelton, John de Scaleby,
Saturday, the feast of St. James the
[B. 91.]

Grant by John Tylly to Robert his son of a rent of 40s. from his tenants in Thurleston' and Deneby, during pleasure. Thornhill, Saturday before the feast of St. Nicholas, 1316.

[B. 60.]

mother Joan, one of the three d.'s.
and co-h.'s of Sir John de Bellew by
Laderina de Bruis (Mon. Angl. II., 149).
Henry, in 18 Edw. III., enfeoffed Richard
de Depeden in his manor of Thorpe-
Arches, with reversion to himself and
his heirs (Coll. Top. et Gen. vii. 161),
but ultimately Shardelowe succeeded
him here as well as at Copped Hall in
Essex, and was probably some relation.
to also was Sir John Depeden (qu.
Richard's son), on whose seal we find
only the arms of fitz Aucher: Ermine on
a chief, 3 lions rampant, quartering
Walleys of Burgh-Walleys, quarterly a
bend. Elizabeth, the d. and heiress of

1326. Grant by John Tylli to Adam son of Robert de Bretton of 19 April. Hingbircheworth, of one oxgang and toft adjoining in the town and territory of Thurliston whereof one half was held

Sir Stephen Walleys, married 1, Sir William de Nevill, 2, Sir John de Depeden, and she must have been the mother of Sir John of the seal. S. Yorks. II., 485, Y. A. J. vii., 263, 4; viii. 247.

75 Thorpe in Badsworth parish. 76 Thorpe in Hudswell in Catterick parish, called for distinction Thorpe

under Stone.

77 Thurlstone in the parish of Peniston, in D. B. Thurulfeston. See Hunter's S. Yorks. ii., 360. The last deed is dated at Cusworth near Doncaster.

by Ric. Snodding and the other by Golte Route, in fee tail, at 4s. yearly rent, and foreign service when due; with remainder to Adam Russell in fee tail, and reversion to the grantor. Witnesses :-Thos. de Hesilheved, Wm. del Hill de Thurliston, Robt. de Smalchagh, John son of Cecil and Wm. de Carburton, Chaplain. Cosworth, Saturday after the translation of St. Wilfrid, 1326.

[A. 129.]


Confirmation by Nic. de S. Paule to Cecilia his sister of the grant to her in fee simple by Hugh son of Elias, his man, of an oxgang in Nicholas' fee in Tatwic, late held by the said Elias.

Witnesses :-Ralf Selvan', John Wacelin, Bardulf de Futipon, Gilbert the Servant, John the Priest, Wm. parson of Tatwick, Elias priest of Torp, Wm. his brother, Reginald de S. Paule.

Seal of white wax varnished, with a floral device, the inscription defaced. Endd.: Todewick. [A. 6.]

Grant by Albreda Reryng and Alice Toppynger to Alex. son of William de Kiueton of a toft in the town of Tatevick, between the toft of the Abbot of Roche on the North and the toft of the Prior of Wirkeop on the South, abutting at the West end on the highway and on the east on the croft, with 4 roods of land whereof 2 roods lie in the east field between the land of Wm. son of Gregory on both sides, abutting at the north end on the king's highway and at the south end on the headland (forera) of Robt. Grym, 1 rood between the land of Thorald the Cobbler (Sutor) on the east and the land of the Abbot of Roche on the West, abutting as the previous rood, and 1 rood between the land of William son of Gregory on the east and the land of Robert Grym on the

78 Todwick near Rotherham. See Hunter's S, Yorks. ii., 158. In D. B. Tatewic, and so spelt in a deed given above as late as 1316. The St. Pauls had lands here which came to them from Cassandra, the youngest of the three d.'s and co-heirs of Symon, son of Thorn, married to William de S. Paul. This is from a descent of the manor drawn up about 1300, and copied by Dodsworth from the original among the muniments of Roche Abbey, in S. Mary's Tower at York (Mon. Angl. I., 838). Symon is made lord of the manor before the time of William the Bastard! William de S. Paul by Cassandra, had Nicholas, whose son, Gilbert, left a daughter and heiress, Alice, wife of Gregory de Tadewyke. They had William who took the name of S. Paul, and was living when this document was drawn up during some law-suit. These persons occur in the deeds given above. Wastenays, Edward in the descent, had bought the manor of Sir John Horbiry. William de Tortmayns, grandson of Matilda, Symon's second d., sold it to

Sir John's father, Sir Ralph. The will of William de S. Paul of Tottewyke, dated 4 May, 1391, was proved at York 13 June following. It is probably the Inventory and distribution of his effects given above. Although the family became extinct here, branches subsisted and corrupted the name to Sanpaul. John St. Paul of Campsall, 1585 (Visit. p. 307), had either forgotten his arms, or could not satisfy the heralds. Yet in S. Giles Chapel at Pontefract they are given as a lion rampant to his father (ib., p. 472). The St. Pauls', however, seem to have borne, like Kirkstall Abbey, 3 swords in pale, points to base; the seal above given used by William appears by the legend to have belonged to a Henry. The sword of course is associated with S. Paul, being the emblem of the Apostle. Paulett bore 3 swords in pile. Hunter observes that the church at Todwick is dedicated to S. Paul, but this may have been a Norman family who brought the name over with them.

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