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he was held guilty has been convicted of perjury for that deposition. Begs repeal of the vote and Act so far as it concerns him.

11 Feb. 1653-4. Petitions the Protector. By reason of business of greater consequence to the public his case was not reported to the House before the dissolution. His personal estate is not declared to be forfeit by any Act of Parliament yet on a bare vote the greater part thereof has been seized and much thereof sold and by colour thereof a personal estate of his brother, which petitioner held as administrator has been disposed of. Begs discharge of sequestration upon personal estate and liberty to dispose thereof for his present subsistence and free disposal of his brother's estate :

Referred to Committee at Haberdashers Hall to report.

8 Sept. Further sale of his estate stayed by order of the Protector in council.

Among the claimants on the estate

22 Jul. 1651. Sir William Craven begs allowance of his claim to household goods in Combe house co. Warwick sequestered as belonging to William Lord Craven and that on security given the sale may be forborne.

4 Feb. 1651-2. Anthony Craven begs examination of his title to an annuity of £200 on Combe Abbey granted to him by William Lord Craven in 1650 but which he cannot receive because the estate has since been sequestered. [G. 78, 203]

17 Mar. The witnesses to the deed being all in Holland, begs a commission for their examination there, and receipt of his annuity meantime on security. [G. 78, 202]

17 Mar. Allowed it for three months on security if he can prove that he received it till the sequestration. [G. 16, 151]

13 Mar. 1654-5. Anthony Craven of London petitions that Lady Mary Talbot sold him 7 Nov. 1654 for £4,500 her annuity of £2,000 on manors in cos. Worc. Wilts, Chester, Derby and Salop, for 60 years or her life on rent of £1,000 but on 3 Dec. of it was sequestered for her recusancy. Begs discharge, the purchase being made before the sequestration. [G. 78, 270, 412]

27 Jul. Reading and Brereton are fully to instruct themselves in the case and it will be heard the first Thursday after the adjournment. [G. 28, 22]

[Other references are G. 78, 403, 411, 414, 416, 418, 423.]


[Titled Cravens only.]

1618 Sir William Craven, vide sup.

1624 Dame Eliz. Craven, dat. June 26th, 1624, prd. Aug 20th. [61 Byrde] no collaterals mentioned.

1627 Sir William Craven.

Vide sup.

1648 John, Lord Craven. 1656 Sir William Craven.

1660 Dame Anne Craven, Surrey. Sir Robert Craven, vide sup.



1696 Sir William Craven, vide sup. 1697 William, Earl of Craven, vide sup. June. Dame Margaret Craven, Middlesex. March. Sir William Craven Kt., Middlesex. 1711 Sept. Dame Margaret Craven, Middlesex. 1712 June 27th. Administration of Goods of William, Lord Craven


of Combe Abbey, co Warwick, Widower, granted to the Hon. Eliz. Craven, spins., Aunt by the father's side and curatrix of William, Lord Craven, Fulwar Craven, and Robert Craven, minors, children of deceased.

1713 Sir Anthony Craven, Bart. Warwick, vide sup.

1724 March 12th. Administration of goods of the Hon. Robert Craven of Magd. Coll. Oxford, Bach. granted to his brother William, Lord Craven.

1734 Dame Mary Craven.

1739 Sept. William, Lord Craven.

1760 nil.

Note. That in the list of all wills in C. P. C. [LONDON] from 1383 to 1558, occurs that only of

1535 Cravyn, Christofer, St. Olave's Southwark.


Roll 1 Phil. 2 Mary. Jan. 31. Alice relict admitted extx.

Dec. 15. 1 Mary. I Cristofer Cravyne of Hampsthwaite &c. bur. in ch.yd. there. "Mortuarie according to ye qweyns Acte" &c. To Agnes Calverde " my mayde & Servaunte" 40s. "Myne neybours to have an honest dynner." "Dettes paied" &c. Wyff full Extx. Witnesses Mylles Stubbe, Robt. Androo, John Snarre.

Roll I Jas. I. Aug. 17. Margaret Craven spinster intestate, effects administered to by Jane Wharton of Burthway te.

Roll 21 & 22 Jas. I. Margaret Craven relict admitted extx.

No date. I William Craven of Tentergate Lynnen Webster. bur. in Knaresbro' ch.yd. For the performance of my father Robert C's mind deceased, I give to Rich. C. my brother a messuage &c. in Tentergate in tenure of Thos. Stevenson &c. & a rood of arable land in the fields of Knares. near to a Raine called Fowmard Rayne, conditionally, to pay my 2 sisters Ann & Eliz. before May 1 1626 £20 &c. should they be living, or to children of eyther of their bodyes lawfully begotten; if dead & failing, the said somme to Margt. my wife to the use of my chdn. viz. Wm. & Rob. C. All my goods to my wife; she sole extx. Witnesses, Thos. Coghill, Jo. & Wm. Roundell, Rob. Knowles, Joshua Brodebelt.

Roll 22 Jas. I. Wm. son of Anth. C. late of Darley deceased, being 18 years of age, chooses Rob. C. of Appletreweeke & Franc. Day of Menwith Hill to be his guardians.

Roll. 22 Jas. I. & 1 Chas. I. Rob. C. & Franc. Day prove the Will of Anth. C. of Darley yeoman. The will is dated Feb. 20 1622-3. Rob. C. & Franc. Day were exors. and Mr. Justice Hutton supervisor. It mentions my son in law Wm. Bawdwen and my daughter his wife; Eliz. Gadgion & Christopher my servants; nephew Rob. C. & Francis

Day; Wm. C. my son; Jonne C. my daughter "my Milne and all my interest in the same "; Wm. Ledum my son in law and Ellen L. my daughter, Jo. L. my grandson; Raiphe Gill, Nich Raynard. Lands in Staineley and Darley. Witnesses, Wm. Day, Rob. Atkinson, Hen.

Ranson, Raiphe Gill.

Roll 3 Chas. I. Apr. 4. Thos. Stevenson of Walkingham admitted as guardian of Wm. & Rob. sons of Wm. C. late of Bondend deceased. Roll 5 & 6 Chas. I. Rob. Foster of Scriven admitted exor.

Nov. 17, 1629, I Ann C. spins. bur. Knares. ch.yd. To my brother Rich. C's 3 childn., to my said brother, to his wife, to my sister Wm. Daile's wife, to my uncle Hen. C., his wife and 2 chdn., to Ann Armitage "my hostice," to Pet. Parker, to Dinnis Smith's daurs., my cossens; residue to Rob. Foster; he sole exor. Witnesses Wm. Battie, Pet.


Roll 1653-4.

Mar. 29. Jennet C. admitted extx.

I Henry C. of Bondend weaver to be bur. Knares. ch.yd. To Jannet my eldest daur. all my household stuff &c. to Eliz. Tucker my daur.; to Jo. & Wm. T. sons of Jas. Tucker; residue to Jannet C.; she sole extx. Witnesses, Anth. & Rich. Casse & Wm. Carter.

[These are all the Craven wills in the Knaresbro' Court Rolls; the list has been kindly copied by Dr. F. Collins of York.]


1563 Oct. 18th. 1563-4 Mar. 12th.

1564 May 6th. Sep. 3rd.

1565 Jul. 1st.

Dec. 7th.

1566 Sep. 10th.

1567 Sep. 27th. 1568

1568-9 Mar. 15th. 1571 Sep. 21st.

1573 Sep. 18th. 1574 Oct. 3rd. 1576 Jul. 15th. 1577 Apr. 24th. 1578 Jul. 22nd.

[blocks in formation]

Janet dau. of John Craven bur.
Laurence son of John C. chr.
Lambert C. mar. Eliz. Wilson.
A child of John C.'s bur.
Thomas Rayner mar. Isabel C.
Thomas son of John C. chr.
Henry son of John C. bur.
Henry C. bur.

William Young, mar. Jane C.
Janet wife of Henry C. bur.
William son of Henry C. chr.
Percivall Hardyestye mar. Isabel C.
Robert son of Henry C. chr.
Anthony C. mar. Anne Crofte.
Jane dau. of Anthony C. chr.
Mary dau. of do. chr.
Thomas son of Henry C. chr.
Peter Robinson mar. Anne C.
Isabel dau. of Anthony C. chr.
John son of Anthony C. chr.
John do. do. bur.
Thomas do. do. chr.
John C. bur.

Hawell Holme mar. Agnes C.
William C. mar. Isabel Crofte.
A dau. of Anthony C.'s chr.

19 The Burnsall Register dates from 1559.

[blocks in formation]

1596-7 Mar. 12th. Beatrix late wife of William C. bur.

[blocks in formation]

1624-5 Mar. 1st. A child of Thomas C.'s bur. 1625-6 Mar. 5th. Anthony son of Thomas C. chr. 1626-7 Feb. 25th. Mary dau. of John C. chr.

1628-9 Mar. 8th. John son of Thomas C. chr.

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[blocks in formation]

George Inman mar. Anne C.

Margaret dau. of Thomas C. chr.

Thomas C. jun. mar. Mary dau. of John C. both of

James C. mar. Agnes Water.

Frances dau. of Thomas C. of Skyreholme chr. (born 7th).

John C. of Skyreholme bur.

Robert C. of Appletreewick bur.

John son of James C. of Ramsclose chr.

John son of James C. bur.

Agnes dau. of James C. chr.

Mrs. Mary C. bur.

James C. bur.

Anne wife of Thomas C. bur.

Mr. Thomas C. bur.

RAYNERS [cf. will of Sir William Craven the alderman].

1559 Oct. 3rd.

1562 Oct. 18th.

William R. mar. Isabel Bombye.

Mary dau. of Thomas R. chr.

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Thomas R. mar. Isabel Craven.
Agnes dau. of Thomas R. chr.
Beatrix dau. of Thomas R.
Laurence son of Thomas R. chr.
Nicholas son of Thomas R. chr.
William son of Thomas R. chr.
William Rathmell mar. Alice R.
Agnes R. bur.

Thomas Bayne mar. Anne R.
Isabel wife of Thomas R. bur.
Thomas R. mar. Alice Hunter.
Nicholas R. mar. Isabel Hunter.
Thomas son of Nich. R. chr.
Robert son of Nich. R. chr.
Diana dau. of Oswald R. chr.
Isabel dau. of Nich. R. chr.
Ann dau. of Nich. R. chr.
Alice wife of Thomas R. bur.
A dau. of Nich. R. bur.

Rosamond dau. of Oswald R. chr.
Mary dau. of Oswald R. chr.
William son of Oswald R. chr.
Nicholas Blackburn mar. Isabel R.
Thomas R. bur.

Henry Ranson mar. Rosamond R.
Thomas son of Robert R. bur.
Mary R. bur.

Isabel wife of Nich. R. bur.

Thomas R. mar. Ann Blackburn.

1636 Apr. 2nd.

Frances wife of Oswald R. bur.

1637-8 Jan. 22nd. James R. mar. Jane Bridge.

1650-1 Jan. 27th. Nicholas R. bur.

1677 Oct. 15th. Ann R. bur.


In a MSS. ordinary of Arms (not a book of record) is the following:Craven. Arg. a betw. 6 + gu. to Wm. C, Baron of H. M. Grant of sd. arms as an addit. bearing [1st. & 4th.] to his other coat, quartered in 2nd place [2nd. & 3rd.] viz. Or. 5 in + sa., a chief undée Int. MS. P. Le Neve, Rouge Croix, V. Gibbon's Introd.20


In a book of record called "Benefactors," containing the arms, &c. of those who contributed to the rebuilding of the Heralds' College after the great fire :

Vol. 1, p. 21.

Pedigree of the alderman and his children (the Earl of Craven and

20 Inter MSS. of Peter Le Neve, Rouge Croix, vide Gibbon's Introduction.' The book alluded to is "Introductio ad Latinam Blasoniam," by J. Gibbon, 1682, 8vo. pp. 165. Noticed in Moule's" Bib. Heraldica." In a list of

the arms of Privy Councillors the modern Craven coat is given. J. Gibbon was Bluemantle Pursuivant, 1671, born 1629, ob. circa 1719, being the oldest officer of arrus.

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