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Foster's" Alumni Oxoniensis," it is stated that John Craven matriculated from Wadham College in January, 1687-8 as "bart. fil." took his B.A. in 1691, his M.A. in 1694, was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1691 as "second son of Anthony of Beenham, Berks, Knt. and Bart." A licence was issued by the Faculty Office, dated Sept. 30, 1692, for the marriage of Samuel Palmer of All Hallows, Lombard Street, London, Bach. 35, and Elizabeth Craven, Spinst. 28, daughter of Sir Anthony Craven, Kt. and Bart. of Benham, Berks, who consents, at St. Mary Abchurch, London. Sir Anthony's will is dated April 1, 1712 (cod. Jan. 12, 1712-3), and it was proved by Joseph Archer, the sole executor, on May 12, 1713 (P. C. C. 98 Leeds). In it he styles himself as "Sir Anthony Craven, of Lenchwick, in the County of Worcester, knight and baronet," and bequeathes to his "daughter, Mary Broughton, wife of Edward Broughton, Esq.," 1s.; to his grandson, Samuel Palmer, all his leasehold estate in the parish of Barford, Berks., after the death of Theodosia, his wife, for the remainder of his term therein; to the said grandson and his heirs for ever, the Manor of Sparsholt, &c., Berks., and also all his "guns and pistolls and other armes ;" to his grandson, Edward Broughton, 100l. ; to his godson, Robert, eldest son of Joseph Archer, of Bivington, co. Warwick, Esq., 1007.; to the poor of the parish of Lenchwick and Norton, 10.; to his three granddaughters, Elizabeth, Theodosia, and Ann Palmer, 500l. each. And in case the last will and Testament of his son, William Craven, Esq., deceased, shall stand and be adjudged a good will as regards such legacies as are given by the same to his granddaughter, Elizabeth Palmer, then he makes void his legacy to her. Samuel Palmer13 is made residuary legatee, and by a codicil, 500l. more apiece is devised to the granddaughters if their brother lives to inherit the estates (cf. Notes and Queries, 8th S., iv. pp. 148, 333; v. p. 405).

In his "Collection for the History of Speen, Mr. W. Money gives among the epitaphs in the Church there (which were copied on Sept. 10, 1770, by Mr. Thomas Hayward, Attorney at Hungerford) the following:

In this Vault Lye interr ye bodys of William Craven,

13 He succeeded to the Manor of Sparsholt and was buried in the Church there in 1726.

John Craven, Margaret Craven, And Fulwer Craven, The four children of St Anthony Craven of Sparsholt, in the County of Berks, Bart. (of the name & family of the Right Honble William Earl of Craven), By his Lady Theodosia Craven, daughter of S William Wiseman, Of Canfield hall, in the County of Essex, K, who departed this life the 24 of Octo A.D. 1717, In the 74th year of her age. In whose memory y monut Was erected by her gran-Daugh' Mrs. Elizh Pountney.14

The register which begins in 1629 contains these entries:

1686 Jul. 26. 1689 Mar. 5.

1690 Apr. 29. 1717 Oct. 10. 1741-2 Feb. 10.

1754 Dec. 24.

Madam Margaret Craven, bur.

Mrs. Martha Craven, bur.

Mrs. Flower Craven, bur.
Theodosia Craven, bur.

John Palmer, æt. 25, mortuus propriâ manu laqueo suspensus, bur.

Hon. Chas. Craven, son of Sir William C., Governour of Carolina, bur.

A younger brother of Sir Anthony Craven was called Robert, and born in 1633. At the age of 30 he is described as Sir Robert, knt., of the parish of St. Clement Danes, bachelor, and had licence on Sept. 1, 1663, to marry Margaret Broughton, spinster (see Colonel Chester's "Licences"). He held the post of Master of the Horse to the Queen of Bohemia, and attended her funeral in Feb. 1661. He was buried in St. Peter's Church at Bath with this inscription over him "Sir Robert Craven, Knt., sometime Master of the horse to the Queen of Bohemia (sister to King Charles the first), died 4 Oct. 1672, Etat. 40" (Collins). His arms are a fesse between six cross-crosslets fitchée, but without colour (Mis. Geneal. Herald, vol. iv. 31). Le Neve says wrongly that this family had no right to arms. (Cf. extracts from "Benefactors" book of record in appendix.) His will is dated Oct. 21, 1672, and was proved on Nov. 27, in the same year (P. C. C. 132, Eure). In it he styles himself" Sir Robert Craven, of Kingsinton, in the County of Middlesex, knight," and bequeathes "to the free schoole of Burnesall, in the County of Craven, in Yorkshire, to be employed by the Trustees in the same manner as it was before the late dreadful fire in London, especially by ST William Craven, of Benham; S Anthony Craven, of Caver

14 The arms on the monument are Craven (modern) and Wiseman impaled.

sham; and S William Craven, of Wynwicke, which two hundred pounds is to be paid out of the Four hundred and seventy pounds, which is in the hands of the Right Honble William Earl of Craven." The rest of his estate he devises to his wife Margaret, who is constituted sole executrix. The name of this lady has already appeared above among the sponsors of the Benham family, and she is described as Dame Margaret Craven, of Drury Lane, St. Clement Danes, widow, when, on July 12, 1679, she gives her consent to the marriage, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, of Richard Gosfright, of St. Martin in the Fields, widower, abt 27, with her niece, Margaret Broughton, spinster, abt 18, "her father being dead, and her mother living in Ireland." She died on Feb. 23, 1702, aged 80, and was buried at Birdingbury in Warwickshire (Collins).

There remains one member of the same family, William, born in 1636, whose epitaph, through the kindness of the Rev. W. H. Disney, Rector of Winwick, the writer is enabled to add to these notes. He is said, by Le Neve and Townshend, to have been knighted on Jan. 14, 1661-2, and to have been gentleman usher to the Queen of Bohemia. The epitaph is, as will be seen, of more than common value, since it confirms in several particulars the conclusions which have been arrived at in matters sometimes held in dispute. Mr. Disney says that the old Manor House is an interesting building, and that there is belonging to it a highly decorated archway. The Church contains in one of its transepts two large elaborately-carved monuments to the Cravens, and near the Chancel steps two plain flags, dated 1707, to the memory of the same. Upon the monuments are long incriptions in Latin and English to the following effect :

Under this weeping marble lyes the body of Sr William Craven, of Winwick, Kt., youngest son of Thomas Craven, of Appletreewick, near Skipton-in-Craven, in the County of York, and of Margaret, his wife. He was grandson by the father's side of Anthony Craven. He was grandson by the mother's side of Robert Craven. He was great-grandson by the father's side of William Craven, and great-grandson by the mother's side of Henry Craven, which Henry Craven was brother to Sir William Craven, Kt., twice Lord Mayor of the City of London, which Lord Mayor was father of William, late Earl of Craven, and of Elizabeth, Baroness of

Powis, and of Mary, Lady Coventry, Baroness of Aylesborough. The said Earl of Craven never married. From the said Elizabeth and Mary are descended the present Marquis of Powis, and the present Earl of Coventry. This Sir William Craven, of Winwick, during the exile of King Charles the 2a was with the said William Earl of Craven in the Courts of the Hague and Heidelbourg and in other Courts of Germany. After the restoration of that King he returned into England with the said Earl of Craven. He served as a Volunteer in the Dutch wars in Sir Robert Holm's ship, where he behaved himself with very great courage and bravery, and gained much reputation. He took to wife Mary Clerke, eldest daughter and co-heiress of George Clerke, of Watford, in the county of Northampton, Esqre with whom he lived in an happy and conjugal estate upon which marriage the said William Earl of Craven settled upon him and his issue male this manor of Winwick and hundred of Guilsborough, and divers other manors and estates in this country, and in Sussex, Middlesex, and London. He was eminently endowed with virtues and accomplishments, both of body and mind. He had a most happy wit, a sound judgment, a sweet temper, and an obliging address, which rendered him agreeable both to superiours and inferiours. He understood and spoke most languages, he was skilfull in most sciences. He was a true lover of his country he was a most loving and indulgent husband, and a constant and faithful friend. He died the 18th of March in the year of our Lord, 1707, in the 73rd year of his age. His virtues can never dye.

The monument which bears this inscription was erected by his wife who was living in 1720 (Collins).

In compiling these notes the writer owes much to the kindness of the Bishop of Oxford, Mr. G. E. Cokayne, Clarenceux, and Dr. F. Collins; and he is under special obligations to Mr. W. D. Pink, for his indefatigable and unwearied assistance. He has, to the best of his knowledge, addressed himself to the incumbents of all the parishes in the registers of which any notices of Cravens may be expected to be found.

At Ryton, Salop, nothing is known of John, Baron Craven of Ryton, but the register does not begin till 1659. At Sparsholt, the register which begins in 1559 has been searched in vain for any entries in which the name Craven


At Hampsthwaite, the register dates from 1603, too late, probably, to contain anything about Anthony Craven of Darley, which was then a part of that parish. To the incumbents of a very few parishes, application for information has been made in vain.

Lay Subsidies.






(W. Riding.) Wapentake of Staincliff & Hen. III. to Car. II.

1 Edw. III. (20th.)



Addingham. D[Radulpho] Cra....



Staynford. Ricus de Craven & vx iiijd.
Ingleton. Johes de Craven & vx iiija.


15 Hen. VIII.


Villať de Thorneton'. D Witto Craven in boñ xi xijd; D Nicho Craven in boй x xijd.

2 Ric. II. (Poll tax)

14 & 15 Hen. VIII.

Villa de Thornton. The Lorde Roise Chyffe lord their. Willm Craven tenant to the lord, valor terraz n', valor bonoz xls; vx Wiffi Craven tenant to the seid lorde, valor terraz n', valor bonoz iijs iiija.

Villa de Staneforthe. Ric Craven tenant to thabbot of Salley, valor terraz n', valor bonoz vjs viijd.

Villa de Gygglyswek'. The lorde Northumbr Cheif lorde their. Thom's Craven tenant to the said lord, valor terraz n', valor bonoz vjs viijd.

Estm'ton. The por of Bolton Cheif lorde their. Nichs Craven tenant to the seid lord, valor terraz n', valor bonoz xxx3.

Rathemell. John Catt'all Cheyffe lorde their.

Roger Craven tenant

to St George Darcy, valor terraz n', valor bonoz xs.

Appyltrewek'. The pior of Bolton & the pior of Marton Cheif lords their. Henry Cravyn ten'nt to p'or of bolton, valor terraz n', valor bonoz xxs.

Carleton. The lorde Clyfford Cheif lorde their. John Cravyn tenant to the rode p'ste of Skypton, valor terraz n', valor bonoz xxx3.

Yngleton. Robt Craven tenant to Dame Margaret' Pykeryng, valor terraz n1. Robt Cravyn yonger tenant to the same Dame Margaret, valor terraz n; Wittm Cravyn tenant to the sume, valor terraz n'; Xpofer Cravyn tenant to the same, valor terraz ul; John Cravyn tenant to Lorde Mountegle Stuarde their, valor terraz u'; Thom's

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