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Right-hand Light.

Virgin and Child, to left S. John Baptist; to the right a Roman soldier. Coat of arms. Die lobliche Gmeind Mentzingen, Anno (1)737.69 Virgin and Child appearing to a man kneeling habited in a cope, a mitre and crosier lying on the ground before him, a man entering through a doorway is about to run a spear in his back. Ehr Wohl Ehrwurde Herr Anselmus Elsener Caplan und erster besitzer der neuwen Elsenerischen Pfrundt Alhier zu Mentzingen, 1751.70

S. John B. and Roman soldier, between them a Cross and a church. Die lobliche Emeind Mentzingen, Anno Domini 1742.

A man dressed as a gentleman talking to a woman with a basket on her head standing near a tree on the bank of a river. A man with a halberd about to strike her (? a jealous husband). Crowned Virgin. S. John B. and coat of arms.

S. Michael. King David (?). S. Peter.

Döder, 1570.

Three men at table.

Shoemakers at work.

Virgin and Child. . . . tter

Virgin and Child, to the

left S. Peter, to the right, a crowned figure of a woman holding a cross

and a palm branch.

The Assumption. A bishop, a church and a coat of arms. Brandenberg der Z... Oswald . . . Anno 1611.

Lü... an

King seated with sceptre. Two figures of men. Crowned Virgin and Child. S. John B. Die Gmeind zu Mensingen, 1610.

Virgin and Child and S. John Baptist. Die Gmeind zu Menzingen,


The Good Samaritan. Uer Barmherzig gegen seinem Nächsten ist, dessen wird sich der Herr auch Erbarmen.7

The baptism of our Lord. Johannis Eu 1 Cap.

Als Christus seinen Tauff nam an
Der heilig Geist vom Himel kam
Auch kam vom Himel eine stim
Diss ist mein Sohn ich zfriden bin
(Mitt) heiligem Geist Gott aller . . .
Christum bevildt den Rechte . . .
Ein (Gott) und drey Person allein

(Bitt)ent die Recht all Chri(st)en Gmein

Hans Escher des Kaths zu Zurych. Verena Wirtzin
sin Egemachel 72

69 The worshipful community of Menzingen (in the canton of Zug).

70 His Reverence Herr Anselmus E., chaplain and first incumbent of the living of E., here at M.

71 God has mercy on him who is mer. ciful to his neighbour.

72 When Christ was baptized,

The Holy Ghost descended from

Also a voice came from Heaven :
"This is my son, in whom I am well

The right faith is in God,

The Holy Ghost and Christ. All Christian congregations pray to One God and three persons. (The 5th and 6th lines are much damaged, so the meaning could only be made out approximately.)

Eight kneeling figures. The Crucifixion with SS. Mary and John. Balesche mobe und Babra geschwendt sin chefrow landman zu ... 1600.

Centre Light.

Pretty rural scene with water, mountains and woods, in the foreground the body of the disobedient prophet with the lion and the ass. R. D. LUDOVICUS DIRINGER CANTOR CANONICUS ET EDILIS, ANNO D. 1511. III. REG.... CAP. A man confronting a skeleton representing death with a crowned head in its hand which it presents to the man. In the background another skeleton pointing a crossbow at a man who is running away. (i)unger Man

Sich mich hie ann

I was Salomó d'wyss

Letz bin ich der würmē spyss
Tobias Müller, 1621.7

A man holding a flag on which is a crest and the Virgin and Child, to the left of figure a bishop with a sword in his right hand, in his left a crosier, a fiend with a bell at his feet, to the right the Virgin and Child, near her a small figure of a woman crowned. Ber Ober Hoff zu Päcken,75 1707.


A coat of arms with cherubim and a fool in motley. Fendrich Jacob Heinrich der Zytt Spittalluogt" in zug f: Anna Kolin syn Eegmachel, 1618. A coat of arms. Above to the left a ruin labelled Hünenberg, to the right a church labelled Capell. Haupt Paulus von Hünenberg genapt Bengg des Kaths und Statthalter: auch Statthauptman und des Landtsfendly" und Fraw Anna Villingerin sin Ehgmahell, Año 1633.


The Virgin seated with the divine Child on her lap. With her left hand the Virgin is squeezing her left breast which emits milk towards the kneeling figure of a monk nimbed. Adoration of the Magi. Melchior Gallicker der Zytt Undervogtt zu Schwartzenbach und Elsbet Vrunnery sin Ewib und Anna Schuppfer sin verlasne Husfrow,


The Annunciation. The Assumption. Francise Richen Zug fr. Anna Kogenmoserin und Cathrina Bachin sine Eegmahel, 163..

[blocks in formation]

lein is the diminutive of Fahne, flag, standard; its meaning here is a small troop of soldiers (cp. Schiller, Jungfrau, I., 9: Wir hatten sechzehn Fähnlein aufgebracht). Hauptmann, in Statthauptman, must be supplied before Landsfendly, so that the sense is: Captain of the town- and district-soldiery.

79a This illustrates a legend related of S. Bernard.

80 M. G., who was Untervogt at Sch. and E. V., his wife, and A. Sch. his surviving wife (verlassen, with the sense of hinterlassen, is frequent in O. H. G.,


A bishop seated bestowing alms upon a beggar. The Virgin and Child and S. John B. The Coronation of the Virgin. Martinus Schmi(dt) der Zytt Amm o1 zu Zug, Ann(0) 1613.


A chariot amid the clouds, drawn by four dragons, in which is seated a woman with her arm round a child; to the left St. John B., to the right S. Catherine, below a stag hunt. The stag has placed his feet on the lap of a seated and nimbed woman, the running huntsman blowing a horn has wings. (Story?)

Der sterblich lib der würmen speiss
Das sinigsuocht mit allem fleiss
Wan dseell das ihrig suochte fein
So fleissig wieder lib das sein
Würd sie baldt überwunden han

Die welt, das fleisch, und den Sathan.


Nimbed figure with rosary in left hand and a stick in the right, with which he strikes at a dragon, a man in half armour, an hour-glass and coat of arms, a figure in armour kneeling before the Virgin. A knight in elaborate armour conversing with death.

Mich frönt an mir min schöne Zier

Das ich mich nit vertrowe dir

Der du bist war ich ettlich Jar

Der ich jetz bin wirst du fürwar.8



Houptman Bau zur Louben altt Secklemeister “ Zug, 1583.

Laden boat on a river, bridge and houses.

Coat of arms.


Zent . r biler Zit . . . sur Sin Egmahel (Anno) 1636.85

Left-hand Light.

Virgin and Child. S. John B. to the left, a Roman soldier to the right with sword and palm branch, an angel crowning him (S. Alban?) Die Lobliche Gmeind Mentzingen, 1600..

The same two figures on either side of a church and a large cross. Die Lobliche Gmeind Mentzingen, Anno Domini 1740.

S. Ann with the Divine Child.Virgin standing by. S. Martin. A kneeling figure regarding the chalice and host. Die Lobliche Gem(ei)ndt Baar, ANNO DOMINI ET NOSTRE SALUTIS 17(4)0.

[blocks in formation]

S. Sebastian. The Annunciation. Virgin and Child. Sebastian Trinckpl. r Eua Ettery sin Eefra(w), 1627. Kneeling figures of man

and woman below.

S. Ann with the Divine Child. The Virgin standing by. S. Christopher. S. Martin. Die Gme(in)d zu(r) Barr, 1604.

The crucifixion with SS. Mary and John.



The Ark. 1641. Bartlime Rogenmoser Obervogt zu Telchwil vñ Vn... gelter 7 Zug der Zit Obervogt zu Steinhusen fr. Chatrina Bradeberg sin Eegm.

A prince seated on a throne invites to a banquet. The judgment of Solomon. Hans Bueler von Zug, 1572.

The baptism of Christ. . . . Her Anno . .


A blind man carrying a lame man.



Der blind kumpt zhilf dem lamen m(a)n
Was eim Gott gipt wol leggers an


Fus gipt der blind der lam die gsicht
Also sond wir ouch sin verpflicht.R

A curious subject apparently representing a just judge. A king blindfolded seated on a throne, his hands cut off at the wrist. To the left of the throne are three men (the officials of the court?) with their hands also cut off. To the right of the throne a dog. Before the throne a man offering a bag of money. To the left and right of this centrepiece are a man holding a matchlock and a woman.

Rycht nicht vss gunst noch di' person

Thut beitte theil an hören schon

Der wirt bestan vor Gotts gericht

Welches werden achte nicht

Und übel bstan an jungsten Gricht."

Jlü Wydmer Geistlichen u CUeltliche grichts und Zeckelmeister Werendem-Buw diss husses zu Brittnauw, und Maria Lienhart sein Ehegmachel, Anno 1677.

now forming part of the principality of Fürstenberg. It was conferred on Count Heinrich von Fürstenberg, in 1282, by the Emperor Rudolf I.

87 I cannot make out this word.

88 The blind man helps the lame man, A man should make good use of what God gives him.

The blind man gives his foot, the lame man his sight,

Thus we too shail help each other.

89 Do not be partial when you pass judgment,

Hear both sides,

And you will not be condemned by

But those who do not heed this
Will fare ill in the last judgment.
J. W., member of the temporal and
spiritual law-court, and treasurer during
the building of this house at B., etc.


Right-hand Light.

Virgin and Child with S. John B. Die Loblich Gmeind Mentzingen, Ano 1675.

S. Sebastian. A crowned figure holding a chalice and a palm branch. Coat of arms. Sebastian Meyer Fürsprech des Junkren grichts zu hertenstein gwester Kilch Meyer zu gangelscwil raw barbara An der Ah sin Eegmacl, Anno 1675.90

Virgin and Child, a town in the background labelled "passow."" Coat of arms.

Dich ruof ich an Ehn aller noth

Maria hilft auch in dem doot

Wan zung und mund kein wort mer spricht
Maria hilft verlas mich nicht 92

Johann Melchior WWäber Bürger Zug. Frauw Anna Catharina Stadlin sein Ehegmahlin, 1730.


Knights tilting. Two coats of arms. F. Hans Turyng von Halwyl zu Trostburg und F. Anna Elysabeta v Halwyl eingeborne Kelderychyn von Sygmershoffen, 1608.

Coat of arms.

(ri)stian Willading... mer Bürger und des

Raths der Statt Bern, 1607.

Winged bull. SANCTUS LUCA. Nude female figure, except for a loin cloth, nailed to a globe and holding a banner.

A man ploughing. The animals entering the ark.

[blocks in formation]

94 Gott hies Noa in K(ast) entretten
Mit sim geschlecht und was syhetten
Von allen thieren auch ein par

Das für der sündflut. . ers bewar E. 6.

zu Langenthal und Barbara Gantz sin Ehg... 1665.

Above, the Trinity. In the middle the Assumption and a coat of arms. Around, the following pictures and inscriptions:

S. Peter.

Ach heiliger Apostel Petrus mein
Bei Gott woll du min fürbiter sein.o


90 S. M., advocate to the nobilitycourt at H., formerly churchwarden at G., etc.

91 Passau in Bavaria.

92 I called on thee in the hour of need,
Mary helps even in death;

When tongue and mouth no longer

Mary helps us-do not forsake me ! 93 Whose maiden-name was

94 God bade Noah go into the ark With his family and all their belongings,

Also with one pair of every kind of animals,

That he might preserve it from the deluge.

95 O holy Apostle Petrus,

Be my intercessor with God.

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