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Coat of arms to left, S. John B. with book, lamb and flag, to the right S. Catherine. The inscription is much damaged. . Daniel . . ser Abt Seckel (mei) ster u.d des ... gewester Landtvogt Auf der ..ssier und Comissari zu Bellentz S.. t polonia Keyterin sein Ehege. ah, Anno, 1665."


of arms.

Virgin and Child, to left man blowing a horn, to right a woman. Wolfgang Bär (figure of bear), und Elsbet Stalder sin gemachel, Annunciation, AVE MARIA, GRATIA PLENA DOMINUS. Virgin and Child. S. John B. Inscription illegible. Coat of arms. Martyr with palm branch seated on clouds. FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA. Coat of arms with mitre adorned with Virgin and Child. Above Wm. Tell shooting at son, Gessler's cap on pole. Wm. Tell stepping ashore from boat. A large figure of a man girt with a sword and holding a very large flag. Hauptman ernip ab Egg, 1551. Town, river, and mountains. Coat GEORGIUS LUD L.. LER EQUES AURATUS CANON LUCERNE ET BARON. Semi-nude figure of hermit praying with lion lying beside him (S. Anthony?) Figure in canonicals bestowing arms. Rural scene, cows with milkmen and women gathering pears. Tree of Jesse much damaged, each figure has the name attached to it, but they are mostly illegible. Balt Heinrich des Kaths Zug und Verena Elsin. rin sin Eegmacht, 1600.15 There is a kneeling figure of a man and woman on either side of the inscription. Coat of arms. D. MAURITIUS AN DER ALLMEND, AULE IMPERIALIS SACELLANUS, PRÆPOSITUS ET DOMINUS BERONA. S. Christopher. Monkish figure with crozier and chalice,


serpent coming out of it.

Left-hand Light.

Virgin and Child, Virgin holding sceptre. Our Lord's baptism, to the left Virgin and Child and a monk holding a cross I.H.S.; to the right a Monstrance M.R. The annunciation.

Recht thund die wir Catholisch sind
dass wir ghorsamlich als die kind
der helgen bätter lehr tund halte

dan Gotes geist durchsitutt walte."

A very curious scene. Above, the eternal Father, below, the Son bearing a cross with a dove perched upon it. Around this a vintage carried on by people with halos round their heads, figures in full canonicals filling and probing casks. Hans Ulrich Stuchely des Kaths in der March, Anno 1629. A figure of a man carrying a large flag, on the flag a Pillar XP. PASSUS. On either side figures of saints. Andreas Fischer Forfendrich der zitt Kilchmeyer und des Grichts zu Muri und Frauw Martha Rosin sein Ehegmachel, Anno 1657.19


14 Inscription too much damaged to be made out in full. Bellentz is Bellinzona, capital of the canton of Tessin.

15 Balthasar H., of the town council of Zug, etc.

16 See Introduction concerning Allmende. "An der Allmend" seems to be a family name here.

17 We who are Catholic act rightly if

we obey the precepts of our holy fathers as obediently as children: for the Spirit of God works through them.

IS Die March is one of the six districts of the canton of Schwyz; it was once the frontier district between Germany and Rhaetia.

19 Andreas Fischer, ensign, at present administrator of the property of the

Coat of arms. Statt Zugg, 1676. Inscription below illegible. Coat of arms. Gedult ist unfals Artznei," Andreas Lussi Ritter Hauptman z . . warden und Landt hauptṁ . . zu . . ps.. Dorothea. Rest illegible." Priest in Robes. Coat. S. John D. Monk with Cross. Coat of arms. Female figure. Coat of arms.

A man shooting at a target with a gun, others standing round. Five men sitting round a council table with two documents, with seals and inkpots. Ein Ehrsam Gricht Zu steihuse alls Wolfgang Differig . ude.. ogt Peter Meyer Hans Brobeck: m Zacharias Kutting und Jacob Bilgerig." Coronation of the Virgin. Caspar Sydler zu Imest und Vereña Schriberin syn Ehegmachel, 1619.


Lot's daughters making him drunk, the destruction of Sodom in the background. Maigareda knoblin, Anno 1537. To right and left above, two saints, below man working in a carpenter's shop. Virgin and Child with figures of monks on either side. Mepratt Eyschly und Marygsiger... list sin Chewib. Meeting of SS. Mary and Elizabeth. The children in the burning fiery furnace. r Frantz Melchior Zelger Gewester Fendrich zu diensten ihro Christenlichen May ihn Franckreich diser Zeitt Landtscribr nitt dem Kermwaldt und Frauw Maria Ehelisabetha Zelgerin ein Geborne Boccardin sin eheliche Gmalin, Ao. 1673.24


Tracery at the top of the Window.

Our Lord's baptism. A city lying beside a river or lake with fortifications on the land side. Seven cannons in position before the city, four of them firing. Coats of arms. Adam Ziegler vō Steyr in Osterich ob der Enss der Zitt bürger zu Nerlinge, 1604. Virgin and Child. Bartlinne Agner und Catrina Fysch Sin Egmachel, 1604. Coat D. FRANCCIUS HENRICUS PFIFFER CANONICS

of arms.
Coat of arms.

D. GEORG... HEISERLI... cus.

O aller Schönste zu der Frist
Ein Mutter unsers h(e)ils du Bist
Ohn fehl und machel aller Zeitt
Ob allen anderen geb(en)edijt."

Virgin and Child. Jacob Schriber zu . .
Verena zu Rist Marie Knüselt sin Eggmahel.

church, and magistrate at Muri (town in the canton of Aargan, with a population of about 2,000; its great Benedictine abbey, founded 1026, ceased to exist in 1841), and Frau Martha Rose, his wife. Anno 1657.

20 Patience is medicine for misfortune. 21 A. 1., knight, captain at . . . and governor.

22 The worshipful court of law at Steinhausen.-Five names follow.

Imst in North Tyrol.

24 Herr Franz Melchior Zelger, late ensign in the service of his Christian

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hiom Paeger S. Bishop in cope and

Majesty of France, now clerk to the provincial court of Nidwalden (see note 56), and Frau M. E. Z., whose maiden name was B., his wife. Anno 1673.

25 H. A. Z., of Steyr, in Austria ob der Enns (Upper Austria), at present citizen of N., 1604.

260 thou most beautiful at the time when thou wast mother of our Saviour, without fault and sin at all times, blessed above all others.

27 J. S. at. . . .? (I cannot make out the name of the town), administrator of


mitre consecrating a bell which the devil is clasping. Coats of arms. Joder Christen Disser Zitt Landt Schriber zu Belletz und Frauw Anna Ames Sin Egmahel, 1603.2 Coat of arms supported by S. Peter and S. John B.. Joan Petter Fontz pfarher zu Art Sextary der 4 Waldsteten Capitel," 167..

Right-hand Light.

A woman praying, apparently not the Virgin. The angel Gabriel. AVE MARIA G... MINUS. S. Martin dividing his cloak. Virgin and Child. Hunting scene, hounds and fox, a man with a gun. King David. Beheading of S. John B. The head being brought to Herod seated at table with Herodias. Inscription much damaged.30

A very curious picture. At the top the eternal Father and the Dove, in the middle the Virgin crowned, with her right hand outstretched, her left hand on her breast. The divine Son on the cross, with the right arm detached, and placed on the wound on the left breast. Below a man dying on a bed with an angel receiving his soul, near the bed is the devil, with an angel striking at him with a sword. Scattered about the picture are rhyming legends.

The Virgin's legend:

Sohn wegen der Brüsten mein
Wolest diesem sünder gnädig sein.

The Father's legend:

O Sohn umb deiner Muster namen
Will ich ihn Ewig nit Verdamen.32

The angel's legend (removing soul):

Satan das sag ich dir

Du hast keinen theil an mir.3

The dying man's legend:




[blocks in formation]

The divine Son's legend:

Vater hör miner muoter bitten

Durch die Wunden die ich gelitten.36

Adam and

Below the picture the word "Baschion." David offering at the altar on Araunah's threshing floor. Eve being tempted in the garden. S. Peter, S. Andrew and St. Ann with the Virgin beside her as a child. Fendrich Andrea Gerotz und Ana Sigerst sin Eegm (ahl), 1603. Virgin and Child. Ludi.... on Elsbet Buman sin eewib got tröst ir Seel,” 1629. Charge of cavalry.

Telcher Gott vertruwet schoun
Ber wirt in nottem nit verlaunn.38

Adam and Eve in Paradise, Eve with the apple, the serpent speaking to her. S. Peter with keys. S. Andrew, S. Ann and Virgin as child. Fend(ric)h Andreas Gerotz und Ana Sigerst sin Eegm(ahl),


Battle scene, 1563. Rudolff UWidmer. Christian martyrs in the arena. Oxen ploughing. Four figures with muskets on their shoulders. Heinrich Schwartzenbach und Rudolff Schwartzenbach, Anno 1616. ychell Schankell und Jacob Stelly.

Cattle and labourer. Virgin and Child. Michel Greinouer. To the left a bearded figure in pilgrim's (?) dress, on his halo S. ANTHONE ORA . to the right a female figure dressed as a nun, on her halo S. Wendeline, O. P. N.

Oxen ploughing. Virgin and Child. A male figure with a book in the left hand. Jacob Betterman von Kott:, 1592.

Centre Light.

A man and a woman sitting at a table placed on a terrace. A maid dressing the lady's hair, a man shaving the gentleman, while another servant holds a looking glass. r Haupt Joseph Am R(he)in des ineren Rahts dir tatt Lucern und der zeit) Landtvogt in dem Turgeuw und fr Maria Sibi(lla) Höldtin von Tieffenau sin ehg. Año




The crucifixion with SS. Mary and John and S. Mary Magdalene. Abraham offering his son.

36 Father, listen to my mother's prayer, for the sake of the wounds that I have suffered.

37 God comfort her soul.

38 He who puts his trust in God will

not be forsaken in the hour of trouble.

39 Captain J. A. R., of the inner council of the town of Lucerne, and late governor of Thurgau, etc.

Gott sieht Aberhams gloub (und) Willen
Last in sin pfer nit erfüllen

Nach das Unschuld vorbild ist

Das Opfer unsers Heiland C(hri)st"

Frantz of. e Lungeren des freienamb(t)
Jacob Stelli ab Buchener, 16.4.

Coronation of the Virgin, below, a dinner in a portico.

Two men in

half armour. Wolffg(an)g Fätter vn Höchstänler, 1572.

Huntsman shooting a chamois. A house near some water with a landing stage and boats. Figures of a man and a woman. Zebalnau Rechberon.

The crucifixion with S.S. Mary and John and S. Mary Magdalene. At the foot are a man and his wife with seven children kneeling. 1619. Joph Petter zu Neill Vuder Vogt Em Am̃ptt Hurt . . ew und Burball Ste...ubli Söllig sin E... e.

Our Lord's Baptism. 1576. Hans Scriber von Arn.

Left-hand Light.

A man praying. The Virgin and Child seated on clouds, a man, woman and five children praying below. The Agony in the garden. Virgin and Child. The Good Shepherd with sheep in the foreground. Above Ich bin ein guter hirt" Jo. c. 10. On either side of the figure of Christ, 2 Tim. iv. Ermahne, und bitt in der Lehr. 2 Tim. iv. ... und schilt in aller gedult." To the left S. Catherine, S. Peter, and a kneeling priest clad in cassock, surplice and stole. To the right a female saint, S. Michael (?) and a kneeling priest in cassock and surplice.

Em Schilt fü(hr ich) ein grün Kleeblatt
Ber Lehr des vil wachständer matt
Darmit Lock (ich) mit yfer mutt
Ben schafen i(ns) himels schafstall gut
Em schilt fuh(r) ich ein stäcke Tann
Vom Dossen w(ohl) nimm ich von dann
Vil stäckn die (B)ock zustrafen hart
Auch wölfen (zu)halten widerpart.“

40 God sees Abraham's faith and willing.


He does not allow him to go through
his sacrifice.

The victim here is as innocent
As the Saviour Christ, who was

(The construction in the 3rd and 4th
lines is very confused, but this seems to
be the sense.)

41 I am a good Shepherd.

42 2 Tim. iv. 2 runs thus in Luther's translation: Predige das Wort, halte an, es sei zu rechter Zeit, oder zur Unzeit; strafe, drohe, ermahne mit aller geduld und Lehre.

43 On my shield I have a green leaf of

Of the same kind as that which grows
so abundantly in our meadows.
With that I joyfully entice
The sheep into the heavenly fold.
In my shield I have a stick broken
from a fir-tree,

Out from the bush I take many sticks,
In order to punish severely the rams,

And in order to ward off the wolves.
(dosse or dosche is a rare word meaning
bush; it is the same word as dost, doste
-M. H. G. doste, toste-O. H. G. dosto,
tosto, the German name for origanum

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