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ranges of arches. On the east side of this transept the two Early English arches, which open to the aisle or chapel, spring from a central cylindrical pier of large size, but the responds are of clustered shafts, some having toothed capitals, and one ending in a kind of knob of foliage. The north door of the transept has internally a flat arch, and the string carried over it; externally the mouldings are rich and toothed, the shafts have nail head capitals, and toothed ornament carried down the jambs between the shafts. On the exterior the window mouldings are also toothed, and in the spaces between their heads are small quatrefoils with foliage at the points. The buttresses are charged with trefoil arches, also toothed. In the west wall within this transept are two niches; one has a good canopy, and the back of it enriched with sculptured grapes with vine leaves. The tower is supported upon four large Early English arches, but in itself is Perpendicular, of considerable beauty. Above the roof of the church it has three stories, each having two large windows, or rather, perhaps, only those of the belfry are strictly windows. Between them are buttresses charged with crocketed canopies. The parapet is a pierced and pannelled battlement, with eight large crocketed pinnacles. The nave and the south transept are circled, the rest has an open plain roof; there are shafts in the south transept intended for the springing of groining. At the entrance of the choir is a wood screen, and there is the usual ascent into it. There is a small arch north of the choir now closed, which communicated with the chapel adjoining. The north side of the choir presents an Early English arrangement, much resembling that of the end of the north transept. It has two tiers of lancet arches, the lower having slender shafts; the upper, bolder clustered ones, and toothed mouldings. The windows are set on a string course, and below them, on the north side, are three acute arched niches upon circular shafts, with moulded capitals and bases. The south aisle of the choir has been destroyed, but there are two very fine Early English arches, which once opened into it; they spring from a pier of clustered shafts, the usual toothed ornament appearing in the mouldings of the capitals. Above is a clerestory as opposite. The east window is Perpendicular, of five lights, with a transom. On the south side of the altar a vestry has been added, but rather at an

early period, as the doorway leading to it is Decorated, of great elegance in its mouldings, and slender shafts with fine foliated capitals. This door has encroached on the original sedilia, of which only one remains, which is genuine Early English, with toothed moulding, and capitals of shafts. There is also a trefoil piscina, rather plain, and above two fine lancet windows, enriched as the others, now closed. These have the quatrefoils with foliated points in the spaces about them. The toothed moulding is continued externally (within the present vestry) amidst the shafts, as in the north transept. The vestry has Perpendicular windows on the east and south sides, but on the west, which is, perhaps, the original east wall of the destroyed aisle, is a range of Early English lancets, with toothed ornament, the shafts gone, but the capitals and bases remain.

In the choir is a slab with a fine cross, the shaft of which has branches and leaves.

The font has an octagonal bowl of Perpendicular character, each face having an ogee crocketed canopy, with pinnacles between them, set upon figures of angels. The spandrils are pannelled with quatrefoiled circles, shields, animal figures, and the Tudor flower. The shaft is octagonal, and on its west side is a kneeling step.



Bundle 1. No. 1. Membrane 4.

Tanschelf. OLIVERUS de Stanesfeud, Constabularius, Robertus et Thomas prepositi et Henricus contratalliator reddunt compotum suum apud Pontemfractum primo die Octobris, anno regni regis Edwardi xxiiij., coram domino W. de Nony, T. de Fisheburne, videlicet ab incrastino Sancti Michaelis, anno regni regis Edwardi xxiij., usque incrastinum Sancti Michaelis, anno regni regis Edwardi xxiiij.

De xxijli. xiijd.
De xxiijs. vd. ob.

De lvs. iijd.

De vijd.

De vs.

De vijd. De ijd.

De cvs. xjd.
De vijs. iiijd.

De xvjs. jd.

De vs. viijd.
De xijd.

De jd.

De vijs. iiijd. ob.
De iiijli. xvijs. iijd.
De vjd.

De xjs.

De xxjs. vjd.

de arreragiis Roberti prepositi.

de firma de Thanschelf termino Michaelis cum Incremento anni preteriti.

de lv toftis et dimidio et dimidia pertica terre positis ad firmam termino Annunciacionis.

de firma Willelmi Embleuache termino Michaelis. de Incremento tenementi quondam Johannis Carpenter.

de firma Willelmi de Sotehill termino Michaelis.
de firma heredis Alexandri de Wolueley pro tofto
suo elargando.


de iiij xiij acris terre de dominico positis ad firmam. de firma xxij bovatarum terre in Carleton termino Michaelis.

de firma Ricardi de Carleton et filii sui pro ij bovatis terre termino Martini.

de firma Lagman termino Michaelis.

de firma Rogeri filii Ade pro j tofto in Carleton termino Michaelis.

de firma Roberti prepositi pro libera terra que fuit Johannis Warner.

de lix gallinis de redditu venditis.

de operibus remissis.

de recognicione Thome filii Emme.

de faldagio bidentium in Nundinis Sancte Erm[enburge].

de faldagio pullanorum in Nundinis Sancti Egidii.

De vs. iiijd.
De iiijs. vijd.
De xxvs. jd.
De iijs. viijd.

De vijs. ijd.
De vjd.

De xvs. ijd.
De iiijs.

De vs.

De xs.

De iiijs.
De vs.

De iiijs.
De ijs. vjd.

De viijs.

De cxs. vijd. ob. q.

De lxiiijs. vd. ob.

De viijli. xjs. xjd.

De xjs. ixd.

de xvj bobus in Carleton agistatis in parcɔ.
de xj bobus de Hotton agistatis per viij septimanas.
de averiis agistatis in parco per capita.

Et iijs. vjd.
Et iiijd.
Et xvd.
Et xjs. iiijd.

Et xixd. ob.

Et xvs. vijd. qa.

de iiij pullanis agistatis in Nouo copucio.

de cortice et coopercione venditis in parco.

de warda averiorum in parco.

Et viijd. ob. qa.

Et vijs. vijd. qa.
Et vjs. iijd.

de herbagio et fructu gardini.

de vestura j bovate terre in Herdewyk que est in manu Comitis.

de fine Ricardi filii Johannis pro ingressu j bouate in Herdewyk.

de fine Thome prepositi pro ingressu j bovate terre que fuit patris sui.

de merchetto Beatricis filie Thome.

de vj bussellis siliginis, xij quarteriis iij bussellis ordei venditis.

de xxv quarteriis dragii, li quarteriis avene venditis.

de Rebus venditis in tergo.

Summa Tocius Recepte, lxiijli. ijs. vijd. qa.

de merchetto Beatricis filie Warner.

de perquisitis hallemoti.

de Isabella Gonnild pro ingressu j Cotagii in Tanschelf.

de iij porcis venditis.

de xiij quarteriis dimidio bussello frumenti venditis.


De quibus computat iiijs. viijd. ob. In custu j Caruce per annum et

secunde per vices.

Et xvs. ixd.

In custu Carectarum et plaustr' cum j pari rotarum,

j sella cum batiis, iij cordis, j pari tractuum, ij colaribus et aliis custibus Carectarum.

In ferrura iij affrorum per annum ex convencione.
In ferrura quarti per vices.

In march' ij affrorum.

In stipendiis ij Carucariorum j Carectarii per


In cibo et stipendio j fugantis secundam Carucam
per vices et herciantis ad utrumque semen.
In pane et Companagio cvij hominum de Hotton
Castelford Metheley et Carleton falcancium in
pratis de Castelford quasi per j diem quilibet
in die jd. ob. qa.

In pane et companagio iij frabrorum (sic) eodem

In herba spargenda, millonibus (sic) frangendis et reficiendis in pratis per vices.

In vadiis prepositorum et messorum existencium circa prata custodienda et tantum in feno levando pro motido autump[nali].

Et iiijs.

Et ijs. viijd. qa.

Et ijs. ixd.

Et xiiijs.
Et vjs. vijd.
Et viijs.
Et vs. vijd.
Et xvjd. ob.

Et xxxvjs. vjd. ob.
Et xxxiijs. iiijd.
Et xjli. vs. jd. qa.

Et xiijs. vd.

Et iijs. xd. qa.

Et xiijd.

Et vjs.

Et xixd. ob.

Et iiijs. iijd.

In stipendio messoris pro pratis custodiendis qui solebat capere fenum.

In alleciis et pane pro parte pro autumpuantibus, res[iduum] in tergo.

In cibo et stipendio j tassantis in grangia, j coadjuvantis ad Carectas carcandas et bladum custodiendum, cum ancis Cirotecis famulorum ex consuetudine.

In expensis duorum prepositorum in autumpno.
In domibus cooperiendis et emendandis.

Et iiijs.

Et xviijs. iijd. ob.
Et xiijli. xiiijs. vjd. qa.

Et vjli. vijs. viijd.

In foragio empto.

In fimis emptis.

In seruris pro hostiis grangie, feugera colligenda et aliis minutis.

In iij bobus ij porcis emptis.

In ordeo de Darthington empto in grosso.

In xvij quarteriis v bussellis et dimidio frumenti, ix quarteriis j bussello siliginis, xxxv quarteriis vij bussellis et dimidio avene emptis.

In xxj quarteriis iiij bussellis frumenti et siliginis, xvij quarteriis j bussello et dimidio ordei, Xxxvij quarteriis vj bussellis dragii, lxxij quarteriis vj bussellis avene trituratis et


Solutos magistro Hospitii pro decima Herbagii

In fossato faciendo circa culturam que vocatur le

Allocatos preposito pro servicio suo.

Summa mise super manerium xxjli. xiijs.

Mise forinsece.

Idem computat vjs. viijd. in stipendio parcarii per annum.

Et iiijs. ijd.

In cibo et stipendio j facientis haias in parco et j
prosternentis ramos in parco pro feris per xvj

In presepibus emendandis in parco, porta versus
Hotton et serura ejusdem emendanda.

In march' iij affrorum infirmorum de malo lingue
cum emendacione Carecte parci et ferrura
iumenti parci.

In stipendio custodientis prata de Castelford de anno xxij.

Liberatos servienti de Camesale presens recognicio.
De arreragiis Roberti prepositi liberatos Olivero
Constabulario presens recognicio.
Liberatos eidem Olivero per manus Thome pre-
positi presens recognicio.

1 This may be a mistake for "finibus."

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