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Francis Bolivant and Ann Cove, Wid., of Laneham [Notts, dioc. York] - at Dinnington, or Laneham,

Robert Smith and Mary Ibbotson, Wid., of Snaith-at Bolton-Percy.

William Bulmer and Ann Pearson, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York—at St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York.

Henry Duckett and Isabel Newlove, of St. Michael's, New Malton-at St. Michael's New Malton.

Vincent Whittaker, of Mexborough, and Elizabeth Hirst, of Kirkheaton-at either place.

Richard Clapham and Alice Bainbrigg, of Giggleswick—at Giggleswick.

William Clarke and Ann Scoffin, of Awbrough [Aldborough]-at Awbrough.
Joshua Drake and Jane Slater, Wid., of Halifax-at Heptonstall, or Halifax.
Nicholas Hudson and Alice Metcalfe, of Otley-at Otley.

John Dunn, of Pighell [Pickhill], and Jane Burton, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Robert Saw and Isabel Farthing, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Abraham Roberts and Susan Wilson, of Almondbury-at Almondbury.

Jo. Barcroft, 52 of Bradford, and Elizabeth Foxcroft, of St. Martin's, Micklegate,
York, Wid.-at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York.

Thomas Whelpdale and Ann Duke, of Bempton-at Bempton, or Flamborough.
John Taylor and Jane Procter, of Horton-at Horton.

Robert Creyke,53 of Cottingham, and Margaret Thornborough, of North Cave-at
North Cave.

William Robinson and Elizabeth Chapman, of Whorlton-at Whorlton.
George Allott, of Emley, and Mary Maude, of Wakefield--at Wakefield.

George Tilson, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York, and Ann Williamson, of Holy
Trinity, Goodramgate, York--at Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Lionel Holmes and Isabel Rose, Wid., of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

John Green, of Ripon, and Ann Watson, of Wath, Wid.-at either place.
Thomas Cawood, of Ackworth, and Frances Baxter, of Wath-at either place.
Samuel Smithson, of Crofton, and Hester Armytage, of Thornhill-at either place.
Thomas Darrell, of Londsborough, and Isabel Smith, of Nunburnholme-at either

Richard Wright, of Murton, and Margaret Bird, of Catton-at Catton.

Robert Tullan, of Skipton, and Ellen Hargraves, of Colne [dioc. Chester]—at Skipton.

Roger Robinson and Ann Lee, of

-at St. Margaret's, York, or Bempton.

William Rhodes of Otley, and Frances Warrington, of Bolton—at Bolton.

John Witt,55 of Marton, and Mary Barne, of Rise-at either place.

Thomas Watson, and Margaret Harrison, of Sutton-in-Holderness-at Sutton-in Holderness.

Pharley [qu. Fairley ?] Coulson, of Filey, and Grace Watson, of St. Lawrence, York -at St. Lawrence, York.

Leonard Sanderson, of Bridlington, and Margaret Watson, of Bainton-at Bainton.

52 Took place 20 July, 1615.

53 Took place at St. Saviour's, York, 15 July, 1615, by licence. Witnesses, Thomas Metcalfe and Anthony Metcalfe.

54 Which Bolton? Probably Bolton Canons. 55 Martin Witt and Elizabeth Barne were married 10 June, 1592, at Aldburgh in Holderness; she was buried 21 October, 1616. They had three children. But, by his first wife

Margaret, buried 12 April, 1593, he had John, who was baptized 18 December, 1596, who had three children, John, Robert, and Thomas. The name is found at Burstwick, Roos, Rise, Sproatley, igglesthorne, Withernwick, and Aldburgh. So late as 13 March, 1695-6, one Martin Witt baptized a daughter at Nunkeeling.


John Sanderson, of North Dalton, and Jane Craven, of Middleton, Wid.-at either place.

Timothy Dawson and Margaret Barray, of Tickhill-at Tickhill.

Humphry Hughes and Magdalen Rogers, of Rilston-at Rilston.

Thomas Ezatt, and Margaret Clemett, alias Jefferson, of Hunmanby-at Hunmanby. Francis Clarkson, of St. Lawrence, York, and Isabel Herbert, of St. Margaret's, York -at St. Margaret's, York.

Edward Clark and Magdalen Webster, of Pontefract-at Pontefract.

Thomas Franklin, dioc. of Oxford, and Elizabeth Hewson, of Thornhill-at Thornhill.

Robert Brooke and Alice Webster, of Birstall-at Birstall.

William Gill, of Hampsthwaite, and Alice Browne, of Thornton, Ripon at [Bishop] Thornton.

Richard Procter and Catherine Lambert, of Tong-at Tong.

Christopher Braithwaite56 and Elizabeth Jackson, of St. Crux, York-at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, or Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Robert Stonehouse, of Skelton, and Margaret Tadcastle [qu. Hardcastle], of Kirkleatham-at Kirkleatham.

Thomas Maude, of Bingley, and Eleanor Ferrand, of Ilkley-at either place.
William Ainsley, of Ayton-Magna, and Mary Foster, of Marton-at either place.
William Horne, of Bradford, and Alice Tempest, of Guiseley, Wid.—at Bradford.
Robert Bairstow, of Halifax, and Susan King, of Leeds-at either place.

Caleb Procter,57 of Welton, and Dorothy Horsley, of Skirpenbeck (as asserted)—at either place.

Sir Gervase Clifton,58 Bart., and Lady Frances Clifford, dau. of Francis, Earl of Cumberland, of Skipton-at Skipton.

Walter Rudston,59 of Hayton, Esq., and Elizabeth Saltonstall, of Holy Trinity, Hull, Wid.-at either place.

John Fredwin, of Pontefract, and Isabel Thwaytes, of Great Markham [co. Notts]at either place.

George Hayton, of Felkirk, and Rosamund Bends, of Wragby, Wid.—at either place. Christopher Snaith, of Swine, and Margery Shepherd, of Bilton-at either place. Thomas Wood and Joyce Deane, of Halifax-at Halifax.

William Waller and Ann Dyson, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.

William Moorhouse, of Hutton-Cranswick, and Elizabeth Heeles, of Holy Trinity Goodramgate, York-at either place.

Thomas Walker, of Wakefield, and Grace Wood, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Henry Ridley, alias Thomlinson, of Collingham, and Ann Hopwood, of Bramham--at Collingham.

John Manknells and Margaret Lowcock, of Thornton-in-Craven-at Thornton-in-Craven. William Lang, of Bradfield, and Margaret Chippendale, of All Saints', North St., York

-at All Saints', North St., York.

John Priest, of Hampsthwaite, and Jane Pott, of Thornton, Ripon—at Thornton.

56 Took place 26 August, 1615, at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York.

57 See Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, Surtees Society, p. 169, where she is called Gertrude. I think for Welton we should read (Bishop) Wilton, a neighbouring parish to Full Sutton, where there were persons of the name of Procter.

581615. The seventh day of September, 1615, weare marryed Sir Gervais Clifton, of

Clifton, in the Countie of Nottingham, Knyght and Barronett, and the Honble. Ladye Frances Clifforde, daughter to the Rt. Honble. Francis Erle of Cumberland." Skipton Parish Register, extracted by me in 1855. This entry will be found on p. 191 of Dawson's Skipton, 1882.

59 His second wife; married 12 October, 1615, by licence, at North Newbald. He was buried 13 December, 1641, at Hayton.


Samuel Fielding and Ann Robinson, Wid., of Sandall-Magna-at Sandall-Magna. Leonard Browne, of Thornton, and Isabel Winterburne, of Burnsall, Wid.-at either place.

Robert Browne, of Guisborough (qu. Gisburn ?), and Cecily Garnett, of Skipton-at either place.

William Haigh, of Huddersfield, and Elizabeth Hirst, of Elland-at Huddersfield. Ralph Watson, of Gilling, and Prudence Fairfax, of Kirkdale-at Kirkdale.

Thomas Sherburne, dioc. Chester, and Elizabeth Waddington, of Long Preston, Wid. -at Long Preston.

Leonard Allan, of Spofforth, and Janet Kendall, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York— at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York.

Thomas Harrison, of Tadcaster, and Ellen Shatt (?), of Spofforth-at either place. Dominus Francis Thornhaugh, 60 son and heir of Sir John Thornhaugh, of Sturton [co. Notts], and Jane, da. of Sir John Jackson, of Edderthorpe, Knt.,-at Hickleton.

Thomas Dawson, of Arksey, and Mary Hanson, of Felkirk—at either place.

John Hancoats, prov. York, and Ester Watson, of St. Sampson's, York—at St. Sampson's, York.

Edward Rothwell, of Slaidburn, and Elizabeth Leeming, of Mitton-at either place. Thomas Norton, of Ferriby, and Elizabeth Pears, of [St. Martin's or Holy Trinity,] Micklegate, York-it Micklegate, York.

John Foldes, Clk., Vicar of North Wheatley [co. Notts], and Lettice Johnson, of North Wheatley, Wid.—at North Wheatley.

Thomas Haigh, of Halifax, and Susan Brooksbank, of Elland, Wid.—at either place. John Burrowes and Elizabeth Bright, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

James Lupton and Frances Harding, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's, Hull.

Thomas Robinson and Mary Gelson, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.

John Revill, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., and Elizabeth Shillito, of Castlefordat either place.

John Bradyll, of Whalley, and Millicent Talbot, of Long Preston-at Long Preston,


Richard Hedworth,62 of Chester, dioc. of Durham, Esq., and Elizabeth Herbert, of St. Crux, York-at St. Crux, York, or

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Thomas Broadley, of Keighley, and Jane Fowler, of Kildwick—at Kildwick.
Thomas Tempest, of Clayton, and Elizabeth Marris, of South Kirkby-at either place.
Robert Sisson, of Bilbrough, and Ann Burton, of St. Margaret's, York-at either

Francis Elwood and Ann Carter, of Marfleet-at Marfleet.

William Thomas and Mary Cawcroft, of Heptonstall-at Heptonstall.

60 See Thoroton's Notts, III. p. 296; Visitation of Notts, Harleian Society, pp 69 and 70; Hunter's South Yorkshire, II. p. 136; Foster's Visitations, p. 537. Sir John Thornhaugh was knighted at Belvoir Castle, 23 April, 1603. He was owner of Balne Hall, and his daughter Elizabeth was buried at Snaith, 1 January, 1594-5. Sir Francis was 22 at the date of his marriage, and was High Sheriff of Notts in 1637. His eldest son, Francis, was a Colonel of horse for the Parliament, and slain at Preston, 17 August, 1648, aged 31, M. I. Sturton.

He was of Portfield, and buried 5 April, 1655. She was daughter of John Talbot, of Bashall, by Ursula, d. John Hamerton, of


Hellifield, and was his first wife. Their only
son John was slain in the Civil War, at
Thornton-in-Craven, 27 July, 1643. See
Whitaker's Whalley, second ed, 1806, p. 218.
Whitaker's Craven, second ed. 1812, p. 25.)

Took place 9 October, 1615. She was danghter of Thomas Herbert, Alderman of York, by Mary, daughter of Thomas Harrison, of Acaster, and aunt to Sir Thomas Herbert, Bart., the Eastern traveller. (See Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, ed. Surtees Society, p. 165). He died in 1680. (Surtees's Durham, Vol. II. p. 151.) They are represented by Baron Hylton and the Earl of Lovelace.



Hugh Andrew, of Bainton, and Ellen Tyston (?), of St. John's, Beverley, Wid.—at either place.

Gilbert Rawlinson, of Whixley, and Margaret Norton, of Topcliffe-at either place. Oughtred Hodgkinson, of Slaidburn, and Dorothy Johnson, of Stanithe? Stainh ?-at either place.

Christopher Darnbrooke and Jane Fawcett, of Pateley Bridge-at Pateley Bridge. Richard Hey, of Brompton, and Alice Bewshaw, of Scawby (Scalby), Wid.—at Brompton.

Robert Benson, of Wakefield, and Susan King, of Leeds-at Wakefield.

John Senior,63 of Silkston, and Ann Pearson, of All Saints, Pavement, York—at All Saints, Pavement, York.

Valentine Speight, of Dewsbury, and Elizabeth Coldwell, of Adwick-le-Street-at either place.

Richard Thwaites, of Armthorpe, and Margaret Alderson, of Owston-at either place.
Marmaduke Rayner, co. Linc., and Ann Lockwood, of Holy Trinity, Hull, Wid.-at
Holy Trinity, Hull.

Thomas Cooke, of Wakefield, and Margaret Rayner, of Birstall—at either place.
Nicholas Wood and Margaret Wilkinson, of Ecclesfield-at Ecclesfield.

Simon Hayne? Wayne, of Ripon, and Ann Thompson, of Doncaster, Wid.—at either place.

William Booth, of Skipsea, and Ellen Sinclair, of Kilburn [qu. Kilham ?]—at Skipsea. John Maddison, of Pontefract, and Elizabeth Smith, of Badsworth, Wid. Pontefract.


George Oliver, of Bishop Wilton, and Catherine [Nor ?]cliffe, of Walton-at Walton. Ralph Jackson, of Darnton, and Ann Parkin, of St. Olave's, York-at St. Olave's, York.


William Simpson, and Effam Norton, of St. Olave's, York-at St. Olave's, York. Laurence Wilcock, of Broughton, and Ellen Mitchell, of Thorntou-at either place.

George Barchard, of Easington, and Joan Overton, of Humbleton-at either place. Thomas Collier and Agnes Boyes, of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Wyrrall, of High Hoyland, and Elizabeth Dobson, of Bilton-at High Hoyland. John Smith and Margaret Green, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Thomas Smeathman, of Pocklington, and Jane Burton, of Sand Hutton-at Sand


John Clough and Elizabeth Brearcliffe, of Bardsey-at Bardsey.

William Harrison, of Otley and Elizabeth Moore, of Fewston-at Otley.

Thomas Burland, of Fenton, and Ann Dawson, of St. Mary Bishophill, Senr., York at St. Mary Bishophill, Seur., York.

Thomas Winterburn, of Gargrave, and Margaret Knowles, of Long Preston—at either place.

Francis Wharton and Rachel Harrington, of Scarborough-at Scarborough.

Stephen Carver, of North Cave, and Margaret Mewburn, of Holme-on-Spalding-More, at Burstwick?-at either place?

John Okell, of Bradforth, Clk., and Alice Grave, of Birstall-at Birstall.

63 Took place 26 October, 1615.

64 The inarriage register for this year is missing; but he baptized a daughter Elizabeth 25 February, 1615-6, and Ann, 7 February, 1618-9.

65 I am indebted to my old friend and master, Chancellor Raine, D.C.L., for this information.

"Darnton is Darlington. You have heard the proverb, to tak Darnton trod,' i.e., to bolt out of Yorkshire into the Bishoprick, to escape your creditors. The origin of the saw, LO doubt, was, in the culprit seeking sanctuary at Durham." -J. R.


By the late SIR STEPHEN GLYNNE, Bart.



THIS is a very spacious and handsome church, almost wholly perpendicular, the exterior of which is very grand and imposing. It consists of a western tower, a nave with side aisles, and a large chancel, nearly equal in length to the nave, also with parallel aisles reaching to the east end. There is also an additional aisle or chapel on the south of the nave. A south porch has a high peaked roof open to

the interior and a kind of machicolation under it. The whole of the chancel and the south side of the nave are embattled. The south aisle of the chancel has the battlement finely pannelled and crocketed pinnacles surmounting enriched buttresses. The clerestory of the chancel is also enriched with pinnacles. The north aisle of the nave is plain and probably earlier," having two-light windows of decorated character. The tower is fine and lofty, with a pannelled battlement, eight crocketed pinnacles, and double belfry windows, and on the west side a fine perpendicular window of six lights. Most of the windows are of three lights, but one east of the south chapel of the nave is of five, as are those at the east of the side aisles. The east window of the chancel is of seven lights with a transom. In the south aisle, west of the chapel, are square-headed windows in an upper tier over the others, and in each aisle, about the middle, are inserted square-headed windows of the bay form, probably of the time of Queen Elizabeth. The interior, though grand from its space, exhibits coarser work than the exterior. The nave is divided from each aisle by five pointed arches upon octagonal pillars, and the south chapel opens to aisle by three of similar form and character. The chancel 11 Temp. Edw. 1.

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