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and his heirs (both sons of the said John Wilson the elder); and in default to his own right heirs.

William Newton (who at his father's death, in 1736, succeeded to the Stackwood Hill estate) married one of the daughters of his stepmother by her former husband, William Wordsworth, and in rights of his wife became entitled to a share of the Thongsbridge estate, and he ultimately became the purchaser of the remaining interests, which had been created under the entail. On his eldest son, Joshua Newton, the Stackwood Hill estate devolved; the Thongsbridge estate being settled on John Newton, the second son. His daughter, Lydia Newton, married Benjamin, the only son and heir of Smithson Empson of Goole Hall, in the parish of Snaith. On their marriage their united ages did not

exceed 32 years!

Joshua Newton died unmarried in 1762, and the Stackwood Hill property devolved upon his brother John, of Thongsbridge. Notwithstanding this accession of property, he was unfortunate. He engaged in commerce, and by unsuccessful speculations and general mismanagement of his affairs, he became bankrupt; his estates were ultimately sold.

Thongsbridge passed into the possession of Mr. Jonathan West, of Cawthorn, solicitor, who, after retaining it for a number of years, sold it. Shortly afterwards it passed into the possession of Messrs. Wentworth & Co., bankers of Wakefield; from whom it was purchased by Mr. William Newton of Stackwood IIill in Fulstone.

Extracts from Registers of the Wilson family of Thongsbridge and township of Netherthong—

Humphry, son of Anthony Wilson of Markbottom, bapt. 11 Oct. 1562. Ralph, son of Anthony Wilson of Nether Thong, bapt. 19 March,


Francis Wilson and Agnes Ouldome mar. at Kirkburton 22 May,


Margaret, d. of Francis Wilson of Thongsbridge, bapt. 5 Aug. 1602. Joseph, son of Francis Wilson of Thongsbridge, bapt. 28 Dec. 1603. Michael, son of Anthony Wilson of Nether Thong, bapt. 6 Sep. 1605. Humphry, son of Anthony Wilson of Nether Thong, bapt. 9 May, 1613. Anthony Wilson and Agnes Oldfield married 19 February, 1598. Agnes, uxor Anthony Wilson of Nether Thong, buried 25 May, 1609. Agnes, wife of Francis Wilson of Thongsbridge, buried 6 Nov. 1648.

Franciscus Wilson de câdem, maritus ejus, sepult. erat 10mo die [Nov. 1648].

Michael Wilson of Nether Thong
Christopher Wilson of Nether Thong

buried 18 Feb. 1648-9. buried 30 March 1660.

The Beaumonts of Nether Thong seem (like the Wilsons) to have been tenants on the estate of the Wentworths, of whom we have already given some account, and to have purchased the lands and tenements held by them in occupation in the 13 Elizabeth (1570). Their residence was in the village, and its situation is still known as "Giles' Fold:" the name of Giles seems to have been a favourite one in the family.

In 1562 John Beaumont of Nether Thong had a son Richard baptized at the Parish Church of Almondbury, and it is recorded in the register that one of the sponsors was Richard Beaumont of "Whitley Hall." From this circumstance we are led to believe that this family was a branch from that of Whitley-Beaumont. John Beaumont had also a son Godfrey and another called Giles.

Richard, the first-born, is described in the Register, in 1631, as "of Nether Thong, Squire." He was buried at Almondbury 13 April, 1643, and Giles Beaumont in 1657.

We find also a John Beaumont in 1659, who purchased lands at Deanhouse in the township of Honley (though very near the village of Nether Thong) from Sir Robert Stapleton, knight. There was also a John Beaumont of Nether Thong, in 1606, who can hardly be identical with the John of 1562. He was probably a son. He seems to have involved his estates, for in that year John Beaumont of Nether Thong, yeoman, and Humphry Beaumont, his second son, of Lassells Hall, yeoman, were parties to a deed dated 26 May, 4 James (1606), wherein the said John assigned his estate in Nether Thong to the said Humphry, for the term of forty years "if he should so long live," on condition that the said Humphry pay all his lawful debts : one of the messuages being described as at "Ledyeat in Nether Thong."

We next find a Godfrey Beaumont, of Nether Thong, yeoman, who by his deed dated 13 March, 17 James (1619), granted and confirmed to William Newton of Stackwood Hill in Fulstone, yeoman, &c., a close of land in Nether Thong called the "Whinney's Reape," "to be holden of

the Chief Lord of the Fee by services of right and accustomed." It would seem, however, that the foregoing transfer was not fully completed, as we find by a deed dated 4th May, 16 Carol. (1640), wherein Gyles Beaumont of Nether Thong, yeoman, and George Beaumont, his son and heir apparent, for a consideration, &c., received of William Newton of Stackwood Hill, released and quit-claimed to the said William Newton, &c., all right and title to the close called "Whinney's Reape."


This family (a branch of which was also settled in Meltham) seems to have been long resident in the village. Their ancient residence has been taken down and a large modern messuage erected, but the large and commodious barn and outbuildings still remain and indicate the substantial character of their former owners. Thomas Woodhead was a tenant on the Wentworth estate, a portion of which he purchased in 13 Elizabeth (1570). He seems to have been the son of George Woodhead, who died in 1572, at the age of 80 years. Thomas died in 1602, and was apparently succeeded by Humphry Woodhead of this place who died in 1628, and at this time a George Woodhead was living there. We next find Abraham Woodhead living at Nether Thong, in 1642. In a deed dated 29 January, 1677, Abraham Woodhead, described as of Nether Thong, yeoman, and Grace, his wife; also Joshua Woodhead, their son and heir, sued out a fine, out of the Court of Common Pleas, at Westminster, in respect of four messuages, one cottage, sixty acres of land, thirty acres of meadow, sixty acres of pasture, with common right, &c., in Nether Thong. On the 12th and 13th February, 1678, Abraham Woodhead aforesaid, executed a deed of conveyance to trustees of all the aforesaid lands and tenements, to the use of the said Abraham Woodhead for life, then to the use of Grace, his wife, for life, afterwards to Joshua Woodhead, his son and heir, for ever.

The said Joshua Woodhead, by his will dated July 13, 1719, devised to his eldest son and heir, Abraham Woodhead, messuages and lands in Nether Thong (leaving to his three other sons, viz., Benjamin, Daniel, and Thomas, also

messunges and lands, and to his wife, Hannah, an annuity for life).

The last-mentioned Abraham Woodhead, described as " of Nether Thong, yeoman," by his will dated 22 Dec., 1741, devised to his daughter Betty £200; and to Abraham, his only son and heir (then aged about five years), the whole of his real estate. He appointed his wife Elizabeth his executrix and guardian of his children.

Betty, the daughter, married Mr. John Woodhead, of Hullen Edge near Elland, and had issue one son, John, who died unmarried, and two daughters-one of whom married Dr. Cartelage, of Blackley, a physician, and the other was married to Mr. Cartelage, his brother. Abraham Woodhead, who was a minor at his father's death, became a Captain in the Army; but in the latter part of his life he resided at Elland, and there died. His family became unfortunate, and the estate in Nether Thong was sold, a considerable portion of it being purchased by Messrs. Abraham and John Woodhead and their sister, Mrs. Sarah Woodhead, who were distantly related to the previous owners, and who had been tenants on the estate. As we have already intimated, the Woodheads of this place, and of Meltham, were without doubt descended from the same stock. They each seem to have had the same favourite Christian name-Abraham-long before the time when the great scholar and theologian acquired so much distinction and gave such lustre to the name.

In the registers at Almondbury are the following records of this family :

Dorothy, d. of George Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 6 Oct. 1559. George, son of Thomas Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 27 Oct. 1577.

Michael, son of George Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 15 Sep. 1622.

John, son of Humphry Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 8 Jun. 1628.

William, son of George Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 16 Nov. 1628.

Humphry, son of Humphry Woodhead, of Nether Thong, bapt. 6 March, 1835-6.

Thomas Woodhead, of Nether Thong, sepult. 27 Jan. 1601.

John, son of Humphry Woodhead, of Nether Thong, sepult. 2 Dec. 1625.


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It does not appear that this family, resident at Nether Thong from a remote period, acquired its property by purchase from the Wentworths when they sold the Bisset estate. It is indeed certain that they held property here before the time of that sale. From what branch of the Kayes they descended, it is now impossible to say, for the name then as now was widely spread over the district, for in addition to the knightly family of Kaye, of Woodsome, the head of the clan, there were Kayes of Holme, also of Copthirst in Cartworth; Kayes of Milshaw in Hepworth; Kayes of Almondbury and of Farnley Tyas. These were all in the time of Queen Elizabeth of the class called "yeomen," nearly all of them living upon and farming their own estates. In 1636, Dec. 24, William Kaye of Nether Thong, yeoman, purchased a close of land, called West Field, in Nether Thong, of Giles Beaumont of Nether Thong. In 1650, April 8, William Kaye of Nether Thong, yeoman, and William Kaye, junior, of the same place, his son and heir, and Elizabeth his wife, and Sara Roids, of Nether Thong, spinster, for valuable consideration granted to William Newton, of Stackwood Hill, yeoman, four closes of land, called Westfield, Oxclose, Winny said Westfield, the said William Kaye, senior, lately had of Giles Beaumont.

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The following notes of this family are copied from the Almondbury Parish Registers :

Edward, son of Thomas Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 1 May, 1561. Humphrey, son of George Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 25 March,


Elizabeth, d. of George Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 9 Dec. 1564. George, son of John Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 6 Nov. 1580. John, son of John Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 10 Dec., 1581. William, son of George Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 25 April, 1585. George, son of George Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 25 Feb. 1587-8. Abraham, son of William Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 5 July, 1618. George, son of William Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 2 Sept. 1627. John, son of Abraham Kaye, of Nether Thong, bapt. 1 Aug. 1679. Maria, filia Reverendi Domini Johannis Kaye, de Nether Thong, bapt. apud Honley Chapel 27 Maii, 1713.

George Kaye, of Nether Thong, and Elizabeth Marsden, married 4 Nov. 1568.

John Kaye, clericus, of Nether Thong, and Elizabeth Eastwood, married 2 Feb. 1712-3.

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