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to hold from ye feast of St Michael in ye 19 yeare of ye now King till ye end of 12 yeares [Alanus fecit vastum, & gravavit Tho. Cadman &alias villanos p'dci maner' (Dodsworth)].

Out of Melton's Register, fo. 149.

QQ [vol. 144] 114 Lady Auicia de Newmarch 'p'sents to ye Church of Wylmersley 4 Pontif. [1318].

Out of St Mary's Tower, Yorke.

SSS [vol. 94] 69 [Given with verbal alterations under ASKARNE vol. x. 261.]

[Here is a fuller date : " on Tuesday next after ye feast of St Peter ad Vincula, &c. 4 H. 4" (1403).]


Out of John Roman's Register, &c. fo. 13.

[vol. 28] 28

Archpk [1287].

Sr Adam (de) Newmarch Kt p'sents to ye Church of Wilmersley, Non. Octob. 2 of 16 Ed. 1.

Fines A° 8 H. 6 [1430].

XXX [vol. 106] 15 [Entered under LITTLE SMEATON, p. 77, vol. xii.]

Charta Ao 20 Ed. 3 ñ. 22 [1346].

HHH [vol. 54] 183 Roger de Novo mercato had a market & a faire at Wilmersley in ye County of Yorke."1

Charta A° 11 Ed. 2 [1317] ñ. 38.


C [vol. 120] 57 The King granted to Roger Newmarch free warren in all his demeasne Lands of Wilmersley, Rissingthorp,

Askern & Scoulthorp in ye County of Yorke.

Fines Ao 10 Ed. 1 [1282].


GG [vol. 128] 12 [Entered under ROUCLIFFE, p. 77, vol. xii.]

Fines A° 8 Ed. 2 [1314].

GG [vol. 128] 21 [Entered more fully under LITTLE SMEATON, see p. 77, vol. xii. here it ends at "Ezth., his wife and their heirs."] 63

[Other references are CCC (vol. 34) 24, 72; F (vol. 125) 3, 159.]

61 There is at Womersley, at the junction of three roads in the outskirts of the village, the base of an old cross, which has probably some connection with this market. It is not a boundary


62 The phrase ad lucandr' vel pdendum is freely translated "for recovering or losing."

63 The following notes are obtainable from the various entries :


Out of Nostell Priory Coucher, fo. 250.

Cecill daughter of Maud de Oxenhop gaue to ye Church of St Oswald & Nostell for 27 of siluer one acre of Land in ye Teritory of Wragby.

MM [vol. 138] 43

Out of Nostell Priory Coucher, fo. 251.


To all the faithfull in Christ Roger son of William de Preston greeting. Know ye that for ye health my soule &c. J haue giuen to the Canons of St Oswald of Nostell c. to the vse of building the Church all that Land in Wragby without any withholding with the buildings, as it lieth between the Toft of John Collock &c. in Wraggby.

MM [vol. 138] 43

ibm. 251.

MM [vol. 138] 43 Stephen Prior & Couent of Nostell gaue to Serlo de Bramham his servant 2 acres of Land in Wragby with

a toft &c. in exchange of one Toft in Brameham.

[On a fly-leaf at the commencement of these notes is entered a memorandum "Mr. Tilleysons hand."]

66 This is an almost singular example of a parish not being named after one of its members. A hamlet called Wragby has sprung up at Nostell, in the neighbourhood of the church, but the ancient parish of Wragby was composed of the manors of Hessle, Hilltop, Nostell, Rybill, West Hardwick and Wintersett. Of these neither Hill Top nor Wintersett was named separately in Domesday, while Hardwick and Nostell appear to have been grouped with Featherstone. In the 1378 Poll Tax, there was no mention of Hessle, Hill Top, or West

Hardwick; while Ryhill and Wintersett are named under Stain cross. Rybill was assessed at 5s., to be paid by 12 at 4d. and 2 at 6d., a skinner and a webster. Wyntersett was assessed at 10s., to be paid by 15 at 4d., and 10 at 6d. The ten were 4 souters, a chapman, a skinner, a smith, a tailor, a webster, and a wright. There are no Church Notes in 800; for Dodsworth's Wragby Church Notes, which were copious and interesting, went astray into the Agbrigg volume. They will be found at Vol. viii. 514, et seq.

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