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resignation, and other causes. The number of members at present is as follows::

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The alteration in the rules for electing new members, proposed by the Council in the last Report, was adopted by the members at the last annual meeting, and it has been found to work satisfactorily. It will be remembered that one of the alterations was to reduce the entrance fee from one guinea to half a guinea.

WINTER MEETINGS.-The monthly meetings, during the months January to March and October to December inclusive, have been held as usual in the reading-room of the Chetham Library, except the opening meeting, on the 8th October of the present winter session, which was held in the City Art Gallery.

The following is a list of the papers read and of short communications :


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Jan. 29.-Annual Meeting.

Feb. 5.-The Ancient Lords of Middleton. Mr. J. Dean.

5.-Hall-i'th'-Wood. Major French.

Mar. 5.-English and Continental Control of Coin Issues. Mr. W. S.

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5. The Stycas of Northumbria. Mr. Nathan Heywood.
5.-Ordsal Hall and the Radcliffes. Mr. C. Roeder.

Oct. 8.-The Frontier History in Britain.


Professor W. Boyd Dawkins,

Nov. 5.-A Series of Abbreviated Deeds relating to Early Tenures of Land, &c., in Minshull Vernon. Dr. Renaud, F.S.A.

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5.---Disputed Boundary in Ashworth, temp. Edward VI. Lieut.Colonel Fishwick, F.S.A.

5.-De Pictis Britannicis. Rev. E. F. Letts, M.A.

Dec. 3.-Deæ Matres. Dr. H. Colley March, F.S.A.


3.-Old John Heywood, of Saddleworth. Mr. S. Andrew.


Jan. 14.-Ancient Beacons of Lancashire and Cheshire. Mr. William


14. Roman Road Research in Garstang District. Mr. S. Jackson.

SUMMER MEETINGS were held at the places and on the dates as in the following list:

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CONVERSAZIONE.-A Conversazione was held in the City Art Gallery, Manchester, on December 7th, in the course of which Mr. James Tait, M.A., lecturer on Modern History in the Owens College, gave a short address on "Some Recent Theories on the Origin of Boroughs." The chair was taken by Lieut.-Col. Fishwick, F.S.A., President of the Society.

After the lecture a musical and literary entertainment was given, under the direction of Mr. John Wilcock, by Miss Lillie Wormald, Miss Harriet Burrows, Mr. J. D. Andrew, Mr. Wilcock, and Mr. Herbert Yates.

A very interesting collection of plate, miniatures, engravings, documents, &c., was exhibited, and many objects which have fallen into desuetude during the Victorian era.

CONFERENCE OF ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETIES.-The Conference was held in the rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, London, on November 3rd, 1897. This Society was again represented by Mr. Alexander Brooke and Mr. C. C. Smith.

ARCHEOLOGICAL Survey of LanCASHIRE, AND TRANSACTIONS of this Society.— As there are but few copies of the Survey on hand, those members who desire to possess copies of this valuable work would do well to secure them without delay. Members who wish to complete their sets of the Transactions can now obtain most of the volumes at the reduced price of 7s. 6d. each. Application for either the Survey or the Transactions may be made to the Hon. Secretary.


OBITUARY.-We have lost four members by death during viz.:year,

Mrs. George Linnæus (Isabella) Banks, who was elected an honorary member of the Society on November 3rd, 1893, died in London on May 4th, 1897, aged seventy-six. She was born at Manchester on March 25th, 1821, and published her first work, Ivy Leaves, a volume of verse, in 1843, two years before her marriage. Her first novel was not published until 1865. This was God's Providence House, a tale of old Chester, and was followed by other novels, the most famous of which was The Manchester Man, a graphic picture of Manchester in the early years of the nineteenth century. She took a keen interest in local antiquities, which she showed not only in her books, but in a large number of contributions to the Manchester City News, and other papers. Her election as a member of this Society gave her great delight, and she made several communications to its proceedings.

Mr. Edmund J. Baillie, F.L.S., who joined the Society at its foundation in 1883, died at Upton, near Chester, on 18th October, 1897, in his forty-seventh year. He was of Scotch descent, but was born at Waverton, Cheshire, and during the whole of his working life was connected with the firm of F. and A. Dickson, subsequently Dicksons Limited, seedsmen and nurserymen, of Chester. He was a man of varied interests, a writer and speaker on botany and horticulture, a deep student and admirer of John Ruskin, a competent artist and musician. He was honorary secretary

and treasurer of the Grosvenor Museum, Chester, treasurer of the Kingsley Memorial Trust, and secretary of the Chester Arts and Crafts Gulld. For many years he had been a vegeterian, and a paper by him, entitled "A Guild of Good Life," was read on the very day of his death before a vegeterian conference at Manchester.

Mr. James Henry Johnson, F.G.S., who died on 21st June, 1897, at his residence at Hallgarth, near Carnforth, joined the Society in 1883. He was born at Wincham, Cheshire, in 1829, and worked from the age of thirteen with a salt and coal shipper at Runcorn. In 1860 he settled at Wigan, and ultimately became a chief proprietor of the Abram Coal Company. He took great interest in literary and historical subjects, and collected a large and valuable library. In 1887 he gave £5,000 to the Wigan Mining School, and built a wing of the Wigan Infirmary.

Mr. William Smith, M.D., of Eccles, medical inspector of factories, and one of the first elected members of the Eccles Town Council, died during the year. He was chairman of the Eccles Junior Conservative Club, and a prominent Freemason. He joined the Society on 7th October, 1887.

AcknowledgmENTS.—The cordial thanks of the Society are given to the Feoffees of Chetham Hospital for their kindness in continuing to grant the use of the meeting rooms of the Council and the Society; and also to the Rev. Addison Crofton, M.A., and Mr. Joel Wainwright, J.P., for valued assistance on the occasion of the visits of the Society to Settle and Marple.

The thanks of the members are again due to Mr. C. W. Sutton, the Editor of the Transactions; Mr. T. Letherbrow, Hon. Treasurer; and Mr. G. C. Yates, F.S.A., Hon. Secretary; and also to the Auditors.




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Expenses at Winter Meetings:

Chetham College

126 10


Forsyth Brothers

7 17 6

14 14 O

£178 16 11


£17 18 11

200 O O 50 O O

£267 18 11

Chapman, Lantern



Expenses at Summer Meetings Cheque Book

Bank Commission


Archæological Congress: Annual Subscription 300 Copies of Index


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Clerical Help to Honorary Secretary and Treasurer... Postages, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor IO R. Gill, Printing Annual Volume Balance

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Examined and found correct, January 27th, 1898.


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