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Following Lancashire and Cheshire persons [natives or closely connected]:Vol. 49: John Henry Robinson, line engraver (1796-1871); Ralph Robinson, Puritan divine (1614-1655); Samuel Robinson, Persian scholar (1794-1884); George Fennel Robson, water colour painter (1788-1833); John Roby, author of The Traditions of Lancashire (1793-1850); William Roby, Congregational divine (1766-1830); Daniel Rock, D.D., ecclesiologist (1799-1871); John Bolton Rogerson, poet (1809-1859); George Romney, painter (1734-1802); Peter Romney, painter (1743–1777); Henry Roscoe, legal writer (1800–1836); Thomas Roscoe, author and translator (1791-1871); William Roscoe, historian (1753-1831); William Caldwell Roscoe, poet and essayist (1823-1859); John Rosworme or Rosworm, engineer-general of the army of the Commonwealth (fl. 1630-1660); Edward Rothwell, dissenting minister (d. 1731); Owen Rowe or Roe, regicide (1593?-1661); Sir Samuel Rowe, colonial governor (1835-1888); Edward Rushton, poet (1756–1814).

Vol. 50: John Rylands, merchant and manufacturer (1801-1888); Peter Rylands, politician (1820-1887); Samuel William Ryley, actor and author (1759–1837); William Ryley (the elder), herald and archivist (d. 1667); Thomas Salthouse, Quaker (1630-1691); John Sanderson, D.D., Catholic divine (d. 1602); Edwin Sandys, archbishop of York (1516?-1588); Sir John Savage, politician and soldier (d. 1492); Thomas Savage, archbishop of York (d. 1507); James Saxon, portraitpainter (d. 1817?); Edmund Scambler, bishop of Peterborough and Norwich (1510?-1594); James Christopher Scholes, antiquary (1852-1890); Carl Schorlemmer, chemist (1834-1892).

Vol. 51 Alexander John Scott, first principal of Owens College (1805-1866); Cuthbert Scott or Scot, bishop of Chester (d. 1565); Felix John Vaughan Seddon, orientalist (1798–1865); John Seddon, Unitarian divine (1719-1769); John Seddon, rector of Warrington Academy (1725-1770); Thomas Seddon, author (1753–1796); Richard Shacklock, Catholic divine (f. 1575); Edmund Sharpe, architect (1809-1877); Sir Edmund Shaw or Shaa, lord mayor of London (d. 1487?).

Vol. 52: George Sheffield, artist (1839-1892); William Shepherd, dissenting minister and politician (1768–1847); Richard Sherlock, divine (1612-1689); William Shippen, parliamentary Jacobite (1673-1743); ́ Philip Nicholas Shuttleworth, bishop of Chichester (1782-1842); William Simpson or Sympson, Quaker (1627?-1671); Robert or John Singleton, Roman Catholic divine (d. 1544); John Smethurst, Unitarian minister (1793-1859).





CONTRACTIONS: C. N. and Q., Cheshire Notes and Queries; D. N. B., Dictionary of National Biography; M. C. N., Manchester City News; M. F. and P., Manchester Faces and Places; M. W. T., Manchester Weekly Times.

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Bothe or Boothe (Sir Robert del)
Monumental Brass C. N. and Q.
Bowdon, History Ingham, Old
Church C. N. and Q.
Bridges, Ancient Harrison
Brierley (Morgan) M. C. N.
Brooke Family of Astley, Descent

Broome (Rev. Wm.) C. N. and Q.
Bunbury Church M. F. and P.
Capernwray Hall M. F. and P.
Cartmel Church Tarney

Charters at Scarisbrick Hall Powell

Cheadle, Reminiscences C. N. and Q.

Cheadle Bulkeley Hall M. C. N. Cheese, Cheshire, Folk-Lore

M. C. N.

Cheshire, Antiquities and Biography, Bibliography Swann, Cheese, Folk-Lore M. C. N., Cycling Routes Perry, Executions C. N. and Q., Family Records Burke, Fifty Miles Cycle Ride M. C. N., Fords, Ferries, and Bridges, Ancient Harrison, Handbook Murray's, in 1822 C. N. and Q., Inclosures, Domesday, 1517 Leadam, Local Parliaments C. N. and Q., Plundered Ministers Record Society, References in Patent

Rolls, 1381-85, 1461-67 Patent,
References in State Papers,
1642-49 Hamilton, 1671-72
Daniell, Sixteenth Century
Social Life C. N. and Q., Story
Creighton, Treasury References,
1729-30 Shaw, Wills and Inven-
tories Chetham Society

Chester, Cathedral and See Hiatt,
Court of Exchequer Bateman,
Holy Trinity Church, Effigy
Williams, in the Seventeenth
Century C. N. and Q., Northgate
Street, Early Deeds Taylor,
References in Papal Letters,
1342-1362 Bliss, Roman Altar
discovered, 1896 Haverfield
Chetham College and Mrs. G. L.
Banks M. C. N.
Chorley M. W. T.

Clitheroe, Honor, Court Rolls

Cloud End C. N. and Q. Combermere Abbey M. C. N. Congleton, Roman Station C. N. and Q.

Cotton Trade, Inventive Epoch Nasmith

Court Rolls of the Honor of
Clitheroe Farrer

Cuerden Hall M. F. and P.
Delamere House C. N. and Q.
Depositions in Duchy Court of
Lancaster Record Society
De Quincey (Thos.) Stansfield
Didsbury, Old Parsonage M. C. N.
Dodge Family C. N. and Q.

Dones of Utkinton C. N. and Q.
Exchequer Court, Chester Bateman
Executions, Cheshire C. N. and Q.
Ferries, Ancient Harrison

Fitton (Anne and Mary) Newdegate
Flixton Evening Student
Folk-Lore, Hawkshead Cowper
Fords, Ancient Harrison
Formby, Reminiscences Jacson
Fossil Oak at Stockport C. N.

and Q.
Fytton, see Fitton

Gaskell (Mrs. E. C.) Her House

and its Memories Leslie

Gatley, Reminiscences C. N. and Q. Gorton Family Stone

Gossip from a Muniment Room Newdegate

Great Budworth Church, Architecture Taylor

Green (William) Lake Artist Roeder Greenhalge (F. T.) Biography Nesmith

Guilds, Town Ball

Hale Hall M. W. T.

Hall, Medieval, Evolution Cox Halls, Lesser, of Lancashire Waite Halsall, Parish and Church Taylor Handforth M. W. T.

Haunted Houses M. C. N. Hawkshead, Folk-Lore Cowper,

Register, 1568-1704 Cowper Hawthorne (N.) Memories of Lathrop

Hemans (F. D.) Liverpool Homes Shaw

Heysham Old Hall Waite Heywood (James) Heywood Holmes Chapel, St. Luke's Church M. F. and P.

Hornby Castle M. F. and P. Hoylake, Reminiscerces Gamlin Inclosures, Cheshire, Domesday, 1517 Leadam

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1381-85, 1461-67 Patent, References in State Papers, 1642-49 Hamilton, 1671-72 Daniell, Story Creighton, Lancashire, Treasury References, 1729-30 Shaw, Wills and Inventories Chetham Society Lancaster, M. W. T., Castle Cox, Duchy Court, Pleadings and Depositions Record Society, School Roper, Town Guild, Ordinances Ball Letters of Marque, Liverpool Williams

Liverpool, Ancient, King's Mills
Bennett, Homes of Mrs. Hemans
Shaw, Privateers and Letters of
Marque Williams, Social Club,
Records, 1775-1781 Wilson
Lyme Hall Newton
Maddock Family, Pedigree Howard
Manchester, Cathedral, Sculp-
tured Stone Hudson, Chamber
of Commerce, Centenary M. W.
T., Deansgate M. C. N., Free
Reference Library M. W. T.,
Gentlemen's Concert Hall M.
W. T., Grosvenor Street Con-
gregational Chapel M. F. and
P., Methodism M. C. N., Man-
chester, Photographic Survey
Coulthurst, Ship Canal, 1708–1896
Tracy, Volunteers a Century Ago

Manor Houses of Lancashire

Merrick's House or Mill C. N.

and Q.

Methodism in Manchester M. C.
N., Manchester

Middleton Parish Church Dean,
M F. and P.
Mills, King's, of Ancient Liverpool

Ministers, Plundered, Committee

for Relief, Minutes Record Society Monumental Brass, Sir R. del Bothe C. N. and Q. Moreton Hall Moreton Morton (W.) Morton

Nantwich Church C. N. and Q.
Nonconformist Licences, 1671-72

Oldham Lyceum, History Tait
Ordsall Hall M. W. T.
Over Church C. N. and Q.
Over Peover Church C. N. and Q.
Park Lane Chapel, History Fox
Parsons and Weavers Smith
Pedigrees, Family Records Burke
Peele Castle and Hall C. N. and Q.
Pilkington (Francis) Madrigal
Writer Bridge

Place-Names, Antiquity Haverfield,
Rochdale Fishwick

Pleadings in Duchy Court of
Lancaster Record Society
Prenton Wood, Boundary Stones,
&c. Cox

Prestbury Church C. N. and Q.
Privateers, Liverpool Williams
Registers, Bebington Sanders,
Hawkshead, 1568-1704 Cowper,
Stockport Parish Church C. N.
and Q.

Robinson (J. H.) D. N. B. 49
Robinson (Ralph) D. N. B. 49
Robinson (S.) D. N. B. 49
Robson (G. F.) D. N. B. 49
Roby (John) D. N. B. 49
Roby (Wm.) D. N. B. 49
Rochdale Robertson, Place-Names

Rock (D.) D. N. B. 49

Roe, see Rowe

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