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Grynlowe, of Gryndlowe, on 13th April, 1593; and of James Grydlowe, of the same place, on 6th June, 1596. Isabel, widow of John, was buried 20th March, 1597; and Alice, widow of another John, on 19th July, 1598. On 19th September, 1612, Elizabeth Girdlowe and Robert. Travis were married; and on 28th June, 1623, John Gredley and Katherine Brock were united. The Birches, of Grindlow, are commemorated in the following entries in the Manchester Registers: Burials, 14th January, 1578, John Birche, of Martinscrosse, householder [this entry was long a puzzle, but Mr. Owen now thought that the cross may have been originally dedicated to St. Martin]; 18th December, 1615, Katherine, daughter of William Byrche; 11th March, 1619, Margerie, daughter of Richard; 29th April, 1625, Richard Birche; 18th July, 1626, William Birche, chapman; 6th November, 1635, John Birche, "myllener;" 23rd August, 1648, Ann, daughter of William; 28th December, 1666, Richard Birch, "deceased in Grindloe;" 30th September, 1676, William Birch; 1694, "Mary, wife of the late Dr. Birch, was buried in the Somer house in the garden at Grindloe." William Birch and Margaret Chorlton were married on 24th August, 1606. The following, from the Register of Baptisms, are probably their children: 12th June, 1608, Edmund; 28th October, 1610, John, "son of William Birche, of Grindlowe Crosse;" 13th December, 1612, Alice; 16th July, 1615, Katherine; 15th December, 1616, William; 21st March, 1618, Margaret; 21st January, 1620, Anna; 12th May, 1622, Robert; 16th January, 1624, Anna. At a later date, 4th November, 1643, Martha and Mary, daughters of William Birche, of Grindowe, were baptised. In the Manchester Court Leet Records, 19th October, 1647, it is stated that the jury find "that George Travis, sen., of the Yieldhouses


[Rusholme], is departed this life, and that Martha, his daughter, is his sole heir for lands in the Myllnegate, and hath married William Birch, of Grindlow." On 2nd December, 1654, the following entry occurs among the marriages: "John Renshaw, of Urmston, in the parish of Flixton, husbandman, son of Henry Renshaw, of the same, yeoman, and Margaret Birch, of Grindlowe, daughter of William Birch, deceased. Witnesses, Robert Birch, William Birch, Henry Harrison, alias Hughes." The late Mr. John Higson states, in his Gorton Recorder, 1852, that the tomb of Dr. Birch and his wife at Grindlow Hall was in existence a few years previously. More recently Mr. Higson, in a letter to Mr. Owen, remarked: "Aunt Susan the tomb of Dr. Birch and his wife (buried 1694) stood in front of Longsight Hall, nearly against the garden wall, and within a few feet of the highway. Of course, when it was converted in two genteel (?) residences, by being stuccced in front, the tomb was removed, as the new tenants, with nineteenth century notions, might not like to see the silent monitor of their own fate ever displaying itself before the drawing-room windows." Mr. Higson said he was at a loss to determine who this Dr. Birch was. In the Inquisition post mortem of Thomas La Ware, in 1427, he is shown as seized of "3 messuagi, 140 acris terre, 10 acris prati, et 20 acris pasture in Greneloweth" (Towneley's Abstracts of Inquisitions Post Mortem, ed. W. Langton, ii. 17). Another early reference. to Grindlow occurs in the rental of Thomas West, Lord La Ware, in 1473 (Harland's Mamcestre, iii. 5co), thus: "Thomas Whitehead, chaplain of a chantry in the church of Mamcestre, for one tenement with appurtenances in Grene lowe [in Gorton], which he held freely of the said lord-20s." In the Manchester Mercury of 4th September, 1787, the following advertisement appears: "To be Sold

the fee simple and inheritance of that Capital Messuage and dwelling house called the Grindlow, with the Barns, stables, outbuildings, Orchards, Gardens, and 14 acres 18 perches of land, situate lying and being in Chorton row, and in the possession of Mr. John Watson as tenant.”





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