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But the facts we have reviewed are connected by links that are not exactly lineal, but are often reticulate, and we perceive in every direction evidence of influence and overlap. Yet, crossing and intermixture, the production of varieties and their mutual competition, are, to any true evolution, altogether necessary.


Fig. 1. The three Norns of Weird's Brook.

Roman Inscriptions,

A stone found at High Rochester, Northumberland, close to a
bath, 9ft. by 7ft. 5in. and 4ft. 6in. deep.
Newcastle, 1853.

Fig. 2. Three Norns or Nymphs.

Stone from Borcovicus (Housesteads).—Catalogue, Black Gate
Museum, Newcastle, p. 76.

Fig. 3. Nymphs of the three springs at Procolitia (Carrawburgh) that fed the well of Coventina.-Archæologia Eliana.

Fig. 4. The goddess Coventina.-Ibid. The inscription enlarged is, "Dea Coventinæ, Titus Domitius cosconianus Prefectus cohortis primæ Batavorum, libens merito."

Fig. 5. Five dancing Matronæ. A stone found at Avigliano, Upper Italy.-Proc. Soc. Antiq., iv. 287.

Fig. 6. Three seated Matronæ. A stone in the Cologne Museum.—Arch.,

xlvi. 176.

Fig. 7. The Deæ Matres. Stone found at Newcastle.-Cat. Black Gate

Mus., p. 3.

Fig. 8. Engraved jasper gem. The Chnuphis crowned with twelve rays for the months of the year. Beneath him is an altar.-King's Gnostics, pl. iii., fig. 2,

Fig. 9. Engraved calcedony. The Agathodæmon, Chnuphis Serpent, or Good Spirit, with seven rays for the days of the week.-Ibid, fig. 7.

Fig. 10. "Triple S and bar," the invariable reverse to the foregoing Chnuphis. Amulet against pleurisy.—Ibid.

Fig. 11. Engraved loadstone. Mummy-like figure encompassed within the coils of a huge serpent. Similar symbols have been found on leaden scrolls in the sarcophagi of a tomb in the Vigna Massina.-Ibid, fig. 1.

Fig. 12. Handle, 4in. long, of a silver patera. The vessel is 4in. diameter, 3in. deep.

Fig. 13. Gold ring, weight 8 dr. 19 grs. The letters are stamped with small blunt chisels.

Found with other objects in

the county of Durham, all apparently associated with the worship of the Dea Matres. Arch. Jour., viii. 38.

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