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Laws and Customs regarding the Appointment of Fees, and the Profits arising from official Business.

Having spoken at large of the public duties of the officers at arms, it may not be improper to state concisely some particulars of the sources, and respective proportions of their official emoluments. These may be divided into two classes: the first, arising from salaries and fees of honour; the second, from what is called private business.

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The salaries, which are of very ancient establishment, have become, as money has decreased in value, very inconsiderable. That of a king of arms is £100. per annum, of an herald 40 marcs, and of a pursuivant £20. Each is liable to land-tax, and other deductions. The fees of honour are paid on creations of peers, advancements to all orders of knighthood, and on institutions and translations to bishopricks; on certain attendances on the royal person; installations of the order of St. George, these are very considerable; also on proclamations of war and peace, and royal funerals. In the divisions of these fees the heralds receive twice as much as the pursuivants, and the kings at arms twice as much as the heralds: in addition to which, Garter has, on almost every occasion here specified, a very considerable separate fee, which, together with his immense profits on Installations of the Garter, and his peculiar fees on the investiture of foreign princes with that order, &c. produce that noble income which he enjoys: an income most properly assigned to so dignified an office.

The second class of heraldic emoluments, accruing from what is denominated private business, is, in its nature and mode of distribution, totally foreign from the other. It arises from the applications of private individuals on all occasions of heraldic business, such as for the proving the pedigrees of peers under the standing orders of the House of Lords; for grants or exemplifications of arms; changes of surname by the king's licence; patents of supporters to peers, knights of the Garter, and Bath, &c.; copies of pedi grees, or other documents from the records of the College; collecting or recording family pedigrees which have not been already entered there; tracing genealogies to establish proofs of the inheritance or acceding to peerages, or other hereditary titles or high offices, or of the descent of property; and a variety of other objects. Upon all these occasions every individual officer of the College, from Garter down to the junior pursuivants, has an equal right to accept commissions, and to transact business, for his own separate and peculiar profit. It may, however, be remarked, that the exercise of this right has generally been waved by the gentlemen who have held the office of Garter,


as somewhat unworthy of his high and lucrative situation, not to mention that he receives a large fee by virtue of his office on almost every occasion here mentioned; but the provincial kings at arms, whose places are less lucrative, have always, and very properly availed themselves of it.

The application on such private business is made in one or the other of two modes. A perfect stranger to the College presents himself in course to its public office, where he finds the herald and pursuivant who happen to have, in rotation, the turn of waiting for that month; and the fact of his applications to them gives them the sole right to the transaction of the business, and to the property of the profit attending it. A person, on the other hand, who has a knowledge of an individual officer of the College, either on the score of personal acquaintance, or through the recommendation of a common friend, making his application to that officer, gives him in like manner the sole right of transacting the business on which he applies, and the sole property in the profits attending it; and thus every individual officer of arms has, like the professors of the law, his own peculiar clients, with whom any interference by a brother officer would be deemed highly improper, as it is directly contrary to the law of the College in such


It will appear, from what has been stated, that the official emoluments of the officers of arms vary very widely in their amount according to their respective knowledge of their official duties; to the degrees of their professional assiduity, and to the extent and respectability of their private connexions: yet all of them, at least from Garter, have too little for their elegant, respectable, ancient posts, their salaries being inadequate to their merit, their acquirements, their sacrifices, to their personal services upon one of the greatest monarchs in the world The richest nation in Europe by its representatives will, there can be little doubt, soon make their emoluments equal, at least to what they were when their salaries were settled at a great distance of time, when a very small sum of money was able to procure what now requires a great one.


N.B. The Life of the Person is given where this Mark * is placed.

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* Since these sheets were sent to the press, promoted to be Norroy, see page Ixi.


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