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650 acres sett out in the County of

Yorke for the Inhabitants of Croule, for which they pay to Hen. Yarbrough Esqr. Lord of the

manor of Snaith in Yorkshire, yearly in Snayth Church Porch, it

is called the Out Rack, every messuage in Croule

pays every cottage.

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of the said manor of Croule Can or may have or Claime or Challenge to Have in the said Northtofts Haynes and the Grounds Lyeing betwixt the Moorhouse and Duckling Ledge. And in Consideration Thereof the aforesaid Tennants and Inhabitants shall have to them and their Heirs and assighnes the Inheritance of Six Hundred and Fifty acres of Ground to be sett out for them in such place as in the said Certificate is mentioned. And as for that the said six Hundred and Fifty acres hath been surveyed and sett out according to the said Certificate by a surveyor Indifferently Chosen Between the said Sr. Cornelius Vermyden and the said Defendants and Tennants of Croule, That is to Say the said . . . acres in the said Certificate mentioned to Lye nere the North Side Pomfret Tree Sike and part of the moorsides on the South, The Moors or wast on the Seave Carr The Hope and part of Blackwater on the North The River of old Dunn East, and the said Four Hundred acres in the said Certificate mentioned to Lye as Followeth (viz.) Part of the Moors, south and west Part of the Seave Carr north. The Moorsides pasture East, And the said one Hundred acres for the owners of the said Fishings in the said Certificate also mentioned to Lye as Followeth (viz.) Akeham Carr on the East, Blackwater and the River of old Dunn West, Rainsbutt Trees north, Coyes Garth and part of the Holms hills and some marish Ground. It is Therefore also ordered and Decreed by Consent of Both Parties That the said Grounds and Land so sett out be enjoyed by the said Defendants Tennants and Inhabitants of Croule from Henceforth for ever Hereafter according to the said Recited Certificate and the same to be Conveyed to Feoffees as shall be by them named in Trust for themselves and the Rest according to the said Certificate. If they the said Tennants and Commoners and their Councel shall think fitt.

The Comons to be

for ever enjoyed by the Tennants, and Inhabitants of





Abbot of Laxton, Robert, 182

Addison, John, 171

Adlingfleet, 203

Agarde, Arthur, 201

Aguillon, Geoffrey, 165
Airmin, 201, 202

Albini, Nigel d', 238n

Allanson, Rev. Thomas, 185
Allot, William, 199

Allthorpe (Althorpe), 229, 230
Alot, Dionisia, 156
Amsterdam, 213
Anderson, Stephen, 228

William, 223, 227, 228, 234,

237, 239, 240, 243

Antrim, Randle, Esq., 229

Arlush, Nicolas, 164, 181, 183
Arlusse, Nicholas, 171

Armitage, William, 228

Armthorpe, 198

added to Manor of Hat

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Mr., 212, 213, 217, 218, 220
Mr. John, 214, 216, 219
Sir Lucas, 213

Cotness, 153, 184

Cottingham, Sir Francis, 234

Course of old Donn river from Eastofte

to Stainford, 203, 204

Courten or Courteen, Sir William,
212, 218, 220

Cowbridge, 200
Coyes Garth, 245
Cranswick, 165, 166, 168
Cross-trod Field, 141

Craijsteijn, Widow of Michaiel, 212,

213, 218, 220, 222, 226
Cressey, Parke, 229

Crijpenninck, Pieter, 212, 213, 218,
220, 222, 226

Crompton, John, 230

Cromwell's Ironsides at Howden, 157
Cromwell, Thomas, Lord, 199

Crooke, Sir John, 228

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[blocks in formation]

221, 226

Demarewerd, Charles, 226

Derby, Earl of, 200

Derivation of Personal Names, 157
Devert, John, 213

Dewitt, Jacob, 212, 215, 221

Thomas, 212, 215, 217, 221, 226
William, 212, 215, 217, 221, 226

Dewye Lodge, 203
Denison, George, 185
Charlotte, 185

Dent, William, 171
Denton, 166

Dickenson, Hugh, 227, 229
Dickon Dyke, 230

Dirkness Sike, 199

Ditchmarshe, 206

Ditton Dike end, 199

"Dod rent," 169

Dolens, Abram, 212, 213, 222, 226
Dolman, Richard, 171

Donn, Don or Dunn, river, 200, 201,

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