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and Bownded in Eight several places, and so from the Said Wath to going betwixt the Hard Ground and the Soft to the East of Holme House Close End and so forth by the Dyke of the Closes of the Said Holme House to the west end of them, and so along by Holme Wood Side to Gunell Close nowke and so by the Dyke Bankes of Gunnell close to the west end of the same to one place Called Gunnell Fleeke and from thence by one old Dyke Betwixt the Wainway and the Soft Grounds and so going up one Dike to a place Called Curslye well and from thence by one old Dyke to the Park steele otherwise Called the Parke House Steele and so by the close dike to the Park end, and so going north and west of the same Parke Houses closes To the Parke House end, and going by the end of the Double dale Lane To a place Called Swathie Green and so to the water of Donne by the Graveinge close side, and from the north part of the said water going to one Dike Called the Milne dike To the water of Donne going by Bram with marsh to Stainford Ings, and so by the water To the Field Lane nere Stainford and so going by one Dike Called Green Dike going Betwixt the Parish of Fishlak upon the East side and upon the Parish of Bram with upon the west part unto one place Called Hell wickett and from thence to a place Called Flaxley Carr end. To the Starr Hill and so by one Syke Called Scate Syke To Bladworth Field Dike within the paris(h) of Campsall and so by the Scate Lane To a place Called Sant Pitt and so to the East end of Torne Hagg To the Parke Dike and so going by the Park dike to the Land Hearne Towards the Lynt dike and so going by State croft and Dowester field to west and so going by Went Toone place Called Longay Pitt, and so over the Waste of the moors to Burton church. To the west end of Eastofte moor Dike and so going to one Syke Called Black Syke and so Comeing into Blackwater where the Donne Runneth, and so going by Donne To a place Called the White wath, To the East side of Tockfleets and so forth by Donne To one place called Sandar Garth, and so to one meer stone at Dirkness Syke which Lyeth Between the Kings Grounds, the Earl of Darby his ground and the Abbot of Selby The Abbot of Selby was his Ground and so Down by Belton Playnes and the then Lord of Heaps to the Booth and so to Sampson lodge and the manor of from thence by Donne Betwixt Thornbush Carr and Croule in the Nortofte into Idell and so by Idell to Sandtoft Ferry (Stovin's note). Towards the water of Torne and so by the said water to Wroyt fleet to one place there Called Gods cross And from thence to one place Called Priest fleet To the west end of Cowbridge And so by the woodside to the stone in Wooll Stocke and from thence by the Hard Ground and the Softe to Nettleholm, And so going to the South End of the Dike whereas the King and Keepers may use and fetch his Graces Game at all Tymes into the Hard Grounds, And so going to Haxey Gate To the West Side

Isle of Axholm.

of Misterton field to Gringley Parke nooke And so to the water of Donne at Wheatley Towards Wylande going up by the water of Ayre To Rowcliffe And so to Ayremyne And so to Swynfleet, and by the Queens Gate going into Donne at Tyle House Kelby. And from thence to Eastofte moor-dyke &c. The meaning of the Regarders is This, Scrowle be nothing prejudicial To any Gentlemans Inheritance, But for the Hunting of the Kings Majestys Game. Examinat p nos Arthuru Agarde et Xpoferu Fenton Cleri, (?) 24 Maij 1576.

The 1st. year

A Perambulation walked and gone about the utterof ye Reign of most parte of the Chase of Hatfield For the Queens Queen Eliz. Majesties Deer of the Said Chaise To go free scope (1558-9). and Leape in the First Year of her Majestys Said Reigne.


The Perambulation mayde by the Regarders by the appointment of the Right Honourable George Earle of Shrewsburie, St. Thomas Gargrave Knight and others Comissioners appointed by the Queens Majesty's Commission to them Directed from her Highness in the first year of her Hyghness's Reigne whose names follow (viz.)

Andreto Kellum Gent.
Alexander Mettam Gent.
Willm. Hawley Gent.
Tho: Frankesh Gent.
Hugo Bosvile Gent.
Tho. Viccars Gent.
Robt. Usher Gent.

Robert Stephenson Gent.
John Levens Gent.
Tho: Pruston Gent.
Willm. Baxter Gent.
John Daye Gent.
Tho. Tayler Gent.

The Perambulation was Begun Betwixt the Lordship of Hatfield and one water Betwixt Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Called Wroyt fleet. And so going to the water Called Idell Dividing Yorkshire and Lincolnshire To a Brigg Called Sadler Bridge, and so from Sadler Bridge Round about Mysterton Carr and then by the water going to Bawtrie as Yorkshire goeth Called Bawtrie Water Dividing Nottinghamshire and Yorkshier and so from Bawtrey as Yorkshire goeth To Kearleby Beck and from thence to Tickhill Bridge and from thence Betwixt the Hard Ground and the soft To Loversal Field and so Batlye Oak and from thence to Carrhouse and From thence to Wheatley Field and from thence to Wrenn Hall to Askame Betwixt the Hard Ground and the Soft, from thence betwixt the Hard and the Soft to Stubbridge and from thence Betwixt the Low Ground of Womersley Field to Fulham from Fulham to Hecke from Hecke to Hensall and so to Weeland

3 George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. He was the guardian of Mary Queen of Scots during her imprisonment at Sheffield, Chatsworth, and Wingfield. He died 15 Nov. 1590, and is buried at Sheffield.

up the River of Ayre to Turnbridge Dike and so to Rawcliffe and so Leading by the water of Ayre to Ayrmyne from thence to Swynfleete from thence to Whyennes Gate. From thence to old Donne From thence to Moordyke Bank, where Yorkshire Ends and Lincolneshire meeteth.


Hatfield in Com Ebor The County's are Divided by the River Crowle in Com Lincolne) of old Dunn.

The Rents of the water thereof are Divided and all the west side Payeth Rent to the Grave 4 of Thorne to the Use of Queen Eliz. the Queen upon his account The other Half to the Lords of the Isle of Axholm and Crowle (viz.) on the East Side of old Donn Throughout.

A Religious
House and
(Stovin's note).

Between Duckling ledge and Heyne 800 acres. Tennants of Hatfield Entercommon Between Haynes and Eastofte.

Tennants of Crowle there Comovant (?) If their Cattle of their own accord or wills Do Come Between Duckling ledge and Heynes, shall have them without. . . . sett Pains.

The Lord of Crowle shall have the Tyth of things Tythable Between Heynes and Duckling ledge to him belonging and Parson of the Place Also Hath Liberty to put his Swanns to Breed If they will, and his Tennants to go and Carry both as well by water as by Land in the Lordship of Hatfield.


A Cell to
Nostel in

The Lord of the Mannor there may at his pleasure Drive as is accustomed from Durkness Crooke Lineally Yorkshг. to Caller Dike and so through the Starr Carr by Hyrst (Stovin's note). Syke To the Monck Stone and from thence to a Certain Powle or Stowpe set in the moors, by an order and awarde made by the Right Honourable Edmond Lord Sheffield Lord Sheffield Betwixt the Township of Crowle and Butterwick. Belton, and so Lineally Towards the North as the (Stovin's note). Said Powles and Stowpes weare set by the Said


4 A Grave was a person placed in charge of property. The word was also used as a foreign title equivalent to Count. (New Eng. Dic.).

order to Priscoe Dyke and from Priscoe Dyke north Now called east to old Done mouth and from thence all the east Puskey dike. (Stovin's note). side of Donn To the Moor dyke Bank and from Moordike Bank To the Black Sykes in the Hoope and from thence to Duckling Syke.



Going by Micklemash Hill and Barefoot Hill and so along Between Raynsbutt on the North Side of Blackwater to the Garth on the North Side of Hazell ends and so by the Garths Called the Land Garths almost by Tockwith To Saunder Garth and so up the South Syde of Reeder Wath to the Crooke and so Through a Garth called Wrymouth To Lamer Rack and so through a Wath Called Bootheye To Ellen tree Hill and from thence by To Tudworth and so by Sea Bank up the Closes Late Thos. Darlings of Thorne and so on Stainford Iynge up Iyllpitt against Mydleinch nooke and to Stainford. But Time Long before the memory of man it hath been used that Boats Did Pass from Stainford to Eastofte along the Micklemash Syde to Thorne and so almost by Thorne Towne side to the Wike Garths and so along through Thorne Meare and so up Wards load through the water of Newflett of Taylers lodge To Heynes Garth and so up Tench Rack to Dewye lodge and so by Margrave lodge To the Garth Called Wrymouth and then up the Backs Called Kickleing lode Leaveing Donn on the South West side to Duckling lode Garth. And from thence by the East side of Reeder Wath into the River of Donn again and so up Donn to Saunder Garth where had wont to be Two Garths Leading up Donn which Garth is now Dembed up with the Garth Arme the other Crossing over Donn and Leading Toward Croule as the way is now used to Dewye Garth. And so by Croule into Donn at the Hazell end Garths by Croule Iynge side into Donn again at Nutthill and from thence up Donn To the new Trench Through Eastofte and Leaving Haldenby Park on the North side and so to the Trench Bridge and Luddington and so by Haldenby and Garthorpe to Adlingfleet under Fockerby High Bridge, which parts Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Jacobus Dei Gratia Anglie Franciæ et Hiberniæ Regis Fidei Defensoris &c.

Wheras heretofore Henry Lee, Robert Portington, Esquires, Nicholas Waller, Thos. Wormley, Francis Steer, Henry Perkins,

Thomas Richard, Alured Copley, John Copley, John Trimingham, George Starkie, and John Drax, Yeomen, The Kings Majestys Customary Copyhold Tennants of his Highness Manor of Hatfield in the County of Yorke for themselves and the Residue of the Customary and the Copyhold Tennants of the Said mannor have affirmed and mayntained that there is and Time whereof the memorie of man is not to the Contrarie there hath been an Antient Custome within the Said mannor for and Concerning the payment of Fines for admittances to any the Copyhold Lands and Tenements holden by Copy of Court Rolls of the Said mannor upon Discent Surrender or Alienation (That is to say That every Tennant upon every admittance to any Copyhold Lands or Tenements Holden of the Said mannor in present possession have used and accustomed by all the Said Time To pay a Fine certaine for such admittance (viz.) onley one year Customary Rent of such Copyhold Lands and Tenements whereto he is so admitted And whereas the Custom of the Said mannor have been in part examined by his majesties Councell Learned in the Laws by Direction from the Late Lord Treasurer Deceased, and now the Said Tennants of Copyhold Lands haveing beene Lately Called before the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Salisburie Lord High Threaserour of England, Sr. Julius Seasor Knight Chancelor of his Highnesses Court of Exchequer St. Lawrence Tanfield Knight, Lord Chief Baron and the rest of the Barrons of his Majestys Court of Exchequer, to shew How and in what manner they the said Tennants Could maintayne the said Custome for such Certaintie of their Said Fynes They the Said Henry Lee, Robert Portington, Nicholas Waller, Thomas Wormley, Francis Steere, Henry Perkins, Thomas Richard, Alured Copley, John Copley, John Trymingham, George Starkie, and John Drax, for themselves and in the name of the rest of the Tennants after their allegations in that Behalfe Heard and after Conference had and advice Taken with their Councell Learned in the Law in that Behalfe Did still persiste to maintayne their said Custome for Such Certainty of their Sayd Fynes And most Humbly Besought this Honourable Court That their Court Rolls might be purused and viewed Concerning the same whereupon the Said Right Honourable the Lord Treasuerer, Chancellor Chief Barron and Barrons of this Court, by his majesty's Royal pleasure to them formerly signified, well understanding his majesties Gracious Intention to his Highness's Tennants of Inheritance That such manors as by their Antient customes and Court Rolls have always had their Fynes Certaine, and can by their Sayd Rolls and Rentalls make Just Proof thereof, should not be Impeached or Prejudiced in their antient Rights in Paying of their Fynes. But should pay such Fines as by the antient Records and Court Rolls of the manors whereof they are Copyholders and should of Right be found Due to be paid. Gave

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