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Stovin's Manuscript.


[HERE follows a copy of the Quo Warranto against "John Del Warren, Earl of Surrey." It is written in Latin, and although I have made a transcript, I am so uncertain of the accuracy of my copy that I venture to leave it out. Mr. Stovin seems to have

always written out his Latin in a very cramped hand; it is difficult, therefore, to make out, and still more difficult to extend and translate. I intended to give a translation of the Latin portion of the MS., but have been forced to give up the idea.]

Proclamat. Dom Rex et pdictæ fforreste sive chacee sequit in hec verbas.

Wherein the Parlamt begun and holden at West1540. minster the 28th Day of april in the 31st year of the Kings most gracious Rieghne an act was made and established by the authority of the Said High Court of Parlament that the King with the advice of his most Honourable Privy Councel or with the advice of the most part of them might set forth at all Times by authority of the same act. His Proclamation under such Peniltys and Paynes and of such sort as to his Highness and his most Honble. Councel or to the most part of them shall seem nessessary and Requisite, as in the said act amongst other things more plainly appeareth, and whereas also The Kings Highness & his most noble Progenitors have been Lawfully seized of the Lordship and manor of Hatfield in his County of York within This his Realm of England as in the Right of his Crown, within wch Said Lordship and manor of Hatfield in the County of Yorke his Highness and his most noble Progenitors have ever had and used a Chace of Red Deer for their pleasure and pastime, and now forasmuch as the said Game of Red Deer is well Replenished meet and Convenient for his Graces Pleasure and pastime intending also to Inlarge the said Chace of Hatfield.

Manor of

and the manor of

Croule Added to Hatfield chace

Therefore his Highness pleasure and Comandmt. Armthorpe is that the manor of Armthorpe with the appurtinances Parcel of the Possessions of the late monastry or Priory of Rowthe1 within the Said County of York and also the manor of Curl alias Crowle with the appurtinances in the County of Lincolne which were parcell 33d. Hen. 8th. of the Possessions of the Late monastry or Priory of (1541-2). Selby in the County of Yorke Being very much nerer and adjoyning unto the Chace of Hatfield and meet and Convenient for the Defence Scope and increase of the Deer they shall be from the feast of Cxtmass next comeing be 2 part and Parcell of the said Chace of Hatfield and also shall be Judged Deemd and taken as part parcell and member of the same Chace to all Intents and purposes and constructions and Intents whatsoever it be, and shall Have like Libertys and Privilidges in them and every of them as the same Chace of Hatfield hathe had, His Highness pleasure and Commandment is also that all and every Person and Persons whatsoever he or they be which shall at any Time after the Said Feast of the Nativity of our Lord God, wrongfully attempt Hunt Chace or Kill within the said manor of Armthorpe or Crowle or in either of them or within the Precincts of the said manors or any of them, That every such offender or offenders which shall be thereof Convicted and attainted according to the Laws of this his Realm of England shall have and suffer such like Punishment and Incurr such loss and forfeiture for the same as be ordered for such offenders in any other the Kings Forrests Parks and Chaces within this his Realm of England, and that also the said manors of Armthorpe and Crowle shall Remain and be from Henceforth in the order Rule and Survey of the Court of Augmentation and that such Issues and Profits thereof and every parcel thereof shall be answered before The Chancellor and other officers of the Said Court. To the Kings use his Heirs and Successors in such manner and Form as though these Proclamations, act or Law or any thing therein contained had never been made. And further that the Said manors and either of them, shall be from the Feast of the Nativity within the Rule and Direction of the Justices of the Forests Parks and Chaces, and that all offenders therein shall from Time to Time after the Said Feast of the nativity Be called and Punished by the Said Justices, and if the same offence be had don and committed within any other Park Forrest or Chace within this His Graces Realm any Law Custom article or perscription to the Contrary notwithstanding And further his Majesty Doth will and Command that his most gracious Proclamation be to all Intents and purposes observed and Kept without any violation of the same as they Intend to answer his Graces Displeasure Given under our

1 ? Roche Abbey

2 The word "be" crossed out in the MS.

Great Seal at our Palace at Westminster the 3d. Day 1542. of November in the Thirty Third Year of our Reigne. Inspecimus Tenore &c.

Lord Cromwell.


Hereafter followeth one Perfect View and Declaration of all the Kings his Graces Woods Distances, meets, Bounds and perambulations of every Forrest Parke and Chayse from Trent northward appertaining to the Kings Majesty Taken and had by the Comandment and special Instructions of Thoms Boynton. Lord Cromwell Knight Lod. Privie Seal of England, and Directed from the said Lord Cromwell unto Mattw. Boynton and William Thwayts Esqrs. as Mansell. the Deputies, Raulph Hungate, Wm. Mansell Gent or their Clerke and put in use and Begun at Ollerton in Sherwood That is to say on Monday the 3d. day of June in the year of the Reigne of our most Dread Sovereign Lord Henry the Eigth by the Grace of God King of England and of France Lord of Ireland Defender of the Faith and in Earth Supreame Head Immeadietly under Christ of the Church of England the 30th. and so Continued and adjourned from Place to Place through the whole Circuit and Authority of the Said Lord Justice in those north Parts, Like as by particular presentments in Every Court Severally Shall hereafter more Plainly appear.


Curia Swainmota de statut Chasea pd. Tent apud Hatfield die menciæ vco quinto die Junii Anno Regni Henrici viij Dei Grā Anglie et Francie Reg, Fidei Defensor Dms Hibernia &c. Coram Mattheo Boynton, et Wo. Thwayts Ar, Lot Tenent Thos. Cromwell Cust Privat Sigilli Dom Regis et Justiciar Capitals omia Forestar Parcar Chaseay Warrant Dicte Dom Regs ultra Aqua De vocat Trent in ptibs borialibs et Capit magis at Custos omni Forest inprimiss.

Nomina Regardator chasiarum predictaru Carolus Wormley, Johes Slyfford, Johes Westmajor, Ricus Wroot, Hugo Rearry, Robtus Stones, Tho. Stones, Wills Atkinson, Robtus Dowell, Willas Smith, Johes Parke, Johes Nowell, Willas Smith, Ricus Downing, Edrūs. Turr, Johes Story, Johes Bamster, Johes Margrave, Willus Ridlington, Willūs Allot, Tho. Wait, Johes Buttler, Tho. Baysel, Johes Trimingham, Johes Fairbarne.

Hereafter Followeth the Bounder and Parambulation of the Chase of Hatfield.

The Regardors aforenamed Do say that the Comon Bounds of this Chase Begineth at one place Called Ditton dik End where there is one more stone, having one Crosse and so betwixte the Hard Ground and the Soft, and from thence to one Wathe which is Comonly Called and Known by the name of Home Wath

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