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diocese of Chester. Chester and N. Wales Archit.
Hist. Soc. vi. 217-244.

'RICKMAN (J. D.). West country wit and humour. D
xxx. 316-330.

PRYCE (E. S. MOSTYN). Forden tithes, an early Cromwel
ture. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxx. 260-281.

ADFORD (MRS. G. H.). Andrew and Nicholas Tremay
Assoc. xxx. 147–157.

CAPER (W. A.). The battle of Hastings. Sussex Arch

ASSAM (HORMUZD). Door lintel discovered by Mr. Georg
Kouyunjik. Soc. Bib. Arch. xx. 52.


Abraham and the land of his nativity. Soc. Bil


Suffolk Inst. Arch. x. 1-6.

The "old minster," Sout

The sandling: I. S


Staverton and Butley Gateway; III. Orford. Suffolk

x. 56-96.


Slebech commandery and the knights

Arch. Camb. 5th S. xv. 33-53.

The Norse element in Celtic myth. Arch. Ca
xv. 312-344.

LEICHEL (REV. OSWALD J.). The Devonshire "Domesday
Assoc. xxx. 258-315.

The "Domesday" hundreds of Devon. Devon

LEID (A. G.). An account of the ruins of the abbey of In
1789 contained in a correspondence between General 1
Mr. John Dow, then tenant of the abbey. Soc. Antiq.

Notice of an urn and bronze sword found on t

Bailielands in the parish of Auchterarder.

Soc. Antiq. Scot.

Xxxii. 314-316.

RENAUD (DR. FRANK). Deeds relating to early tenures of land, etc.,
in Minshull Vernon and adjacent townships in Cheshire. Lane.
and Cheshire Antiq. Soc. xv. 49–62.


Suspected persons in Kent. Arch. Cant. xxiii. 68–77.
RHYS (PRINCIPAL DR. JOHN). Some Ogam-stones in Connaught.
Roy. Soc. Antiq. Ireland, 5th S. viii. 230-236.

Newly discovered Ogams in Mayo and Antrim, with read-
ings of some hitherto undescribed in Cork and Waterford. Roy.
Soc. Antiq. Ireland, 5th S. viii. 396–398.

A revised account of the inscriptions of the northern Picts.
Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxxii. 324–398.

S. xv.

The Llandrudian stones, Pembrokeshire. Arch. Camb. 5th

RICE (R. GARRAWAY). The capture of the merchant ship St. Paul in
Cuckmere Bay, Sussex. Sussex Arch. Soc. xlii. 87–103.

RICHARDS (G. C.). Archæology in Greece, 1897--8. Jour. Hell.
Studies, xviii. 328–339.

RICHARDSON (REV. A.). St. Anne's chapel, Brislington. Som. Arch.
and Nat. Hist. Soc. xliv. 188-197.

RICHARDSON (A. B.). Notice of recent finds of coins in Scotland.
Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxxii. 295–298.

RICKWORD (GEORGE). Colchester in the twelfth and thirteenth cen-
turies. Essex Arch. Soc. N.S. vii. 115-141.

RISK (REV. J. ERSKINE). The rise of Plymouth as a naval port.

Devon Assoc. xxx. 350-362.

ROBERTSON (T. S.). Notes on St. Fillan's Priory and churchyard.
Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxxii. 121-124.

ROBINSON (REV. N. F.). The black chimere of Anglican prelates a
plea for its retention and proper use.
St. Paul's Ecclesiological

Soc. iv. 181-220.
ROGERS (W. H. HAMILTON). Brook, of Somerset and Devon; Barons
of Cobham, in Kent. Som. Arch. and Nat. Hist. Soc. xliv. 1–78.
ROMANCS (ROBERT) and JAMES CURLE, JUN. Midside Maggie's girdle,
with notes upon the story of the girdle and its owners. Soc.
Antiq. Scot. xxxii. 195–204.

ROSS (THOMAS). Notice of the remains of a medieval chapel found in
the Roman station at Ardoch. Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxxii. 471–476.
ROUND (J. H.). The Honour of Ongar. Essex Arch. Soc. N.S. vii.


Sandgate, and Camber. Arch. Cant. xxiii. 24-30.
The cinque ports and Gt. Yarmouth bailiff's r

Arch. Cant. xxiii. 161–183.

RYLANDS (W. H.). Hittite inscriptions. Soc. Bib. Arch. x
SANDFORD (REV. G.). Rowton castle, Montgomeryshire

The eight knightly families of Shropshire who
arms from the fifteenth century. Montgomeryshire


The twenty "gentle" families of Shropshi
gomeryshire Coll. xxx. 258-259.

SAWYER (JOHN). On some ancient roads on the Cotswold
and Glouc. Arch. Soc. xx. 247-254.

SAYCE (PROF. A. H.). The beginings of the Egyptian
Soc. Bib. Arch. xx. 96-101.

The Kuthæan legend of the creation. Soc. Bi

Assyriological notes. Soc. Bib. Arch. xx. 250 –
SCOTT (WILLIAM). Some old Italian building accounts.
Brit. Archit. 3rd S. v. 249-252.

SELTMAN (E. J.). The picture of a Roman mint in tl
Vettii. Num. Chron. 3rd S. xviii. 294–303.

SESSIONS (FREDERICK). Some Syrian Folklore notes g
Mount Lebanon. Folk-Lore, ix. 3-19.

SELWYN (ADMIRAL J. H.). Note on Biblical chronology.
Arch. xx. 153.

SHAW (WILLIAM A.). The English Government and t
protestant refugees. Huguenot Soc. v. 343-423.
SHERWOOD (GEO. F. TUDOR). Early Berkshire wills.

Berks, Bucks and Oxon Arch. Jour. iv. 6-8, 91–92,
SIMCOX (G. A.). Purim, Tophet, Zobah, and Mispah. Soc
xx. 300-305.

SIX (J. P.). Monnaies Grecques, inédites et incertaines.

Chron. 3rd S. xviii. 193-245.


Rhegium-Iocastos. Num. Chron. 3rd S. xviii. 281–285.
SKAIFE (ROBERT H.). Extracts from the registers of the church of
Yorks Arch. Jour. xv. 142-198.

St. Mary, Castlegate, York.

Extracts from the visitation books at York. Yorks Arch.

Jour. xv. 224-213.


written in 1392.

English rhyme in the Holderness dialect

Yorks Arch. Jour. xv. 116-117.

SMITH (A. H.). Illustrations to Bacchylides. Jour. Hell. Studies,
xviii. 267-280.

SMITH (J. C. CHALLENOR). Some additions to Newcourt's repertorium.
Essex Arch. Soc. N.S. vii. 40-64, 153–176.

SPIERS (R. PHENĖ). The great mosque of the Omeiyades, Damascus.
Roy. Inst. Brit. Archit. 3rd S. v. 166–171.

SQUIRE (W. BARCLAY). On an early sixteenth century MS. of English
music in the library of Eton College. Archæologia, lvi. 89-102.
STAMP (A. E.). The meeting of the Duke of Marlborough and Charles
XII. at Altranstadt, April, 1707. Roy. Hist. Soc. N.S. xii.


STANLEY (S. S.). A description of the chalice and paten (1494–5) at
Clifford Chambers, in the county of Gloucester. Warwick Nat.
and Arch. Field Club, 1898, 33–34.

STEPHENS (FRANCIS J.). The adventures and misfortunes of a
Cornishman 100 years ago. Roy. Inst. Corn. xiii. 278–282.
STEPHENSON (MILL). On the monumental brass of William, Lord
Zouch and his wives, subsequently converted into a memorial to
the Oker family at Okeover, Staffs. Soc. Antiq. 2nd S, xvii.

Notes on the monumental brasses of Middlesex. St. Paul's
Ecclesiological Soc. iv. 221-233.

Monumental brasses in the West Riding. Yorks Arch.
Jour. xv. 1-60, 119.

STOKES (REV. H. P.). Sir Walter de Manny, K.C. Camb. Antiq.
Soc. ix. 434-438.

STOKES (MARGARET). The instruments of the passion. Roy. Soc.
Antiq. Ireland, 5th S. viii. 137-140.

STRACHEY (CHARLES). The Brudenall monument at Stoke Mandeville.
Berks, Bucks and Oxon Arch. Jour. iv. 88–89.

STRONG (S. A.). A hymn to Nebuchadnezzar. Soc. Bib. Arch. xx.

SUTTON (REV. A. F.). Description of the churches visited in the
excursion from Louth, July 6th and 7th, 1897.

Socs. xxiv. 95 -114.

SWAINSON (REV. CHARLES). Old Charlton church.
Antiq. Soc. iii. 42-51.

Assoc. Archit.

Woolwich Dist.

SYMPSON (E. MANSEL). On the fourteenth century choir-screen or
pulpitum in Lincoln minster, and certain recent discoveries con-
nected therewith. Soc. Antiq. 2nd S. xvii. 97–106.

T. (D. R.). Strata Marcella and the monks' fields. Montgomeryshire
Coll. xxx. 301-306.

Parochial registers. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxx. 319-340.
TALBOT (C. H.). Restoration and the preservation of ancient build-
ings. Wilts Arch. and Nat. Hist. Soc. xxx. 12-19.

TAYLOR (REV. C. S.). The origin of the Mercian shires. Bristol and
Glouc. Arch. Soc. xxi. 32-57.

Cotswold in Saxon times. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc.
xx. 267-306.

TAYLOR (HENRY). On some early deeds relating to the families of
Hoton of Hooton, and Stanley of Storeton and Hooton. Chester
and N. Wales Archit., Arch. and Hist. Soc. vi. 167-216.
THOMAS (DR. LLEUFER). The præ-reformation grammar school of
Montgomery. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxx. 291-300.

TIMMINS (SAM). William Hamper, 1776-1831. Bir. and Mid. Inst.

xxiii. 1-5.

TROUP (MRS. FRANCES B.). Honiton in 1530.


Devon Assoc. xxx.

A forgotten page of the ecclesiastical history of Seaton.
Devon Assoc. xxx. 331-349.

TUCKETT (FRANCES FOX). The dawn of Egyptian history in the light
of recent discoveries. Clifton Antiq. Club, iv. 172–198.


The Sheriff's farm. Roy. Hist. Soc. N.S. xii.

TYLOR (EDWARD B.). On the Totem-post from the Haida village of
Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, now erected in the grounds of
Fox Warren, near Weybridge. Anthrop. Jour. N.S. i. 132-

On two British Columbian house-posts with totemic carv-
ings, in the Pitt-Rivers museum, Oxford. Anthrop. Jour. N.S. i.


Remarks on Totemism with especial reference to some
modern theories respecting it. Anthrop. Jour. N.S. i. 138-148.


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