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D. Appleton & Company, 1878

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Page 375 - It was on the day, or rather night, of the 27th of June 1787, between the hours of eleven and twelve, that I wrote the last lines of the last page, in a summer-house in my garden. After laying down my pen, I took several turns in a berceau, or covered walk of acacias, which commands a prospect of the country, the lake, and the mountains. The air was temperate, the sky was serene, the silver orb of the moon was reflected from the waters, and all nature was silent.
Page 375 - I will not dissemble the first emotions of joy on the recovery of my freedom, and perhaps the establishment of my fame. But my pride was soon humbled, and a sober melancholy was spread over my mind, by the idea that I had taken an everlasting leave of an old and agreeable companion, and that whatsoever might be the future date of my History, the life of the historian must be short and precarious.
Page 105 - Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, Chester, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucester, Hants, Hereford, Hertford, Huntingdon, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Middlesex, Monmouth, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Nottingham, Oxford, Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Westmoreland, Wilts, Worcester, and York.
Page 33 - The Manager personally undertakes the formation of Excursion Parties with a view to their comfort and economy. The Lakes afford excellent Salmon and Trout Fishing. BOATS, CARRIAGES, PONIBS, &c.
Page 148 - In the same pious confidence, beside her friend and sister, here sleep the remains of Dorothy Gray, widow, the careful, tender mother of many children, one of whom alone had the misfortune to survive her.
Page 99 - Hole. The new name was the invention of the poet, who loved thus to connect himself with the days when Melrose abbots passed over the fords of the Tweed. On this spot, a sloping bank overhanging the river, with the Selkirk hills behind, he built at first a small villa, now the western wing of the castle.
Page 18 - I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be,) that I will support, protect, and defend the constitution and government of the United States against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign, and that I will bear true faith, allegiance and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution, or law of any state convention or legislature to the contrary notwithstanding...
Page 19 - British subject." 4. Passports are granted between the hours of twelve and four, on the day following that on which the application for the Passport has been received at the Foreign Office. 5. Passports are granted to persons who are either known to the Secretary of State or recommended to him by some person who is known to him ; or upon the written application of any banking firm established in London or in any other part of the United Kingdom.
Page 66 - O YE whose cheek the tear of pity stains, Draw near with pious rev'rence, and attend! Here lie the loving husband's dear remains, The tender father, and the gen'rous friend. The pitying heart that felt for human woe, The dauntless heart that fear'd no human pride, The friend of man — to vice alone a foe ; For ' ev'n his failings lean'd to virtue's side.
Page 99 - My heart clings to the place I have created. There is scarce a tree on it that does not owe its being to me.

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