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A Standing Committee has been appointed by the Congress for the purpose of giving advice and distributing to the various Societies in Union such information and lists as may be of common value to all.

Societies in Union are strongly urged to form their own Committees to take steps to secure the printing of the many Transcripts that already exist unpublished, and to promote further Transcription.

By permission of G. W. Marshall, Esq., LL.D. (Rouge Croix, College of Arms), the accompanying list of Printed Registers has been prepared from the Calendar privately printed by him in 1891. A revised and augmented edition of this Calendar is in progress, and will contain full references to all known printed Registers, Transcripts, and Collections, whether complete or consisting of extracts.

The Committee also issue a list of MS. Transcripts, and propose to prepare and issue further lists from time to time. They therefore ask that information may be sent to them, or to the Secretaries of County Societies, of any Transcripts in private hands. The inclusive dates of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials should be given, and any complete Transcript will be calendared, although extending over a short period only, but extracts will not be admissible.

The Committee suggest that lists of existing Transcripts, with full particulars of the location of the Transcript, should be kept by the County Societies, and where possible, in order to avoid risk of loss. it is very desirable that such Transcripts should be deposited, either temporarily or permanently, in the Libraries of the Societies.

It is believed that the publication of a series of Registers, supplemental and extra to their Transactions, would add to the attractiveness and usefulness of the Societies without being a serious burden to their funds. By combination and organization a considerable body of outside subscribers may probably be secured for such a series, and the cost of distribution of circulars, etc., may be materially reduced by such a plan as the issue, by the Central Committee, of an annual circular containing lists of Registers in course of publication. Such a circular might be distributed by the local Societies and published in their Transactions and elsewhere.

The Standing Committee will be very glad to receive suggestions from Local Committees and others.

In this reprint only a few corrections of errors have been made, the rest remains as in the edition of 1892.


List No. 1.-Parish Registers printed as separate works.

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No. 2.--Parish Registers printed in other works.
No. 3.-Original Registers and Bishops' Transcripts
in the British Museum Library.

No. 4.—Registers of other Churches in all classes.
No. 5.-Parish Registers transcribed in MS.

No. 1-A List of Parish Registers that have been printed as separate works.


Extracted by permission from " Parish Registers," privately printed by Geo. W. Marshall, Esq., LL.D., 1891, and continued to date.

NOTE. Those printed at Middle Hill for Sir Thomas Phillips are very rare, and many others, such as those by Mr. Crisp, were privately printed and are scarce.




HAYNES, 1596-1812, Wm. Brigg, B.A., pr.

READING, St. Mary, 1538-1812, Rev. G. P. Crawfurd,
2 vols.

WELFORD, Bap. 1562, Mar. 1603, Bur. 1559-1812, Mrs.
Olney, 1892, 410


GREAT HAMPDEN, 1557-1812, E. A. Ebblewhite 1888, fol. CAMBRIDGESHIRE. ABINGTON PIGOTTS, 1653–1812, Rev. W. G. F.


CHESHIRE. EASTHAM, 1598-1700, F. Sanders

Norwich, 1890, 4to
Lond. 1891, 810

LEYLAND, 1653–1710, B.T. 1622–1641, W. S. White, 1892
PRESTBURY, 1560-1636, J. Croston.

1881, 8vo

CORNWALL. MADRON, Bap 1592–1726, Mar. 1577-1678, Bur. 1577–

1681, G. B. Millett

Penzance, 1877, 4to ST. COLUMB Major, 1539–1780, A. J. Jewers 1881, 8vo DENBIGHSHIRE. KEGIDOG alias ST. GEORGE, 1694-1749, F. A. Crisp



WEST HALLAM, Rev. C. W. Kerry

1890, fol. 1887, 8vo

ASHMORE, 1651-1820, E. W. Walsin

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NORTH WOOTON, Bap. 1539-1785, Mar. 1542-1760, Bur. 1698-1785, Rev. C. H. Mayo, pr.

1887, 8vo

DURHAM. DENTON, 1586-1662, J. R. Walbran


Ripon, 1842, 8vo

DURHAM, St. Oswald, 1538-1751, A. W. Headlam Durham, 1891, 8vo GAINFORD, Index, Bap. 1560-1784, Mar. 1569–1761, Bur. 1569-1784, Rev. J. Edleston, 3 parts Lond. 1889, 8vo BOBBING WORTH, Bap. 1559-1782, Mar. 1559-1753, Bur. 1558-1785, F. A. Crisp, pr.

1884, fol.

COLCHESTER, St. Leonard, 1670-71, F. A. Crisp, 1885, fol.

GREENSTED, 1558-1812, F. A. Crisp, pr.

1892, fol.

LAMBOURNE, 1582-1709, F. A. Crisp, pr.

1890, fol.

MORETON, 1558-1759, F. A. Crisp, pr.

1891, fol.

ONGAR, 1558-1550, F. A. Crisp. pr.

1886, fol.

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1881, 8vo

1888, 8vo

STOCK HARVARD, 1563-1700, Rev. E. P. Gibson, B.A.

GLAMORGAN. LLANTRITHYD, 1571-1810, II. S. Hughes
GLO'STER. BRETFORTON, Mar. 1538-1752, Sir T. Phillips

KEMPSFORD, 1653-1700, F. A. Crisp, pr.
MICKLETON, 1594-1736, Sir T. Phillips, pr.

HANTS. COLMER, 1563–1812, Rev. T. Hervey


PRIORS' DEAN, 1538-1812, sec Colmer.
CORK, Christ Church, 1643-1668, R. Caulfield

Harleian Soc. vol. 2.

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Lond. 8vo

1887, fol.


1886, 8vo

1887, 8vo


1878, 4to

CANTERBURY, St. Feter, 1560-1800, J. M. Cowper
Canterbury, 1888, 8vo
St. Alphege, 1558-1800, J. M. Cowper, 1889
St. Dunstan, 1559–1800, J. M. Cowper, 1890
St. George, 1538-1800. J. M. Cowper, 1891
St. Mary Magdalene, 1559-1800,

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St. Paul, 1562-1800, J. M. Cowper 1892
Chislet, 1538–1751, R. Hovenden, F.S.A. Lond. 1887, 8vo
ELMSTONE, 1552-1812, Rev. C. H. Wilkie
KINGSTONE, 1558-1812, Rev. C. H. Wilkie
LEE, 1559-1754, Duncan and Barron
LEWISHAM, 1558-1750, L. L. Duncan
MAIDSTONE, Mar. 1542-1620, Rev. J.

1892, 8vo Lee, 1888, 8vo Lond. 1891, 8vo Cave-Browne

Lond. 1890, 8vo

ROCHESTER CATHEDRAL, 1657-1837, T. Shindler, M.A.

to be pub. 8vo

LANCASHIRE. COLTON-IN-FURNESS, 1622-1812, Rev. A. Williams

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LEICESTERSHIRE. NEWTON LINFORD, 1677-1679, F.A. Crisp 1884, fol.
LINCOLNSHIRE. GREAT GRIMSBY, 1538-1812, G. S. Stephenson, M.D.
Great Grimsby, 1889, 8vo
HORNCASTLE, 1559-1639, Rev. J. C. Hudson
IRBY-UPON-HUMBER, 1558–1785, F. A. Crisp
STUBTON, 1577-1628, F. A. Crisp, pr.

LONDON. ALI. HALLOWS, London Wall, 1559-1675,

1892, 4to

1890, fol.

1883, fol.

Jupp and

Lond. 1878, 4to

GRAY'S INN CHAPEL, Marriages, Jos. Foster, Coll: Geneal.
ST. ANTHOLIN, 1538-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. viii.

ST. BOTOLPH, Bishopsgate, 1558–1753, A. W. C. Hallen,
2 vols.
1886, 8vo

ST. CHRISTOPHER-LE-STOCKS, 1558-1781, E. Freshfield

1882, 4to

ST. DIONIS BACKCHURCH, 1538-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. iii.
ST. EDMUND the KING (Lombard Street), Wm. Brigg, pr.
ST. GEORGE, Hanover Square, Mar. 1725-1809, Harl. Soc.
vols. xi. xiv.

ST. JAMES, Clerkenwell, Bap. and Mar. 1551-1754, Harl.
Soc. vols. ix. x. xiii.

ST. JOHN BAPTIST, on Walbrook, Bap. 1682-1754, Bur.
1686-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. viii.

1890 ST. MARY ABBOTS, Kensington, 1539–1675, Harl. Soc. vol. xvi.

ST. MARY ALDERMARY, 1558-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. v.
ST. MARY WOOLCHURCH Hаw. See St. Mary Woolnoth.
ST. MARY WOOLNOTH, 1538-1760, Brooke and Hallen

1886, 8ve
ST. MICHAEL, Cornhill, 1546-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. vii.
ST. NICHOLAS ACON, 1539-1812, W. Brigg, B.A.

Leeds, 1890 ST. PETER, Cornhill, Bap. and Bur. 1538-1774, Mar. 1538-1754, Harl. Soc. i. and iv.

ST.-THOMAS-THE-APOSTLE, Bap. and Bur. 1558-1754, Mar. 1558-1672, Harl. Soc. vol. vi.

SOMERSET HOUSE CHAPEL, 1714-1776, J. Coleman

1862, 8vo

WESTMINSTER ABBEY, 1606-1875, Harl. Soc. vol. x.

1887, fol.

MIDDLESEX. STAINES, 1661-1694, F. A. Crisp, pr. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TREF EGLWYS, 1695-6, Sir T. Phillips, pr. 12mo NORFOLK. BIRCHAM NEWTON, 1562-1743, R. Howlett 1888, 8vo BURGH, 1563-1810, Rev. E. T. Yates 8vo


MARSHAM, 1538-1836, A. T. Michell, Norwich, 1889, 8vo NORTH ELMHAM, 1536-1631, Rev. A. G. Legge 1888, 8vo CARBURTON, 1528-1812, G. W. Marshall, LL.D. 1888, fol. EDWINSTOWE, 1634-1758, G. W. Marshall 1891, 8vo PERLETHORPE, 1528-1812, G. W. Marshall 1887, fol. OXFORDSHIRE. DUCKLINGTON, Index, 1550-1880, Rev. W. D. Macray

Oxford, 1881, 8vo


BROSELEY, 1570-1750, A. F. C. C. Langley, 2 vols.
Lond. 1889-90, 8vo

1887, 8vo

SCOTLAND. MUTHILL, 1697-1847, A. W. C. Hallen
SOMERSET. WEDMORE, 1561-Bap. 1812, Mar. 1839, Bur. 1860.
WELLOW, Index, 1570-1887, C. W. Empson 1889, 8vo
WILTON, 1558-1837, J. H. Spencer Taunton, 1890, 8vo
STAFFORDSHIRE. WALSALL, 1570-1649, F. W. Willmore 1890, 8vo
SUFFOLK. BRUNDISH, Bap. 1562-1765, Mar. 1563–1749, Bur. 1563–

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LEEK WOTTON, 1685-1742, Sir T. Phillips

1889, 8vo


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Index to ditto, F. A. Crisp

1887, 8vo


BROAD CHALKE, 1538–1780, Rev. C. G. Moore

1880, 8vo

DURNFORD, 1574-1650, Sir T. Phillips

1823, 8vo

vol. xii.


STOURTON, 1570-1800, Rev. J. H. Ellis, M.A., Harl. Soc.

WORCESTERSHIRE. BROADWAY, Bap. and Bur. 1680-1771, Sir T.


CALVERLEY, 1574-1720, S. Margerison, 3 vols., 1880-9,8vo
ECCLESFIELD, Bap 1599-1619, Mar. 1558-1621, Bur.

1558-1603, A. S. Gatty, F.S.A. Lond. 1878, 4to;
HAWNBY, 1653-1722, Miss Thoyts Olney, 1890, 4to
HULL, God's Hospital Chapel, from 1695, Sir T. Phillips
INGLEBY GREENHOW, 1539-1800, J. Blackburne 1889,8vo
KIRKBURTON, 1541–1654, F. A. Collins Exeter, 1887, 8vo
MORLEY, see Topcliffe.



R. B. Machell
ROTHERHAM, 1542–1563, J. Guest
TOPCLIFFE and MORLEY, Bap. 1654-1830, Bur. 1654-
1888, W. Smith

Hull, 1888, 8vo

Lond. 1888, 8vo

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