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(b) A copy of such proposal, together with forms for voting by proxy, shall be forwarded by the Secretaries to every Member of the Society not less than two calendar months before the Meeting at which it is to be discussed.

(c) At the Meeting at which such proposal is considered,
Members may vote personally, or by proxy on the
forms with which they have been supplied.

(d) No such proposal shall be deemed to be carried
unless two-thirds of those who vote are in favour of
it, and unless the number of those who for it equals
at least one-half of the Members of the Society.
(e) Any proposal for the dissolution of the Society must
contain a provision for the disposition of the
Society's property.


XXV.-Alterations of the above Rules shall only be made in manner following:

(a) Notice of the proposed change shall be forwarded to Members of the Society, together with the notice of the Meeting at which it is to be considered.

(b) No such proposal shall be considered at any Meeting at which less than twenty Members are present, and it shall not be deemed to be carried unless at least two-thirds of the Members present vote in favour of it.

(c) A change in the Rules which has been duly carried in accordance with the provisions of Clause (b) of this Rule shall not take effect unless it is confirmed at the next Meeting held after it was so carried, and the confirmation must also be carried in manner provided by Clause (b).

[Corrected to August 12th, 1897.]


FRED. ACTON, J.P., Nottingham

Mrs. FANE ALEXANDER, Edwinstowe, Newark

Miss C. M. ALEXANDER, Scarrington Vicarage, Nottingham
ALFRED APLIN, County Asylum, Snenton

RICHARD S. ARMITAGE, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

HENRY ASHWELL, J.P., 91, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham

Rev. A. E. AUCHINLECK, Car Colston Vicarage, Bingham

Rev. C. E. LEFROY Austin, Boughton Vicarage, Ollerton, Newark
EDWARD BARBER, 13, Long Row, Nottingham

H. BARBER, The Castle, Winchester

Rev. ATWELL M. Y. BAYLAY, Thurgarton Vicarage, Southwell

THOMAS BAYLEY, M.P., Peverel House, Nottingham


GEORGE BEAUMONT, East Bridgford, Notts.

Rev. JOHN BEDFORD, Rolleston Vicarage, Newark

JAMES BELL, Carlton Street, Nottingham

RIGHT HON. Lord Belper, Kingston Hall, Derby

J. BUYERS BLACK, 4, Park Drive, The Park, Nottingham
THOMAS M. BLAGG, Carter Gate, Newark

WILLIAM BRADSHAW, Carisbrooke, The Park, Nottingham
JOSEPH BRIGHT, I, Pepper Street, Nottingham

Arthur BrighT, I, Pepper Street, Nottingham

J. POTTER BRISCOE, Central Free Public Library, Nottingham
Rev. F. BRODHURST, Heath Vicarage, Chesterfield

BROMLEY HOUSE LIBRARY (per W. Moore), Nottingham
HUGH BROWNE, Aspley, Nottingham

WILLIAM BRYAN, Chesterfield Road, Mansfield

F. E. BURTON, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham
Miss F. M. BURTON, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham
Miss A. B. BURTON, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham

Rev. R. JOWETT BURTON, Darley Abbey, Derby

JOSEPH BURTON, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham

Rev. W. E. BURY, Screveton Rectory, Bingham

Rev. W. B. CARDEW, Perlethorpe Parsonage, Ollerton, Newark

The Dowager Countess CARNARVON, The Manor House, Teversal, Mansfield
Rev. CANON W. L. B. CATOR, Eakring Rectory, Newark

Rev. THOMAS B. CHAMBERLIN, Wheatley Rectory, Retford
THOMAS WILLM, CHICKEN, 20, Bentinck Road, Nottingham

FREDK. CLEMENTS, 23, Park Row, Nottingham

G. E. COKAYNE, Clarencieux King of Arms, Herald's Coll., London
SAMUEL CORNER, 26, Forest Road West, Nottingham

EDWARD S. COWEN, 9, Ropewalk, Nottingham

Rev. H. COWGILL, Shireoaks Vicarage, Worksop

Right Hon. the EARL COWPER, K.G., London

ALFRED AUGUstus CresweLL, 2, Threadneedle Street, London

Rev. S. F. CRESWELL, D.D., Northrepp's Rectory, Norwich

FRED A. CRISP, F.S.A., Grove Park, Denmark Hill, London, S.E.
PERCY J. CROPPER, 80, Dryden Street, Nottingham

HENRY CROPPER, The Towers, Sneinton, Nottingham

JAMES DRURY DALE, Mapperley Hill, Nottingham

Rev. B. DARLEY, Harthill Rectory, Sheffield

W. E. DENISON, Ossington Hall, Newark

COLONEL H. DENISON, Babworth Hall, Retford

His Grace the DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, K.G., Devonshire House, London
C. E. GILDERSOME DICKINSON, 13, Wyleu Street, Honor Oak Fark, London, S.E.
Rev. A. J. L. DOBBIN, Cropwell Bishop Vicarage, Nottingham

FREDERICK W. DOBSON, Castle Grove, Nottingham

Rev. P. H. DROOSTEN, Bingham Rectory, Nottingham

C. H. DUFF, East Bridgford, Nottingham

G. J. DUKE, 45, Sherwin Street, Nottingham

JOHN ELAND, 12, New Court, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C.

FRANCIS N. ELLIS, The Park, Nottingham

J. E. ELLIS, M.P., Wrea Head, Scalby, Scarborough

RICHARD ENFIELD, Bramcote, Notts.

ROBERT EVANS, The Park, Nottingham

ROBERT EVANS, JUNR., Hamilton Drive, The Park, Nottingham
J. H. FARMER, Town Hall, Bootle

FREDK. FELKIN, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham

George Fellows, Beeston Fields, Nottingham

Rev. SIR RICHARD FITZHERBERT, Bart., Sookholme, Mansfield

T. J. FLOCKTON, Park Street, Worksop

Mrs. FOSTER, Glendower, The Park, Nottingham
WILLM. FRANCIS Fox, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham
Rev. JAMES FRANCIS, Dunholme-on-Trent, Newark

E. H. FRASER, I, Arundel Street, Park Side, Nottingham
Rev. H. G. FULLMER, East Bridgford, Nottingham
HENRY GEE, I1, East Circus Street, Nottingham

CHARLES GERRING, 23, Bilbie Street, Nottingham

R. RITCHIE GIDDINGS, Hillsborough House, 206, Mansfield Road, Nottingham Mrs. GIDDINGS, Hillsborough House, 206, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

JULIUS P. GILSON, British Museum, London, W.C.

WM. RICHARD GLEAVE, 44, Henry Road, West Bridgford

T. KIRKMAN GORDON, 15, Hampden Street, Nottingham

Rev. CHAS. REYNOLDS Gorton, Walesby Vicarage, Ollerton, Newark
JAMES GOW, High School, Nottingham

F. S. GRANGER, University College, Nottingham

Rev. CANON CHAS. GRAY, West Retford Rectory, Retford

JOHN A. H. GREEN, 42, Elm Avenue, Nottingham

Mrs. GREEN, 42, Elm Avenue, Nottingham

The Very Rev. R. GREGORY, The Deanery, St. Paul's, London, E.C.
GUILD HALL LIBRARY (per Charles Welch, F.S.A.), London, E.C.
MONTAGU H. HALL, Whatton Manor, Nottingham

GEORGE HARRISON, 195, Woodborough Road, Nottingham

JOEL HASLAM, Park Street, Worksop

Right Hon. LORD HAWKESBURY, 2, Carlton House Terrace, London, S.W. WILLIAM HAYNES, Lincoln Street and Thurland Street, Nottingham

Rev. J. H. HEATH, Flintham Vicarage, Newark

JOHN G. B. THOROTON HILDYARD, Cherry Burton House, Hull

C. H. HILL, Woodborough Manor, Nottingham

HENRY HILL, The Park, Nottingham

THOMAS A. HILL, Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Plumtree

JESSE HIND, 8, Alexandra Street, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham

JESSE W. HIND, 294, Mansfield Road, Nottingham
W. H. HODGSON, 3, Wildman Street, Nottingham

J. MUNCASTER HOWARD, The Gables, Nottingham
JOHN HOWARD, Hawksworth, Nottingham

H. E. HUBBART, 10, South Parade, Nottingham

WM. LAMBE HUSKINSON, Epperstone, Notts.

J. H. JACOBY, 32, The Ropewalk, The Park, Nottingham
ROBERT JALLAND, Rolleston House, Horncastle

Rev. H. G. JEBB, Firbeck Hall, Rotherham

F. B. JEVONS, Hatfield Hall, Durham

SAMUEL G. JOHNSON, Flixton, The Park, Nottingham

M. I. JOYCE, 4, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C.
Rev. G. S. W. KERSHAW, Fledborough Rectory, Newark

E. M. KING, Mount Vernon, Waverley Street, Nottingham
Rev. RICHARD J. KING, Warsop Rectory, Mansfield
GEORGE D. LAING, Park Valley, Nottingham
Mrs. BLACHE V. LAING, Park Valley, Nottingham
Mrs. LAUSON Lowe, Shirenewton Hall, Chepstowe
ARTHUR V. MACHIN, Filey, East Yorkshire
JOHN MACKIE, 12, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham
COLIN MACMILLAN, 37, Bentinck Road, Nottingham

Dr. MACTAVISH, Lowdham, Notts.

T. MALLETT, Park Row, Nottingham

Right Hon. the EARL MANVERS, 6, Tilney Street, Mayfair, London

GEORGE W. MARSHALL, Rouge Croix, Heralds' Coll., London, E.C. Rev. H. A. MARTIN, Laxton Vicarage, Newark

W. H. MASON, Morton Hall, Retford

HENRY MELLISH, Hodsock Priory, Worksop

ROBERT MELLORS, Locksley House, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham
Right Hon. LORD MIDDLETON, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

James Millar, 2, Mapperley Road, Nottingham

Mrs. MILWARD, The Hall, East Bridgford, Nottingham

HORACE W. MONCKTON, Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, S.W.
F. E. MURRAY, Leidernot, Ashover

Mrs. CHAWORTH MUSTERS, Wiverton, Bingham

FREDK. WM. NEALE, 24, Hope Drive, Nottingham

His Grace the DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, Clumber, Notts.

Rev. F. E. NUGEE, Shelton Rectory, Newark

Mrs NUGEE, Shelton Rectory, Newark

R. C. OTTER, Royston Manor, Clayworth, Bawtry

Rev. G. W. OXENHAM, Whatton Vicarage, Nottingham

SAMUEL PAGE, Pelham Street, Nottingham

Canon ALFRED PAVEY, The Vicarage, Mansfield

Colonel LORD EDWARD PELHAM-CLINTON, 81, Eccleston Square, London

W. P. W. PHILLIMORE, 124, Chancery Lane, London

Rev. J. E. PHILLIPS, Hucknall Torkard Vicarage, Nottingham

F. R. PICKERILL, Newstead Grove, Nottingham

H. W, P. PINE, The Blind Institution, Nottingham

His Grace the DUKE OF PORTLAND, Welbeck Abbey, Notts.
MARTIN INETT PRESTON, Journal Chambers, Nottingham
JOHN T. RADFORD, Mechanics' Institution, Nottingham

F. R. RADFORD, Yew Bank, Mapperley Road, Nottingham

D'OYLEY S. RANSOM, 9, Western Terrace, The Park, Nottingham
THOMAS RATCLIFFE, Bridge Place, Worksop

Rev. J. W. READE, Ollerton Vicarage, Newark

ARCHIBALD HARRIS-REEVES, Scarrington, Nottingham

Venerable Archdeacon RICHARDSON, St. Mary's, Nottingham

E. M. HUTTON RIDDELL, Carlton-on-Trent, Newark

LANCELOT ROLLESTON, Edwinstowe House, Edwinstowe
GEORGE SAMUEL RORKE, 3, Low Pavement, Nottingham

HENRY RUSSELL, Lloyd's Bank, Nottingham

JOHN RUSSELL, Roclaveston House, Nottingham

His Grace the DUKE OF ST. ALBANS, Bestwood Park, Nottingham

Rev. EDMUND ST. AUBYN, Babworth Rectory, Retford

HAROLD SANDS, Craythorpe, Tenterden, Kent

Right Hon. LORD SAVILE, Rufford Abbey, Ollerton, Newark
Rev. C. E. ScOTT-MONCRIEFF, Blyth Vicarage, Rotherham

SIR CHARLES SEELY, Bart., Sherwood Lodge, Arnold


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