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W. F. WEBB. Esq., Newstead Abbey
Robert WHITE, Esq., Park Place, Worksop
Rev. R. H. WHITWORTH, Blidworth Vicarage
Bedford Row, London

JAS. WARD, Esq., South Parade, Nottingham

J. CECIL WOOLLEY, Esq., South Collingham, Newark

C. TYLDEN Wright, Esq., Worksop

N.B. Since this list was issued upwards of one hundred Applications for Membership have been received. A complete list of Members will be issued shortly.

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I.-The Society shall be called "The Thoroton Society. Its objects shall be to promote the study of the history and antiquities of Nottinghamshire :

(a) By holding Meetings in the County or its vicinity.

By printing for its Members Transactions of its Meetings, and Papers on Antiquarian, Genealogical or Historical subjects, relating to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

(c) By printing ancient records and manscripts relating to the Town and County.


II.--The Society shall consist of Subscribing and Honorary Members.

III. The Subscribing Members shall be elected by the Council. A Subscribing Member shall pay an annual sub. scription of half-a-guinea or a composition fee of £5 5s. od. Members who compound for their subscriptions shall be Life-Members of the Society. The Council may, after 200 Members have been elected, impose an entrance fee of 10s. 6d.

Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st January in each year, and the financial year of the Society shall begin on that date.

IV. Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Council for their eminence in Archæology or for special services rendered to the Society, and they shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Society.

V. The rights and privileges of Subscribing and Honorary Members shall be the same.

VI.-All Members shall be entitled to attend the Meetings of the Society, and to receive copies of such of the Society's Transactions as are printed for the period of their membership; but no copy of the Transactions for any year will be forwarded to a Member whose subcription for that year is in


VII.-Membership of the Society shall cease

(a) By voluntary resignation, after payment of all subscriptions that may be due.

(b) By special resolution of the Council, who may cancel any Membership without assigning any reason therefor.

Provided that no Member shall cease to belong to the Society under clause (b) of this rule until a resolution to that effect has been passed by the Council, by a majority of at least two-thirds. A copy of any such resolution shall be forwarded to the Member to whom it relates.

The Council may also remove a Member's name from the list of Subscribing Members if his subscription is three years in arrear.

VIII.-Ladies or Gentlemen may, on the introduction of a Member, join the Society as Associates for a year. Each Lady Associate shall pay a subscription of 5s., and each Gentleman Associate a subscription of 7s. 6d. Associates shall be entitled to attend all Meetings of the Society, other than Business Meetings, and to join all Excursions. They shall not be entitled to receive the Society's Transactions. The Tickets of Lady Associates are transferable among members of the same family.

IX. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council consisting of Ex-officio Members and ordinary Members.

The Ex-officio Members of the Council shall be:

The President of the Society,

The Vice-Presidents of the Society,

The Hon. General Secretaries,

The Hon. Treasurer.

X.-The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected annually at the General Meeting of the Society, on the Nomination of the Council. The President shall take the Chair at all Meetings of the Society at which he is present. In his absence the Chair shall be taken by one of the VicePresidents, the Chairman of the Council, or by some other Member of the Council.

The Vice-Presidents of the Society shall not exceed fifteen in number. They shall be elected, when practicable, with a view to the Representation on the Council of different parts of the County.

XI.-The Treasurer shall be elected annually. He shall receive all monies due to the Society, and pay all accounts passed by the Council. He shall, as soon as possible after the close of the financial year, submit a balance sheet,

accounts, and account books for audit by the Finance Committee, and he shall lay the balance sheet before the Annual Meeting.

XII. The Secretaries shall be elected annually. They, or one of them, shall personally or by deputy attend the Meetings of the Society and of the Council, and enter in a Minute Book the proceedings at such Meetings. They shall also send out Notices of the Meetings of the Society and of the Council.

XIII. There shall be not more than twelve ordinary Members of Council, all of whom shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. Casual vacancies shall be

filled by the Council.

XIV. The Council shall appoint a Finance Committee, consisting of not less than three Members, whose duty it shall be to examine the Accounts of the Society before they are presented to the Council.


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XV. The Society shall hold at least one General Meeting for the transaction of business in each year. At this Meeting a report of the Council on the proceedings of the Society during the past year, and of its financial position, shall be laid before the Society, and the officers and members of the Council for the ensuing year shall be elected. The time and place of the General Meetings shall be determined by the Council.

XVI.-Special Meetings of the Society may be convened at any time by the General Secretaries at the request of the President of the Society, or on receipt of a requisition signed by not less than ten subscribers.

XVII. The Society shall meet or make excursions for the purpose of viewing and hearing papers read on objects of antiquarian interest within the County of Nottingham or its vicinity. The places and dates of such visits shall be determined by the Council, but, as a general rule, one visit of two or three days' duration shall take place in the Summer, and a day's excursion shall be made in the Spring or Autumn of each year.

XVIII. The arrangements for visits to any place which last more than one day shall be made by a Local Committee appointed for the purpose, with the assistance and advice of the General Secretaries. The programme for such visits

shall be submitted to the Council for approval before its adoption. The arrangements for a day's excursion shall be made by the General Secretaries.

XIX. Not less than 14 days' notice of Meetings of the Society or of the Council shall be given to all Members, who are respectively entitled to attend such Meetings.

XX.-The Agenda Paper of Business Meetings of the Society shall be prepared by Council, and no motion shall be brought forward by any Member, written notice of which has not been forwarded to the Secretaries 21 days at least before the date of the Meeting at which it is to be moved.

XXI.-Every question at a Meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of Members present and voting on that question. In the case of an equal division of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

XXII. Meetings of the Council shall be convened by the President or the Secretaries as often as occasion may require. The Secretaries shall also convene a special Meeting of the Council on a written requisition, signed by five Members, within 21 days of its receipt.


XXIII. (a) The Society's property shall be vested in Trustees, and new Trustees may be appointed at a General Meeting of the Society.

(b) All property shall be under the control of the Council, and in case of the dissolution of the Society shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the resolution dissolving the Society,

(c) In the event of the dissolution of the Society, all books or other articles which have been presented to the Society shall be returned to their respective donors, unless it has been resolved to transfer the property of the Society to some public body or institution in the Disirict.


XXIV. The Society may be dissolved in manner following:

(a) A proposal in writing for its dissolution, signed by not less that twenty Members, shall be delivered to the Secretaries not less than three calendar months before the Meeting at which it is to be discussed.

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