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The Resolution was unanimously agreed to, and the President in accepting the office, thanked the meeting for inviting him to occupy the position.

Mr. FREDERICK ACTON, J.P., proposed :

That the following gentlemen be elected Vice-Presidents:The Duke of Portland, the Duke of Newcastle, the Earl Manvers, the Bishop of Southwell, Lord Belper, the Mayor of Nottingham, the Dean of St. Paul's, Mr. J. E. Ellis, M.P., and Mr. John G. B. Thoroton-Hilyard; and that the Council in whom the management of the Society's affairs shall be vested shall consist of twelve members, in addition to the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretaries; and that the first Council shall consist of the following ladies and gentlemen:Chairman, The Right Hon, Lord Hawkesbury; Treasurer, Mr. J. C. Warren, M.A.; Hon. Secretaries, The Rev. J. Standish, B.A., and Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L.; and the following members of Council:-Mr. W. Bradshaw, the Rev. A. J. L. Dobbin, B.A., Dr. Gow, M.A., LL.D., Mr. M. I. Joyce, Dr. G. H. Marshall, LL.D. (Rouge Croix), Mrs. Chaworth Musters, Mr. J. Russell, M.A., Mrs. Staunton of Staunton, Mr. W. Henry Stevenson, Hon. M.A., Oxon. (Public Record Office), the Rev. Canon Trebeck, M.A., Mr. G. H. Wallis, F.S.A., and the Rev. R. H. Whitworth, M.A., F.R.H.S.

Mr. J. P. BRISCOE seconded the resolution, which was passed unanimously.

Mr. HUGH BROWNE then moved :

That the best thanks of this Meeting be given to the Duke of St. Albans for his courtesy in filling the chair, and to the Magistrates of the County of Nottingham for the use of this


He said that all felt the want of that Society and the difficulty of starting it, but that difficulty was overcome when the name of the Duke of St. Alban's as President gave assurance

of success.

For that and for so kindly presiding, the least and best return was their thanks.

Dr. PERCY P. TRUMAN Seconded the resolution, remarking that the Duke had for years taken a personal interest in the literature and art of the County. No man could be found better qualified by intellect and attainments to fill the position of President, which he had been kindly pleased to accept at that Meeting.

The Resolution was unanimously carried.

The DUKE OF ST. ALBANS, in reply, said he must disown any credit for the formation of the Society. The work had been done by Lord Hawkesbury and Mr. Phillimore, and they must all agree that the Society had been started on the most satisfactory basis. He hoped sincerely that it would be generally supported, and that the interesting events which in times past had occurred in the County of Nottingham would be preserved. He thought that Society would bring to light the fact that the ancient County of Nottingham had had a history, and a most interesting history, not only in times which were almost prehistoric, but also from the days when the Danes first came to the town of Nottingham.

Mr. HUGH BROWNE proposed a vote of thanks to Lord Hawkesbury and Mr. Phillimore, for their great and welcome work in organizing that Society, and for their services in acting as Provisional Secretaries, and after this had been acknowledged by Mr. Phillimore, the meeting terminated.

[List corrected to 15th April.]

The Thoroton Society,



His Grace the DUKE OF ST. ALBAN's, Lord Lieutenant of

the County

His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, K.G.


His Grace the DUKE OF Newcastle

The Dowager Countess of Carnarvon

Right Hon. the EARL COWPEr, K.G.

Right Hon. the EARL MANVERS


Right Rev. the BISHOP OF Southwell




Right Hon. Lord Hawkesbury


SIR THOMAS Woollaston WHITE, Bart.


The Very Rev. R. GREGORY, Dean of St. Paul's, London

The Mayor of Nottingham, Ald. Fraser
F. R. RADFORD, Esq., Sheriff of Nottingham

The Ex-Mayor of Nottingham, ALD. BRIGHT
JESSE HIND, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for Notts.
SIR SAMUEL G. JOHNSON, Town Clerk of Nottingham
Mrs. JAS. FANE Alexander, Edwinstowe Hall
Alfred Aplin, Esq., County Asylum, Snenton,

Rev. J. LEFROY AUSTIN, Boughton Vicarage

Henry Barber, Esq., LL.B., Clerk of the Peace for


THOMAS BAYLEY, Esq., M.P., Peverel House, Nottingham WILLIAM BEARD, Esq., Worksop

THOS. M. BLAGG, Esq., Carter Gate, Newark

ARTHUR BRIGHT, Esq., 1, Pepper Street, Nottingham

J. P. BRISCOE, Esq., Editor Notts. and Derby Notes and Queries, Public Library, Nottingham

WM. BRYAN, Esq., Mansfield

Rev. W. E. BURY, Screveton Rectory, Bingham
Rev. W. BERRY CARDEW, Perlethorpe, Ollerton
Rev. WM. LUMLEY BERTIE CATOR, Eakring Rectory
Rev. THOMAS C. B. CHAMBERLIN, Wheatley Rectory
G. E. COKAYNE, Esq., Clarencieux King of Arms,
Heralds' College, London

SAMUEL CORNER, Esq., 26, Forest Road West,

Rev. H. COWGILL, Shireoaks Vicarage, Worksop

F. A. CRISP, Esq., Grove Park, Denmark Hill, S.E. PERCY J. CROPPER, Esq., 80, Dryden Street, Nottingham COL. HENRY DENISON, Babworth Hall

Wm. Evelyn Denison, Esq., Ossington Hall

Rev. A.J.L.DOBBIN, Cropwell Bishop Vicarage, Nottingham JOHN ELAND, Esq., 12, New Court, Lincolns Inn

JOHN E. ELLIS, Esq., M.P., Wrea Head, Scarborough ROBERT EVANS, M.R.I.B.A., The Park, Nottingham

J. H. FARMER, Esq., Town Clerk of Bootle

T. J. FLOCKTON, Esq., Worksop

WM. GLEAVE, Esq., A.R.I.B.A., 44, Henry Road, West Bridgford Nottingham

JAMES GOW, M.A., L.L.D., High School, Nottingham Rev. CANON CHARLES GRAY, West Retford Rectory Rev. CHARLES REYNOLDS GORTON, Walesby Vicarage Rev. J. H. HEATH, Flintham Vicarage

JOHN G. B. THOROTON HILDYARD, Esq., Cherry Burton House, Hull

W. HUSKINSON, Esq., Epperstone

ROBERT JALLAND, Esq., Rolleston House, Horncastle

Rev. H. G. JEBB, Firbeck Hall, Rotherham

F. B. JEVONS, Esq., M.A., Litt.D., Hatfield Hall, Durham

Rev. GEO. S. KERSHAW, Fledborough Rectory

Rev. RICHARD KING, Warsop Rectory

A. V. MACHIN, Esq., Filey, Yorkshire

JOHN MACKIE, Esq., 12, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham ARTHUR D. Y. MACHIN, Esq., Filey, E. Yorks.

W. H. MASON, Esq., Morton Hall

Rev. H. A. MARTIN, Laxton Vicarage

GEORGE W. MARSHALL, Esq., LL.D., Rouge Croix,
Heralds' College

HENRY MELLISH, Esq., Hodsock Priory

Dr. JAS. MILLAR, Mapperley Road, Nottingham
Mrs. CHAWOrth Musters, Wiverton Hall

FREDERICK W. NEALE, Esq., 24, Hope Drive, Nottingham

ROBERT C. OTTER, Esq., Royston Manor

Rev. ALFRED PAVEY, St. Peter's, Mansfield

W. P. W. PHILLIMORE, Esq., M.A., B.C.L., 124, Chancery Lane, London

Rev. J. E. PHILLIPS, Hucknall Torkard Vicarage

Martin Inett Preston, Esq., M.A., Journal Chambers, Nottingham

J. T. RADFORD, Esq., Mechanics' Institute, Nottingham D'OYLEY S. RANSOM, Esq., 9, Western Terrace, The

Park, Nottingham

Ven. Archdeacon J. RICHARDSON, St. Mary's Vicarage,

LANCELOT ROLLESTON, Esq., Edwinstowe House
Rev. J. W. P. READE, Ollerton Vicarage

JOHN RUSSELL, Esq., M.A., Roclaveston House,


Rev. EDMUND ST. AUBYN, Babworth Rectory

Rev. C. E. SCOTT-Moncrieff, Blyth Vicarage
Rev. H. T. SLODDEN, Worksop Vicarage

F. A. SMITH, Esq., Papplewick Hall

F. C. SMITH, Esq., Bramcote, Nottingham

JOHN T. SPALDING, Esq., 22, Villa Road, Nottingham
Rev. JOHN STANDISH, B.A., Scarrington Vicarage
Mrs. STAUNTON, Staunton Hall, Orston, Nottingham
EDWARD J. STEEGMANN, Esq., M.B., Grove Park Gardens,

W. HUGH STEVENSON, Esq., King's Bench Walk, Temple

W. HENRY STEVENSON, M.A., Exeter College, Oxford
Rev. T. W. SWANN, M.A., Vicar of Orston and Thoroton
Rev. CANON TREBECK, The Rectory, Southwell
CHAS. BELL TAYLOR, Esq., M.D., Beechwood, Mapperley
Rev. E. S. TAYLOR, Sutton St. Anne's, Loughborough
FREDERICK J. TURNER, Esq.. Mansfield Woodhouse
J. C. WARREN, Esq., M.A., Weekday Cross, Nottingham
SIR HENRY WATSON, Shirecliffe Hall, Sheffield, and Park
Cottage, Worksop

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