Archaeologia Cambrensis

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W. Pickering, 1891

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Page 9 - Nor will I call out upon the mountains, fountains, or hills, or upon the rivers, which now are subservient to the use of men, but once were an abomination and destruction to them, and to which the blind people paid divine honour.
Page 238 - ... permanently, in the Libraries of the Societies. It is believed that the publication of a series of Registers, supplemental and extra to their Transactions, would add to the attractiveness and usefulness of the Societies without being a serious burden to their funds. By combination and organization a considerable body of outside subscribers may probably be secured for such a series, and the cost of distribution of circulars, etc., may be materially reduced by such a plan as the issue, by the Central...
Page 183 - Andegavie archiepiscopis episcopis abbatibus prioribus comitibus baronibus justiciariis vicecomitibus prepositis ministris et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis salutem.
Page 236 - Report on the Transcription and Publication of Parish Registers, etc. The Congress of Archaeological Societies in union with the Society of Antiquaries desires to call the attention of the public and especially of those interested in antiquarian research, to the extreme importance of duly preserving and rendering accessible the Registers and other Parish Eecords of the United Kingdom.
Page 237 - METHOD OF TRANSCRIPTION. There can be no doubt that a verbatim et literatim transcription is of far more value than any other form ; it is otherwise impossible to be sure that some point of interest and importance has not been overlooked ; the extra trouble of making a complete transcript is small, and the result much more satisfactory. In any case the names should be given literatim and all remarks carefully copied, with some indication, where possible, as to the date of the remark. Other records,...
Page 237 - Registers, but those of later date are also of great value, and it is suggested that 1812, the date of the Act of 52 Geo. Ill, cap. 146, is a suitable point to which copies may be taken.
Page 268 - Patrick and by the ecclesiastics and chieftains of Erin ; for the law of nature had been quite right except the faith and its obligations, and the harmony of the Church and the people.
Page 238 - Registers are preserved as well as later Transcripts ; in such cases, the two should be collated and all variations noted. PUBLICATION. With regard to the publication of Registers, the Committee have carefully considered the question of printing in abbreviated or index form and have come to the conclusion to strongly recommend that the publication should be in full, not only for the reasons given for transcription, but because the extra trouble and expense is so small and the value so very much greater....
Page 238 - Dau. : daughter. With regard to entries of marriage after Lord Hardwicke's Act of 1752, it is suggested that the form of entry may be simplified by the omission of formal phrases, but care should be taken not to omit any record of fact, however apparently unimportant, such for instance as the names of witnesses, ministers, occupation, etc. It is essential in all cases that an index should be given, and that the Christian names should be given with the surnames. It is believed that many Registers...
Page 184 - In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium xiii die Decembris, anno regni nostri quarto.

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