Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 9

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The Association, 1886
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A review of history, antiquities and topography in the county.

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Page 107 - And whereas you command us by your said letters to attend specially to our learning in our young age, that should cause us to grow to honor and worship in our old age, please it your highness to wit, that we have attended to our learning since we came hither, and shall hereafter, by the which we trust to God your gracious lordship and good fatherhood shall be pleased.
Page 225 - This was the fault of the system; one bad abbot ruined all; Pontius left to his successor a house loaded with debt, with 300 monks to support on revenues which were barely sufficient to maintain 100, besides a rabble of guests and paupers, who infested the gates of the abbey. With these disorders before his eyes, Stephen determined on instituting a system of reciprocal visitation between the abbeys of his order. He might, as abbot of Citeaux, have constituted himself the head of this increasing congregation;...
Page 123 - Now know ye, that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration...
Page 191 - Cromwel' erased} appointed out of the basest Hypocrites and dissemblers with God and man), the manner of whose certificates that they might appear to after ages I do here register, one from Tho.
Page 79 - Solomon, having regard to holy piety and for the health of my soul and the souls of all my ancestors and successors, all my part of the wood which is between Hunsinghour and Walesford, which is called La Lunde,|| and all its appurtenances.
Page 475 - ... 1328. Bishop Beaumont had a dispute with William de Melton, archbishop of York, concerning the right of visitation in the jurisdiction of Allerton ; and whenever the metropolitan came thither to visit, the bishop of Durham opposed him with an armed force. After much litigation, a compromise and agreement! took place in the year 1330, and the archbishop appropriated the church of Leak§ for the maintenance of the bishop's table ; with the reserve of an annual pension to himself, and another to...
Page 420 - Tuscan came my lady's worthy race, Fair Florence was sometime her ancient seat, The western isle whose pleasant shore doth face Wild Camber's cliffs did give her lively heat; Fostered she was with milk of Irish breast, Her sire an earl, her dame of princes' blood; From tender years in Britain she doth rest With king's child, where she tasteth costly food.
Page 107 - ... age, please it your Highness to wit, that we have attended our learning since we came hither, and shall hereafter, by the which we trust to God your gracious Lordship and good fatherhood shall be pleased. Also we beseech your good Lordship that it may please you to send us Harry Lovedeyne, clerk of your kitchen, whose service is to us right agreeable : and we will send you John Boys to wait on your good Lordship.
Page 225 - Citeaux is the common ancestor of the whole, and the four first abbeys founded from it, La Ferte, Pontigny, Clairvaux, and Morimond, as its four eldest daughters, respectively governed the abbeys sprung from them. The abbot of Citeaux was called Pater universalis ordinis; he visited any monastery that he pleased, and wherever he went the abbot gave up his place to him. On the other hand, the abbots of the four filiations, as they were termed, visited Citeaux, besides which each abbot went every year...
Page 485 - ... containing the organ was also taken away, the organ being placed on a raised platform in the north transept near the vestry. 1852. On scraping the north wall of the nave, the armorial bearings of Henry lord Percy were discovered, though much mutilated. In 132., letters of fraternity were granted by the prior and convent of Durham to his widow " The Lady Alianor de Percy and Henry and William her sons. Benefits to our Priory of Finchale and to our church of North Allerton, which had been burnt...

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