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rees). Miss L. H. Layari, VL #1-1:1
I 182

te. C. Meyer, IL 112-114

cheie: Gleanings from the Correspondence of a
aen .. D. White, IX. 207-253

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e III 350

aan Protestant refugee in England, temp. Eliz.

1x III civ-cvii


Tavior, III. 357-374

e Family of, by M. Burrows. Review, L. 343, 344
ecration of twenty-fifth anniversary of Wedding


W. Minet, VI. 138-171
W. Minet, VIII. 237–248
Senior Bursar's Accounts

Poor Fund, 1660-1681.
Huguenots in, in 1612.
Je, extracts from the
474, 475

Lanuscripts in, relating to Huguenots and other
VII. 230-252

encts in.

Note, V. 425-428

Report, VI. 198-200

bin, scheme of the Charity Commissioners for.

Tndow at. Note, III. 334, 335

er and Holy Cross, the Foreign Element in. J. M.

en the Cathedral and Churches of. S. W. Kershaw,

Protestant Church in crypt of, restoration in. Note,

Conference at. Report, II. lxi-lxxviii

tar, the Huguenot Settlement at. Captain W. H. Hinde,

families at. C. C. de Villiers, V. 222-250

ambles through the Archives of, by Rev. H. C. V. Leib-
IL 469, 470

of Bicentenary of the Revocation of the Edict of
L 168, 169

Carolina, Foreign Protestants for, in 1679. Note, X. 187-189

See also South Carolina.

Cevennes, The Little Prophets of the, by R. Heath. Review, I. 161, 162
Cevennes Protestants, the. Note, II. 257

Cevenol Family, a, History of. F. P. de Labillière, II. 352-405
Channel Islands, the Churches of, Notes on. J. W. de Grave, V. 125-178
See also Guernsey; Jersey.
Chanson Nouvelle touchant la memorable Victoire obtenue par les Hollandois
et Zellandois contre l'Armée Navale du Roy d'Espagne aux Costes
d'Angleterre l'an 1639; sur le Chant du Pseaume 68, que Dieu se monstre
seulement. Col. Sir E. F. Du Cane, I. 313-323

Charleston, S. C., A Historic Sketch of the Huguenot Church incorporated as the
⚫ French Protestant Church.' Review, I. 344, 345

Châtillon, the Cardinal of, in England, 1568–1571.


Chenevix Family. Note, VIII. 391

See also Trench.

E. G. Atkinson, III.

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Clement XIV, Medal of, to commemorate his Suppression of the Jesuits.
C. P. Stewart, X. 54

Colchester, All Saints' Church, Memorial Service held in, July 22, 1892.
Report, IV. 53-64

Conference at. Report, IV. xx-xxiv

a Huguenot Memorial at. Note, VII. 219, 220

a Sketch of the Early History of. H. Laver, IV. 45–52

and Halstead, Foreign Settlers at. W. J. Hardy, II. 182-196

Coligny, Admiral de, Account of the Murder of. Sir H. A. Layard, II. 241-249
See also Holland, Queen of.

Collart, Claude, de Verzy. C. Delgobe, II. 154–161

Colonisation, Projet de, en Irlande. See Ireland.

Communion Cups of the Dutch Church at Norwich, Notes on the. W. Minet,
V. 443-454

Plate presented to the French Protestant Hospital, London, Notes on.
Note, V. 431-440

Constantinople, the seizure of a Huguenot by the French Ambassador at.
Note, V. 191-194

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Cosne, Peter de, the MS. Memoirs of (1658-1748), with Pedigrees. E. B.
Vignoles, IX. 530-544

Cour, De la, family. See Cevenol Family, a.

Court of France in the Sixteenth Century, by Lady Jackson. Review, I. 159, 160
Coutras, the Château de, a Vanished Castle, or the Fortunes of. Miss I. H.
Layard, VI. 236-267

Croppenbergh or Coppenburgh. Note, VIII. 394


DEEDS relating to the Aufrère Family. C. P. Stewart, IX. 108-116

Delacourt, Thomas. Note, X. 493-495

Denmark, Refugees in. C. Delgobe, III. 585–588

Deutscher Hugenotten-Verein. Note, III. 417-419

Devonshire, settlements of French Protestants in. Note, I. 351

Dieppe. See Perigal.

Dijon, 1562-1574. M. Wilkinson, X. 62-97

Dolet, Stephen. W. Wyatt- Paine, X. 451-466

Dover, The Fourth Foreign Church at, 1685-1731. W. Minet, IV. 93-217
Huguenot Prisoners at. Note, IV. 340-342


Dover, Strangers at. G. H. Overend, Part I. 1558–1644, III. 91–171; Part II.
1644-1661, III. 286–330.

Dublin, French Nonconformist Cemeteries of Peter Street and Stephen's
Green, Epitaphs in. V. E. Smyth, X. 130-136

the Huguenot Churches of, and their Ministers.

T. P. Le Fanu, VIII. 87–139

St. John's Church, French names in the Registers of. Miss F. Layard,
I. 329-338

Duluc, family of. See Lacoste

Dupuis family, a sketch of. A. Bullock-Webster, II. 162–165

Duquesne, Admiral, the Heart of. Note, V. 202, 203

Duroure Family Record, the (with Pedigree).

Dutch. See Sandwich

Churches. See Maidstone; Norwich

Duval, Pedigree of. H. Wagner, IX. 117-119


H. Wagner, X. 388-408

EDUCATION in England, Notes and Materials on Religious Refugees in their
relation to, before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685.
F. Watson, IX. 299-475

Edwardes Square Settlement, the. Note, V. 424, 425

Eikon Basilike, the, Notes on, with a reference to some French Translations.
Rev. J. B. Medley, VI. 24-38

Elizabeth, Queen, her French Tutor. Note, V. 194, 195

imperial policy of. Note, I. 354

English Government, the, and the Relief of Protestant Refugees. W. A.
Shaw, V. 343-423

Exeter, French Church at. Note, IV. 353

Note, V. 308

a hitherto unknown French Church at.
Huguenot Settlement in. See West of England


FENELON, the Real. C. P. Stewart, X. 21-54

Field Preachings. See Antwerp

Flamands et Wallons, Quelques notes sur les réformés, du 16e siècle réfugiés en
Angleterre. C. A. Rahlenbeck, IV. 22-44

Flemish Refugees at Rye. Note, V. 201, 202

Florian, the Abbé de. Note, X. 185, 186

Foreign Artists. See Artists

Fourdrinier family and Cardinal Newman.

Notes, VIII. 291, 292, 391

Fourteen of Meaux, the. H. M. Bower, V. 1-124

Foussat, du, a Short Story of Three Brothers (with Pedigree). Miss I. H.
Layard, VI. 356–368

Frankenthal, Registres de l'Eglise Réformée Néerlandaise de, 1565-1689, by
A. von den Velden. Review, X. 182, 183

French Churches in England, the, the Relief of the Poor Members of. W. J. C.
Moens, V. 321-342

See Dover; Dublin; Calais; Exeter; Ipswich; Lisburn; London;
Norwich; Plymouth; Registers; Sandwich; Soho; Southampton;
Spitalfields; Thorpe-le-Soken; Wapping; Westminster

Colony of Innishannon. Note, VI. 180

Hierarchy, the, and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

X. 210-235

C. P. Stewart,



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Protestants, the State of, after 1685. C. E. Lart, VIII. 249–263

[blocks in formation]

Note, III. 336-340

Refugee Ministers in England in 1692.

Refugees. See Ireland; London, City of

Frenchmen on the Seas. T. M. Maguire, VIII. 165–176

Friedrichsdorf, La Colonie Huguenotte de. C. F. Rousselet, V. 455-466
Friendly Societies, Early Huguenot. W. C. Waller, VI. 201-235; (an
Appendix), VIII. 280-290


GARIOT, Phillip, petition of. Note, II. 481-482

Garnier, Isaac. Note, X. 495, 496

Gaultier, François de, de St. Blancard, Ministre de la cour à Berlin, Lettre de,
à quelques Ministres Français réfugiés en Angleterre. VII. 330-342
Geneva, the Protestant City of Refuge. W. Westall, I. 117–123

Germany, Huguenot Society of. Note, III. 417-419

Lettre de plusieurs Ministres Français réfugiez en Allemagne à quelques
autres Ministres de la même Nation, réfugiez en Angleterre.

the Vaudois Settlements in. Note, IV. 334-340

VII. 332-342

and Switzerland, English religious refugees in. Note, IV. 86-91

See also Frankenthal; Friedrichsdorf

[Gosset], a Family of Modellers in Wax. Miss M. H. Gosset, III. 540-568

[blocks in formation]

HAARLEM, the Walloon Church Festival at. R. S. Faber, II. 3-6

Hackney Churchyard and some of its Refugee Monuments. Mrs. Ogier-

Ward, IV. 467-471

Halstead. See Colchester

Harlé, Susanne. Note, VI. 181

Heere, Lucas D'. Note, V. 203

Henri IV. and Margaret of Navarre. Sir A. H. Layard, IV. 77–86

Herminjard, Aimé Louis, of Lausanne. Note, V. 441

Hierarchy, the French. See French

Historical Studies, Third International Congress of. Reports, X. 376-385
Holland, the Queen of, and Coligny. Note, X. 190

Horne, De, the family of. Note, II. 256, 257

Hospital, French. See London

Huguenot, Origin of the word. Sir H. A. Layard, II. 249–251

Origin of the name. Notes, III. 420, 421, 590, 591

Concerning the name. Pastor Dr. Tollin, VI. 327-355

the seizure of a, by the French Ambassador at Constantinople. Note,
V. 191-194

Bibliography. E. E. Stride, I. 130-149

Churches, the last of the. W. M. Beaufort, II. 491-518

of Dublin and their Ministers. T. P. Le Fanu, VIII. 87-139
Commanders. T. M. Maguire, IV. 309–329

Friendly Societies, Early. W. C. Waller, VI. 201-235; (an Appendix)
VIII. 280-290

history, sources of. W. J. C. Moens, I. 17-56

in the Valley of the River Loire, Notes of. See Renouards, the

Lodge, No. 2140. Notes, V. 442, VIII. 292

Refugees of the 17th and early 18th centuries, the influence exerted by,
upon the Social and Professional Life of England. A. G. Browning,
VII. 304-323

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salon en, pars Refuges Frosis, 1692-1699.
42.5L 9704432

* . 1 zenen military -17res a the Public Record

Innishannon: Listam; Praka; Ulster:

An ill's Huguenot Regina 1702 W. A


Note, V. 187, 13

ten issued by, for the IDAD O f the French

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Samarish church of. No.7 20. M?

Gledal to commemorate the Sargin & C. P.

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