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Worton, in the parish of Aysgarth, , and the Rev. John Cayley, is the incumbent. & wap. of Hang West; 1 m. SE. of Askrigg. At this place was formerly a priory, of which

WRElton, in the parish of Mid- some venerable Gothic ruins remain. It was dleton, wap. and liberty of Pickering Lythe; about the year 1153, for nuns of the Cister

founded by Pagan Fitz Osbert de Wykeham, 2} miles W. of Pickering. Pop. 193.

cian order. The mansion-house, which is Blacksmiths, Hardwick Wm.

near the ruius of the abbey, and a little to Grundy Thos. Seamer Wm. Wilson Wm.

the westward of the village, is an elegant Skelton John Furmers,

modern building, and the plantations are Smiddy Gev. Boddy Wm. Vickerman Thos.

judiciously dispersed. Pop. 582. Cooke A.N.


Langley Hon. Mrs. D. abbey Frank Francis Goodill Wm. Pearson Henry, gentleman Grayson Thos. Graystock Thos.

Farmers, Glaves Edward Fox Charles, shoemaker

Brown Moses Pennock John Graystock Thos. vict. White Hart Hall Megginson Simpkin Thos. Hodgson Geo. cooper

Hall Wm. Webster Thos, Morley Aaron, stone mason

Fields Wm. shoemaker Stead Peter, butcher

Hodgson Robert, schoolmaster Williamson Geo, vict. Red Lion Jowsey Richd. wbeelwright & joiner Wilson Thomas, wheelwright Marshall Peter, chief constable Wilson Wm. vict. Buck Inn

Sharp Richard, vict. Black Bull

Troutsdale Wm. tailor Wycliffe, (P.) “the cliffe by the water" is in the wap. of Gilling West, aud

YAFFORTH, in the parish of Danliberty of Richmondshire; 5 miles se. of by Wiske, wap. of Gilling East, & liBarnard Castle. The church is an ancient berty of Richmondshire ; 11 m.’w.of edifice, re-built in the reign of Edward III. Northallerton. Pop. 149. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of Hood William, Esq. the lord of the manor, but the patrons being Farmers & Yeomen, Masterman John Catholics it has been repeatedly presented by Bailey Joseph Moses Wm. the University of Cambridge; the incumbent Grafton John Ward Leonard is the Rev. John Headlam, who resides in Hood John Webster John the rectory house at Thorpe. Here, it is said, Haw Michael, vict. Board that John Wycliffe, the reformer, was born ; and Dr. Thomas Zouch, the late rector of this parish, has presented an original picture

YARM, (P.) of this Morning Star of the Reformation, In the wap. and liberty of Langbargh ; 4 who he says, was a native of this parish, to miles from Stockton, 15 from Guisborough, the rectors of Wycliffe, as an heirloom. 16 from Northallerton, and 44 from York. Leyland says, that John Wickliffe hæreticus, The town is situated on a low peninsula, and was born at Spreswell, near Richmond; and is nearly surrounded by the river Tees, which in that immediate neighbourhood is Wille- winds round in the form of a horse shoe, and Cliff pronounced exactly like the reformer's is here navigable for vessels of sixty tons burname, which Wycliffe is not. At all events then. The main street runs north and south the dispute is only about a few miles, and the and is very spacious. There is not much claim of Yorkshire and even of Richmond-trade, and no manufacture of any importshire to the birth of the Father of the Re- ance. The commerce in the place consists formation is undisputed. * Pop. 152.

principally in corn, flour, cheese, butter, and Wycomb, in the parish of old bacon, which are shipped hence to London. Malton, and wap. of Rydale ; 25 miles A great deal of salmon is caught in the Tees, NE. of Malton.

and this place partakes with Stockton in the WYKEHAM, (P.) in the wap. and at Yarm is on Thursday, but from the vici

advantage of the fishery. The market day liberty of Pickering Lythe; 7 miles SW. of nity of this place to the rising town and port Scarborough, situated on the high road from of Stockton, it had considerably declined, Malton to York. The parish church, dedi. but is again reviving owing to the erection of cated to St. Michael and St. Mary, is a neat several corn mills in the town and neighmd commodious structure, having been re

bourhood. The fairs, of which there are paired and embellished by the liberality of four annually, are on the Thursday before the late Richard Langley, Esq.; the living is the 6th of April; on Ascension Day; on the e curacy, in the patronage of Mr. Hutchins, 2d of August; and on the 19th and 20th of Dr. Whitaker's Richmondshire, p. 198. October The fair of the 19th of October is

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and carts.

for horned cattle and horses, and that on the been made more capacious and built in 3 following day for sheep and cheese. The Oe semi-circular form, and the bridge itself bill tober fair is one of the most considerable in been widened and rendered a substantial the north of England, and brings a great in- structure. In 1805, an elegant iron bridge flux of money into the town and its vicinity. consisting of one arch one hundred and Some idea of the extent of the business done eighty feet span, cast by Messrs. Walkers and at it may be formed from the subjoined te-Co. of Masbrough, near Rotherham, was turn of the number of waggons and carts erected here, but owing to some defect in the taden with cheese, exposed for sale that day abutments it unfortunately fell down about for four successive years:

midnight on the 12th of January, 1806,

when it was just on the point of being On the 20th of Oet. 1818_359

opened. This bridge is stated by Mr. Graves, .....1819-367

in his history of Cleveland, to have cost ........1820- 383

80001. and the weight of iron contained in it .... 1821-329

was 250 tons.

The parish church of Yarm, dedicated Averaging about a ton and a half each, so to St. Mary Magdalen, stands at the west that five hundred tons may be taken as the side of the town, and was rebuilt in 1730.quantity sold, at each of these fairs, besides The exterior is plain and rather homely, large supplies which are purchased by the but the interior is much admired for its merchants about the same time in the neigh- neatness and good order; it is, however

, bourhood, and which never come into the chiefly remarkable for a window of painted fair. The new iron railway from Stockton glass, beautifully executed, by Pecket, in FE to Darlington, and from thenee to the col which is exhibited a full length figure of Gr lieries near Auckland, passes within a mile Moses, delivering the law on Mount Sinai. of Yarm, and a branch is completed from This living formerly was a rectory, but it is the main line to bring coals, lime, &c. down now only a perpetual curacy, of which the nearly to the bridge, which promises great Atchbishop of York is the patron. The advantages.

Methodists, the Independents, the Catholies, Owing to the peninsular situation of and the Primitive Methodists, have each a this town and to its slight elevation above chapel here, and the Society of Friends have the bed of the river, it is very liable to floods, their Meeting-house.


Pod the most memorable of which are those of There is here an ancierit Free Grammar the 17th of February, 1753, and the 16th and School, founded and endowed in the time 17th of November, 1771. The inundation of Queen Elizabeth, by Thomas Cobyers of 1753, was occasioned by a sudden thaw on of Eggliscliffe, in the county of Durham, the western hills, whieh laid the town seven and the benefits of which have been very feet deep under water in the higher parts, essentially extended by the liberality of the and which swept away great quantities of late Wm. Chaloner, Esq. A National school furniture, wares and live stock without occa- capable of containing 160 boys and girl, sioning the loss of any lives. The flood of was built in 1816, by subscription, and is 1771, at the time of the eruption of the supported by voluntary contributions. Solway Moss in Cumberland, was more fatal It appears, from Tanner's Notitia, that and tremendous, the water in some parts of there was," here an ancient hospital, dedi. the town rose upwards of twenty feet in per. cated to St. Nicholas, founded by some of pendicular height, and many of the inhabit- the family of Brus, before the year 1185," ants were taken in boats from the roofs of which continued till the dissolution, but not their houses : a great quantity of property a vestige of it now remains, and even the and some lives were lost, and many more site of it is unknown.

There was also a must have perished inevitably had they not house of Blaekfriars, said to have been been preserved by the active humanity and founded by Peter de Brus the second, who timely assistance of the people of Stockton died in 1940, but it has disappeared, and sDrir and the neighbouring villages. Similar, cummodious mansion has been erected upon Gore though less awful visitations have taken the spot, called the Friatgate, now the seat of place since, and in the flood of the 3d of Thomas Meynell, Esq. the grounds of which an February, 1822, the water was seven feet are delightful, and extend about a mile deep in the main street of the town.

along the banks of the Tees. The popula. To abate the violence of these frequent tion of the town has made a trifling advance inundations, the bridge of fire

arches, built during the last 10 years; in 1811 it amounted by Walter Skirlaw, Bishop of Durham, in to 1431, and it now amounts to 1504,the year 1400, has undergone several impor- appears from the parliamentary returns just tant alterations; the arch to the north has published,

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Places from whence Letter bags are recvd.

South Shields


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Flounders Benjamin, Esq.
Fowler David Burton, Esq.
Meynell Thomas, Esq. Friarage
Robinson Marshall, Esq. barrister
Waldy John, Esq.

Bradley Rev. John, Catholic minister Cairns J. agent to T. Meynell, Esq. Deuxelle George Perrot, gentleman Flounders Mary, gentlewoman Graves Rev. John, curate, and author of the History of Cleveland Greame J. E. gentleman Heslop John, gentleman Meynell Miss, gentlewoman Middleton R. M. gentleman Nightingale Ann, gentlewoman Overton Mrs. W. gentlewoman Passman Mary, gentlewoman Patten Masterman, yeoman Robinson Mrs. S. gentlewoman Taylor Mary, gentlewoman Widdell Elizabeth, gentlewoman Academies and Schools. Clawson Thomas, (day) Endowed Grammar, Rev. J. Graves Longhead Jane, (day) National, Wm. Board & Mary Stockton Prince Jane, (day) Rowell Mary, (day) Taylor Jane, (day) Weddell Elizabeth, (day) Wright Dorothy, (day)

Agents, Particular and General. Miles Richd. (for purchasing pig lead) Stonehouse Christopher, (to Guardian Life and Fire Insurance Office) Attornies, Driver Wm. Garbutt, Wm.


Blacksmiths, Smelt Newark Spence John Stainsby Mark Perkins W. J. K. Wilson Wm. Smith John Wright John Boot & Shoemakers, Burn Stephen Calvert Thomas Fearnley John Wiseman Stephen Loftus Thomas

Bakers, Blakelock John Nettleship John Tate Thomas

Lynas John

Arrival of Mails.

2 o'clock morn. Ditto. Ditto.

5 afternoon.


Warwick Christ.
Willans Wm.
Brick & Tile Mfrs.
Dale Wm.
Greathead C.

Miles Thomas
Reeds John
Walton Geo.
Clock, &c. Makers,
Sherwood James
Sherwood Thos.
Stockton Francis
Fowler John
Martin John
Stainsby Ralph
Suggitt Robert

Corn Factors,
Appleton Richard
Barras John

Brittain George
Emmitt & Wastell
Fawell Thomas
Miles Thomas
Reed John

Departure of Mails.

5 afternoon.

Terry Christopher
Dod Thomas
Jackson Wm.
Spence John
Bainbridge MichaelCairns Jeremiah
Johnson Anthony Flounders Joshua
Johnson Robert Hall Isaac
Weddell Thos. Mawlam Wm.
Butchers, Maynard Richard
Cowl George Stonehouse M.
Harker Matthew Terry Christopher
Knowles Robert Farriers,
Laidler Joseph Barker Francis
Leng Thomas
Wilson Wm.
Wastell Thomas
Flax Dresser,

Butter, &c. Factors, Burdon John
Brittain Geo.
Emmitt & Wastell, Hedley Robert
Lynas John
Rowell Dennis

Corn Millers,
Appleton Richard
Emmitt & Wastell
Fidler Wm.
Fidler John
Garbutt Wm.

Curriers, &c.
Kay Matthew
Lister and Merry-

2 morning.

Appleton Richard
Armstrong Thos.
Baker John
Dod Thomas
Jackson Wm.
Leighton Henry
Martin John

Reed F. Cuthbert
Spence John
Taylor Jane, (tea)
Temple Thomas
Vallans Isabella
Wild George
Wilkinson John

Hair Dressers,
Muir Andrew
Potter George

Stockton Francis
Todd James

Pape Richard
Smith James
Smith John
Linen, &c. Drapers,
Appleton Richard
Davison Thomas
Jackson James

Leighton Henry Stone Masons,
Reed F. Cuthbert Johnson Anth.
Wigham Cuthbert, Johnson Robert
Maltsters& Brewers Straw Bonnet Mkrs.
Driver Wm. Burn Mary
Stonehouse Christ. Close Rebecca
Orton Jane

Close Rebecca
Danby Harriot
Jackson Mary
Kingston Jane
Orton Jane
Plumbers & Gla-
Barras John
Sherwood Henry
Porter Dealers,
Crisp George
Walton George
Greathead John
Reed John
Todd James

Bradley Michael
Crisp Geo.
Davison Geo.
Todd Thos. sen.
Todd Thos. jun.
Timber and Maho-
gany Merchant,
Miles Richard
Tinners & Braziers,
Barras John
Sherwood Henry
Blakelock John Tobacco Pipe Mkrs.
Braithwaite Christ.Marshall Robert

Seedsmen, Appleton Richard Dod Thomas Jackson Wm. Spence John

Roe John

Brown Eliz.

Fortune Thomas
Hill Elizabeth
Hind Wm.
King James
Oliver John
Spirit and Wine

Crisp Geo. (spirit)
Stonehouse M.
Walton George,

Surgeons, &c.
Dale John
Green Geo. M.D.
Jamesoù Anthony
Muir J. S.
Young Robert
May Matthew
M'Naughton Dun-
can & Son

Weavers, (Linen)
Clark Robert
Dowson Stephen
Dunning Joseph
Welch Slate Mert.
Miles Richard

Butterwick Thos.
Harrison Robert
Henderson John
Johnson Wm.

Inns and Taverns.
Black Bull, Wm. Temple
Coopers' Arms, R. Stainsby
Crown, John Phillips
Dragoon, Thomas Marcer
George and Dragon, Francis Staples,
posting-house, and excise office
Golden Fleece, Joseph Laidler
Green Tree, Thomas Mawlam
Greyhound, Robert Hull
Ketton Ox, Thomas Wastell
Ship, Robert Wastell
Three Tuns, George Walton
Tile Shades, W. Kilvington
Union Arms, Anthony Johnson

Appleton R. sub-distributor of stamps
Bell Francis, wood turner
Bradley Thos, hackney cartman

Dod Thomas, tallow chandler
Graham James, governor of the work.

Hardy Wm. cow keeper
Harrison M. skinner & woolstapler
Hodgson J. rope maker & sacking mfr.
Holmes Mary, glover
Hugill Jonathan, carter & cow keeper
Leng John, toll master
Pape Richard, clerk of the parish
Perkins W. J. K. agricultural imple

ment maker
Reed John, salt merchant
Robinson W. organist & music master
Rowell John, pig jobber
Stainsby Ralph, sworn meter for corn
Windross James, painter


The MAIL, from the Greyhound Int,
to London at 5 afternoon, to South
Shields at 2 morning.


John Baker and William Hutchinson,
to Darlington on Monday, and
Stockton on Wed.
James Proctor, fishmonger, and carrier
from Leeds to Hartlepool, arr. at
the Greyhound, on Tu. and Sat.
and ret. on Wed. and Sunday.
Ralph Reed, to Darlington on Mon.;
to Stockton on Tu. Wed, Thur.
& Fri.; and to Stokesley on Sat.
Yearsley, in the parish of Cox.
wold, and wap. of Birdforth; 5 miles
NE. of Easingwold. Pop. 170.
Farmers, Lund Benjamin
Brown Anthony Rutter John
Dawson Richard Skelton Robert
Easton Wm. Wetherill John,
Hornby John
Gowland Marm. vict. Wynn's Arms
Hornby John, tailor & shopkeeper
Wilson Wm. shoemaker

Yerby, in the parish of Kirklea tham, wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 4 miles NNW. of Guisborough.

Yore, in the parish and township of Aysgarth, wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 4 miles E. of Askrigg. Directory included with Aysgarth.

York Gate, in the parish of Wath, wap. of Halikeld, and liberty of Rich mondshire; 5 miles NNE. of Ripon.

Youlton, in the parish of Ale and wap. of Bulmer; 5 miles SSW. of Easingwold. Pop. 56.











With the Date of their Creation.

The East-Riding is indicated by a.; the North- Riding by a t; and the

West-Riding by a I.

1807 Right Reverend and Honourable Edward Venables Vernon,

D.C.L. Lord ARCHBISHOP OF York, Primate of England,

and Lord High Almoner to the King ; Bishopthorpe. 1483 Bernard Edward Howard, DUKE OF NORFOLK, Earl of

Surrey and Arundel, Hereditary Earl Marshal of England, Premier Peer and Earl, F.R.S. S. A. Sheffield Manor,

(dismantled.) 1694 +George Wm. Frederick Osborne, DUKE OF LEEDS, Mar

quis of Caermarthen, Lord Lieutenant of the North-Riding of Yorkshire, Governor of the Isles of Scilly, Ranger of Richmond-Forest, and Constable of Middleham Castle ;

Hornby Castle and Kiveton Park. 1694 Wm. Spencer Cavendish, Duke of DEVONSHIRE, Marquis

of Hartington, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Derbyshire, and High Steward of Derby ; D.C.L. Bolton

Abbey, (Sporting Residence.) 1793 Francis Charles Seymour Conway, MAKQUIS OF HERTFORD,

Earl of Yarmouth, Lord Conway and Killulta in Ireland,
Warden of the Stannaries ; Temple Newsam, (at present

enjoyed by the Dowager Marchioness.)
1816 #Francis Rawdon Hastings, Marquis of HASTINGS, Earl

Rawdon, laté Governor General of India, Constable and Chief Governor of the Tower of London, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the Tower Division, å General and Colonel of the 27th Regiment, (Earl of Moira, in Ireland) K.G. K.G.H. F.R.S. F.S.A. and

M.R.I.A.; Rawdon Hall, (dilapidated.) 1821 +Charles Bruce Brudenell Bruce, MARQUIS OF AILESBURY,

Earl Bruce, K.T.; Jerveaux Abbey (occasionally.) 1628 Sackville Tufton, EARL OF THANET, Lord Tufton, here

ditáry Sheriff of Westmoreland; Skipton Castle. 1661 +Frederick Howard, EARL DE CARLISLE, Viscount More

peth, K.G.; Castle Howard.

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