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HILTON, (P.) in the wap. and Hinlethwaite, in the parish of Coliberty of Langbargh; 4 miles ESE. of verbam, and wap. of Hang West ; 6 Yarm. The church is a plain, aucient small miles św. of Middlebam, pleasantly structure The living is a perpetual curacy, situated in Coverdale. in the patronage of Lord George Henry HIPSWELL, in the parish of CatteCavendish ; incumbent, the Rev. Robert rick, wap. of Hang East, and liberty Fawcett. Pop. 135.

of Richmondshire; 3 miles SE. of

Richmond. Population, 273.

Preston John
Coates Geo. Stockdale Francis Bradley Rev, James, officiating curate
Coates Francis Watson Richard

Metcalfe Wm. gent. Hipswell lodge Nightingale Wm.


Severs Robert

Kirby Wm. Sledge Christr.
Appleton Michael, tailor and draper Metcalfe Geo. jun.
Appleton John, blacksmith
Preston Wm. parish clerk

Binks Edmund, blacksmith
Wilson Wm. vict. Fox and Hounds

Gill Leonard, schoolmaster Wilson Wm. jun. shoemaker

Horner Aun, vict. Volunteer Wrightson Robert, corn miller

Langstaff Anthony, wbeelwright

Metcalfe Geo. corn miller HINDERWELL, or HILDERWELL, Hole of Hercum, a circular valley (P.) in the wap. and liberty of Langbargh ; 8 in the parish of Leavisham,

wap. and miles NW. of Whitby. The church, dedi- liberty of Pickering Lythe ;

miles cated to St. Hilda, is a very ancient edifice; NNE. of Pickering. the living is a rectory, in the patronage of Lady M. Boynton, and the Rev. William wap. and liberty of Allertonshire; 8

Holme, in the parish of Pickbill, = Smith is the incumbent. In the church yard miles SE. of Bedale, the residence of

there is a well, or spring of pure water, called John Stockdale, gentleman, of Holme - St. Hilda's well, near which, it is conjectured, Lodye. Population, including How

she had an occasional retreat, which not grave, 102. only still retains her name, but communicates the same to the parish. Rowland thinks it. Kirkdale, wap. of Rydale; 3 miles

Holme, (North) in the parish of probable that, in very distant ages, churches S. of Kirkby-Moor-Side. Pop. 24. were dwelling-houses for the priests, as well as places of worship for the people, and that Hovingham, and wap. of Rydalen

Holme, (South) in the parish of therefore they were generally built near a

mls.from Kirkby-Moor-Side. Pop. 66. well of clear water. In the year 1603 a plague, contracted from a Turkish ship

HOLTBY, (P.) in the wap. of Bul. stranded on the coast, broke out in this vil mer; 5 miles ENE. of York. Here is lage, and raged for six weeks, carrying of a bandsome brick church, dedicated to * number of the inhabitants, but

fortunately the Holy Trinity; the living is a recdid not extend its baneful influence to any troness, and the Rev. Robert Warbur

tory, of which Mrs. Nelsou is the paof the neighbouring villages. Pop. 1483.

ton the incumbent. Pop. 170. Van Hemnitt Rev. John, curate Appleby Thomas, gentleman White Hannab, gentlewoman Smithson Robert, solicitor, (office, Farmers, Scarthe Isaic

Colliergate, York) Dobson Thos, Scartbe Wm. Farmers and yenie: Stotwell John Duell Thos. We ford John Beni ley John 'Taylor Jonathan Hill Wm.


Lund Marmaduke Taylor Thomas Lewis Philip

Adamson Luke Rookes David Waud Rubert Marshall Aon Armstrong Geo. Smithson Thos. Wilson George Merry Robert Wheelwrights, Archer George, shoemaker and vict, Moon Isaac,&millerAtkinson Wm. Lord Wellington Newton John Peacock Leonard Atkinson Wm. blacksmith Reed Wm. Skelton Thos.

Holwick, in the parish of RomaldGibson Wm. vict. and butcher, Shoul. kirk, wap. of Gilling West, and liberder of Mutton

ty of Richmondsbire; 11 miles NW. Jefferson John, tailor

of Barnard Castle.' Pop, 201, Robinson Mattbew, schoolmaster and Hood Grange, in the parish of Kilparish clerk

burn, wap. of Birdforth, and liberty of Smallwood Wm. vict, and blacksmith, Ripon; 6 miles ESE. of Thirsk. Poa Brown Cow

pulation, 30,

Hope, in the parish of Barningham, pavement. There were also found in making wap. of Gilling West, and liberty of the gardens, considerable remains of build Richmondshire ; 6 miles S. of Barnard ings, evidently proving the spot to have been Castle. Population, 44.

the site of a Roman villa. A charter was HORNBY, (P.) in the wap. of granted in the 36th year of the reign of Hang East, and liberties of St. Peter's and Henry Ill. for a market, fair, &c. and reRichmondshire; 5 miles NW. of Bedale. newed in the 13th of the reign of George II. Here is a church dedicated to St. Mary; the 1739. The market to be held on the Thursliving is a vicarage, in the patronage of the day; the fairs to be held on the 14th, 15th, Dean and Chapter of York, and the Rev. J. and 16th of August, for live cattle, and Alderson is the incumbent. . Hornby castle, all kinds of English grain, merchandise, one of the seats of his Grace the Duke of&c. The market has been discontinued a Leeds, is situated in this township. This number of years. Here is a school endowed mansion is a spacious structure of a mixed with 101. a year, by the Rev. James Graves, architecture, and the apartments are grand, of Beverley, for twelve poor children, and and superbly finished. The situation is 20%. by Mrs. Ann Arthington, of Arthington; commanding, and from the battlements is the interest of which was to be applied toseen to great advantage the rich and pic-wards educating four children. The church turesque valley of Bedale, stretching up to is dedicated to All Saints; and the living is the western moors, and forming a grand and a perpetual curacy, of which the Earl of imposing contrast.Hornby castle was an- Carlisle is the patron, and the Rev. Robert ciently the lordship and seat of the family Freer, the incumbent; there is here also a of St. Quintin, from whom it passed to the Methodist chapel. Population, 649. Conyers, and ultimately to the Osbornes. Proud Rev. Richard Population, 102.

Wales John, gentleman Osborne, George William Frederick, Worsley E. Esq. Hall

Duke of Leeds, &c. Hornby castle Blacksmiths, Skelton Thomas Pattison Rev. M'I. A. M. curate Bonwell George Tindall Ralph Farmers, Renforth Wm. Mook Wm,

Grocers, Outhwaite Wm. Scaife Christopher

Butchers, Banks Robert Outhwaite Richd. Stelling Anthony

Audaer Thomas Robson Thomas Powell Christpbr.

Goodwill Wm. Joiners, &c.

Thompson James Foster George MʻKenzie Dorothy, vict. Board


Harrison Robert Hornby, in the parisb of Great Carr James

Shoemakers, Smeaton, wap. and liberty of Allertonshire; Foxton Thomas Banks Robert 8 miles N. of Northallerton. The only Freer Jobn Banks Wm. place of worship in this village is a small Gibson John Jackson Thos. Methodist chapel. The Grange in this town- Goodiil Robert Shopkeepers, ship is the residence of Henry Howgill, Esq. Hoggart Grace Foster George Population, 238.

Hornsey Thos. Hewgill Daniel

Wilson Geo.
Horse House, in the parish of Co-Leafe Thomas

Surgeons, verham, wap. of 'Hang West, and lit Lockey Richard

Lythe Wm. Dixon Henry berty of Richmondsbire ; 6 miles SW. of Middlebam.

Mercer Wm, Wilson James

Mitchell Wm. Houltby (High) in the parish of Hornby, wap. of Hang East, & liberty Audaer Johp, stone mason of Richmond bire; 4 mls. N. of Bedale, Brough William, bacon factor of which Thomas Robson, Esq. is the Brown Peier, perfumer principal inhabitant. Pop, included Dawson Edw. plumber & glazier with Åinderby Myers.

Dobinson Elizabeth, straw hat mfr. Houltby (Low), in the parish of

Dobson William, tallow chandler Bedale, wap. of Hang East, & liberty Johnson Miss, day school

Hessay John, watch maker of Richmondsbire; 3 mls. N. of Bedale.

Joy Richard, schoolmaster HOVINGHAM, (P.) in the wap. of Lockey Richard, vict. Talbot Inn Rydale; 7 miles S. of Kirkby-Moor-Side. Moor Jobn, draper and tailor Anciently the seat of the great Roger de Moor Sarah, milliner Mowbray, but now possessed by the Worsley | Ridsdale Thomas, saddler family. In the gardens of Thomas Worsley, Simpson Thomas, basket maker Esq. in 1945, was discovered a Roman hypo. Skelton John, vict.& maltster, New Inn maust, and in another place, a small tesselated | Suplay John, cooper


act linow.

[North Riding.) HUS. 459 Taylor Francis, vict. Lion

Lund Wm.

Shoemakers, Watson Wm. corn miller

Mosier Wm. Boggitt Thos.

Brown Mark
Howe, in the parish of Pickhill, & Mosier Edward
wap. of Halikeld; 5 miles sw. of Phillips James Shopkeepers,
Thirsk. Population 32.

Ware Matthew Knapton Tbos.

Wood James Rbodes Joseph Howe, in the parish of Old Malton,

Land Surveyors,

Wheelwrights, and wap. of Rydale; 3 miles from Barron Henry Dunnill Wm. Malton.

Mosier John Ward Wm. Howgrave, see Sutton Howgrave. Burton Robert, schoolmaster

Howlsyke, in the parish of Danby, Cass Tbomas, vict. White Horse wap. and liberty of Langbargh ; il Croft John, corn miller miles from Wbitby.

Dixon Wm. vict. Hare and Hounds Howthorpe, in the parish of Ho- Oates John, butcher vingham, & wap. of Rydale ; 7 miles Varey Jobn, vict. and blacksmith from Malton. Population included

Hunton, in the parish of Patrick with Airybolme.

Brompton, wap. of Hang West, liberHuby, in the parisb of Sutton-on- ties of St. Peter's and Richmondsbire; the-Forest, wap. of Bulmer, & liberty 6 miles NW. of Bedale. Pop. 496. of Pickering Lythe; 4 miles SE. of Foster Francis, gentleman Easingwold. Here are Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels, and a

Blacksmiths, Rider Geo. Friends' Meeting house. "Pop. 497.

Caygill Geo.

Thompson Robt.

Todd Robert
Hudswell, in the parish of Cat- Butchers,

Tomlin John teriek, wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Robinson Jacob Richmondshire; 2 miles SW. of Richmond. Robinson Wm.

Tailors, There is in this township an extensive lead Farmers,

Esles Wm. mine, and also a colliery. The Chapel of Miller Charles Metcalf John Ease is a small ancient structure, of which Thomas John

Wheelwrighls, the Rev. James Bradley, is curate.

The Thomas Thos. extraordinary mount, called Round Haw, is

Schoolinasters, Richardson Geo.

Coates Geo. in this township. Pop. 305.

Atkinson John

Bollon Joseph, wood cutter HUMBURTON, in the parish of keld; 2 miles NE. of Boroughbridge: Esles Wm. vict. Ring's Head Kirby-on-the- Moor, and wap. of Hali- Carter Mary, vict. Fox and Hounds

Daggit Richard, grocer and draper The principal inhabitant is Mr. Joseph Hewson Abraham, vict. Bay Horse Smith, yeoman, of Burton Grange. Owthwaite Geo, maltster & brewer Pop. with Milby, 120.

Taylor Geo. vict, New Inn Hunderthwaite, in the parish of Romaldkirk, wap. of Gilling West, kirk, wap. of Gilling West, & liberty

Hurry, in the parish of Romaldand liberty of Richmondshire ; 6 miles of Richmondshire; miles WNW. of NW. of Barnard Castle. Pop. 313.

Barpard Castle. Population included HUNTINGTON, (P.) in the wap. of with Hundersthwaite. Bulmer, a part in the liberty of St. Peter's ; Hurst, in the parish of Marrick, 3 miles NNE. of York. Here is a church wap. of Gilling West, and liberty of dedicated to All Saints; the living is a vicar- Richmondsbire ; 3 miles NNE. of age; under the patronage of the College of Reeth. Pop. included with Marrick. Vicars, York, and the Rev. J. Richardson,

HUSTHWAITE, (P.) in the wap. of A. M. is the incumbent. This village is Bird forth, and liberty of St. Peter's ; 4 situated on the east bank of the navigable miles N. of Easingwold. The living is river Foss. Pop. 346.

a perpetual curacy, in the patronage Atkinson Richard, surgeon

of Joseph Reeve, Esq.; incumbent the Darby Mrs. A. gentlewoman

Rev. John Starkey. Pop. 324. Dowker Tbos. Esq. Manor cottage Blacksmiths, Dixon John Smith Thos. Esq. Fosfield house Robson Jesse Hick John Wisker Matthias, gentleman

Smith Jeffery Hick Geo. Farmers & Yeomen, Fowler Leonard Farmers Yeomen, Nelson Thos. Barron Henry

Gray Simeon Battye Richard Smith Thos. Bearpark Thos. Hall John

Burnett Timothy Smithson Samuel Clegg Jonatban Knapton Wm. Dennison Richard Wilkinson John


Wimp Wm.

Tailors, Hebron Samuel,(& Joiners, Taylor Wm. (and Braithwaite Robt. parish clerk) Greenwood John parish clerk) Jackson William, Kay Jobn Greenwood Wm. Tesseyman Francis (draper & hatter)Meynell Edward Burnett Joseph, wool & cattle dealer Wheelwrights, Richardson Jobo

Burdon Simeon Darley Richard, vict. Board

Taylor Edmund Gatenby John, butcher

Catchasides James, vict. & blacksmith, Kendrew Christopher, shopkeeper Bay Horse Mouncester Robert, schoolmaster Davison Thomas, hawker Mouncester Thos. wbeelwrigbt Easby William, schoolmaster Taylor John, vict. Black Bull Easby Wm. vict. Shoulder of Mutton Young Wm. tailor

Eland Jonatban, sieve & riddle maker Hutton, in the parish of Rudby, Farnaby Geo. bee breeder & dealer

Eland John, cabinet maker wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 4 miles SW. Meynell Edward, vict. Board of Stokesley. An extensive, pleasant and Moss Robert, vict. Black Swan populous village, adjacent to the small village Mundale Geo. gardener of Rudby, wherein is situated the parish Norman Robert, coarse paper mfr. church, there being at Hutton only a Me Passman Wm. saddler thodist chapel, and one for the Primitive Rayney Wm. blacksmith Methodists lately erected. Here is likewise Richardson Robert, dog trainer a Union Sunday School, capable of contain- Sidgwick Charlotte, schoolmistress ing one hundred and ten children. Linen is Tweddle Robert, vict. Wheat Sheaf manufactured at this place to a considerable Wood Wm. bacon and cheese factor extent. Pop. 919.

Carriers. Dawson William, gentleman

Thos. Cust to Stockton, on Wed. and Kilsey Simon, gentleman

to Stokesley, on Mon. Thu. & Sat. Pulman Thomas C. surgeon

G. Mundale to Stockton, every Wed. Robinson John, gentleman

HUTTON BONVILLE, in the parish Shepberd Rev. Richard, vicar

of Birkby, wap. & liberty of AllertooSuggitt B. D. gentleman

shire ; 5 miles NW, of Northallerton, Thompson Brian, gentleman The principal inhabitant is Henry Agents.

Pierce, Esq. M. P. who resides at the Grabam Thomas, (to Mr. Nevill) ball. Population 107. Oates Geo. (to Mr. Norman)

HUTTON BUSHEL, (P.) in the Smith James, (to Clark, Plummer & wap. and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 6 miles Co. Newcastle)

SW. of Scarborough. Here is a very neat Bakers, Wood Wm.

church embosomed in trees, dedicated to St. Jackson Nathaniel Grocers, Matthew, of which the Rev. G. Woolley, of Paterson Jane Catchasides Js.jun. Scarborough, is vicar, and Earl Fitzwilliam

Bricklayers, Eden James, (and the patron ; here is likewise a Methodist Bainbridge Jas.(& tallow chandler) chapel. The ancestor of the ancient family

brick maker) Honeyman Wm. of Buscel or Bushels came over with William Bainbridge John Smith James

the Conqueror, and had lands assigned him Butchers, Taylor Jonai ban

not far from Seamer; there he built a church, Edwards Thos. Tones Sarah

and married Alice, sister to William de Goldsbrough Bart. Linen Mfrs.

Percy, the first abbot of that monastery, Tweddle Robert Bewick Geo.

about the year 1127. In the church is a Farmers, Eland James

marble monument, erected to the memory of Barker Joseph,(& Seamer Wm.

Dr. Richard Osbaldeston, sou of Sir Richard gamekeeper) Sidgwick Wm. Chapman Michael Sidgwick Simon

Osbaldeston, of Hunmanby, in the East Cristall Geo. Sidgwick Michael

Riding, and Bishop of London, who died in Harrison Cuthbert Sidgwick Mary & 1764; besides some others of a more recent Hutton John


date. Population 419. Hutton John Whorlton Isaac

Smart George, surgeon Johnson Lewis

Whorlton Joseph Blacksmiths, Pearson John Johnson Richard


Bird Robert Pexton Wm, Low Michael Howe John

Hawkins James Poad Hessle Nightingale Robt. Imeson John 1 Farmers, Wales Geo. Shutt Job

Oates Robert Coulson John Ward Job Sidgwick Wm. Sanderson Geo. Greaves Corry Shoemakers, Walters Joseph Wright Geo. Hodgson Thos. Elland Wm.

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Hutton Conyers, (Extra-parochial)
in the wap. and liberty of Allerton-
shire; 1 mile NNE. of Ripon. The
property of Mrs. Lawrence. Pop. 127.
Hutton Hang, (High and Low), in
the parish of Fingall, wap. of Hang
West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 3
miles ENE. of Middleham. Pop. 25.

Dixon John, blacksmith
Goodrick John, vict. King's Head
Metcalfe John, butcher
Milburn and Saddler, vict. Buck
Pollitt John, schoolmaster
Saddler E. cattle dlr. & vict. Bay Horse



HUTTON SAND, in the parish of Bossall, and wap. of Bulmer; 7 miles HUTTON-IN-THE-HOLE, in the NE. of York. Here is a Chapel of are parish of Lastingham, & wap. of Ry-Ease, of which the Rev. James Britdale; 3 mls. N. of Kirkby-Moor-Side. ton, vicar of Bossall, has the curacy.Here is a Methodist chapel. Pop. 304. Population, 202. Shepherd Wm. Esq. Dowthwaite dale Blacksmiths, Burton William We Abbey Thomas Featherstone Wm. Holroyd David, & Strickland Robert shopkeeeper Taylor T. Ox close Farmers & Yeomen, Wheelwrights, Abbey Thos. and Pearson William coal dealer Wardill John Cooper Robert, vict. Crown Hodgson William, shoemaker Peacock Daniel, rope maker Rivis Wm. corn miller, Yaudwath

and cheerl

Read Rev. Thos. Cutler Rudston,
A.M. F.L.S. Sand Hutton House
Farmers, Mason Richard
Arminson John Porter John
Coultas Thomas Teasedale Wm.
Kidd Wm.
Topham Edward
Lazenby George, shoemaker
Seller J. vict. & blksmith, Horse Shoe
Hutton Sessay, in the parish of
Sessay, wap. and liberty of Allerton-
shire; 5 miles NW. of Easingwold.
Population, 129.

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Hick Matthew

Hobson Wm

Peterkin Hannah
Shopkeepers, Smith Wm.
Marflit Thomas Spence Richard

Dawson Charles, schoolmaster
Halder Jonathan, vict. Board
Major John, wheelwright

in Jols

HUTTON SAND, in the parish of Thirsk, and wap. of Birdforth; 3 miles WSW. of Thirsk. In addition to the Chapel of Ease, there is here a chapel for the Methodists. Pop. 273.

Swarbreck John, gentleman

Atkinson Wm, gentleman
Jones Rev. Joseph, curate

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Hutton Low Cross, in the parish of HUTTON SHERIFF, (P.) in the Guisborough, wap. & liberty of Lang-wap. of Bulmer; 8 miles ESE. of Easingbargh; 2 miles SSW. of Guisborough.wold. The castle here was built by BerPopulation, 56. tram de Bulmer, in the reign of Stephen, from whose family it passed to that of Nevil, Ralph Nevil, first Earl of Westmoreland, repaired it. Richard Nevil, Earl of Warmond. The living is a perpetual cu-wick, being slain at the battle of Barnett, racy, in the patronage of the vicar of Edward IV. seized this castle; after whose Gilling; incumbent the Rev. William death Richard, aspiring to the throne, imHeslop. Pop. with Lanehead, 248. prisoned his elder brother's son, Edward Plantagenet, within this fortress, where he remained till Richard was slain at Bosworth Field, whence he was taken by Henry VII.

Hutton Magna, (P.) in the wap. of Gilling West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 8 miles NNW. of Rich

Hutton Mulgrave, in the parish of Lythe, wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 6 miles W. of Whitby. Pop. 90. Huttons Ambo, (P.) in the wap. of Bulmer; 24 miles SW. of Malton. Here is a small church, dedicated to St. Margaret; the living is a curacy, of which the Archbishop of York is the patron, and the Rev. J. J. Cleaver incumbent. Here is a small Methodist chapel. The principal inhabitant is Mr. Thomas Robinson. Pop. 445.

and arraigned for high treason; supported by trifling and false pretences, he was, at the headed in 1497, on Tower Hill. The Prinage of twenty-five, condemned, and be cess Elizabeth, afterwards the wife of Henry church is dedicated to St. Helen; the living VII. was also confined here. The parish is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Archbishop of York, and the Rev. Thomas Tate is the incumbent. There are also here two chapels, one for the Methodists and the other for the Primitive Methodists; and two schools, each with a small endowment.-Population, 756.

Sagg George, surgeon
Thompson G. L. Esq. Park.

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