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Farmers, Simpson Wm. Stanbope Rev. Fitzroy, H. R. vicar Gibson Thomas Wade William Guy Rev. Tbomas, curate Greice Peter Watson James Waterworth Richard, gent. Castle Lowson John


Keighley Robt. Bell Thomas, blacksmith

Calvert Jobn Neville John
Southwick John, corn miller
Summers Jobn, vict. Plongh

Hutchinson Miles, corn, &c. merchant Watson James, grocer

Markham Jobn, blacksmith Watson Thomas, shoemaker

Revell Thomas, corn miller

Williamson George, carpenter
Carrier—Matthew Hick, to Thwing &
Bridlington every Saturday

Wyron, in the parish of Swine, WOODHALL, in the parish of wap. & liberty of Holderness ; 4 miles

N. of Hedon. A delightfully situated Heminbrough, wap. of Ouse and Derwent; & miles E. of Selby. Pop. village. Population, 95. with Brackenholme, 90.

Collinson William, gentleman Reeves Charles, sen. gent. Old ball

Green Captain J. Wyton house Reeves Charles, jun. Woodal ball

Harrison Richard, Esq. Wyton hall Farr James, farmer

Farmers, Simpson Joseph Lake William, gardener

Fenwick Robert Wilson George Woodhouse, in the parish of Sut- Myers Thomas Withernwick Geo. ton-on-Derwent, and wap. of Hart- Simpson William bill; 5 miles WSW. of Pocklington.

YAPHAM, in the parish of Pock. Woodley, in the parish of Kirby- lington, and wap. of Harthill; 2 miles Underdale, and wap. of Buckrose ; 9 NW. of Pocklington. Here is a Cbamiles from Malton,

pel of Ease under the vicarage of Pock. WOODMANSEA - cum-Beverley lington; curate, Rev. Charles Brown. PARK, in the parish of St. Joho's, Be- Population, 114. verley, wap. of Harthill, and liberty Biass Thomas, corn miller of Beverley ; 1 mile se. of Beverley. Leak William, yeoman Population, 276.

Pickering John, yeoman, Smilet ball Carus Thomas, corn miller

YEDDINGHAM, (P.) in the wap. Cooke Thomas, bleacher

of Buckrose; 9 miles NE. of Malton. SituStephenson, John, gardener

ated on the banks of the Derwent, which is Wilkinson John, vict. Altisidora

navigable from hence to the Humber for WRESSELL, (P.) in the wap. of small craft. The parish church is a small Harthill; 4 miles NW. of Howden. The structure, dedicated to St. John the Baptist. church, dedicated to St. John, of Beverley, Earl Fitzwilliam is the patron of the living. is a very ancient building, in the patronage Robert de Clere, before the year 1163, of the Earl of Egremont. Wressell castle founded near this place a small monastery was founded by Thomas Percy, Earl of Wor. for 9 nuns of the Benedictine order, which cester, who was taken prisoner at the battle of at the dissolution had a revenue of 26L. 6s. Bd. Shrewsbury, and beheaded there in the year Population, 127. 1403. This castle became afterwards a seat Ellis Rev. John, curate of the Northumberland family, continuing in its splendour till the civil wars in the reign Howden, wap. and liberty of Howden:

YOKEFLEET, in the parish of of Charles I. when it shared the fate of many sbire ; 6'miles SE. of Rowden. This other castles, being dismantled by an order of parliament. Little more than the shell village is situated near to the river of this once princely mansion now remains mark' for the sailors to navigate the

Ouse, and the windmill serves as a The inhabitants of Wressell have a current river. Population, 199. tradition, that all the men capable of bearing arms in that parish were with the Earl of Empson John, gentleman Northumberland at the battle of Chevy Blanchard Robert, yeoman, Chase, where most of them were slain; Dr. Blanchard Thomas, corn miller Percy says that the first Earl of Northum- Blanchard William, cattle dealer berland fought the battle of Chevy Chase; Youlthorpe, in the parish of Bishop but the well known song of that name has Wilton, wap. of Harthill,

and liberty been embellished with several circumstances of St. Peter's; 5 miles NNW. of Pock. relating to the battle of Otterburn. Pop. lington. Population, including Gow. including Loftsome, 183.

thorpe, 111.


ABBOTSIDE, (High and Low) in Pickersgill & Co. have daily post wagthe parish of Aysgarth, wap. of Hang West, gons from London, Manchester, and liberty of Richmondshire; 1 mile NW. Leeds, Sheffield, &c. to Durham of Hawes, pleasantly situated on the North and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, viz.-side of the river Ure, and extending west

From London to Durham & Newward from Askrigg to the borders of West

castle-upon-Tyne, in 7 days; from moreland. Population, 181.

Leeds in 2 days; from Man

chester in 5 days; from Sheffield Farmers, Scarr Thos. Bell Mark Scarr George

in 4 days. Goods for Sunderland,

Houghton--le--Spring, Fatfield, Bell Robert Scarr James

Chester - le - Street, Sedge-field, Bell Matthew Scarr George

Wolsingham, &c. &c. are promptBlades Francis Thistlethwaite A.

ly forwarded by the respective Blaydes Cornelius Thompson Matt.

carriers. Carter Richard Thompson Alex. Kettlewell Anth. Tunstal George

AINDERBY STEEPLE, (P.) in the & hosier Weatberit James Metcalf Joseph Webster James

wap. of Gilling East, and liberty of Rich

mondshire; 3 miles WSW. of NorthallerRobinson Tbos. Willis John

ton. A parochial village, the church of ACKLAM, in the wap. and liberty which is dedicated to St. Helen. The living of Langbargh; 7 miles N... of Yarm.- is a vicarage, in the patronage of the King; The church, lately rebuilt, is a perpetual incumbent the Rev. James Robson, A.M. curacy, in the patronage of the Archbishop Population, 266. of York, incumbent the Rev. J. Waistall. Acklam hall, in this village, is the residence Bearpark Richard, gentleman of Thos. Hustler, Esq. Population, 105.

Pattison Mrs. gentlewoman

Wormald Jobo, Esq. Ainderby ball Acre Ings, in the parish of Lythe, wap. and liberty of Langborgh; 8

Farmers, Shoemakers, miles WNW. of Whitby.

Appleton James Barnett Cuthbert

Bailey Wm. White Thomas AGGLETHORPE, in the parish of Dodsworth Geo. Shopkeepers, Coverham, wap. of Hang West, and liberty Miller Ralph Milburn John of Richmondshire; 3 miles WSW. of Mid- Todd Joseph Watson Eliz, dieham, a small hamlet, pleasantly situated in Coverdale. Agglethorpe Hall is the resi- Alton Christ. vict. Farmer's Delight dence of Matthew Chaytor, Esq. Pop. 131. Cbriston Wm. schoolmaster

Aikber, in the parish of Fingal, Grundy John, vict. and butcher, Welwap. of Hang West, and liberty of

lington Richmondsbire; 54 miles ENE. of Haw Francis, churchwarden Leyburn. Population, 43.

King Leonard, churchwarden

Mitchell and Carps, carpenters, &c.
Ainderby Myers, in the parish of Ragg John, tailor and draper
Hornby, wap. of Hang East, & liberty Robson Benj. blacksmith
of Richmondshire; 4 mls. N. of Bedale. White Thos. parish clerk
Population, including Holtby, 79.

Woodhouse John, churchwarden AINDERBY RUERNHOW, in the parish of Pickbill, wap. of Halikeld, AINTHORPE, in the parish of Panand liberty of Richmondshire ; 6 miles by, wap: and liberty of Langbargb ; 9 WSW. of Thirsk. Pop. 99.

miles SE. of Guisbrough, a small ham

let, situated at the eastern extremity Bellerby John, vict. Crabtree House

of Danby Dale. There is here a small Granger Ralph, vict. Board

Methodist chapel, built about 12 years Green David, cattle dealer Highmoor Mrs. Nancy

ago, and a stone bridge, remarkable Pickersgill Francis, common carrier,

for its antiquity, crossing the river Esk. Leeming lane

Duck Rev. Daniel, curate of Danby


Harding Richard Carpet, Damask, Sturges Thos. Bennison Wm. Harrison Robert Diaper & Linen Strangeways Edw. Proud Richard Hugill Thomas Manufacturers, Gardeners, Smith John Nellis Joseph Lodge Francis Caven John, (nur. Drapers & Grocers, Nellis George Webster & Son

sery & seedsman) Hugill Jacob Prudom Thos.


Mickles Adam, Watson Tbos. Rudsdale Thos. Corbett Wm. (landscape) Farmers & yeomen, Scarth Thos.

Fisher John

Shoemakers, Dale James Smith Geo.


Pearson Richard Coward Thos. vict. and blacksmith, Chapman Simon Webster James Fox and Hounds

Duck William Wood James Galloway Thos, corn miller

Dunn John

Shopkeepers, Robinson John, vict. and cartwright, Ellerton Geo. Copeland Geo. Lord Wellington

Elwood Thomas Johnson Mary Ruddock Wm. day school & parish Fothergill Charles Weatherhill John clerk

Kendall Edward Wheelwrights, Sanderson Josepb, shopkeeper

Lonsdale Jubn Bateman Michael Thornton and Petch, coal proprietors, Simpson Richard Merryweather Rd. Clitherbecks

Arnett John, saddler Wilks Wm. joiner

Britch George, blacksmith Carrier-Josepb Bailiffe, to Whitby, Fryer Wm. violin maker & gunsmith

every Sat. dep. 1 mg. ret. 8 evg. Fryer Joseph, vict. Waggon

Airsholme, in the parish of Acklam, Harrison Thos.supervisor wap.and liberty of Langbargh ; 8 mls. Humphreys Geo. vict. Malt Shovel NE. of Yarm.

Langhorn Richard, dyer
AIRYHOLME, in the parish of Steed John, vict. Anchor, Leeming bar

Prudah John, corn miller Hovingham, and wap. of Rydale ; 8 Walmsley James, bread baker miles W. of Malton

Whitton Geo. butcher
Morrell Wm. farmer

Wilson John, tailor and draper
AISENBY, in the parish of Top-

AISLABY, in the parish of Middlecliffe, wap. of Halikeld, and liberty of ton, wap.& liberty of Pickering Lythe ; Allertonshire; 5 miles N. of Borough- Idm. W. of Pickering. Pop. 147. bridge. Pop. 230.

Hayes Mrs. Mary
Farmers & yeomen, Fall Thos.
Anderson Wm.
Faudington Jane

Farmers, Trueman Richard Barker John Groves Ralph

Brewster Thos. Wardell Francis Dresser Joseph Rocliffe John Golding Stockton Watson Richard

Monkman Robt.
Johnson Thomas, butcher and vict.
Shoulder of Mutton

Frank Thomas, joiner, &c.
Poulter William, shoemaker

Kilvington Wm. vict. and blacksmith Robinson Wm. tailor

Aislaby, in the parish of Wbitby, Walker Thomas, saddler, &c.

wap. Yeates William, blacksmith and vict. sw. of Whitby. Here is a Chapel of Ease

and liberty of Langbargh; 3 miles W Three Horse Shoes

to the parish church, of which the Rev. AISKEW, in the parish of Bedale, Joseph Robertson is incumbent, and the wap. of Hang East, and liberty of Rich Rev. Timothy Castley, officiating curate, mondshire; I mile NE. of Bedale. This Population, 253. village is separated from the town of Bedale by a rivulet, called Bedale Brook. Here are John Stanwick, wap. of Gilling West, and

ALDBROUGH, in the parish of St. two Anabaptist chapels, (ministers non-resident) and a Roman Catholic chapel, Monsieur Richmond. Here is a handsome free school,

liberty of Richmondshire; 7 miles N. of Francis Herman, minister. Pop. 620.

erected at the expense of S. M. Bartett, E44. Arden Mrs. Anna Maria, Leases M.P. for Richmond, and now conducted on Dinsdale Wm. Esq. coroner for the the Lancasterian system, and suppurted by county

voluntary contributions. Population, 544. Dryden George, gentleman

A Foot Post to Richmond Mon. Wed. & Sal. Foss James, gentleman Fothergill Mrs. Hannab, gentlewoman Glover Michael, surgeon Gilden Mrs. Ann, Leases

Hutchinson Ingledew, steward to S. Hebden William, gentleman

M. Barrett, Esq.

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Cowle George, joiner, &c.
Dobbinson Thos. schoolmaster
Hutchinson James, spirit merchant
mad Hutchinson Henry, vict. Fleece
Wan Kyle Robert, weaver

Story George, farrier
Wake John, tailor

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Spencely Mary
Stephenson Martin
Stockell Robert
Chambers Thos.
Miles Newton

Bland Matthew,(&
Hildrew Wm. (&

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Pattinson John'
Shipton Matthew Watson Robert

Allinson Eliz. brewer

Arnett M. vict. Half Moon
Bland Wm. miller

drea Aldburgh, in the parish of Masham, wap. of Hang East; 2 miles SSE. of Masham. A place of great antiquity; the bread castle and lordship belonged to William le Gros, Earl of Albemarle, who, in the year rad 1138, was created Earl of York, in conse


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Aldwark, in the parish of Alne, wap. of Bulmer, a part in the liberty of St. Peter's; 5 miles ESE. of Boroughbridge. This village is situated on the eastern bank of the Ure, ert which is here navigable. Pop. 163.


Standard," fought at Northallerton. Ald-
brough Hall is the residence of James Henry
D'Arcy Hutton, Esq.

Shepherd Robert
Wedell Wm.

Atkinson John, (&
vict. Board)
May Wm.
Penrose Geo. jun.
Douthwaite John,
(& day school)
Hall Thos.
Hopwood John
White Geo.

Sequence of his gaining "the battle of the Cundall John
Dinnington Jon.
Dodd Elizabeth
Driffield John
Eagle John
Ellis Wm.
Flawith Robert
Robinson Robert
Flawith John Whitwell Thos.
Harrison Christr. Wheelwrights, &c.
Moon John Duunington Jobu
Penrose Geo. sen. Hall Thos.
Robinson Robert Smithson Richard
Bell John, blacksmith
Burgess Thos. linen manufacturer

Carr Wm. vict. Fox

ALLERSTON, (P.) in the wap. and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 5 miles E. of Pickering. There is here an ancient church, dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a perpetual curacy, of which the Rev. Thomas Simpson, vicar of Ebberston, is the incumbent. Pop. 401.

Farmers, Taylor Samuel
Anderson Christr. Wilkinson Geo.
Dale Wm.
Dale Lawrence Goodill Robert
Hardwick Ralph, Stephenson Mary
(and grazier)
Jackson Geo.
Linton Francis
Myers Robert

Greenley Richard, vict. Heart
Hansell John, bleacher and fuller
Hardy John, blacksmith
Hartsey James, joiner
Lockwood Mark, shoemaker


Fowler Geo.
Watson Wm.

Pickup John, warrener
Ruston Timothy, corn miller

Allerthorp, in the parish of Pickhill, wap. of Halikeld, and liberty of Allertonshire; 5 mls. ÉSE. of Bedale.

ALNE, (P.) in the wap. of Bulmer, a part in the liberty of St. Peter's; 34 miles SW. of Easingwold. The church is a handsome edifice, dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a vicarage, and in the patronage of W. J. Bethel, Esq. of which the Rev. Henry Chaloner, A. M. is the incumbent. This village takes its name from the Latin word Alnus, (the alder tree) it being situated in a low swampy country, which formerly abounded with alders, and thence was called the Forest of Alders. Pop. 386.

Brooksbank Stamp, Esq.
Burgess Mrs.

Matterson Mrs. Ann

Wilkinson Rev. John, vicar of Ellerton

Mitchell John
Stanhope J.
Farmers & Feomen,
Allison Thos.
Brown Richard
Coulson Christr.
Coulson Michael

Dunnington Wm. sen. vict. Blue Bell
Dunnington Wm. jun. butcher
Foster Joseph, bricklayer

Carrier-Thomas Fordington to York, dep. Sat. 4 morning, ret. the same day.

Amotherby, in the parish of Appleton-le-Street, and wap. of Rydale; 24 miles NW. of Malton. Here is a grammar school, endowed with twenty acres of land, present rent 221. per annum. And a Chapel of Ease to the parish church, of which the Rev. Wm. Sutcliffe is curate.

Pop. 249.
AMPLEFORTH, in the parishes of
Ampleforth and Oswaldkirk, waps. of Rydale
and Birdforth, a part in the liberty of St
Peter's; 4 miles SSW. of Helmsley.


church is dedicated to St. Hilda. The living a vicarage, of which the Rev. James Jarvis is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Preben- Cleaver, is the incumbent, and the Rev. Wm. dary of York cathedral, incumbent the Rev. Sutcliffe, the curate; in the patronage of Arithony Germaine. Population in the parish Trinity College, Cambridge. Pop. 173. of Ampleforth, wap. of Birdforth, 192; in Hebdin James, gentleman the wap. of Rydale, 214;-total, 406.


Dobson Thos. Smith George, attorney

Cooper Wm. sen. Harrison Geo. Blacksmiths, Wood Robert Cooper Wm. jun. Snary John Furby Thos.

Joiners, Brown Richard, carpenter Scott John Boynton Barth. Hobbs Thomas, shoemaker Farmers & Yeomen, Fox Jeremiah

Oliver George, blacksmith Bellwood Wm. Masun Thos.

APPLETON-UPON-WISK, (P.) in Harding Thos. Shopkeepers, Linfoot Wm.

the wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 7 miles Pybus Matthew Little Wm. Trenbolm Jobu

SSW. of Yarm. Here is a small church, the Medd Thos. Wiley Mary

living is a perpetual curacy, of which the Nawton Jobn stone-masons,

Rev.James Hewgill, rector of Great Smeaton, Pollard Wm.

is the incumbent. Here is also a Methodist Cooper Jobn Sotheran Geo. Preston Richard chapel. This village is in the district called Waller Eliz. Spence John Cleveland, and takes its name from the Wisk, White Geo. Thompson Robert a small rivulet which runs through the townBarker William, tailor

ship. The linen manufacture is carried on Cariss Robert, shoemaker

here to a considerable extent. Pop. 492. Harrison Wm. vict. White Swan Alderson Robert, gentleman Heselgrave Wm. vict. White Horse Kingston George, gentleman Rushton John, butcher

Morton Edward, gentleman
ANGRAM, in the parish of Grin-

Williams Cuthbert, surgeon ton, wap. of Gilling West, and liberty Blacksmiths, Ward Stephen of Richmondshire; 7 miles NW. of Russell Michael Wilson John Askrigg.

Russell Benj,

Joiners, &c. Alderson Edward, yeoman

Bricklayers, &c. Errington Ralph Bell John

Peacock Robert
Alderson William, yeoman
Clark James, coal agent

Story William & Watson Peter

Angram Grange, in the parish of


Brekin Thompson Coxwold, wap. of Birdforth, & liberty Mawer John Cbipchase Wm. of Ripon; 4 miles N. of Easingwold. Mawer Wm. Chipchase Joseph Population 29.

Peacock Robert Green Thos.
APPERset, in the parish of Ays. Coopers,

Richardson Richd. garth, and wap. of Hang West; 1 Martin Richard Shopkeepers, mile W. of Hawes. A small hamlet Suggitt John Holmes Mary on the south side of the river Ure, near Farmers, Mankin Cbristphr. the western extremity of Wensley Alderson Wń. Story Thos. jun. Dale.

Davison John Wilkinson Henry

Farmers & Yeomen, Metcall Christpbr. Herring Thos.

Mawer Geo.
Metcalf Tbos.

Ianson Christphr. Branton Thos.

Ord Robert Hunter Simon Willan James

Smitb James, sen. Jackson James

Swainton Harrison Smith James, juu. Applegarth, see Marske.

Rhymer John, schoolmaster

Rbymer John, vict. Lord Nelson Appleton, (East and West), in the Rountree Thos. corn miller parish of Catterick, wap. of Hang Routledge Wm. & Sons, liuen mirs. East, and liberty of Richmondshire ; Watson Peter, vict. Queen's Head 41 miles NNW. of Bedale. Pop. 87. Wilkinson Wn. fisbmonger

Appleton-le-Moor, in the parish of ARDEN, in the parish of Hawnbr, Lastingham, and wap. of Rydale; 4 and wap. of Bird forth ; 71 miles NE. miles NE. of Kirkby-Moor-Side- of Thirsk. Darcey Tancred, Esq. men Population 276.

sides at the hall. Population, with APPLETONLE - STREET, (P.) in Arden-Side, 139. the wap. of Rydale; 4 miles WNW. of Arden-Side, in the parish of Malton. The church, dedicated to all Hawnhy, and wap. of Birdiorth; Saints, is an ancient structure; the living is miles NE. of Thirsk.


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