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** To render this publication as complete as possible, we have, in each of the

parishes of the North and East Ridings, when the information could be had,
stated by whom the living is enjoyed, who is the patrou, and to what saint
the church is dedicated: and similar information relating to the parishes of
the West Riding is communicated by a table Appended to this Volume.
See Page 605.

ACKLAM, (P.) in the wap. of ALDBROUGH, (P.) in the wap. Buckrose, and partly in the liberty of St. and liberty of Holderness; 8 miles NE. of Peter's; 6) miles S. of Malton. The parish Hedon. A flourishing and very lively village church, of which the chancellor of York pleasantly situated on the declivity of a small Cathedral is the patron, and the Rev. James eminence, and consists of some elegant and Britton the vicar, is dedicated to St. John well built houses. The church dedicated to the Baptist. Here are also a Methodist cha St. Bartholomew, is a large Gothic structure, pel, and a chapel for the Primitive Metho- of which the King is patron, and the Rev. dists. Pop. including Barthorp, 389. Nicholas Holmes the vicar. In the interior Simpson Rev. John, curate

is an ancient circular stone fifteen inches in Gilyard Emanuel, blacksmith

diameter, commemorating the building of Goodrick William, vict. Half Moon the church, the inscription on which may be

translated thus:


Skelton Robert
Allison Geo,
Warde John



OF HANUM AND GUNTHARD. Ulf, here Farmers,

Jobnson Edward mentioned, is supposed to be the same who Botterill H.Ú. Potter William gave his estate to the church of York, and Clarkson Tbos. Stone-masons,

in this gift was included Aldbrough, where Coulton R. and T. Alderson Jonathan he had a castle, the foundation of which is Craven Wm. Foster James now entirely levelled. The Roman road Dawson Wm. Warde Wm.

from Protorium to Gabrantiesoum Sinies, Ellis James Warde John runs through Aldbrough. The following is Gibb Christopher Tailors, a copy of an extract from an old history of Hudson Robert Fewston Wm. York, which was lately found here, “ York, Pape Geo. Herbert Thos.

1291 1292. Jo. Spear, Mayor." These years Sanderson Robert, Theakston Thos. the mayoralty was in the king's hands, and (and grocer)

Sir John De Malso, or Meaux, was governor ADDLETHORPE. See EDDLE- of the city, he was a great warrior and tall THORPE.

in stature, as appears from his armour, AIKE, part in the parish of Lock which is now to be seen in the church of ington, and part in the parish of St. Aldbrough, where he is buried under a stone John of Beverley, wap. of Harthill, monument representing him in full length division of Bainton Beacon; 5 miles lying, and also the figure of his wife, A Mr. NNW. of Beverley. This village was Towry left a quantity of land, the rent arising formerly upon an island, which by from which, is distributed to the old and in. draining is now connected with the firm at the discretion of the minister, oversurrounding country. Pop. 98. seers and church wardens for the time being,

Farmers, Watson Geo. about 201. of which is appropriated to the Jackson Wm. Whitaker Wm. education of poor children. Pop, including Thursk John

East and West Newton townships, 998. Norris Robert, vict. Board

Holmes Rev, Nicholas, vicar Plowman John, blacksmith

Craven Rev. William, curato

Groves Edward, gentleman

Laverack Geo. Siddall Charles Groves Henry, yeoman

Shaw Jobu, (and Simpson Joseph Hall John, Esq.

cattle dealer) Tbeaker William Moore Peter, yeoman

Cook James, shoemaker Stephenson Matthew, yeoman Harrison Richard, vict. Plough Stephenson Wm. yeoman

Whitaker John, schoolmaster
Wilson Mrs. Ann, gentlewomap Winter Edward, wheelwright

Blacksmiths, Grocers,
Cooper Charles
Jobnson Edward

ANLABY, in the parishes of North Tarbottom Benj. Mainprize Jobn

Ferriby, Hessle, and Kirk EHa, war. and (and farrier) Robinson Thos.

liberty of Hullshire; 5 miles W. of Hull, Bricklayers, Seupbam Widow

at the western extremity of the marshy plain Anthony Jobá


in which that town is situated. Is a pleasant Foster John Harmory Robert village, adorned with several elegant seats. Butchers, Stamford Joseph

This village formerly belonged to the ancient Creasser Mattbew Shoemakers,

family of the Anlabys, who derived their Hobson Francis Barritt Jobn

name from the manor. In the year 1100 Corn Millers, Brook John

the heiress of that house carried it by marKing John Dunn Wm.

riage into the family of Legard, which family Longman Jobs Jackson Jobn resided here from the conquest, till nearly Farmers,

Marshall Mark the close of the last century. Pap. 307. Armstrong Robert Surgeons, &c. Barkworth Jobn, gentleman Goldthorp Richd. Clark John

Bodley Mrs. gentlewoman Hardy Thos. Simons James

Broadley John, solicitor, (South Elis) Hobson Francis Tailors, &c.

Fields Daniel, gentleman Hogg Wm. Johnson Jóbn

Smith Charles, yeoman
Longman Robert Lamb Robert

Vause William, gentleman
Longman Wm. Rawson John
Smith Geo.

Clark Jobn

Rispin John
Speck Wm.

Brocklebank Thos. Clark John

Wetherill Charles Brambridge Robt. Cavill Joseph

Wood Wm.
Wilson Geo. Fewster James Appleton Christopher, bricklayer
Wright Wm, Holmes Thomas Bibbins Wm, corn miller
Wright Francis Humble Geo, Kemp Richard, shoemaker
Wright Wm. Edw.

Marshall Richard, blacksmith & vict,

Red Lion
Harrison Edward, bailiff
Hodgson Thos. riding excise officer

Petfield Mattbew, carpenter
Leak Wm. vict. George Inn

ARGAM, (Extra- parochial) wap. Ockleton Thos. vict. Bricklayer's Arms of Dickering ; 4 miles SSE. of HunSbields Wm, common hrewer

manby. Population 35. Sissons Wm. joiner and auctioneer

Farmers, Jordon William Wadsworth Jobp, hair dresser

Bell Richard Towers Francis Carriers-Edward Foster, Jobu Main

Arglam, in the parish of Holmeprize, James Rogerson,. David on-Spalding-Moor, wap. of Harthill ; Wright and Edward Harrison, to 7 miles SW. of Market-Weightop. Hull, every Tuesday and Friday mornings.

ARNOLD, in the parishes of Long

Riston and Swine, wap. and liberty of ALLEATHORPE, (P.) in the wap: Holderness; 7 mls. ENE. of Beverley, of Harthill, and liberty of St. Peter's; Population 101. 2 miles SW. of Pooklington. The churob is a very small structure. Po- Fewson Edward, schoolmaster

Palmer Robert, vict. Board pulation with Waplington, 151.

Farners, Robinson Benj. Addison Rev. James, vicar of Thorn

Smith George
ton-cum-Allerthorpe, & perpetual Billany David
curate of Barnby and Fangfoss

illany William Smith Tbomas

Carr John Burton Robert, gentleman

Taylor William

Jackson Robert Walker Thomas Hart John, gentleman Ireland Wm. yeoman and surveyor of Riby Robert Westerby Christ, taxes and highways

Carrier-Thomas Allison, to Hull Stephenson Thomas, yeoman every Tuesday, Farmers, Giles John

ARRAM, in the parish of Atwicke, Foster Robert Jackson Thomas wap. and liberty of Holderness; 4


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Clark Robert
Gray Wm.
Holmes Wm.
Hunsley John
Londsbrough Rd.
Thorley Joseph, shoemaker
Walker Alexander, machine maker
Carrier.-Matthew Wallis, to Be-
averley every Saturday.


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miles N. of Beverley. Population in- annual rent of which is to be applied to cluded with Atwicke.

apprenticing poor boys and giris of Atwicke, at the discretion of the trustees, of which the minister for the time being is one.Population, 326.

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Robinson John
Sargeson John
Taylor Wm.
Walker Jane
Wilkinson Susan

Carrier-William Wilson,


ASSELBY, in the parish of Howden, and the wap. and liberty of Howden-Hull on Tuesdays; departs 2 morning, shire; 23 miles W. of Howden. Po-returns 9 evening. To Beverley every athpulation, 254.


Cook Thomas, farmer & vict. Board
Levett John, blacksmith
Midgley Francis, carpenter
Morritt Wm. corn miller
Singleton Isaac, shopkeeper
Singleton Wm. yeoman
Taylor Geo, tailor

Wood Wm, schoolmaster

Greaves John
Birkett Josiah Humphrey Matth.
Bolden Robert Shoemakers,
Dalby Elizabeth Pears James
Dales John Underwood John

ARRAS, the parish of Market-
Weighton, and wap. of Harthill;_2}
miles E. of Market-Weighton. Po-
with Market-
pulation included

Stephenson Wm. farmer
Webster Wm. vict. Buck

Bainton Thomas, Esq. Arran-hill
Allman Major, tailor
Appleby Richard, wheelwright
Booth Thomas, schoolmaster
Coates Robert, parish clerk
Lawson Wm. corn miller
Pool Patrick, vict. and blacksmith
Wilson Wm.
Wilson Wm.
Wright Wm.

Garton John
Tennison Wm.
Ulliet John

Challand Charles
Dunn Wm.
Foster Ralph
Gofton Smith
Granger John
Hall Joseph
Hogle George

ATWICKE, (P.) in the wap. and liberty of Holderness; 2 mls. N. of Hornsea. A small, though pleasant village, situated near the sea, from which it suffers greatly by the encroachments of the water, particularly in stormy weather; the greatest part of this village stands at the junction of three roads, in the centre of which stands an old stone cross, which, in the year 1786, was situated at the distance of thirty-three chains and sixtythree links from the sea, from the rudeness of the structure it appears to be of great antiquity, there is round its base a latin inscription, but rendered unintelligible by the dilapidations of time. The church, of which the King is patron, is a plain Gothic strucThe ture, dedicated to St. Lawrence, Rev. James Wilson is the vicar and surrogate, for the dean and chapter: here is also a Methodist chapel, built in 1821; likewise a public school, endowed with about 30% per annum, paid out of the several charities of this place. Edward Fenwick, in the year 1689, left by deed one Oxgang of land, situated in Bedford, the

AUBURN, in the parish of Fraisthorp, and wap. of Dickering; 3 mls. S. of Bridlington. Population included with Fraisthorpe.

Harper Thomas, farmer

AUGHTON, (P.) in the wap. of Harthill; 8 miles NNW. of Howden. A parochial village and vicarage, the present incumbent of which is the Rev. W. Dean, and Mosley the patron. This village was the residence of Robert Aske, who in the year 1536, headed the insurrection called the "Pilgrimage of Grace." Aske is represented in history as a man of daring and enthusiastic courage, a gentleman by birth, and of considerable talents. In the latter part of the reign of Charles 1. Sir Richard Aske was master of the crown office, and one of the council of the regicides. He appears to have been the last of the family that resided at Aughton. There are no remains of the ancient mansion or castle : but the site is marked by ditches or moats one within another, with the interior vallum raised to a great height, which shows it to have been a place of considerable strength. It is situated near the eastern banks of the Derwent. Population, 259. Maltby Wm. Steel John Stephen Wm. Webster John Wilkinson Robert Young Wm.

Allan Richard
Brabbs James,

Morley Richard
Young George

Buttle Thomas
Cottam George
Gowthorp James
Lambert Edward
Lawson Emanuel

Coney Richard, blacksmith
Dove John, wheelwright
Wilkinson Robert, tailor
Young Matthew, shopkeeper
Young Thomas, vict. Plough

Carrier.--Leonard Fowler, to
York every Saturday.

Aughton Ruddings, in the parish of Aughton, and wap. of Harthill; 8

miles N. of Howden.

BABTHORPE, in the parish of
Heminbrough, wap. of Ouse and
Derwent, and liberty of Howden-
shire; 5 miles ESE. of Selby.
Pulleine Robert, yeoman

BAINTON, (P.) in the wap. of Harthill, and liberty of Holderness; 6 miles SW. of Great Driffield. Here is an ancient

parish church, dedicated to St. Andrew. The living is a rectory, of the value of 1000l. per annum, in the patronage of St. John's College, Oxford, and when vacant is bestowed on the oldest B. D. of the college. The present incumbent is the Rev. John Bell, D. D. There are two chapels here, one belonging to the Wesleyan and the other to the Primitive Methodists. In former times a Beacon was erected near this village, for the purpose of alarming the surrounding country on the approach of danger, and this circumstance has given name to that division of Harthill called Bainton Beacon. William le Gross, a Knight of Malta, and Earl of Albemarle, was buried in this church. Population, 300.

Farmers. Angas Caleb Hardy Robert Haycroft Wm. & vict. Bainton New Inn Layburn Wm. & corn miller

liberty of Holderness; 6 mls. S. of Bridling-
BARMSTON, (P.) in the wap. and
ern extremity of Holderness; it is very near
A pleasant village situated at the north-
to the North Sea, and is much frequented
by the people of the neighbouring villages,
who come here to purchase gravel to repair
their roads with, which is left in abundance
on the shores of Barmston by every tide.-
The church is a very ancient building, dedi-
cated to All Saints, of which the Rev. John
Gilby is rector; in the interior is a marble
monument, representing in full figure a
Scotch Lord, in armour, with a griffin at
his feet. The nobleman whose memory this
monument commemorates was the lord of
the manor, which was given to him for his
valour and essential services rendered to his
country. There are here four alms-houses,
Boynton, for the comfort of four poor
or hospitals, erected in 1726, by Sir Griffith
widows of this place, and endowed with the
annual sum of £15. to be divided equally
amongst them. There is also a school and
master's dwelling-house, built by Sir Francis
Boynton, Bart. for the accommodation of
the place; he is lord of the manor, and pas

Carriers-Robert Wallis, to Drif-
field every Thu. and Beverley every
Sat.-Robt. Cole, to Hull, every Fri.
BALKHOLME, in the parish of

Lee Thomas, yeo


Oxtoby Christopher


Simpson Robert
Simpson Henry
Topham Wm.
Skinner Wm.
Wright Thomas

Forge Wm. blacksmith
Hardy Robert, shopkeeper
Hudson Edward, tailor and victualler,
Speed the Plough
Usher Richard, schoolmaster

BARLBY, in the parish or Heming-
brough, wap. of Ouse and Derwent,
and liberty of Howdenshire; 1 mile
NE. of Selby. Population, 349.
Bowman Rev. Thos. assistant curate
Aspinall Elizabeth, gentlewoman
Brewer Thomas, yeoman
Hubie Thomas, yeoman
Stringer Joseph, Barlby hall
Weddall Mary, gentlewoman
Weddall Robert, land surveyor, Bank

Farmers, Shoemakers,
Blanchard Michael Fish John
Newham John
Phillips Geo.
Smallwood Wm.
Taylor Mrs.

Woodall Wm.
Smith Thos. (and
Wade Wm.

Burkill Thomas, butcher
Davenport Samuel, tailor
Douglas Wm. brick maker
Foster Wm. vict. Bay Horse
Richardson Geo. blacksmith
Smith John, vict. Plough
Thornton John, schoolmaster
Whitehead Matthew, wheelwright

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Farmers, Andrew Wm. Harrison John Laverack John Laverack Joseph

Howden, wap. and liberty of Howden-tron of the living. Population, 205.
shire; 24 mls. E. of Howden. Pop. 105.

Levett John
Martin Thos.
Overend Robert
Wheldrake John

Day Thos. vict. Bull and Dog
Denis Wm. grocer and blacksmith
Halder Wm. wheelwright
Pickering William, tailor
Sawdon John, schoolmaster
Watson William, parish clerk




Farmers, Harland John Pease Thomas Johnson Tbomas, Anderson Thos. Hyde James Wood Tbomas (and farmer) Boys Geo. Pennock Jobn Shopkeepers, Lamb Robert Dalby Charles Percy Jeremiah

Atkinson Mary Tbompson John Field Jobn Welburn Samuel

Inns. Gofton John

Anchor, Robert Robinson

Bull and Butcher, John Swales Coach, to Bridlington and Hull, Half Moon, James Norton three days per week.

Sloop, Wm. Potter, Barnby ferry BARXBY-ON-THE-MARSR, in the Bealby William, tailor parish of Howden, wap. and liberty of Crosley John, blacksmith Howdenshire; 4 miles . of Howden ; situ- Holdsworth Samuel, lock-keeper ated near the Derwent, which here falls Hord Watson, tailor into the Ouse. Here are two extraordinary Noble John, master mariner springs of sulphuric and chalybeate water, Pycock John, joiner denominated St. Peter's and St. Helen's Thompson R. Wells, the former of which is represented to Watson Thomas, schoolmaster possess the rare virtue of curing scorbutic Water Carriage-Two Packets to eruptions by external application. The places Selby, every Mon. at 7 mg. for goods of worship are a Chapel of Ease, dedicated to and passengers. St. Helen, of which the Rev. Ralph Spofforth, Carrier-Thos. Hodgson, to Be vicar of Howden, is incumbent and patron; verley & Howden, every Saturday. and a small Methodist chapel; there is also a Barnby-Moor-Inn, in the parish Free Grammer school for ten boys. The in- of Barnby, and wap. of Harthill ; 14 mile W. habitants of this village have the singular of Pocklington. This is a large and comprivilege of electing their own pastor; all the modious inn, where travellers are accommale adults (with the exception of paupers) modated with post chaises.

It has been have the right of voting. This place is kept by its present owner and occupier, noted for its manufacture of sacking. There Mr. Thomas Heard, thirty-six years. The are races held here the last Thursday in letter bags to, and from Pocklington, are reJune, which continue three successive days. ceived and delivered here, and the coaches Barnby was granted by William the Con- from York to Hull, make it their house queror, to forty of his soldiers, each of whom of call. received an Oxgang, or (twenty acres) in the BARNBY-ON-THE-MOOR, (P.) in whole eight hundred acres of land, and these the wap. of Harthill, and liberty of St. PeOxgangs still bear the names of their original ter's; 2 miles W. of Pocklington. It is a perowners. Population, 525.

petual curacy, under the patronage of the Atkinson John, gentleman

Dean of York, and the present incumbent is De La Noy John, yeoman

the Rev. James Addison, the church is dedi. Fox Robert, gentleman

cated to St. Catharine. This is a place of Fox Thomas, gentleman

great antiquity ; it was formerly a marketFox William, yeoman

town, and has still one market-day annually, Holmes Henry, gentleman

on the Thursday preceding St. Peter's day. Noble Robert, yeoman

The annual feast is kept on the day following. Poole Rev. Róbert, curate

The inhabitants enjoy considerable privileges Smith William, gentleman

and immunities, on payment of 6s. to the Bricklayers, Fox Wm. jun.

Dean and Chapter of St. Peter's, such as Andrew. John Hall John

freedom from toll, &c. Pop. 440. Cobb George

Hind Thomas Cooper Tabitha, gentlewoman

Spence John Cross Joba, gentleman
Douglas Joseph Stiles Thonias Goldsbrough Richard, gent.
Wilson Robert Turton Thomas

Hornby Thomas, surgeon
Sacking Mfrs.

Stephenson Edward, gent.
Howdle Benjamin Chapel Wm. Farmers & Yeomen, Houlden Wm.
Lamb Robert

Thompson John Berryman Wm. Honlden James Farmers, Ship Owners, Blancbard Francis Hudson Richard Atkinson Robert Gilderdale Geo. Cook John Jackson John Battle Job

Wrigbt John Dennis Thos. Kemp Robert Birkitt Thos.


Gawtry Thos. Leadbeater Richd. Brooksbank Thos. Johnson Tbos. Houlden Matthew Newhy James Brown Jobn Middlewood Danl. | Houlden Thos,

Ranson John

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