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ter at seven, and in summer at eight at night, Richard and the keys delivered to the prioress. That the prioress and all the sisters lodge nightly in the dorter, unless sick or diseased. That none of the sisters use the ale-house, or the waterside, where the course of strangers daily resort. That none of the sisters have their service of meat and drink to their Os chambers, but keep the frater and the hall, unless sick. That no sister bring in any hman, religious or secular, into their chambers, or any secret place, day or night, &c. That the prioress license no sister to go a pilgrimage, or visit their friends, without great cause, and then to have a companion. That the convent grant no corodies or liveries of bread, or ale, or other victual,


to any person, without special licence. That
they take in no perhendinauncers or sojour-
ners, unless children, or old persons, &c."
On the 5th of December, 1540, this Monas-
tery was surrendered, and afterwards became
a ruin. Thomas Lord Fairfax built a hand-
some brick house upon the site; which, with
the estate, was subsequently purchased by
Mr. Alderman Milner, a merchant in Leeds;
and is now the seat of his great grandson Sir
W. M. Milner, Bart.



pe, jus


rish of Bolton Percy; 8 miles SW. of York.
Here is a neat brick-built chapel, belonging
to the Methodists of the Old Connexion,
erected about three years ago: likewise a
good National School house, for sixty boys
and fifty girls, built by subscription in 1817,
patronized by the Rev. Archdeacon Mark-
ham, and supported by voluntary contribu-
tions. The situation is very salubrious, and
there is living here at present an old man, of
the name of John Lamb, aged 94 years.
Population, 585.
Mollett Ann, gentlewoman
Saunders Rev. Wm. curate
Jowitt Edward

Vairey Richard
Wheatley Richard
Chambers Nathl.
Stephenson John
Ward Thomas

Stead James
Coal Merchants,
Proctor Edward
Wheatley Richard
Farmers & Yeomen,
Barker John
Bell Wm.
Carrack John
Hart James

Grocers, &c.
Stephenson John
Wood James

Appleton (Nun), in the parish of
Bolton Percy; 6 miles SE. of Tadcaster;
was formerly a priory, for Nuns of the Cis-
tercian Order, founded in the reign of King
Stephen, by Alice de St. Quintin; and among
the injunctions prescribed to the Nuns of this
house in the year 1489, are the following:-

Joiners, &c.
Cook John
Kilby Henry Richardson Wm.
Laycock Wm. Shoemakers,
Laycock Thos. Backhouse Wm.
Mollett John Barnes John
Morley Robert Cartwright John
Pickering Matthew Tailors,
Bat Pudding grn.Brown Francis

"That the cloister doors be shut up in win-Richardson Wm. Shilleto Thomas
Stead Matthias Woodhall James
Carrack John, perpetual constable
Carrack Thomas, vict. Crown
Cooper Thos. cattle dealer, &c.
Denton Robert, corn miller
Denton Elizabeth, midwife
Hewson J. master of National school
Pickles David, weaver
Pottage Rd. thrashing machine maker
Richardson William, vict. Shoulder of

Tailors, Stead Wm.
Bateman Wm. Swales Sampson

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.
Black Swan, John Benson
Brittannia, John Ward
Grey Horse, William Mason
Grey Hound & Hare, Joseph Prince
Grey Mare, John Wikeley, corn dealer
Coates Robert, baker
Greenbank Geo. pig jobber
Nettleton Thos. schoolmaster
Witterington John, lime & coal mert.
Carriers to York & Wetherby every
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

ANGRAM, in the parish of Long
Marston; 4 miles NNE. of Tadcaster,
and 7 from York. Population, 66.
Carbutt Thos. vict. Board
Todd John, cowkeeper, and carrier to
York every Saturday.

Parker Susannah

Dickinson Benj. Rheam John
Edeson John Rheam Matthew
Palfreeman James

Simpson Wm. keeper of ferry
Snare Wm. bricklayer
Stead Thos. blacksmith and farrier
Wheatley Richard, vict. Buck, brewer

and maltster

Carriers, Wm. Bacchus & Thos. Shil

letoe, to York every Sat, the latter to Tadcaster every Wednesday.

ASKHAM BRYAN, (P.) 4 miles S. W. of York. The church is an ancient structure, the living is a vicarage, the present incumbent Rev. R. S. Thompson; here is also a Methodist chapel, and an endowed school. Pop. 377. Champlay Robert, gentleman Fawcett Misses Preston D. Esq.

Preston Rev. J. D., A. M.

Wardle Ann Webster John Wright Rev. Geo, curate and classical Webster Thomas Webster Andrew seminary

Webster Anthony Blacksmiths, Jackson Wm. Bellerby Thos. butcher & shopkeeper Allan Job

Jackson John Burnley Jobp, jointoverseer of the poor Douthwaite John Knapton Thomas Dixon Robert, toll bar keeper

Butchers, Morley Thomas Hill John, blacksmith and victualler, Brown John Pinder J. Hag farm Blacksmiths' Arms Dunnington Wm. Ridsdale Samuel, Potter Thos. wheelwright

Corn Millers, Marsh farm Potter Robert, wheelwright Gilson Wm, Thompson Wm. Potter Wm. tailor and shopkeeper Leedle Wm.

East farm Webster Anthony, tailor, Mossy cart Farmers, Grocers, &c. Young Wm. vict. Half Moon Baker G.Mill'farm Firth John Brown William, Manstead Luke

BILBROUGH, (P.) 6 miles Sw. of West farm


York. In the church here are depoCarr Jobp Beck John.

sited the remains of Thomas Lord Fair. Dunnington Thos. Stephenson Wm.

fax, first Lord of Denton, and his lady, Fearby John

commemorating the burial place of

this distinguished warrior. Here is a Allom John, vict. Red Lion

school epdowed with £15 per annum Cooper Geo. parish clerk

for teaching 22 poor children the comJackson Wm. schoolmaster

mon rudiments of education. Pop. 200. Kilner Wm. joiner and wheelwright Smooton Sarah, vict. Bay Horse

Todd Matthew, Esq. Vincent Wm. tailor and sho; keeper Tbompson Rev. R. vicar of Askbam Viner Mordecai, gardener

Richard, & curate of Askbam Bryan Carrier-Jobn Todd, to York and Holdsworth Roger, yeoman Angram, every Saturday

Jackson Mary, gentlewoman Askham RICHARD, (P.); 5 miles Lambe Ellen, gentlewoman SW. of York. The church here is a Lambe Rev. Thomas, curate

Rennison Robert, yeoman heat ancient structure, there is also a newly erected Methodist chapel. Po- Robson John, yeoman, Normans pulation 349.

Farmers, Jackson John Chevers Thomas, gentleman

Colbeck Robert Wyrill Wm. Fearby Jonathan, yeoman

Dickinson Thos. Shoemakers, Russell John, gentleman

Dodgson Henry Powell Thos. Swann Robert, Esy. Askham ball

Ingle Thomas Wilson Charles Bricklayers, Jackson Wm. sen.

Dickinsou John, wheelwright Buckle Thomas Jackson Wm. jun. Dobson Amn, straw hat manufacturer Dalton John Lightfoot John Jackson John, butcher Farmers, Shoemakers,

Robinson Richard, schoolmaster Hick William Buckle Edward

Ward Richard, gamekeeper Hudson Thomas Micklewood Thos. Waring James, shopkeeper Hudson William

Wright Robert, vict. Hare

Wright Robert and Sons, blacksmiths Allan Benj. tanner and farmer

and farriers Duce Wm. vict. Black Swan Empson Dealtry, gardener

Carrier-Robert Bootland, to York, Gatherbill John, corn miller

every Saturday Hopwood Miles, vict. Rose & Crown

Bilton, (P.) in the liberty of St. Kendrick John, blacksmith

Peter's; 5 miles ENE. of Wetherby. Nottage James, butcher and farmer

The church is a small edifice, of Saxon Schark John, schoolmaster

architecture, which is dedicated to St. Spence John, tailor

Helen. Here is a small school, enWebster John, tailor and draper dowed by the late Hall Plumer, Esq. Westmoreland Geo.mill& wheelwright Population 223. Carrier,-Jobn Todd to York every Sat. Kearey Rev.

William, vicar BICKERTON, in the parish of Bil- Jessop Rev. Thomas, curate ton ; 4 miles NE, of Wetherby. Po- Farmers & Yeomen, Fawcett Geo. pulation 149.

Acomb Quintin Greares Wm Farmers, Parker Wm. Bew John Lumley Richard Clark J. Lincroft Powell Robert Caitley John

Rayson Edward


Skilbeck Thos.

Ander Stubbs Henry

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Wilson Francis,
Wharton lodge
Wilson John, Sin-


Bootland John, boot & shoe maker
Fletcher John, schoolmaster
Vita Jackson Hannah, vict. Chequers
Jowitt James, mole and rat catcher
Milner Geo. Bilton park
Parker Geo. tailor
Carriers-Hannah Jackson and H.
Stubbs, to York, every Saturday
BISHOPTHORPE, anciently St.
Andrew's Thorp, (P.); 3 miles S. of York.
areThe palace of the Archbishop of York, built
by Walter de Grey, in the early part of the
thirteenth century, is situated here. Since
that time the house has undergone several
reparations by the succeeding Archbishops.
The gardens contiguous to the palace were
laid out almost wholly at the expense of
Archbishop Sharp and the house received
great alterations from Archbishops Dawes
As and Gilbert, but the most considerable im-
anprovements were made by Archbishop Drum-
mond. Nor did this prelate confine his
munificence to the palace; he took down and
rebuilt the parish church, dedicated to St.
Andrew, in the year 1766, and adorned it
with a curious window, which was brought,
together with the stone used in building the
gateway in front of the palace, from the castle
of Cawood. There is here a National School,
built in 1815, patronized and supported by
the present Archbishop and his family, of
which Mr. Thomas Richardson is master.
Population, 301.

His Grace the Archbishop of York
Vernon Rev. William V. vicar
Campbell John, gentleman
Raison Richard, yeoman
Rawden Mrs. gentlewoman
Clemishaw Thos.

Norfolk Thomas, Hewison Richard
odd house
Stead Thos.

Harrison Jas. sen.
Harrison Jas. jun.
Rawling Benjamin


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Fat Pickering M.

Wade Henry

Challenger Ann

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Wade James, butcher, farmer, vict. & perpetual constable and overseer, Brown Cow


Hodgson Wm. gardener to the vicar
Jackson Wm. gardener to His Grace
Latham William, joiner
Leafy John, parish clerk
March James, tailor



Richardson Thos, schoolmaster
Richmond Mary, blacksmith

Wright William, wheelwright
The Humber Steam Packet, to York
and Gainsbro', weekly
Carriers-to York & Appleton, every


BOLTON-PERCY, (P.) 3 miles ESE. of Tadcaster. The church here, which is one of the neatest in the county, was built by Thomas Parker, who died in the year 1423, in the windows are thirtythree coats of arms, beautifully stained on glass, and in a good state of preservation, also in the large window in the choir five whole length figures. Amongst the testamentary burials in this church are William Fairfax, 1514; Sir William Fairfax, 1557; John Vavasour, 1559; Gabriel Fairfax, 1582;

Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, 1648.—Pop. 238.
The Rev. Archdeacon Markham, rector
Clement Mrs. gentwn. Bolton lodge
Butchers, Hodgson Stephen
Green Wm. Houseman Henry
Wilkinson Thos. Kilby Thomas
Leedle Thomas
Bean Richard Stothard John
Yates John
Beanland John,
Appleyard John, shoemaker
Gill George, parish clerk
Head William, blacksmith
Hewson Hannah, schoolmistress
Jeff Thomas, wheelwright
Mollett Thomas, vict. Crown.

of Sara Barnfather Wm. farmer to His Grace £6 per annum.


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Challenger Ann, vict. Grey Mare
Davies Mary, coal merchant
Henley John, house steward to


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Artbur George, hardware dealer Brown Wm. wbeelwright
Berry Jobn, master of the free school Calvert Wm. tailor
Dalton J. grocer

Dalby James, brick and tile maker, & Forth James, boot & shoe maker

surveyor of the York and TadJackson Thomas, vict. Star

caster road Morley Robert, butcher

Ellis Robert, butcher Simpson James, grocer

Leafe Benjamin, vict. Fox Ion Spence Thomas, blacksmith

Mountain Benjamin, shopkeeper Wheatley John, wheelwright. Stubbs Joshua, herdsman to KnavesCarriers.—Dalton and Simpson to

mire and Hobmour stray. York every Saturday.

EASDike, in the parish of WigCOPMANTHORPE, in the parish of Tbomlinson Matthew, yeoman

bill ; 1} mile NW. of Tadcaster. St. Mary, Bishop-hill the younger, York, and a part in the liberty of St.

HEALAUGH, (P.) 3 miles N. of Peter's; 4 miles SSW. of York. Here Tadcaster. Here was, in the reign of King is a chapel of ease, and a neat Metho- John, an hermitage in the wood, which dist chapel, also a small school, en- afterwards, in 1218, became a convent of dowed with £4 per ann, for the teach- regular black canons, established and en. ing of eight poor children. Pop. 281. dowed by Jordan de St. Maria, and Alice,

his wife. At the time of the dissolution, Butchers, Hobson John, jun. here were fourteen canons, who had reveBrabam Thomas Greenland Harrison Richard Lazenby Jobn,

nues to the value of 721. 10s. 7d. per annum. Farmers, Davies straits

This monastery was granted, in 1540, to Bateman John Wade James

James Gage, and afterwards came into the Bateman T. sen. Wade Thomas

possession of Sir Arthur Darcy, knight Bond hills Woodcock Wm.

The church, dedicated to St. John the Bateman T. jun. Shoemakers,

Evangelist, is a neat modern structure, (of Dickinson James Harrison Thos.

which the Rev, E. H. Brooksbank is vicar, Hobson Wm. Hudson Wm. pleasantly situated upon an eminence. This Hobson John, sen. Webster John village is the property of B. Brooksbank, Benson John, tailor

Esq. excepting one tenement and a few acres Dykes David, portable thrashing ma- of land.

It is beautifully laid out, with chine maker and worker

gardens in front of all the houses, and a Kilner Thomas, wheelwright

good carriage road runs through the centre, Kirkman John, gardener

which leads from Wetherby to York. PoMorley John, blacksmith and vict. pulation 191. Royal Oak

Brooksbank B. Esq. Healaugh hall Simpson John, bricklayer

Skilbeck Matthew, gentleman
Smith John, schoolmaster
Taylor John, game keeper.


Jepson Richard Carrier.-Wm. Wbincup,

Skilbeck Robert Darby Edward

York every Saturday.

Blackburn James, tailor

Brown John, vict. Bay Horse DRING-Houses, in the parishes Foster Samuel, wheelwright & grocer of St. Mary, Bishop-bill the elder, Wright Tobias, shoemaker Holy Trinity and Acomb, liberty of Carriers-to York and Thorp Areb St. Peter's; 11 miles SSW. of York. three days per week. A pleasant village, in wbich is a chapel of ease, the property of A. S. Barlow, Monkton ; 6' miles WNW. of York,

HESSAY, in the parish of Moor Esq. Pop. 156.

This village was given to the Abbey of Beal Thomas, Esq.and chief constable St. Mary, at York, by Osbern de Arfor the lower division of the Ainsty chis

, and continued in their possession Cooper William, gentleman

till the dissolution. Pop. 161. Darbyshire George, gentleman Farmers & Yeomen, Kirk John Noddings Rev. Wm.

Agar Wm. Nottingham Wm.
Calvert Matthew

Agar Richard Nottingham A un Archer Samuel Johnson Nath.

Birkill John Powell Wm. Ellis Wm.

Leaberry Matthew Fawcett Wm, sen. Skilbeck George Hick Robert Rhodes Anu Fawcett Wm. jun. Stead Robert Gardeners Stead Wm.

Horseley Tbos. Wilson James Bellerby Robert Wright Sarah Benson Jonathan, tailor nokless David, vict. Cross Keys Inn Birkitt John, shopkeeper

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Fowler John, wheelwright
Hey James, blacksmith
Hick Matthew, schoolmaster
Lorryman Wni. vict. Wheat Sheaf
Marston John, linen weaver, &c.
Whitehead Charles, shoemaker

Hornington, in the parish of Bolton Percy; 24 miles ESE. of Tadcaster. HUTTON-WANSLEY, in the parish of Long Marston; 6 miles N. of Tad


caster, Pop. 125.

HOLDGATE, in the parish of Acomb, & liberty of St. Peter's; 1 m. SW. of York. In this rural retreat, so well suited to his studying habits, resides the scholar and philanthropist, Mr. Lindley Murray. Pop. 83.

Bownas Mrs. Martha, ladies' boarding school

Hebden Wm. farmer
Hodgson Ralph, gardener
Hoop Joseph, vict. Cross Keys
Jackson John, gentleman
Jenkins Mary, vict. Blue Ball
Sharp R. Hey, architect
Sharp Mary, gentlewoman
Waud George, corn miller

Willoughby Mrs. Eleanor, Hutton hall

Sellers Thomas
Smith Elizabeth

Farmers, Acomb Joseph Allan Benj. Snowden Arthur, Clark Benjamin, Marston lodge Grange Walton Wm. Paver Richard Wray Wm.

Adkin Lucy, grocer & vict. Grey Hound
Allan Joseph, tanner
Garland John, bricklayer, &c.
KNAPTON, in the parish of Acomb,
& Holy Trinity; 3 miles W. of York.
Population 137.

Burton Jonathan, vict. and grocer,
Red Lion

Duding Michael, shoemaker

Farmers, Burton John

Taylor John, sen. Taylor John, jun. Day Ann Thompson Thos. Goulden Richard Triffit John Parker Aaron Wood George

MARSTON LONG, (P.) 7 miles W. of York, 6 of Tadcaster, and 7 from Wetherby. Near this village is the field called "Marston Moor:" the tomb of the royalists' hopes, in the contest between Charles I, and the parliament.* The church, which is dedicated to All Saints, is an ancient rectory, and in the year 1400 a commission was granted to the parishioners,

* See Vol II, p. 32.

because their old church was ruinous and
far distant from their habitations, to trans-
late the same from that place to another
chapel, in the same parish, and there to build
themselves a new parish church, provided
that they kept enclosed the cemetry where
the old church stood. There is at Marston
a free school, endowed with 102. per annum.
Pop. 388.
Crigan Rev. Dr. Alexander, rector
Walton Matthew, yeoman
Briggs John
Waite Wm.

Mason James
Paver Wm.

Seller Esther
Snowden Arthur
Wright Robert

Gill Charles
Jefferson Geo.
Vevers Robert
Wikeley Geo.
Bootland Richard
Brown Thomas
Dickinson Wm.
Dickinson Robert
Wikeley Geo.

Cattle Dealers,
Coates Wm.
Ripley Wm.

Acomb Thomas
Acomb Abbey
Acomb Jane
Bootland Thomas
Clark Benjamin
Dawson John
Furniss Wm.
Grainger John
Hardcastle Wm.
Hudson Thos.
Lamb Joseph
Kaye Wm.

Whitehead Wm.
Whitehead James

Briggs Joseph, vict. Three Horse Shoes
Clayton Edward, schoolmaster
Fryer William, whitesmith
Mawson Thomas, saddler
Simpson Mary, vict. Half Moon
Steel John, vict. Board
Styan John, butcher
Wakefield Elizabeth, vict. Board
Wakefield Thos. carpenter, &c.
Waite Wm. carrier to York, Tuesday
and Saturday

Wharfdale Coach, to Liverpool at 7 mg. to York at 9 evg.

MIDDLETHORPE, in the parish of St. Mary, Bishophill the elder; 2 miles S. of York. Pop. 44. Brearey Christopher, Esq. Manor house Stourton Lady Mary, Middlethorpe hall Hewison Geo. gardener Smallwood Geo. vict. Board, farmer and cattle dealer

Moathouse, in the parish of Wighill; 3 miles NW. of Tadcaster.

MOOR MONKTON, (P.) 8 miles NW. of York, a small village, situated on the banks of the river Nidd, anciently be longing to the family of the Ughtreds, but has for several centuries belonged to that of the Slingsbys. Sir Thomas Slingsby, Bart. is the present lord of this manor. The

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