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College, Oxford, 1448. Arch. Jour. li. 120-122.

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Cambridge and of the five Regius Professors. Arch. Jour. li.


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Coll. xxv. 148.


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gomeryshire Coll. xxv. 149-196.

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Celtic bells from Llangystenyn, Llangwynodl, Carnarvon-
shire, Llanddeusant in Anglesey, Llanrhyddlad Church, bell of
St. Fillan, from Strathfillan, bell of St. Eonan, at Insh on the
Spey, near Kingussie, St. Finan's bell, bell from Little Dunkeld.
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1892 in Wenhaston Church, Suffolk. Archæologia, liv. 119-


On some mural paintings recently discovered in the
churches of Little Horwood and Padbury, Buckinghamshire.
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N. S. v. 33-40.


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LEE (F. G., D.D.).

Concerning certain Buckinghamshire churches,

etc. Records of Bucks, vii. 169–188.

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li. 28-42.

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Prayer of 1549. St. Paul's Eccl. Soc. iii. 165–185.

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shire Coll. xxvi. 299-330.

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Shrewsbury meeting. Arch. Jour. li. 360-366.

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The family of Mosley and their brasses in Manchester
Cathedral. Trans. Lane, and Chesh. Antiq. Soc. xi. 82–102.
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Cant. xxi. 98-102.

Notes on three ancient houses in the parish of Cowden.
Arch. Cant. xxi. 103-108.

LEVESON-GOWER (G.). Notes on Edenbridge. Arch. Cant. xxi. 109-114.
Inventory of church goods at Edenbridge. Arch. Cant. xxi.



Churchwardens' accounts, Edenbridge. Arch. Cant. 118-

Extracts from the parish registers of Edenbridge. Arch.
Cant. xxi. 283-300.


Further notes on Cowden Church, Kent. Arch. Cant. xxi.

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267, 371-401.


Amalgamated fonts at Toller Porcorum

(Great Toller), Dorset. Jour. Brit. Arch. Assoc. 1. 329–331.
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Early Norman churches in and near the Medway valley.
Arch Cant. xxi. 260-272.

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LLOYD of Dolobran. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxvi. 117-120.
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Church, Shrewsbury. Trans. Shropshire A. and N. H. Soc. 2nd
S. vi. 358-371.

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and elsewhere. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxv. 85-104, 253-290.
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institutions in Britain in the 7th century. Jour. Brit Arch.
Assoc. 1. 235-247.

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authenticated by reference to and illustrated by extracts from
the Public Records. Montgomeryshire Coll. xxvii. 135-214,

A genealogical "Crux" and solution.
Coll. xxv. 291-295.


LOCKHART (REV. WILLIAM, D.D.). Notice of a deed of the 13th
century, settling a controversy in connection with St. Leonard's
Hospital, Edinburgh. Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxviii. 254-


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Jour. Anthrop. Inst. xxiv. 49-57.

LORING (W.). The theatre at Megalopolis. Jour. Hell. Studies, xiii.

LOWE (REV. GEORGE) and JOSEPH ANDERSON. Notice of a cemetery

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